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By Mystic Witch
Various forms of divination, Tarot, Astrology, etc, in tandem with magical walks of all paths. From ceremonial magic to quick and dirty spell work. Managing to keep it light while still taking ourselves seriously. We will also discuss Paranormal investigations, and supernatural experiences.
No matter where you live you can book blue for a reading at
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This episode is for psychics and clients alike. Some tips for dealing with and preventing your followers from being victim to these relentless IG mock accounts posing as accomplished readers. Instagram has done nothing to stop these charlatans from hurting people in vulnerable positions and have taken people for thousands upon thousands of our clients. The media is barely covering it, so here's a fresh episode discussing the problems and a few minimal solutions. . IG: @bluejunetarot @mysticwitchpodcast email:
February 11, 2022
EP48 - Psychic Psychology (Astrology) - Dr. Veroshk Williams
Puerto Rico based Psychic Astrologer, Dr. Veroshk Williams is an Afro Latina Clinical Psychology and Astrology expert born and raised in Puerto Rico. She completed a bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Cornell University and worked as a brain research coordinator at Harvard University’s Psychiatric Hospital. She later discovered a fond love for astrology in her quest to provide answers and tools where psychology was lacking. She studied astrology for two years in Bogota, Colombia. Afterwards, Dr. Veroshk completed her doctoral studies in Clinical Psychology at the Ponce Health Sciences University in Puerto Rico. Today, Dr. Veroshk leads Sanación Infinita, a multidisciplinary mental health clinic based in San Juan, PR, and New York City, offering a variety multidisciplinary services to a broader scope of patients through virtual services on a telemedicine platform. You can also visit her website, which offers wellness resources such as the Membresia Veroshk, a virtual mental health hub and membership that includes a gallery of therapeutic tools and guidance combining astrology and psychology, from the comfort of anyone’s home. The website also includes downloadable meditations, worksheets, and other mental health tools developed by Dr. Veroshk. A variety of her branded spiritual health products is available at her store “ShopVeroshk.”. For additional info, please send an email to Appointments can be scheduled through FOLOW US: @mysticwitchpodcast and you'll never miss a new episode EMAIL:
April 26, 2021
EP47 - Diversifying Astrology (part 1) - Demetrius Bagley
The very well connected Producer and Astrologer Demetrius Bagley is an award-winning movie producer, currently in pre-production for film short Black Astrologers Yesterday. He’s been incredibly active in the astrology world over the last decade plus, working on some 30 astrologer conferences especially the groundbreaking Queer Astrology Conference 2020, and going back through the years he has been widely involved in many of the National as well as International conferences, so much so that he was dubbed “Astrology Ambassador” by Z Starman, host of Astrology, Numerology Now. Today we begin the conversation on some of the changes in inclusivity in Astrology over the years and some things to expect moving forward! Follow us on IG and FB: @mysticwitchpodcast #NewAgeOfAir #Astrology #Inclusivity QAC20 conference is available at Follow Demetrius onTwitter: @vegand and tune in to Stars on Fire podcast
March 15, 2021
EP45 - The QAnon "Shaman" Problem - David Shi
Western New Age practices appropriating indigenous practices is not a new problem but last month a deadly insurrection at the Capitol Building brought light to a man impersonating a shamanic practitioner in a way that is not just harmful but also dangerous. We talk about how this fantasy is harmful with Sagaasha, David Shi, whose book is linked in our show notes as well as his contact for further questions below. David is a spiritual worker and folk magic practitioner of Manchurian descent. Raised in a household that incorporated both Southeast Siberian and North Chinese practices, He has dedicated his spare time to the study of the spiritual traditions of his ancestors and of greater Eurasia. David’s practices are deeply rooted in spirit work in which ancestral and land spirits are called to empower all workings. He is the author of the book “North Asian Magic: Spellcraft from Manchuria, Mongolia, and Siberia,” conducted workshops across the country, and he has been a featured guest on several podcasts. You can ask David questions yourself or purchase his book through the links below.
February 15, 2021
EP44 - Is the Devil Card Antisemetic? - Blue June, Host
A little about the Leo Full Moon, a little debunking of the recent claims that there is antisemitism behind the Devil Tarot Card’s meaning, and a little catching up with your host, Blue June. What to expect from the show moving forward as well!
