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By Cecile Edwards
MommyMatters is for the spiritual, heart-centered individuals, searching for tools to evolve and elevate themselves, their communities and the world. We believe that caring for care givers(mom, dad, teacher, nurse, etc), elevates children. We discuss intergenerational healing, intuitive and evolved parenting, mindfulness, sacred/deep/authentic self-care, stages of evolving/growth, postpartum care, early childhood and ancestral work, mother/father wounds, ENERGY MANAGEMENT and sovereignty.
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No More Yelling! Parenting from a Mindful Perspective


“A Good Birth, A Safe Birth”: The Role of Maternal Health Providers in Constructing Birth Safety in the United States
What a pleasure to discuss this critical topic with the brilliant Turquoise Brewington!  A little about Turquoise: Turquoise Brewington is a recent graduate from Princeton University where she majored in the School of Public and International Affairs with certificates in African American Studies and Spanish. Her academic research was focused on improving maternal health outcomes and combating racial disparities particularly through perinatal workforce policy initiatives. Turquoise is currently a Maternal and Infant Health Intern with the Burke Foundation where she supports transformative investments to bolster and diversify the midwifery and doula professions. In the future, Turquoise plans to continue work in maternal health at the intersection of business, technology, and policy upon completing an MBA/MPH in the near future. In the current social and political climate around birth equity and maternal and child health many groups are looking for a solution and the research/data behind it may seem boring but is essential to the sustained progress.  Mommy Matters is personal, communal and political.  In this episode we discuss the following questions at length: Definition of maternal mortality? In your research you state that there has been much turning to doulas to make birth "more safe" why is that? What are the pros and cons of this? What is the historical connection between midwives and OBGYN's in the construction of birth safety in the USA? Why the focus on NJ, NC and Washington in your research.  What is unique about these states and what is happening in NJ specifically that you found interesting? What are the primary similarities/differences between the obstetric and midwifery models as they relate to birth safety? What are Medicaid restrictions for low income birthing options and the doctors that desire to serve them and the connection to maternal health outcomes? What is the difference between CM's(Certified Midwives), CPM's(Certified professional Midwives) and CNM's(Certified Nurse Midwife)? Just to name a few.  As parents being able to advocate for the needs of families is critical.  This episode shares some ways to make this possible. While also teaching about birth options.  Please leave your thoughts! I look forward to hearing from you!
August 21, 2022
Cultivating Healthy Self-Esteem in BIPOC Children
Healthy Self-Esteem is something that parents have to learn and cultivate within themselves too.  In fact, we come face to face with this sometimes when we have children while rectifying our own childhood.  Once it is cultivated we become more clear about ways in which it enriches ours and our children.  In this episode Laurel Handfield, Owner of Happy Island Press, shares with us how she came to the conclusion that black girls need more representations of their beauty - both inner and outer.   We cover things like: Ways our parents unwittingly contribute to our self-esteem issues Ways we can cultivate healthy esteem in our children Why it is important to ensure we take care of ourselves and HOW to do so in a deep and enduring way These are just a few topics. Laurel also shares a free tool you can access to work to continuously build your own and your children's self-esteem in a fun and creative way. You can access the free book here:
March 26, 2022
Legacy of Midwives with Diamond Redden
For Black History Month I wanted to honor the lives and Legacies of Midwives.  Affectionately called Granny Midwives they are the predecessors to current birth and postpartum doulas as well as hospital based midwives.  They birthed and cared for moms, especially black and brown mothers in the rural areas of America when hospitals would not take them in because of the color of their skin.   It was an honor to interview Diamond Redden who comes from a legacy of these amazing women.  She continues to carry the torch as an Advanced Holistic Doula and Master Herbalist.  She is also a student Midwife.  Her mother and grandmother are still practicing midwives and have a legacy of "catching" a while street of children.  Her services can be accessed at  For further reference and to learn more about Midwives in America and their awesome legacy and work, which is critical knowledge in understanding birth work, here are a few resources:  * Listen to Me Good: The Story of an Alabama Midwife By Margaret Charles Smith * The Women Who Caught the Babies: The Story of African American Midwives by Eloise GreenField * Motherwit: An Alabama Midwife's Story by Onnie Lee Logan * The Archaeology of Mothering: An African-American Midwife's Tale by Laurie A. Wilkie I'd love to hear from you! Share with me what you want to know more about and we will complete and episode. Happy Listening! With Joy & Gratitude! Cecile 
February 23, 2022
I don't have resolutions, just intentions, visions and visualizations
