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How being alone could be an opportunity?

Moment 31

A simple road trip, almost therapeutic!
This episode is also available as a blog post: Being on the open road, a long drive to somewhere or even nowhere could sometime feel like therapy. Matter of fact from my personal experience, it's almost as beneficial as therapy. Getting in your car and drive. Sounds simple, doesn't it? It actually is. I mean aside from an overnight bag, some spending cash and great music playing you don't need much more.
June 26, 2022
Social media, could it actually make life better?
This episode is also available as a blog post:
June 03, 2022
Bridge vs Wall
We are well into 2022 and so much has happened. A global pandemic, a volatile economy and a polarized society. Back in 2020 when we prayed and hoped for a better year, this certainly was not any of us expected. Some build bridges and some build walls. That euphemism seems very fitting given what has been happening all around. We need a road to unity not a barrier to divide us. Bridge vs Wall - Moment 31
March 22, 2022
So recently I got hooked on watching American Greed, Con and few other documentaries of that genre. I heard often about some of these shows but never really got into it until recently. Greed seems to be a really common objective. I can’t speak for everyone however little bit of greed can’t be that bad can it? Little bit of greed to be more, to have more, to achieve more. But greed as a driving force to take from others well that’s not acceptable. Wanting more in life is not a bad thing but stealing or cheating to have more in life, well that’s just crossing a line. After all I still believe we live in land of opportunity. Scammers and victims From all the episodes of all the American Greed, Con and similar shows one of the worst ones that stayed with me is Martin Shkreli. This scum increased the price of a medication that helped millions of people. Now from business standpoint he might not have done anything illegal but from humanity stance he is the devil. Another one really stuck with me is Elizabeth Holmes. This woman promised a groundbreaking revolution in medical science. The length she went to deliver what she had promised to the public and the investor, it’s actually horrifying. The greed of wanting more no matter what it does to others is criminal. Personally I feel most of us want more out of life but I want to earn it. As the New England Patriots coach says there’s no shortcut to greatness. Well same principle for sucess, at least I am naive enough to believe that. Well I am sure all of you have seen these individuals and their con on the news, social media etc. What bothers me the most is their absence of remorse and lack of compassion. Not just them, there are so many high profile scammers and con artists simply denied or chose not to accept any responsibility.
February 21, 2022
How being alone could be an opportunity?
How being alone could be an opportunity? - Moment 31
September 16, 2021
Summer 2021 and the end of Covid-19
This episode is also available as a blog post:
July 04, 2021
Failure is necessary for success!
Failure is necessary for success! Failure and fear of failure We all strive to be successful in life every which way. And why wouldn’t we? We fear failure. But failure is part of the process when it comes to success. Failure is to success what weakness is to strength. They are polar opposite yet necessary for achievement. Without obstacles in life success earned is not often permanent. Our fear of failure often holds us back more than failure itself. Fear of failure is so damaging to growth it’s astounding. Often we hear fear is an illusion. It really is, and it’s often the manifestation of our thoughts. Let’s discuss why failure without fear could actually help us. This episode is also available as a blog post:
June 30, 2021
Be the best version of yourself.
Be the best version of yourself. - Moment 31
May 03, 2021
Trying to loose weight? Intermittent fasting could help. Get ready for this holiday season.
Why loose weight? United States has a significant problem with obesity. According to online statistics 35% of Americans are considered obese. Loosing weight is a significant topic yet failing maintain an optimal body weigh remains an ongoing issue in America. Why are we so obsessed with loosing weigh but struggle to reach the goal. Is it our lifestyle, our surroundings or will? Well it’s all of the above. Actually the failure to loose weight could be just about anything we could thinks of, but that would not solve the problem. The famous quote “what you are and what you want to be” depends on what you do. Two major reasons we often fall short in weight loss are a proper weight loss meal plan and lack of physical activities. In the following discussion let’s find a few simple steps to optimize our fitness goals in 2021.
April 20, 2021
Flying. Travelling. Don’t wait for tomorrow.
Do you like to fly? Like to travel? Do you like that feeling of excitement when getting on a plane knowing in a few hours you will reach a destination that has always been on your bucket list or a destination you’ve always loved visiting? Everyday millions of travelers fly to so many destinations for business, for vacation, for reasons that could be simply personal, or for adventure. The point is flying, driving, taking the train or cruise to a destination could be for many reasons. Flying is one of the most popular choices to most destinations simply because it is faster and convenient from multiple perspectives. However the recent events due to widespread of Covid-19 has slammed the travel industries including many popular airlines. This hard hit from Covid-19 has been felt by every type of business and individuals from every walk of life. Doesn’t matter what profession we are in, we all felt the gravity of this pandemic. Advertisements REPORT THIS AD Travelling is a therapy Once a year go somewhere you’ve never been, some journeys will take you to places you will never forget, you will relive those moments over and over. This world might be changing nevertheless it has and always will remain beautiful. Granted natural disasters and other calamities have changed and even erased the world over the years. Our notion to reject science and the impact of global warming, pollution must change. At the risk of sounding like a politician during an election year “we must come together to protect this planet”. If we manage to slow down and many cases stop the catastrophic pollution world wide we will always have that option to see every beautiful landscape, mountain, waterfall, exotic places that earth has to offer. Flying. Travelling. Don't wait for tomorrow. - Moment 31
April 13, 2021
Diet, fitness and wellbeing. Importance of knowing what to eat and how to stay healthy.