January 28, 2021
EP43 - Mystic Witch/Those Fucking Angels - Corona Cross Over
Those Fucking Angels - who are both gifted readers that regularly pull cards for all the signs of the zodiac and offer visual tarotscopes on their YouTube channel (link is at top of show note link list, subscribe!) teamed up with me, Blue June to give some tips on how to deal with out current Q-tine sitch! So without any further adieu here is this super fun - raw doggin ass - crossover episode - between Those Fucking Angels and Mystic Witch Podcast….. Those Fucking Angels: Let’s Be Omnist: Cosmic Keys Podcast: National Mental Health Helpline - Phone Number: (888) 832-4521 Invocation of the Protective Angels: LBRP - E.A Koetting:
April 20, 2020
EP42 - Yoni Steaming - Emma Ako
Emma Ako is a London raised/Bristol-based creative practitioner in the UK offering yoni empowerment to her clients to have open and honest conversations about our Yoni health. She created Mama Luna as a platform that is all about moving away from silence, stigma and shame to rediscovering, reclaiming and redefining OUR YONIHOOD! Emma explains in accessible yet scientific terms in this episode what the many many benefits are of yoni steaming, and why every yoni owning individual should be indulging in this wonderful practice! You can book Emma for a consultation via her website: Follow us: @mysticwitchpodcast
April 14, 2020
EP41 - Modern Witch Empire - Devin Hunter
Devin Hunter's Modern Witch Podcast was a huge inspiration for my show so having him on is truly a treat!  His podcast has been running for TEN YEARS! Bringing together both divination and witchcraft, Devin discusses in this episode how Modern Witch (podcast, blog, book) came to be, and  his new book under that very same title has been released! You can purchase Modern Witch (released by Llewelyn) pretty much anywhere but the website provided has it listed as well. Stunning photography to work in tandem with instructions and recipes, this is the witch book you've been waiting for!! Follow us: @mysticwitchpodcast
April 06, 2020
EP40 - Next World Tarot - Cristy C. Road
In this episode we address some of the concerns surrounding COVID-19 and discuss briefly some actions that can be taken to support your community.  Cristy also talks about the production of politically fueled tarot deck, The Next World Tarot which features People of Color, People with Chronic Illness,  Queerness, Feminism, and Anarchy. for purchase or more info about Cristy C. Road Follow us @mysticwitchpodcast
March 24, 2020
EP39 - Dream Interpretation in Divination - Lisa Stardust
Follow us: @mysticwitchpodcast  In this episode two professional readers weigh in on what it's like to do divination for clients who want their dreams interpreted, some of the psychology that goes into those readings, and why having your dreams interpreted is so very beneficial. Our guest is Lisa Stardust - NYC based astrologer and pop culture horoscope writer, and your host, Blue June - Full time Tarot Reader, teacher, and witch; both of whom offer dream readings as a service on their perspective sites.  Lisa Stardust - IG: @lisastardustastro Blue June - IG: @bluejunetarot
March 09, 2020
EP38 - Alchemical Oils & Astrology - Jenn Zahrt, PhD
Blue speaks with brilliant Jenn Zarht, PhD about alchemical/astrological talismans she has been putting together, such oil of egg, then move into the topic of being a new mom as an astrologer. Jenn is an author, publisher, alchemist, artist, poet, and teacher of cultural astronomy and astrology, who has been practicing astrology since 1998. She is the founder of Revelore Press, creative director of Sophia Centre Press, and editor at The Mountain Astrologer. Join upcoming intensives, workshops and class on her site at Direct Scheduling Page: FOLLOW US: @mysticwitchpodcast
February 24, 2020
EP37 - Considering Covens - Ivo Dominguez Jr
Author of several occult books on various topics, Ivo Dominguez Jr, has been active in the Wiccan and the Pagan community since 1978. He started studying astrology in 1980, and he currently serves as one of the Elders in The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel.  His community work is the main obligation of his day to day life and the group currently collaborates with 14 other local covens. We discuss pros and cons of being in a coven in this episode as well as his long running practice in Astrology. Purchase his books at and follow his work at Follow us: @mysticwitchpodcast Email:
February 17, 2020
EP36 - Finding Legit Spell Workers - Michael Cardenas @oldeways