This episode is dedicated to all of us moms who make resolutions each year to do something specific and may or may not complete it. I hope you never torture yourself into doing something but instead you create what you desire with grace and ease through reflection, intention setting and visualizations.   People make resolutions each year on January 1st and by January 31st, have abandoned these altogether. I am not here to judge, just to ask, when are we going to stop being on this rollercoaster of self-betrayal and instead embrace envisioning and inspired actions?  I've learned through trial and error that we do not have to force or fight ourselves to make what we desire manifest. You desire it because it is yours to have. Let's talk about that #mommymagic we all have and learn to embrace it a little more. *Grab your intention setting journal here.  Drop a comment on some things you've manifested through intention setting and visualization. Connect with me ---> IG: @mommyevolve; FB: @momevolve Affiliate link
January 05, 2022
Generational Grief, Generational Wellness, Motherhood and Black Mermaids with Julia Mallory
The conversation with Julia was free flowing and powerful.  We touch on healing/understanding generational stories, the power of questions, what generational wellness can be and how to approach it.  Grief is discussed in a myriad of ways that allows us to transform the way we assist others and also ask for assistance.  We discuss the layers of grief and Julia shares powerful tools and nuances around grief for black women and self-care.  Julia Mallory is a writer, teaching artist, and cultural worker. She is a six-time author, including two children’s books. Her latest book, Survivor's Guilt is a multi-genre meditation on generational grief. In addition, she is the founder of the creative literary arts brand, Black Mermaids, serves as the Senior Poetry Editor for Raising Mothers, and hosts the Stop Shrinking Socialcast. She can be found on Instagram at  @thejuliamallory or at and
November 29, 2021
Pregnancy and Postpartum Domestic Violence
******Trigger Warning!********  This is a sensitive topic about violence against women and should be listened to with care.  To educate and empower during this month - Domestic Violence Awareness Month - I wanted to discuss and shed light on this under spoken topic.  I was blessed to have the opportunity to speak with a survivor Lorina. Lorina was courageous and graceful in discussing this topic and gives copious details.  Lorina Coleman is a licensed esthetician and beauty educator with extensive knowledge in skin care, make up, nutrition, eyelash extensions and a resounding passion for the overall health and wellness of the skin and the body. She is a diligent and passionate beauty service provider that delivers above average service to each and every client.There is beauty in wellness. I’ve been in business over 15 years and naturally evolved into wellness and holistic healing. The esthetic is a reflection of the internal.MTM Solutions LLC is a solution based business that offers beauty and wellness services and products. Let’s find solutions to fulfill our potential and purpose. *Makeup Artist*Licensed Esthetician *Doula*Master Herbalist *Colon Hydrotherapist *Nutritionist*Author *Intuitive Healer Lorina can also be reached on instagram @mtmsolutionsceo.  Listen to her story and take note as we discuss the many tactics of abusers, the mental state of the abused, mother wounds, family care and connections and so much. more! Here are some statistics about Pregnancy & Postpartum and Domestic Violence that I think are critical to know:  :::Homicide is the leading cause of death among pregnant women in the United States.  Black women lead in these numbers. :::Up to 20% of pregnant women experience violence during their pregnancy, making it more common than gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, conditions routinely screened for in pregnant women by physicians. :::Women with unintended pregnancies are two to four times more likely to experience physical violence than women with planned pregnancies. :::Pregnant homicide victims are more likely to be killed with a gun than non pregnant homicide victims. :::Intimate partner violence during pregnancy is linked to depression, substance abuse, smoking, anemia, first and second trimester bleeding, less than optimal weight gain, and unhealthy eating patterns. :::Only 18% of pregnant women examined at an urgent care triage unit reported having been asked by their physician about intimate partner violence. You can find more statistics on the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence Website I pray this episode saves lives. We were meant to be nurtured and restored - violence again pregnant women is a public health issue.
October 27, 2021
Evolved Parenting - my experiences
Evolved parenting, conscious parenting, breaking generational curses - whatever you want to call it - many are looking for new ways to engage and interact with their children. Come to think of it, we might call it trauma informed parenting.  In this episode I share a recent experience I had with my daughter and some tips for practicing a more conscious way of parenting. Many of these tips are centered on releasing the conditioning you as a parent has developed through your experiences as a child. There is hope! Consider yourself the CEO of new ways of being and growing for yourself, your family and society.  Sign up for my newsletter, buy my book "Mama Reclaim Yourself...." or view and purchase services here:  See you next episode. 