Lack of fitness is becoming a dangerous trend We all have fitness goals, however we lack the knowledge and will to execute that goal. Fitness and wellbeing is an asset that could be invaluable and should never be neglected. We all have plans to be in a better shape however not motivated enough to reach that goal. One of the crucial aspects of any fitness plan a great diet. The word diet has an extremely negative connotation, in fact the word diet seems like a yellow light. You may not stop but your mind discourages you to follow through. Instead of thinking of it as “diet” which could be a path to failure if we focus on eating well then the prospect becomes more reasonable and compelling. Think about this, when you think diet first thing comes to mind is “I can’t eat anything I enjoy anymore”. We focus on the negative aspect of diet and then we get overwhelmed subsequently we give up. Eating well and supplements is that proverbial silver bullet in crushing fitness goals along with rest and a clear mindset. Diet, fitness and wellbeing. Importance of knowing what to eat and how to stay healthy. - Moment 31
April 04, 2021
Summer 2020!! A beautiful world out there.
Summer fun 2020, what are your plans? - Moment 31
March 23, 2021
Sense of Humor! Embrace it.
Your sense of humor How is your sense of humor? You know how to laugh and see the lighter side in every situation? A good sense of humor is a tool which could be handy in variety of situations. Lack of sense of humor could cause us to think and overthink at an exhaustive level. We live in a time where getting offended by anything and everything is a routine. It applies to social media, news and real life. If someone made fun of something that remotely relates to us some of us feel offended, we get upset. So essentially we are upset in this context over something irrelevant. A good sense of humor is that magic tool. Sense of humor often helps us getting over things that might be construed offensive but only if we acknowledge it.
March 21, 2021
More of human decency. Make kindness an everyday practice.
What Does human decency mean to you? Why human race far greater than other species? Is it just the economical, technological, industrial advancements? Or is it our ability to choose and have free will, knowing right from wrong? Could it be as human time and time again we have found a way to come together transcend and prevail? Is it kindness? Could it be all of the above and more? For time and time again human decency has been put to test. All our lives we were taught the importance of giving and sharing. The very notion of kindness makes us who we are. The conscious choice being selfless and understanding beyond our own needs make us human among other attributes. Can you think back a scenario where someone reached out to you with helping hands or kind gesture? Now think again, what if that person hadn’t reached out? Now think back when you lent a hand of kindness to someone. It might have been something grand or even as small as a cup of coffee. More of human decency. Make kindness an everyday practice. - Moment 31
March 15, 2021
Getting in shape after 40. It’s not as difficult.
Getting in shape after 40. It’s not as difficult. 40 is a milestone in life Whether we like it or not certain age is considered a milestone. General assumption is 20s to enjoy and party and 30s to build a career and start a life. Ultimately 40s is the gateway to midlife. Yes these are insanely arbitrary nevertheless we buy into the narrative. Now scientifically older we get there are changes and progression that are unavoidable. But that’s not a red flag. Physical fitness, mental acuity do not ievitably diminish at or after 40. Turing 40 is a milestone some sees as an indication to slow down, and dare I say decline. But that’s not the case not even by a long shot. It might be a cliché nevertheless age is a state of mind. If we couldn’t get into a better shape after turning 40 then world would have a different reality. Getting in shape after 40. It's not as difficult. - Moment 31
March 12, 2021
Job vs. career; pay attention to the difference
What is the difference between a job and a career? What is the difference between a job and a career? A paycheck, an earning, a way to make a living well we all need that security. Nevertheless what we do in order to earn a living is it also rewarding? What we do everyday does it offer a sense of achievement? We cannot underestimate “an honest day’s work”. However we often underestimate our ambition. The brutality of reality often takes away from our ambition and forces us to accept mediocrity as the chosen path. We sacrifice our vision for survival, we trade dreams for the illusion of security and comfort. It is a steep price. We sacrifice so much to make a living, we give up a tremendous amount of our lives to remain at a job for paychecks. As years pass we feel trapped. But does it have to be that way? Is it possible to pursuit your dream while making a living until they become one and same? There are many who are working jobs which align with their desired career path.