Michael Cardenas has been a Professional Spellworker and Medium for over 15 years and in this episode he tells @bluejunetarot about his training in both fields and how they come together in his profession. We also discuss at length what people should be looking for when seeking a professional spell worker, suggests some best practices for newly developing mediums, and recommends several books for psychic protection. @oldeways Episodes are now listed by their chronological number. Follow us: @mysticwithpodcast
February 10, 2020
EP35 - Psychic Witch - Mat Auryn
"Psychic Witch" by Mat Auryn is truly the book about psychic development and magic that we've all been waiting for!  In this interview Mat discusses with Blue how the book came into existence, development, and just who can work magic and develop psychic abilities. Spoiler alert!  It's everyone! This book also highlights different abilities and goes into detail on different learning styles as well! ‘Psychic Witch: A Metaphysical Guide To Meditation, Magick, and Manifestation' published by Llewellyn is available for pre-order and official release date is 2/8/2020. Mat is mostly known for his popular blog on Patheos Pagan entitled “For Puck’s Sake” as well as having columns in Horns Magazine, Witches and Pagans Magazine,The Witches’ Almanac, Modern Witch, and many others. To see Mat's upcoming events check out his website and you can book a reading with Mat Auryn at Episodes are no longer listed by season in the title, but you can still expect 17 episodes per season and 2 seasons a year. Follow us on IG and FB @mysticwitchpodcast Email:
February 03, 2020
S2E17 - Extraordinary Tarot - Calley Nelson
Extraordinary Tarot’s founder, Calley Nelson, presents tarot as a card game to the guests at her events that everyone can play.  In this episode Calley discusses reading at large events and common misconceptions about event readers. You can book with her at Or connect @extraordinarytarot on IG. Follow us on FB and IG: @mysticwitchpodcast
December 23, 2019
S2E16 - Snake Channeler - Stephanie Ulrich
Portland, OR based Psychic Channel & Author of “Healing With Serpents of the Unimaginable” Stephanie Ulrich explains how she channels cosmic healing information through snakes, her history speaking with snakes, and her relationship in limitlessness with Ananta. She offers psychic snake readings which you can book, or purchase her book at or find her on IG & Twitter @snakechanneler. Follow us: @mysticwitchpodcast
December 16, 2019
S2E15 - Age of Aquarius - Kerri Hummingbird
Kerri Hummingbird, the Austin based author of ‘The Second Wave: Transcending the Human Drama’ talks with us about the Age of Aquarius and the global shift in consciousness. We also discuss the second wave of awakening, the akashic records, and the political controversy over the term shamanism. Kerri is a spiritual coach helping fellow mystics discover their path and you can book a free discovery session with her at and you can even get a free gift of her oracle game, Love Mastery Game: An Oracle for Wisdom Keepers at Follow us on IG and FB: @mysticwitchpodcast
December 09, 2019
S2E14 - Académie Gnostique - Alex VanBeber
The real life Breakbills! Just on edge of the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana lives Académie Gnostique, a bona fide Hogwarts University. The school is run by Alex VanBeber - an initiate of multiple schools of western mystery tradition and a linguistic researcher. Alex himself teaches Occult Philosophy, Divination, and Runology and the school has new curricula and teachers from all over the world each semester. Spring session sign-ups will begin in March 2020 and you can follow them on FB and IG @acadgnostic, visit their website or email your questions to Follow us on IG and FB: @mysticwitchpodcastis 
December 02, 2019
S2E13 - Occult Tattooer Olivia Pakitsas
Olivia recently moved to Salem, MA where she is offering her occult themed tattoos at Witch City Ink.  Having previously lived in Brooklyn, NY, Olivia discusses what it was like for her to make the leap from 9-5 life to having the freedom of pursuing her art. She will be frequently showing up at guest spots in both cities so follow her to find out more! We also discuss what it's like to run an esoteric market, our interests in medicinal herbs and the healing power of crystals in this episode.  To book a tattoo session with Olivia email and you can follow her on IG to see her style and stay tuned for upcoming events @oliviapakitsas and check out her art on media in her etsy shop! Follow us on IG and FB: @mysticwitchpodcast
November 25, 2019
S2E12 - Reiki & Crystals - Nicholas Pearson
Witch, occultist, healer and author Nicholas Pearson has published his 6th book, Crystal Basics and it is not available for preorder. (Link below)        In this episode Nicholas talks about mineral science, the history of reiki, and his personal esoteric background and studies. - Crystal Basics Follow us on IG or FB @mysticwitchpodcast Please support!