September 30, 2021
Delayed Postpartum, Toddler Blues & Maternal Depression
I came into information about this some weeks ago and thought it would be an interesting topic to broach. My personal experience didn't have these words to describe but I do understand it as I experienced it about 3 years after giving birth. Depression of any kind can happen due to a multitude of environmental, physiological, psychological and relational factors. Have you or anyone you know experienced this? Please share a testimony or observation. #parentalmentalhealth #maternalmentalhealth #communitycare #selfcare #empowerher #advocacy #education
August 29, 2021
Indigenous and Cultural perinatal/postpartum ways
In this episode we discuss a few Indigenous and postpartum ways.  What are some considerations among families with competing cultures and things that might be done or expected in that time?  What is your cultural ritual around pregnancy and childbirth?  What are some things you'd keep or not? In this episode I reference Indigemama business as well as thee following herbs: Stinging Nettle Red Raspberry Cersey Tuna Bitter tobacco boiled cobweb Love Bush for baby gripe Vervine for baby and mom if either have a cold inside Old woman bitters I would love for you to share some of your perinatal and postpartum ways. I would love for you to share.  DISCLAIMER: This episode is to share knowledge and information not to diagnose, treat or recommend any thing. Please consult with your doctor or herbalist and of course trust your path for wellness. 
August 01, 2021
Perinatal and Postpartum Wellness
In this episode Perinatal and postpartum mental health is defined and broken down with tips on how to improve wellness over all. We discuss: Baby Blues, Postpartum depression and anxiety, postpartum psychosis and paternal depression as well. Advocacy for health care provider knowledge and support is crucial to closing the gap between perinatal care and postpartum mental wellness. Quality of life is linked to mental health and wellness - we can not ignore this central piece.  Let's educate and empower ourselves on this topic. I hope you enjoy! email me with questions:
July 01, 2021
The Power of Self-Care Plans
In this months episode Cecile discusses the definition of a self-care plan and how to lean in to creating a powerful plan and what some her self-care plans include.  Visit to join the Mommy Friends collective for your self-care plans for inquiries about this episode, workshops, speaking engagements and more!
April 26, 2021
Nourishing the SELF PostPartum
Postpartum care is an area I am passionate about for so many reasons. If you know my story, you know that my postpartum was rough - to say the least. In this episode we discuss the importance of mental, emotional, spiritual and nutritional wellness and how they connect. We also discuss the multi-layered factors that cause women to be obsessed with weight and their bodies even immediately after having a baby.  Many insights are shared that illuminate wellness not just for mom and baby but for the family generationally and dives into ways everyone can be supported during the joyous but stressful fourth trimester.  Jaren's expertise and experience with both eating disorders and postpartum nutrition adds to the MommyMatters corpus of information to continue our conversation about holistic motherhood.  Jaren's BIO: Jaren is a Registered Dietician and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) who serves as an expert in women's health.  While continuing to serve in the field of eating disorder treatment, Jaren gained additional experience as an IBCLC to fuse her love of nutrition and women's health. Now working solely in private practice, Jaren combines her expertise as a skilled therapist and lactation consultant to support individuals looking to heal their relationship with food and their body.   FULL CRCL provides evidenced based practices to support women at all stages of the reproductive cycle, from preconception to postpartum.  Informed by her own journey and the hundreds of women she has counseled, Jaren’s experience comes full circle to support women in navigating pregnancy, birth and postpartum from a simple and intuitive framework. You can connect with Jaren and find out more about her services here: You can find her book here:
April 02, 2021
Setting Powerful Personal and Generational Intentions
Did you know that by the third week in January most people have abandoned their New Year Resolutions? They fall to the wayside.  In this episode we discuss that perhaps this is because most of us aren't getting to the bottom of what we truly desire, only the outcome that we see as what we 'should' want, be, do or have.  This episode urges you to get to the bottom of what you truly desire and to understand that this is about the feelings and interactions you will have on a daily basis, not just the achieving of the big goal. You may find you don't even desire that goal anymore once you get to the bottom of it all.   We also discuss generational intentions and what that has looked like for me and my daughter over the past few years.  See - resolutions/intentions require REFLECTION, MINDFULNESS and SELF-CARE.  There is no getting around it.  Listen in and leave your comments and questions.  Ciao for now. See you next month!