March 10, 2021
Self Mastery
Self-mastery, is it . Tips on self-improvement. - Moment 31 Decide your destiny We are all born with different skills, wants and needs. So some might love studying history some might be fascinated with solving complex mathematical equations. Some love to work with their hands other might love creating arts that will be admired for centuries to come. Leonardo Da Vinci wasn’t known for his cooking, Albert Einstein wasn’t known for his poems. However they will always be immortal through their creations and contributions. So find your calling, it might something life changing. The quest for self-mastery is neverending. We must work on ourselves everyday. At the end if we don’t beleive in ourselves enough to be consistent we will fall short. A lifelong goal must be bigger than ourselves. Let’s say you wanna run in a marathon, that’s a big goal. It starts with months of training, diet, rest and discipline. It is a perfect recipe of self-mastery. In order to run a marathon one
March 07, 2021
Chase your dream. Chase your dream no matter what!!!
Dream big and chase after it As kids we were told to dream big, we were encouraged to chase after our dreams. Parents, teachers, coaches, family members told us anything is possible. Do recall that moment when you did believe anything is possible? As we get older we become more realistic, instead of chasing after our dreams we chase after goals that are morphed by surroundings and necessities. We create a new narrative and label it reality. By doing so we take jobs that make us miserable, we stay in relationships that are stagnant. Chasing dream isn’t about being unrealistic, it’s about having a vision a goal so magnificent that we refuse to give up on it. Chase your dream. Chase your dream no matter what!!! - Moment 31
March 05, 2021
Healthy way to travel!!! Keeping up with a routine!!
Healthy way to travel!!! Keeping up with a routine!! Is there a healthy way to travel? Answer -yes Healthy way to travel, is it difficult? No, it’s not. If you Google or Youtube any fitness model or body builder you would learn these professionals are very strategic with their travel diet and routine. Sticking to your routine of exercise and meals. How many of us say, I’m on vacation so no diet? We eat whatever we want, drink, sleep, go out and enjoy, have a great time. Then we come back to our everyday life, struggle to transition back into our daily routine. Well there are few things we could do to stay rather active, make healthy choices while enjoying a well earned vacation. Let’s find a healthy way to travel. Healthy life style doesn’t stop when we are at home, it applies when we are on the road for business or pleasure.
March 02, 2021
Don't forget your local businesses! How can you help local businesses?
A bad start in 2020 Everyone this impossible situation we are all dealing with will end soon. Local businesses struggling with Covid-19 shutdown nationwide in fact worldwide. We will find our way back to life as we knew it. We hurt we cry but we don’t stop. It’s in our nature to get back up. During the pandemic everyone is suffering but everyone is also trying to lend a helping hand. Our government, states are doing their best let’s not forget it’s also up to us. Don't forget your local businesses! How can you help local businesses? - Moment 31
March 01, 2021
Home schooling! An era to maximize online learning.
Home schooling! An era to maximize online learning. Home schooling in Covid-19 Era Year 2020 will go down as the most unexpected and challenging year in history. 2020 forced us all to learn and adapt to a life we never though could be a reality. Normality became scarce and uncertainty is constant during this Covid-19 era. Working remote, home schooling, social distancing became a part of a pandemic controlled life. Parents had to learn to juggle working, parenting and yes home schooling. Covid-19 forced students to learn online in order to remain socially distant. Teachers and parents had to adapt to the new reality, and it’s virtual. Online chat, video, virtual classrooms became the major part of education. Home schooling became attending school due to this worldwide pandemic. It would not be an exaggeration to say home schooling became the ultimate safety net for education continuity in 2020 and the beginning of 2021. Advertisements REPORT THIS AD Reinvent and adapt to Covid-19 Schools, universities and colleges had to think outside the box. Hybrid, certain portion of weekly classes were and still are taking place online and rest in campus with accordance with the CDC measures against Covid-19. Though there are vaccines in horizon, we may have to wait few more months to see the glimpse of normalcy we once knew. However during this adjustment could we not maximize online learning? Could we not use the tools at our disposal to broaden the horizon of learning minds?
February 26, 2021
Understanding consumer confidence What should be considered? How businesses should prepare?
Understanding consumer confidence What should be considered? How businesses should prepare? Covid-19 has imposed an overwhelming stress on businesses across the board. Particularly small businesses have suffered unbearable setback due to a virtual halt because of this unprecedented pandemic. Consumer confidence is at its lowest, the term if you are not familiar with (much like myself) you would be soon. In laymen’s terms “consumer confidence” is just like it sounds. Consumer confidence is more or less an indicator of the state of economy.
February 25, 2021
Trying to loose weight? Try these steps.