November 04, 2019
S2E11 - The Thinning Veil - Blue June & Lisa Stardust
Blue June explains what the “Thinning Veil” actually means and some of the science behind it. Lisa Stardust discusses scary Mercury Retrograde and other upcoming spooky transits. STAY TUNED FOR GIVEAWAY ON IG @mysticwitchpodcast @bluejunetarot @lisastardustastro
October 28, 2019
S2E10 - Ancestral Healing - RocknRoll Shaman, Andye Murphy
Womb Work with the Ascended Masters in Ancestral Healing is a big topic in this episode with Rock n Roll Shaman Andye Murphy who has been trained in multiple lifetimes for her current role as the Rock ‘n Roll Shaman. With past memories and abilities intact, her skills are cultivated from past-life initiations, powerful shamanic teachings, and spontaneous activations from the ArchAngels, Ascended Masters and the Golden Elohim. Also discussed: Why the ancestral work is so important now  - DNA is a frequency and can be changed, nothing is genetic - how conscious womb work can support healing and evolution - how to do personal ancestral healing. You can learn how in this Shamanic Apprenticeship working directly with Andye, voted Best Shamanic Practitioner 2017 & 2019 in Spirit Guides Magazine. Link to course: Follow us on FB and IG: @mysticwitchpodcast
October 21, 2019
S2E9 - Numerology Cycles - Victoria Alchemy
Professional Numerologist Victoria tells us how to find our personal year number, the universal year number and how to work with these ever shifting cycles. “Everyone and everything has a cycle. If you harvest during your germination period, you’ll end up impoverished. Knowing your cycles is a map to a fruitful life.” Victoria A. Follow us: @mysticwitchpodcast
October 14, 2019
S2E8 - Runic Divination - Phillip English
“The Runes are pictographic representations of the fundamental building blocks of all phenomena. I am able to perceive the elements at play in any given situation." says second-generation neo-pagan Phillip English of his praxis in Runecraft. He began his study of the Elder Futhark, Runecraft, and Norse Magic at the age of nine, then was later obliged by Odin to pursue magical knowledge and now shares with students and clients what he divines and has learned in his years of practice. He is currently booking clients for divination sessions at this link and follow @vitkiarts for information on upcoming classes. Follow us on IG and FB: @mysticwitchpodcast
October 07, 2019
S2E7 - Shamanic Tattooing - Erica Flannes
NYC based shamanic and Reiki practitioner Erica Flannes shares with us how she came to offering shamanic "amulet" charged spiritual tattoos and it's as fascinating of a story as it is a concept! To book with her in the NYC area you can email her directly and she will get back to you!
September 16, 2019
S2E6 - Color Magick - Sarah Potter
Color Magick Specialist, Art Curator and Professional Tarot Reader Sarah Potter talks with your host Blue about the meaning of colors in tarot cards, color magick and more.