January 16, 2021
Food Freedom - trusting yourself to optimal holistic health
In this episode we discuss to discuss why the diet mentality keeps you from loving your full self, how to break the diet mentality, guiding healthy eating habits in your children, the error in "snap back" mentality and so much more!  It is important to me that while staying healthy we love ourselves and attach ourselves to our greatness. Self-Love is Self-Care and we can not hate the place we were that gave us greater realizations for our connectedness and ability to evolve. As we are continuously evolving. It is always my hope that these episodes help you to evolve and learn yourself a little deeper each day.  About our Guest: Kiara, Food Freedom & Body Acceptance Coach Kiara Raye is an Anti-Diet Coach For Foodies and also an ex yo-yo dieter and former food addict who transformed her life by completely healing her relationship with food and her body. Now, she specializes in teaching other women how to liberate themselves from the diet mentality and re-educate them on how their body was naturally designed to make healthier choices without restrictive dieting or excessive exercise. Find her on IG@ curvesncupcakes email: About our Host: Cecile is an educator, facilitator, Reiki Practitioner, Mindfulness and Self-care coach. She specializes in uncovering unconscious behavior and anything that is holding you back from evolving and transforming the mind and spirit using holistic solutions. Specifically, Cecile uses sacred deep self care, energy management and mindfulness techniques.  Cecile is a claircognizant of many generations of spiritually gifted women.  She loves to share her gifts and utilize them to assist individuals in centering themselves and accessing/using their power.”  MommyEvolve is for parents and caregivers looking to shift mindsets, energy and legacy.  It is a call to reignite the mother principle in our daily lives to bring the regenerative ideas of sustainability in our thoughts, actions and creations. Evolution Solutions, LLC is the umbrella that incubates Evolve Education and MommyEvolve. SUPPORT MOMMY MATTERS PODCAST simply by SHARE. LIKE. SUBSCRIBE. BE A PAID SUPPORTER. DOWNLOAD. MESSAGE. ENGAGE. LEAVE A REVIEW. EMAIL.
September 07, 2020
Breaking the Superwoman Complex and Travel Self-Care
What a powerful conversation! I feel like every person needs to hear and understand how their inner guide is the best guide and that you get no awards for trying to save everyone. NONE! In fact, you can't save everyone, we all have our paths. Being SUPERWOMAN could delay your own path, which is the higher level of service to self, the divine and others.  An educator turned full-time entrepreneur, basketball mom, gymnastics mom, twin mom, mother of seven children (yes, you read that right), Tanai still finds time to inspire moms to travel the world. In 2013, Tanai moved her then three children to Abu Dhabi to build her “American dream” outside of America. While abroad, her children were able to learn Arabic, excelled in school and sports, had a live-in nanny, and traveled the world. Since returning to the US in 2016, she has continued to maintain the goal of granting her children a new passport stamp every 100 days. In 2019, Tanai got married and grew her family from four to seven people to love and in 2020, she made the decision to quit teaching and pursue her dreams full time! Please connect with Tanai : Facebook: Instagram: @tenaibernardturner Website: SUPPORT THIS PODCAST! SHARE. LIKE. SUBSCRIBE. SUPPORT. DOWNLOAD. MESSAGE. ENGAGE. EMAIL.
August 04, 2020
Finding C.A.L.M for moms with Jamie Fleming
Finding Calm is a global need for mothers and their children. This step by step guide given by the phenomenal owner or Black Mom's Guide to Calm is what every mother needs right now to center herself and therefore everyone around her.  Jamie discussed very practical ways to infuse C.A.L.M into your daily routine.  About Jamie: As the founder of Black Mom's Guide to Calm, Jamie Fleming works with mamas (and women) who are tired of being burned out, stressed out, and worn out and are ready to do something about it. She teaches them how to create calm in the chaos of their daily lives. Jamie's love of meditation and yoga was sparked after giving birth to her daughter, Nailah, in 2013. Her mission is to teach women how to overcome their overwhelm and find inner peace and calm. How to find Jamie: IG @blackmomcalm websites:,
June 29, 2020
Sovereignty and Self-Love
This episode gets raw about intergenerational transference, self-awareness to destroy cycles and motherhood as a gateway to healing and self-discovery.  We discuss the power of self-care and define it in multi-layered ways so that you can access it at anytime.  GUEST BIO: Kerri Hummingbird, Soul Guide, inspires people to lead their lives wide awake with an authenticity, passion and purpose that positively impacts others. She catalyzes mind-shifts that transform life challenges into gifts of wisdom with her Reinvent Yourself programs for individual and group mentoring. She is the international best-selling author of "The Second Wave: Transcending the Human Drama" and the award-winning best-selling book "Awakening To Me: One Woman’s Journey To Self Love" which describes the early years of her spiritual awakening. She has served as a social activist, leader, and philanthropist for over three decades. She is the Founder of the Skills Not Pills Movement and Host of Soul Nectar Show. Host of Soul Nectar Show w: c: 512-809-9816 facebook: Kerri.Hummingbird linkedin: Kerri Hummingbird instagram: Kerri.Hummingbird
June 29, 2020
Energy and Intergenerational Healing
Me: what made you want to make Mac n cheese? Nubia: because I saw a video on tic toc and it looked good Me: did you see a video on there about turning assignments in on time too? Nubia: *blank stare* and 😏 Black mamas will forever be undefeated ^^^ the conversation that sparked this episode.  It is intriguing how the smallest thing can create the biggest impact. Listen in and add what you think. I would love to hear what you have to say!