A weight loss meal plan When it comes to loose weight what we eat is the foundation. Calorie in calorie out though it’s an important concept, the type of calories being consumed is absolutely critical to the process. What we eat determines and plays a fundamental role in our body weight. Food is fuel but the wrong type of food could be counter effective. A meal consists of vegetables, clean protein, good carbs and good fat is fuel. On the other hand a meal that’s essentially junk food helps with hunger but doesn’t necessarily fuel our body. A hectic lifestyle often labelled as the culprit but it’s actually matter of priority. Yes it may not be reasonable to be able to cook nutritious meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday for many but planning ahead could help. Planning is the key. We could get millions of metaphors so I’ll just use one for simplicity, weight loss meal plan is a blueprint for healthy body weight. There are many services available such as Balance by Bistro, Tiller & Hatch, Freshly and more who provide prepackaged healthy meals. Trying to loose weight? Try these steps. - Moment 31
February 24, 2021
Entrepreneurs you adjusting to the pandemic?
2020 has been a year of unknown and uncertainties. 2020 has ended on a grim note. Covid-19 uncertainties keep looming over all of us. We all suffered yet refused to throw in the towel. Entrepreneurs it is not too late or too ealry to thrive. In life progress often takes time and yes uncertainties are part of the process. In life uncertainties often humble us same could be said for business owners. What is your business is all about? You started your business endeavor with a goal in mind, what is that goal? Do you still remember it, if so remind yourself? We often myself included run away from the uncertainties and the unknown, but what if the unknown is the answer? If as business owners we learn how to maneuver through obstacles when economy itself is shaky at best. If you can master running your business in a volatile economy imagine what you could do when economy shows signs of growth. About Us - Moment 31
February 24, 2021
Self-mastery, is it . Tips on self-improvement.
What is self improvement for you? How would you define self-mastery? Is it just physical, emotional and spiritual? Is it financial, educational? Maybe it’s love & relationship? Yes everyone of those could be a part of your self-mastery. Self-mastery is an implement for clarity to a larger vision. You want a more attractive and healthy physical body self-mastery will lead you to it by focusing on excericising and eating well. If someone wants to be a more devoted to charity self-mastery will outline the steps to help others and putting others ahead of his or her own interests. Seek your self-mastery Some might say it all starts with physical and mental growth, subsequently emotional growth. Self-mastery certainly differs from one indivifual to next. But in the most basic term it’s creating a better version of ourselves. First and foremost we must understand each day is an opportunity for improvement hence the need for self-mastery. I am sure we have heard it many times, it might even sound like a cheesy phrase from a movie. It’s not. It’s a very powerful fact, everyday we get a chance to move a step closer to our goals.
February 23, 2021
A Performance coach at work.
This episode is also available as a blog post:
February 23, 2021
Start 2021 right. 3 things to get a head start.
2021 is right around the corner. A new year and new beginning. Are you ready? New year, new us, resolutions, changes. That’s essentially how most of us translate new year and what our priorities might be for the duration. Though 2021 is a new year, the excitement of embarking on a new beginning is certainly overshadowed by the unprecedented struggle of 2020 and Covid-19. The hope of possibilities might be minimized due to the pandemic however it’s not by any stretch gone. Annual clearance sale click below, 20% off on everything What have we learned so far from 2020? Struggles might be inevitable but overcoming always leads to strength. 2020 has been a year which tested our strength and resilience in more ways than one. A pandemic, political and social tension, unemployment, millions lost their lives the list goes on. We also saw people coming together, first responders day in day out risking it all to help citizens. A historic election year unprecedented numbers of voters casted their vote in an effort to exercise their civil duties. Point being we’ve seen both the best and worst of humanity in a nutshell. As it stands decency is still winning. So we have hope and we always will.
February 22, 2021
List of food that helps antiaging💖
List of food that helps antiaging Antiaging is one of the most talked about topics. In all fairness aging does have a negative connotation thanks to society’s obsession with age. Turning 40, 50, 60 and so on often perceived as the second half of life. It really is subjective and we but into the narrative. Though getting older is part of life, it should not diminish our desire to be the best version of ourselves. As we get older our looks change, for some it gets better and for some it gets worse. But it doesn’t have to get worse. The research backed by science and experts clearly show getting older doesn’t have to be diminishing. There is so much discussions on antiaging. Many individuals are adapting to ways that could help them slow down aging or even antiaging. According to Julius Caesar’s astronomers explained need for 12 months in a year. At that time there were 10 months on a calender year. Months July and August were added later. The idea was to synchronize with the seasons. The concept of “year” was created and modified to adjust to lunar cycles. Yes a concept, that’s what age is a concept. Meaning of age could be anything we want it to be.
February 22, 2021