September 09, 2019
S2E5 - Urban Witchcraft - Nationwide Witchtips
Joining us 1st is NYC native witch, Tommy Zadvydas, who shares fascinating history of some of NYC’s most magical hidden gems. We are later joined by witches from all over the country who share some of their solutions to common magical problems we witches face in urban environments. Featuring, Tommy Zadvydas, Catherine Urban, Chiron Armand, and Joseph Alexander Robicheaux
August 26, 2019
S2E4 - Astrological Cookbook - Catherine Urban
Catherine Urban who is a NCGR level 4 certified astrologer from Cleveland, Ohio, where she writes horoscopes, teaches classes, and consults with clients. Catherine is the resident horoscope columnist for, though her work can also be found on and in the quarterly member letter for The National Council for Geocosmic Research.  In this episode she discusses the dark goddess archetype, lunar nodes, progressed sun, family dynamics in astrology and her upcoming classes. We also discuss how her monthly horoscope column at Bon Appetit Magazine led to  her pending  book release "Your Astrological Cookbook" coming out on November 5th. Book a reading with Catherine at Follow us @mysticwitchpodcast
August 19, 2019
S2E3 - Papa Legba - Joseph Alexander Robicheaux
Joseph Alexander Robicheaux, is a Oungan Asogwe of Haitian Vodou, a Quimbandero and a persuant of other traditions. He recently published a workbook designed for beginners looking to learn more about Papa Legba.  In his lectures and work Joseph seeks to present material that challenges the ideas we have about vilified Spirituality, and traditions. Contact Botanica Macumba in the Bywater in New Orleans at (504) 657-0059 Follow us @mysticwitchpodcast
August 12, 2019
S2E2 - Astro Forecast - Lisa Stardust
Lisa Stardust is a New York City - based astrologer who writes for publications such as Girlboss, The Hoodwitch, Bust, and Teen Vogue. She is best known for her witty pop culture horoscopes found on Instagram.  Her specialties in consultations with clients are Natal Charts and Horary Astrology and you can book her at     Follow us for exclusive images and audio clips of our guests @mysticwitchpodcast 
August 05, 2019
S2E1 - Teaser for Season 2 - Blue June
What to expect in Season 2 guests and topics on Magick Divination and all things supernatural @mysticwitchpodcast
July 31, 2019
EP17 - Judika Illes - 365 Magical Days
Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells author, Judika Illes, talks about her history as a reader, her upcoming workshops at a tarot festival in Switzerland and her newest "big book" coming out in November. Pre order the kindle by searching the title on amazon now! 365 Magical Days: A Perpetual Calendar of Spells, Rituals, and Feasts
June 17, 2019
EP16 - Starring You -Aliza Kelly
Horoscope writer, author, and public figure Aliza Kelly talks about her path to becoming a successful astrologer, her history in art dealing and her new book coming out June 11, 2019 Starring You: A Guided Journey Through Astrology. You can find her show "Stars Like Us" on her website along with her books! 
June 10, 2019
EP14 - Tarot of Ceremonial Magick - Lon Milo DuQuette
Lon Milo Duquette's previously out of print tarot deck is making a come back this summer!  He talks about the original printing of Tarot of Ceremonial Magick, how the deck came to be and what makes it unique. We talk about his career in music, becoming a published author, his lucky marriage, and the importance of having a sense of humor. He is one of the world's leading masters in the OTO (and its longest living member) but he still takes time to teach. He is probably best known for his work on the life and magick of Aleister Crowley, but has been published on dozens of other occult topics as well. Search for his books through Amazon or Barnes & Noble. To find his music search his name in CD Baby, or Spotify. To become a supporter of Lon, please visit his Patreon page:
June 03, 2019
EP13 - Esoteric Panel Discussion - Q&A
5 highly gifted psychics answer audience questions on all topics esoteric. We discuss everything from Divination to the Multiverse, Shamanism to Evil Entities.  Namaste Bookshop is Manhattans leading spiritual center for events, crystals, metaphysical tools and books located on 5th ave. on the corner of 14th Street in NYC. Each of these experienced readers can be booked in person or for a phone session by calling (212) 645-0141. You can learn more about Fianna, Dainichi, Craig, and Victoria and what services they offer at Follow us for more info: @mysitcwitchpodcast Email us your "two minute terror" audio file or Q's to: Show your support by becoming a patron:
May 27, 2019
EP12 - Gemini Season - Lisa Stardust
NYC Astrologer Lisa Stardust talks about becoming a successful writer and fills us in on some aspects of Gemini season we should look out for. Lisa has written for publications such as Girlboss, The Hoodwitch, Bust, and Teen Vogue just to name a few. She is best known for her witty pop culture horoscopes found on IG: @lisastardustastro  You can book a consultation with her through her website. Follow us IG & FB: @mysticwitchpodcast
