Live a life of freedom everyday

Learn how to connect and live inspired.

An episode of Live a life of freedom everyday

By Mohan Sundaram
Through these podcasts I share my awakening experiences with anyone who is on the path or is just curious to explore the mystical life we live and enjoy the dive or whatever be your reason, you will through these enjoy and learn to live life better and fuller. I can be reached for any queries on WhatsApp +918790171132 or on skype or on Hangouts at You may also want to check my blog
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More places to listen

Bring inpiration into the centre of your life
Life is a circle and every circle has a center. The center of the circle is where you can exit the cyclic memories of thought patterns and get inspired. This 5 minute podcast has a simple exercise for you that can be done all through your life and with practise you will be more and more inspiration driven instead of one who spends life reacting to circumstances. For more details and ideas I recommend you visit my blog where I have shared additional tools to help you clean and clear memories that are your obstacles to an inspired life.
September 9, 2018
Learn how to connect and live inspired.
Our world is in chaos and leadership now needs to take drastic changes based on spiritual and scientific methods available to connect with our superconscious selves to bring about global harmony and well being for everyone in the planet. By listening to this you will have insights and practises that you can start right away and I am always glad to connect and help anyone who would like some deeper insights as well ...
August 25, 2018
Understand the concept of reality?
We often talk about reality but we don't really know what it means in terms of how to live. Listen to this entire episode and deepen your understanding of reality and expand your knowledge of who you are and be a happier person in whatever you do.
August 24, 2018
Do you lack Self Confidence.? This podcast is for you and will open the doors of understanding how grow in Self confidence and happiness
Do you lack Self Confidence.? This podcast is for you and will open the doors of understanding how to grow in Self confidence and happiness. You are God playing the Human Game. Know that deeply in your heart and use that along with your expertise and do wonders for your community.
August 24, 2018
Live a life of inspiration and happiness by knowing your real Self.
In this era of chaos, leadership requires a higher understanding of Self and these podcasts are meant to help those in the path and tickle anyone who is curious to dive into an inner journey of knowing more about this mysterious life experience we all face.
August 18, 2018
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