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Mountain Strength Podcast

Mountain Strength Podcast

By Rich Borgatti
Discussions and fun about fitness with friends for Mountain Strength Fitness in Winchester MA.
We will go over many topics from starting at a gym, to best practices, to challenging workouts.
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Nutrition Coach Amy Mariani

Mountain Strength Podcast

What to look for when restarting at a gym after COVID
Gyms are slowly getting started back up after a 3 month closure due to COVID. Perhaps this time has inspired you to start back up at a gym to get healthy or you are returning to the gym. For some their gym has closed and they are looking for a new place to workout. in this episode I go over some things to pay attention to when restarting at the gym or looking for a new gym.
June 24, 2020
Nutrition Coach Amy Mariani
Nutrition at Mountain Strength CrossFit with Amy Mariani Meet Amy Mariani the nutrition coach at Mountain Strength. Amy meets with members and clients on site and online to help guide them to the best possible path for nutrition and fueling themselves for performance. In this episode we will get to know Amy and ask her some questions: What is a nutrition program for? I want to lose weight or gain muscle, what should I do? How does nutrition coaching or a program fit in with my lifestyle? What is the difference in eating for strength versus endurance?
February 05, 2020
Starting The CrossFit Journey
Mountain Strength CrossFit Podcast Starting The CrossFit Journey How to find a CrossFit gym, What to look for in a program and what the first  weeks, months, and possibly years should look like.
November 06, 2019
Introducing the Mountain Strength Podcast
Our first MSCF podcast for the athletes at Mountain Strength
October 10, 2019