May 21, 2019
EP11 - Law of Attraction - Jane Dowd-Osterom
Holistic Minister, Jane Dowd-Ostrerom, talks about her background in hosting meditation circles, her current events Omega Lounge & Spiritual Bookclub at Namaste in Manhattan. We talk about understanding the Law of Attraction and how to use it. “We have to ask for what we want in life through prayer, mantras, sometimes just a simple action of the higher good.” You can see more information about these community building events Jane runs on Namaste’s website.  Follow us: @mysticwitchpodcast  Email us:
May 13, 2019
EP10 - Annabel Gat - Vice Senior Astrologer
Famous astrologer Annabel Gat (author of The Astrology of Love & Sex: A Modern Compatibility Guide, coming out this summer with Chronicle Books) discuses with us what it's like becoming a public figure, why consent is important in magic, compatibility in astrology, and shares with us her magical beginnings.  Annabel is the Staff Astrologer at Vice and has been writing their popular horoscopes for years. She also hosts various astrological themed events from massively popular parties to sold-out conferences with Vice. Most of her student go on to become professional readers in some capacity, and you can study astrology with her as well!  Follow her on twitter @annabelgat_ to see when the next round of classes in Brooklyn, NY will take place, or just to keep up with one of the most impressive names in the astro community here in NYC. Follow: @mysticwitchpodcast Email:
May 06, 2019
EP9 - Planetary Magic - Arthur Lipp-Bonewits
Jupiter Magic is sometimes complex and beautiful and it's a really good planet to make allies with at this time. Arthur is a dear friend and is a life long tarot reader and astrologer in NYC who is the real deal.  Raised by fairly famous pagan parents, he started reading around the age of ten at local fairs and created his own system at a young age for intuitive readings. You can book him for a session at and follow him @lipandbone or @readingsbyarthur Mystic Witch is still accepting Two Minute Terror submissions.  Please email your scary stories to Follow us: @mysticwitchpodcast
April 30, 2019
EP8 - Banishing Spells - Blue June
Cut & Clear and Hex Breaker.  Their uses, and why it's important to diagnose and follow-up with a client before and after spell work.  "Spoopy Stories" segment is a submission about a haunted mirror inside an old wardrobe.  To book a phone reading from anywhere in the world or an in person reading in NYC with Blue, please visit  Follow us: @mysticwitchpodcast Email us:
April 15, 2019
EP7 - Getting Grounded - Tayannah Lee McQuillar
Author of several books & tarot decks, and researcher of religion, esoterica, and mysticism, Tayannah Lee McQuillar joins us to talk dirty. Dirty by way of digging into your connection to the earth!   Getting grounded this way is a sure fire way to answer almost any of your questions about the meaning of life and how to live it. We speak briefly on cultural appropriation within magical communities, in order to make the point that the answers can be found by returning to the earth, your own lineage, and digging in.  We share an affinity for nature documentaries and she uses this as a metaphor to portray how we haven't been quite honest with ourselves.  Nature is actually very messy business.  As Tayannah put it, "If you are running toward comfort then you’re running from the uncomfortable, but that's where the real growth is." Follow her: @tmcquillar or visit her website and blog: More about Blue: Follow us: @mysticwitchpodcast Email us:
April 08, 2019
EP6 - Everyday Possessions - Chiron Armand
You're possessed! Probably. Chiron Armand of Impact Shamanism discusses with us the reality of possessions that we all face day to day, and what we can do to be accountable and handle the situation. This is especially true for anyone on the path, there is more work and more accountability for us. A difficult pill to swallow, this ep will make you question how much responsibility you've taken for yourself, but should be considered a rescue mission. Also discussed is the erasing of cultures and how that has effected us and prevented us in many ways from even seeing the problem, and the importance of finding your community. Chiron currently resides in Salem, Massachusetts and will be offering courses this spring and summer in NYC. You can find Chiron's classes and upcoming events at Follow us: @mysticwitchpodcast Email us:
April 01, 2019
EP5 - Glamour Magic - Mistress of Magic, Katelan Foisey