May 04, 2020
Single Mom Money with Danielle Robinson
I love the conversations around abundance! Yes - this is about abundance. In the mind and spirit! The conversations around single motherhood are shifting and I love that empowered stances are taking the forefront.  In my mind - if anyone can build wealth as she sees fit - it is someone as resourceful as a single mom. The key is to use your resources, inside and out.  This was a fun convo (not without glitches though) Danielle learned how critical a healthy relationship with money was shortly after her divorce and one-income home reality hit her.  Follow Danielle Robinson on IG @single_mom_money and Youtube - Single Mom Money. There is a wealth of information here! Stay tuned for more inspiring episodes with Mommy Matters
March 07, 2020
Self-care and relationships
In this Episode Johanne Osias and I speak about what self-care and relationships can look like. With healthy boundaries, self-love, clarity -  a healthy balance is possible.  Learn more about and follow Johanne for tips, tools, and products/services to enhance you and your family's self-care. @Iamstrongandpowerful
November 30, 2019
Unapologetic Healing for Adult Daughters of Abusive Mothers
It was such a pleasure to speak with Sharisa. I came in contact with Sharisa when I read a post she made about Mother Daughter relationships that was so powerful I instantly shared it and contacted her for an interview.  You can find the details here: I knew I had to interview her! I am so glad we sat down to speak because the nuggets dropped were so powerful I got a surge or energy run through me that let me know this is ancestral work that is here to heal us all.  Sharisa's bio... Sharisa T. Robertson, founder of can definitely relate to the pain of adult daughters impacted negatively by maternal abuse. With a mission to disrupt dysfunction, she helps and journey with many women who have arrived at a pivotal juncture of confronting and unapologetically healing by any means necessary. Centering on trauma transformation, Sharisa takes a bolder approach in creating healing spaces that supports and teach how to mother yourself because she believes when the woman in you heals the daughter in you, you will become the mother you’ve always needed. She can be found on: You will enjoy the power of this interview. I can't wait to hear your feedback!
September 13, 2019
Melinated Moms - Empowering through healing and Community
It was such a joy to speak with founder and CEO of Melinated Moms - Jaye Wilson.  The Melinated Moms community has so much beauty to share.  Jaye, like you is a mom who discovered her power, purpose and unraveling of generational stories through her experiences.  Melinated Moms is for ALL mothers of color globally.  Listen in to this light hearted conversation on moms, movements and more!  In this episode we discuss: Parenting while married and single Self-care and therapy for moms and children Global Mothering And so much more! Join the Melinated Moms Community. You can find her via website or via the same name on ALL social media platforms. 
July 06, 2019
Mother Wounds and Intergenerational Healing an interview with Bethany Webster
A few years ago as I was going through my process of excavating self and evolving my inner mother(I now know this is what I was doing, but at the time I didn't know it) - I was stuck because I kept avoiding the conversation around the relationship with my mother.   In our culture we often hear "but she is your mother" as a way to shame us from having any feelings of anger, confusion or anything else that is NOT good towards our mother.  I learned through Bethany Websters course "Heal the Mother wound" that this anger, confusion and shame was a construction in our society for women to be quiet and endure.  However, in order to have a better relationship with myself - I could not avoid this wound any longer! This course really shifted my perspectives and gave me the anchor and support I needed to fully express myself and release the fears behind this wound.  It was an honor to speak with Bethany about her body of work and how we as women can evolve.  In this episode we discuss:  Common beliefs inherited How the Mother wound affects our lives How we avoid the wound and how stop avoiding it AND SO MUCH MORE!  You can find Bethany via social media: IG @motherwounds Website: You will find a plethora of information and insights about the mother wound and how to activate your higher self through facing this wound.  Stay connected with Mommy Evolve as we share more insights on engaging topics such as this. @mommyEvolve on IG and Facebook. for products and services. 
