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Mom to Millionaire

Mom to Millionaire

By Natasha Roberson
As Mom’s, we sacrifice a lot for our families. We sacrifice our body, our careers, our time and more...but why? Natasha knew this was a choice she didn’t have to make. She didn’t want her “WHY” to be her excuse! She didn’t want her family, the reason she wanted to be successful, to also be her excuse for not pursuing her dreams. Each Tuesday, join Natasha Roberson, multi-preneur wife and mama of two boys, if you want to learn how to pull those aspirations out again, find your passion, know you're worth, create the plan, monetize the plan and CELEBRATE the wins, this podcast is for you.
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Intro and My Story!

Mom to Millionaire

BALANCE in Life, Business, Health & Fun!
Join Natasha Roberson as she shares how to create that Balance and give yourself some Grace on the journey!   Balance in Life! Balance in Business! Balance in Health! Balance in Fun! You got this!  We are STRONGER TOGETHER! 
March 24, 2020
Do you have the "Money" Talk with your kids?
Today let's talk about kids and the "Money" talk!   What age do you think is the best age to start talking about money with your kids?   I believe that kids are never too young or old to educate them on the value and how to respect money.  No more will we allow our kids to grow up and struggle pay check to pay check.  No more will we allow our kids to go uneducated on where they should put their money and not put their money.  No more will our kids grow into adults and not have options no matter how much money they have.   Kids are ready to have this's time for us adults/parents to make it part of our daily conversations!   Click that "Subscribe" butt and I'll see you next week! 
February 18, 2020
New Decade, Brings New Energy
I don't know about you but I have a new energy inside of my soul and I couldn't ignore it!  Today join me as I walk you through the journey I have been on as an entrepreneur and now into the BIGGEST shift I've ever felt in my career!   If they can do it, I can do it! 
January 17, 2020
Happy New Years Eve...are you ready for the NEW Decade?
As we walk into a new decade tonight I feel it is important to talk about a few things that can shift your success in 2020.  I look at this New Years as a New Book.  You are writing your title of your book tonight and your intro begins when your eyes open Jan 1st.   What will you do different in 2020?   Who will you distance yourself from to allow you room to level up?  Who will you surround yourself with for influence and support to go next level for you?  What new habits will you start and crush? How will 2020 be different from day 1? 
December 31, 2019
Are you Dreaming BIG enough for 2020?
We are heading into the new DECADE and that calls for BIG Audacious goals and plans!  Let's chat today about a simple strategy I did last week to prepare and plan for the most EPIC year to date in 2020!  
December 17, 2019
What is missing??? You feel off, but not sure why... YES, I get it!
So have you ever felt OFF?  Like you are just not feeling the way you did in the past when you were crushing your days.   I totally get it.  I was feeling this way recently.   In this episode I talk about the BIG missing piece that I realized after a deep reflection on my days.  Such an important part of my mornings was once a habit and somehow I lost that habit and it was very apparent!   Let's chat about that ONE thing that might be missing and how we can together be better than we were the day before!  
November 12, 2019
Simple strategy to turn more situations into WINS!!!!
Ever have those moments that you’re so frustrated but you just want to win? Well today I’m gonna talk to you about a few strategies that help me and my family and my team turn frustrated situations into huge celebrations
November 05, 2019
That ONE Message...What if it could change your whole life?
Have you ever received a message that completely changed your life?   I have personally received a few messages that completely changed the future of my life in a great way as well as sent a few messages that I had no idea it would but it did change that persons life completely!   Do you have something that you are holding in and know it possibly could be a game changer in your relationship with them or their life completely?  My episode today shares my thoughts about this very topic!   Thank you so much for listening today and like always I appreciate your feedback and your 5 star reviews!  Chat with you next week with another Mom to Millionaire episode!
October 29, 2019
F...E...A...R has this 4 letter word ever paralyzed you?