Katelan Foisey is a multimedia artist, occultist, and writer, whose illustrations are featured on The Smashing Pumpkins "Shiny And Oh So Bright Tour" as well as William Patrick Corgan's "Ogilala" tour. She is the artist for the Sibyls Oraculum with Tayannah McQuillar and the forthcoming Hoodoo Tarot . Chaos of the Third Mind with Vanessa Sinclair  will be released in 2020 from Fulgar Ltd, UK. She was called a “Female Jack Kerouac” by Taylor Mead, a “Modern Day Francesca Woodman” by Cynthia von Buhler, and William Patrick Corgan has said, "They used to burn witches like Katelan." In this episode she shares on the subject of Glamour Magic, a practice I noticed she had been blogging about a great deal lately. (Which you can find at Little did I realize that Glamour Magic is actually how we came to meet 5 years ago!  For information regarding the May 2019 New Orleans Retreat, or the upcoming tarot intensive please go to IG and FB: @mysticwithpodcast Email: Visit:
March 24, 2019
EP4 - Using Sage and Crystals Ethically - Cult Party
Intersectional Feminist Witchshop Co-owner, Debbie Allen talks about Cult Party, how her history with magic and experience in the art world led her to opening this amazing bewitching space. What you'll find inside this shop is not just magical products made by women, gender queer, POC, and other under represented groups, BUT ALSO is an event space that offers regular tarot readings, classes, exhibits and other events. This is more than just a shop, it's a community. It is within this little playhouse of political enchantment that Debbie will soon be teaching a workshop on creating your own herbal bundles.  Follow @cultpartynyc for more info and if you don't live in NYC you can shop the website Following The Broom Closet segment  "Dark Side of Crystals" Debbie and I talk about why we (non-native people) should cease even using the word "smudge" what some alternative options are to the massively over harvested sage, and in her class Debbie will be teaching supplemental ways to cleanse your space without appropriating native cultures! Follow Mystic Witch on Instagram or Facebook for bonus audio, pictures and info about our guests. FB and IG @mysticwitchpodcast To support, become a patron
March 18, 2019
EP3 - Caution in the Craft - Miss Gina *CW
***CONTENT WARNING: Sexual abuse, mental illness, abuse of power, drug abuse Why is the allure of ouija, horror films, and other spooky themes so intriguing to us all? It's possibly because of our natural curiosity for those very real mysterious energies we all sense around us day to day. There are many reasons that we are compelled to make play out of the macabre, however there are very real factors that can effect your mental health AND your physical health. Just as Ouija is not a game, neither is divination nor is witchcraft. If you're going to become a practitioner, there are many precautions you ought to take first, and things to approach with respect. This episode dives right in to some extremely serious and very real dangers newcomers should be aware of and avoid.  As witchcraft, divination and spirituality gains popularity, naturally more and more people are being intrinsically drawn to it. Professional Reader and Mambo Gina Jean wanted to take this opportunity to discuss taking responsibility as a new comer in magical study and practice to our youth just finding their way. Some grave things to look out for and avoid, what you will need to know to find your way on your personal path, as well as many recommendations of inspiring and safe people and places to check out and follow. We also talk about the importance of always having a mentor and what you need to know in order to become a mentor later in your practice yourself. With this many amazing recommendations, you might want to grab a pen and paper! I recommend taking some notes. Follow us on FB and IG - @mysticwitchpodcast Become a Patron - Email with any questions or concerns -
March 11, 2019
EP2 - Past Lives - Sixth Sense Energy Imaging
Sixth Sense Energy Imaging co-owner, Victoria Tiley talks us through what you can expect getting your energy imaging (aka aura photography) portrait read, and how it helps to take a look at your aura colors & chakra chart with this dynamic practice.  She also discusses her multi-faceted healing practice and what she offers to her clients. With a main focus on past life regression and healing we touch on a number of topics in this episode: dragons, the fae, pleiadians, goddesses, reiki, crystals, and more! Follow her healing practice @awenspirithealing or follow @sixthsenseenergy for events where you can have your very own energy portrait to take home! Follow @mysticwitchpodcast on IG and FB Email us at
March 04, 2019
EP1 - Tarot at Events - The Subway Tarot Girl
Emma, The Subway Tarot Girl talks about getting her start as a reader in NYC's busy subway stations. We share tips and tricks to overcome some of the challenges we face reading in party atmospheres, from small shows to massive club settings. Gig life is hard and the hustle is REAL!
February 25, 2019
Trailer - Blue June Tarot & Mystic Witch Podcast Introduction
Introduction to Blue, Mystic Witch's humble host. Gives a quick history of her businesses as a Tarot Reader and Witch and introduces the topics of future episodes breaking down the tag line, "A podcast about Magic, Divination, and all things supernatural." 
February 19, 2019