May 22, 2019
Self-Care as Self-Love Building Self-Esteem to Evolve
Self-Care is Self-Love and is NOT selfish!  In this powerful episode I am able to sit down with Fabiola Paul, LCSW and owner of Enlightening Counseling and Educational Services, LLC to discuss how self-care, self-love and self-esteem are critical to the evolving woman.  We discuss: Life's ebbs and flows How and why It is ok to change your MIND! Practicing Self-care and building this in youth(which gives them an edge and advantage in life!) AND SO MUCH MORE! Fabiola is based in New Jersey and can be reached in several ways: On Facebook: Via email: (email her during Mental Health Month and receive a free gift!) Website: ENJOY! I love you for listening! 
May 21, 2019
Birth As you Please.
Amancaya shares the inspiration for desiring to create this powerful book that looks at the birthing process through the eyes of a diverse set of women from many cultures and periods of their birthing (pregnancy, labor, child rearing, raised children and reflecting).  What a powerful visual storytelling piece.  You can find out more about her project here: Connect with her here: I know you will love this conversation as we speak about everything from laws that are shifting the landscape of how we do birth (connecting the traditional with the medical) to outsourcing childcare.  DON'T MISS IT! We love you for listening!
May 10, 2019
Empowered Mama: Mother as leader
This is such a juicy episode. I enjoyed speaking with Neelam Nanwani about how Mother is leader and what it really means to be an empowered mama.  Just a few points illuminated were: -What psycho-spiritual development looks like -How mother's can empower themselves through self-care -What it means to be an empowered mama -What is means to "just be" and why this is so important to our parenting/womanhood You can learn more about Neelam on her website: Also, please hear more about her services and information at the Embodied Shakti Summit, which you can access and learn more about here: Learn more about how to create your empowerment and activate your leadership through my book: "The MommyMagic Handbook: A Mother's Guide to Practicing Self-Care and destroying Generational Cycles" via my website -
April 05, 2019
MommyHood: The Real Deal for New Moms
Want to know the real about Mothering? Check out this episode with Saajida Richard of MommyHood: The Real Deal for New Moms! In this episode we discuss the expectations and realities of mothering, especially as a new mom.  We don't often hear about the realities of what is needed.  However more of that is being achieved now - thankfully. Saajida shares tips and tools in a loving manner with a passion to help new moms experience wellness in their parenting journey. Access the Book Here: ---------------------------------- I may earn a small commission for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial, and/or link to any products or services from this website.  Your support allows me to continue educating and empowering about postpartum wellness.
March 22, 2019
From surviving to thriving: proactive self-care to avoid tantrums
In this episode Nikki Morro of @tothemoonparentcoaching aka To the Moon & Back Behavioral Consulting discusses the power of understanding child development, parents need to understand and heal their own wounds and the personal nature of child behavioral strategies.   This beautiful conversation is sure to give parents a deeper insight into themselves as well as their children, perhaps even their own parents.  Connect with Nikki on Instagram and Facebook via @tothemoonparentcoaching
March 18, 2019
Intergenerational Healing through the Womb - Womb wellness for self-care
In this episode Sama Morningstar and I discuss some critical issues around healing our family bloodlines.  We discuss why it is important to recognize and heal generational challenges and how to do this. This informative, insightful and powerful conversation will leave you in awe and well informed.  You can sign up for Sama's upcoming summit with some powerhouse women doing amazing work.  You can sign up or follow her movement at
March 13, 2019
No More Yelling! Parenting from a Mindful Perspective
It was my pleasure to interview Monica J. Sutton - an early childhood behavioral specialist and educator for 17 years.   In this episode Monica shares her WHY perspective and also tools to assist parents, teachers, and counselors understand and deal with children's difficult behaviors.   Monica explains her simple steps through P.A.P.S, which stands for: P = Pause A = Acknowledge P = Positive response S= Support You can reach Monica at, via Instagram @monicajsutton where she does a live each Tuesday evening at 9pm and you can sign up for her free challenge called "No More Yelling" at
February 18, 2019
Real Talk - Parenting and Business
Women are the fastest growing segment of entrepreneurs in the USA.  Entrepreneurship has always been the way for women to contribute monetarily to the family while making ALL the other contributions.  In this discussion I speak with Kenya Pope, The Goddess Builder about building a business and parenting.  Whether married or single, the insights are powerful.  As always, this will leave you thinking but also with tangible tools to use on your journey!  You can contact Kenya @thegoddessbuilder on Instagram. 
