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Abeon Tech Podcast

Abeon Tech Podcast

By abeontech
A sardonic infosec and tech podcast by ethical hackers. We talk about anything related to ethical hacking, information security, scam baiting or online scams in general.
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Abeon Podcast - Episode 1
Abeon Tech Podcast episode 1 is now live!  Your weekly infosec roundup.  The first episode was a bit tedious to record. It mostly focuses on my past experience as a criminal and black-hat hacker. I have been clean and ethical for at least 11 years now, but I feel it's important to cover my past experiences.  I'm a professional ethical hacker, internet marketer, and recent addition to the scam baiting community. Abeon Podcast covers recent information security news, events and anything related to the scene.  I welcome questions, comments and feedback, so please get in touch if I missed anything or you have a suggestion. 
August 06, 2021