My 3 Sons

ep06, Lies I Believed

An episode of My 3 Sons

By Mark
The stories and songs of my life, told for my 3 sons. Hoping that my journey from religion to faith and following Jesus will inform their teenage years and becoming young men. Songs on the podcast are available as a playlist on Google Play Music: My 3 Sons
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ep10, Gotta Be Strong
Giving up is easy, coasting along fitting in with what those around you are doing is simple but it won't get you a fulfilling, meaningful, incredible life. You have to live with intent and purpose. You have to live in a way that doesn't conform to the worlds values. I did these things in my life and regret them. I had a good life but it wasn't the best life. That only happened when I began rejecting the worlds values and following Jesus in all areas of my life. This week you will hear another Stryper song, Keep the Fire Burning. It is a rocking guitar track that I hadn't heard for at least 15 years but talks about deliberately pursuing life. Don't give up easily, live deliberately and with purpose!
October 13, 2018
ep09, Not Gonna Bow
Following is easy, but what happens if you follow the wrong person? Others can help guide and direct us in life and that is great, but who are we actually following? Listen to the story of someone who had a great influence on me and my faith. In many ways I aspired to be like them and live a life like theirs. Then it all changed and I had to again decide what the foundation of my life was.
October 6, 2018
ep08, One Way
What do you do when people who are foundational to your faith, who lead you it out religion, who guide you suddenly appear to embrace religion over faith? That was a crisis I faced and in doing so discovered there is only one way. Listen to Larry Norman and his song One Way.
September 30, 2018
ep07, Don't wanna be a Clone
Most areas of our lives demand we fit in and wear the right socks. This can be a struggle, especially when you're really unique and an individual. How do you balance the tension between conforming without being religious about it all? Wanna be a Clone is a song by Steve Taylor that captures the contradiction that churches often present as they talk about faith but sometimes demonstrate religion. While the dilemma lives in my life the question remains, and you should ask yourself how to fix faith without falling into religion.
September 22, 2018
ep06, Lies I Believed
There are plenty of lies being told and sometimes we believe them. We don't mean to, it is just we get caught up in living and slowly start pursuing things that aren't any good. Money won't make you happy, I know you think you're different and it would make you happy, but possessions don't necessarily enrich our lives. Sometimes they clutter our living and keep us away from what we love. Here a few of the lies I believed, be reminded of some of the lies you've told (they're kind of amusing), and then here a song from a band called Allies.
September 15, 2018
ep05, Could he be the Messiah?
You've grown up listening to Mum and I talk about Jesus and the different perspective and emphasis he be to our lives. In fact you been surrounded by talk and stories of Jesus but looking me, you're going to have to decide for yourself who he is. Listen to the Michael W. Smith song, "could he be the Messiah?" and think about the question. Was Jesus just some guy from history, or somebody more? Someone who suggests a counterintuitive way to live? You get to decide.
September 7, 2018
ep04, He is all you need
A father's day special reflecting on who I hope you be as a father and a song I am only now beginning to understand. Uncle Glen captures the essence of family and my world comes crashing down.
September 2, 2018
ep03, Against the Grain
Ever got in for trouble and realised that you were wrong? I have on plenty of occasions through the years. But one time really sticks with me. One line from the song in this episode asks, "what do we mean by Christianity?" This is question that asked a lot when I was younger and still consider today! Surely it isn't about fitting in and looking like everyone else? I mean some Christians are kind of cool, but so many are such bores, and just a little hypocritical! Can we follow Jesus but go against the grain of societal norms and mindless religion? Listen to the Altar Boys song Against the Grain from the 1987 album, Against the Grain.
August 26, 2018
ep02, Look for the Good
Is there anything good about sleeping in a public toilet? Attitude can change any situation and positivity is a characteristic that makes others want to be around you. Finding yourself and your place in the world will be a journey that requires focus. So focus on the good, we're usually totally surrounded by it.
August 20, 2018
ep01, An Introduction
Getting started with the podcast and bending the Stryper song, Calling on You, to fit what I think it means, and what I want it to convey.
August 16, 2018
ep00, Why?
The very first episode of My 3 Sons. Well, actually it isn't the first recording, but it explains a little about what I'm planning and hoping with this little endeavour.
August 15, 2018
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