February 12, 2019
Mommy Friends! Critical to growth and legacy
In this episode I discuss the epidemic of aloneness many mothers feel, it's correlation to issues and generational growth. Get some Mommy Friends and evolve your legacy!
January 26, 2019
Discussion of MommyMagic Handbook - A Mother's Guide to self-care, parenting and destroying negative
Discussion of MommyMagic Handbook - A Mother's Guide to self-care, parenting and destroying negative generational cycles.  In this episode I discuss the book and some of its salient points. You can access this book at  Please share your thoughts, questions, etc at
January 11, 2019
Pt.2 10 things your mom never told you
In part 2 we discuss the remaining and how we can engage with these to consider our mothering and community mothering. Also how have we engaged with these in our own lives. Have we learned and healed?
December 06, 2018
Pt.1 10 things your mother never taught you
Inspired thoughts from an article by Amy Maclin in I discuss and flesh out these points. Check out the article for yourself by visiting the website. But consider my thoughts....look out for part 2 where I analyze points 6-10
November 26, 2018
Preventing child sexual abuse - evolving our mentality
Please leave comment under the Recording. I share tips and tools with hopes to save children from these atrocities.
October 21, 2018
Parenting through the age of #metoo empowering our children with healthy boundaries
In this episode I share a recent experience and teachable moment with you and empower you to make legacy choices for yourself and child (ren).
September 17, 2018
new pathways and family rituals - intergenerational healing
A few minutes of my musings on new ways of interacting and creating new pathways in families where there ways none or it was rocky.
September 16, 2018
Pregnancy and Motherhood: Tale of two Afropolitains with Yacine Bio-Tchane
This episode shows us how much closer we are than we think. I speak to author and economist Yacine Bio-Tchane about the impetus for the writing of the book Pregnancy and Motherhood:Tale of two Afropolitains, why it was needed and how it is being received. Soon to be released in English, this book shares the traditions, trials and triumphs of motherhood across the Atlantic. The comparisons are enlightening. I hope you see that the movement for improved birthing and mothering experiences isn't just about us, but a global conversation that requires our mental, physical and spiritual backing to help change the course. AUTHORS BIOs: Aminata N’Diaye Tall is married and a mother of 3 boys. She is a development economist who specializes on the financial sector at the World Bank in Washington. She holds degrees Masters degrees from Sciences Po Paris, the London School of Economics (MPA) and Pace University, NEOMA Business School (ex ESC Rouen) (MBA). She has worked at the African Development Bank, in a corporate bank in New York, as well as in several financial institutions in Senegal. Aminata is passionate about good governance and entrepreneurship. She has a keen interest in SME financing and in economic opportunities for women. Yacine Bio Tchane is married and a mother of a girl and a boy. She is an economist working in freelance for institutions and international organizations on public financial management, financial inclusion and private sector development across Africa. She graduated from Rutgers University with a BA in economics and political science as well as from the London School of Economics with a Msc. in development management. Yacine’s mission is to contribute to socio-economic reforms in Africa and improving young African women’s access to greater professional opportunities, financial independence and rights in society. Learn more about the book and grab a copy here: Find them on IG:@afropolima
August 26, 2018
Ancestral Healing with Kellinda Browne
This powerful episode was so astronomical that spirit was interfering with our recording. Non joke. We spoke clearly with one another until it was time to record. Well, either way, be patient we have some powerful and important information for you. You will feel more equipped and understanding when you are done listening. We discuss 1.) what are ancestors? 2) handling spiritually astute children 3) the power of ancestral healing, just to name a few. Be prepared. Have you pen and pad too!