FEAR is a liar but we all let FEAR stop us from crating the life we deserve.  FEAR has been the reason so many people give up before they even begin.  FEAR might be a big reason you are not reaching your fullest potential.   Let me tell you we all have had that four letter word stop us in our tracks...but you don't have to go through the wall alone! Meet my friend, Aaron Aponte, who is going to share some FIRE with you on this episode of the Mom to Millionaire Podcast today!   As always THANK YOU for listening and remember to click that subscribe button and leave a 5 star review and drop me a comment!  I read them all and would love to hear from you! 
October 22, 2019
It’s time to start having FUN in life and business!
We all get in those ruts of life and business. Listen to this episode to hear how Natasha changed her momentum in life and business all with a little FUN!
October 15, 2019
Gratitude will change your days!!
Have you ever had one of those days from start to finish that you wanted to just crawl back in bed and start the day over? We all have! Let me share a simple but the most powerful morning habit I have implemented each day for over 5 years!!! It just might change your life, like it did mine!
October 08, 2019
Success in life comes down to your commitments!
Natasha talks today about commitments and how many of us mommas feel like we are failing in so many areas of life and what we don't give ourselves "grace".  We are doing the BEST we can do and what we NEED to do as mommas is make sure our commitments are in alignment with our priorities of NOW not the past!   Listen to this podcast and make the small changes necessary for your commitments to succeed at the next level of your journey as a mom, wife, entrepreneur, friend and all!   Like always click that subscribe button and leave a review!   Let's Impact Together!  
October 01, 2019
Self Care just might be the missing thing to your next level!
One thing I know as a wife, mom and business owner is that we put ourselves last. But what I’ve also realized is when I am not at my best I am not the best version to the ones in my life that matter the most! Let’s chat about how you can add a little self care into your life to become the best version of you for them!
September 25, 2019
Miracle Mornings...How does this work as a MOM???
I once thought these "Miracle Mornings" every successful entrepreneur talked about was hokus pokus, until I continued to hear it over and over from all the "greats".  So what does a driven entrepreneur do???   They add it to their day.   Well that is great till you are a Mom and well let's be real it isn't easy most mornings!   In this episode I share with you how I have designed our mornings to be the best I humanly can each day.  And you will hear that it isn't always the BEST of the BEST each day.  And I want you to know that we are all human and kids are well they are kids. Listen and just maybe you will find a few things you can implement into your morning and your kiddos mornings to make their day even greater than it was before!   Resources: Website: Facebook: Instagram:  @NatashaAnnRoberson 
September 17, 2019
Taking that step in faith: Creating a life you want to live - with Brooke Wykes
After working a 8-5 traditional job for her entire adulthood to leading a team of almost $10 MILLION, yes I said million, in online sales in less than 5 years and making multiple six-figures loving her career.  Brooke Wykes decided to walk in faith after personally feeling the benefits of the products she was introduced to and going all in to make the business a success.  Listen to Brooke's story and see how she has overcome so much, all while designing a life and business that she loves!   Brooke also has an incredible presence.  When you're with her, she makes you feel like you're the only person there.  She is just about adding value and I love that about her -- and I know you will too! Resources: Learn more about Brooke at: Facebook: Instagram:
September 10, 2019
Mom Guilt...It’s a real thing!
Do you suffer from mom guilt? I get’s a real thing! Hear how you can tackle it head in and leave the mom guilt out of your life!
September 03, 2019
Intro and My Story!
In this episode Natasha shares her story so you can understand a little more about her and how chasing your dreams doesn’t make you selfish. It doesn’t make you a “bad mom” it makes you a badass mom who sets examples for her family!   Natasha shares her vision and goal with this podcast and what you can expect to receive each and every single episode.   Screenshot the episode on your phone, and tag Natasha @natashaannroberson on Social Media!  I If you received any bit of value SUBSCRIBE and leave a positive review!    #MoreThanMom  
August 30, 2019