August 14, 2018
Stress, Reproductive Health and Childbirth with Freya Morani of Root Mama
It was a treat to have this powerful sister on to speak about self-care and reproductive health. Sister Freya Mórani is the Founder and CEO of RootMama. She is a certified doula, trained breastfeeding educator, childbirth educator and wellness coach. Sis. Freya provides intuitive and professional support to women, infants and families during preconception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Freya is a southern woman with roots stretching throughout  Arkansas and Texas. She has a lineage of home birthing and midwifery reaching back to her maternal grandmother and great grandmothers. Freya began her healing journey her freshman year in college in Atlanta, GA by cutting out fast food and embracing her natural hair with a big chop. Step by step, she incorporated more healthy changes over the years including becoming vegetarian around 2008. Freya became interested in becoming a doula after watching Shafia Monroe's presentation on the Legacy of the Black Midwife in 2011. She coupled her knowledge of healing the womb, inspired by Queen Afua, with her professional doula training to create the wellness company RootMama.  Freya is unique in her approach to supporting women achieve their wellness goals and live their best life. She believes that the woman is the central element of the family unit, and when she is well and thriving, the entire family is well and thriving.  Her belief in the utmost importance of the woman's total health and vitality is what motivates her work through RootMama. Freya continues to level up her professional skills by raking up continuing education hours, trainings, mentorship and self-led studies.  She gives exceptional emotional and comfort support to moms and families. She has a wealth of knowledge in birthing practices, birthing options, comfort measures for mothers, breastfeeding techniques, and infant care. She helps moms feel confident, prepared and well-informed about their births. Freya is an eclectic soul who loves to travel. She has traveled to Mexico, Indonesia, Dominican Republic, Belize, Canada, Lebanon and Haiti. She loves global cuisine and speaks Spanish too.  When she's not assisting RootMama clients, she's reading a good non-fiction book, indulging in self-care or playing with her toddler.  You can find her services, reviews and more information at
July 27, 2018
Healing Ourselves, Healing our Children w Violet of Soul centered Mama
In this casual, yet powerful conversation we discuss the power of self-healing and offer tips and tools to do so in practical and self-loving ways.
July 22, 2018
Positive Parenting W/Pia Mattix Davis
In this episode we explore positive parenting, its connections to intergenerational healing and self-care for mothers. Positive Parenting is defined and express examples are given to ponder. Ways to connect with Pia are also shared. You don't want to miss this illuminating conversation!
July 03, 2018
Empowering Black Mothers with Bold Doula Denise Bolds
In this powerful episode we discuss black motherhood starting with the statistics that black women are 4 times more likely to die in child-birth. FOUR TIMES! We discuss this conversation from a holistic empowerment perspective. We know you will gain much from this. Inform your family, friends, both male and female as this is a public health crisis that can not be ignored.
June 05, 2018
Healing Intergenerational Trauma, hurts, pain - coping and surviving
Intergenerational healing is required because there are intergenerational traumas. We all have some form of unraveling of dogmas, ideas, physical pain, mental pain that we carry around. The key is, we do not have to keep it. We can release it. Listen in as I define and discuss this critical issue.
June 05, 2018
Healing Mother Daughter Relationships
For me, this relationship is the center of healing communities. The the stories, the rituals, the energy all culminates in what transpires in our communities. Women and our relationships with one another are more powerful than we have been taught or learned to live and conduct ourselves around.  In this episode I interview Mrs. Ann Dillard, featured in the "Unchain My legacy" book of short stories of mothers and their experiences parenting. Mrs. Dillard is a licensed marriage and family therapist who is passionate about assisting young women. Her show Teen Talk Live is dynamic and her passion for youth shows. Listen to her describe some very important steps in healing the bonds between Mothers and daughters. Listen in as we discuss this delicate topic with love and healing. GUEST BIO:  As the founder of KIP Consulting Services, LLC, Ms. Ann is passionate about instilling hope and empowering individuals to live their best lives. She operates a thriving private practice in Decatur, GA where she offers mental health services to teens and their families. Ms. Ann hosts conversation circles where she helps women of all ages to navigate challenges in their own mother/daughter relationships. She has written and presented Healthy Relationships workshops both nationally and also online. She also appears regularly on radio, tv, and podcasts programs discussing the challenges and triumphs of recognizing, repairing, and building healthy mother/daughter relationships. She is the co-author of the Amazon #1 Bestseller Unchain My Legacy where she talked about the emotional debt that she inherited and in turn passed on to her daughter, even though she vowed that she would never do that. Ms. Ann is very transparent in her work, and her writing, weaving in her clinical knowledge as a licensed marriage and family therapist. She has also contributed to other publications such as Unchain Me Mama: The Forgiveness Factor. Ms. Ann has created several tools to help foster healthy relationships and stronger bonds between mothers and daughter as well as parents and their teenagers. Ann Dillard, a Brainspotting therapist, is also trained in foster care and adoption competency, and is a Certified Daring Way Facilitator through Dr. Brene Brown’s organization.
June 05, 2018
TV MOMS and Motherhood
How has watching mothering on TV affected your mothering? Claire Huxtable, Roseanne Bar, Leave it to Beaver or any other that you've seen . Did fantasy meet reality? Did anything resonate? Have you ever thought of a connection? This episode explores some of these questions. This is a simple think piece. I hope you enjoy. Leave your comments below.
June 05, 2018
June 4, 2018
June 04, 2018