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Health Beyond The Aesthetics

Health Beyond The Aesthetics

By Nagesh Naik was where this concept was born and keeps growing bit by bit !
True well being is not just about the things such as a perfect size. It is a lot more than that. Health at every size and awareness of various health issues is the primary focus of this podcast. And the way to do it is via awareness about nutrition, lifestyle habits, workouts and mental health. With already 300 plus happy readers, You are gonna love it for sure !!
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Shielding us from the Covidiots of the world

Health Beyond The Aesthetics

Lazy Day 2021 - Ep. 1 - Did you take a leave on 10 August ? Bad corporate culture won't promote this !
This is the first out of the 6 episodes for the Lazy Day series. An important concept for the overworked people of any industry. The blog post for this is on If you love this article and the podcast, please share the word !  All posts on
August 10, 2021
Lung Cancer Day 2021 : I am and I will - A note straight from the heart
The 2021 theme for Lung Cancer Day is "I am and I will". I have gone through the cancer suffering personally (even though it was not Lung Cancer). So here is a small note... Straight from my heart !!!
August 01, 2021
ORS: The economically viable elixir
Big surprises many times come in small packets. On this World ORS day, here's a small note on how the small packet of ORS helps save a lot of lives. An elixir in true form and yet quite economical. Hope you enjoy the episode and if you do please keep listening and spread the word. 
July 29, 2021
Don't drink your Sugar !!
Sugary drinks harm us the most but we tend to ignore this harm as the labels just show the amount of sugar in numbers and prorated to 100 ml of the drink. But is that all ? The real amount of sugar in each glass of the drink can just drag someone near a disease. So next time, think before you drink !! Visit to read related articles.
July 14, 2021
Welcome to My Podcast
Hey everyone ! You are listening to Opinions by Nagesh Naik. A podcast where I talk about everything that is good for your health in some way or the other. So keep listening and do subscribe
July 10, 2021
Is the meat in your plate digging your grave ?
The reason why I thought of this topic is the ongoing pandemic and the occasion of International Zoonoses day. So how many of us are meat lovers out here ? Common raise your hand, no one would be probably watching you and neither is it a thing to judge someone. Meat consumption is not the concern for which I am writing this topic. Rather the way in which meat is harvested on a commercial level is. And mind you, I am not asking about changing your years of food habits. No it doesn't work that easy. But what I am going to walk you through is the way in which the meat farming is something which can actually lead us to our own grave or pyre. Consuming unhealthy meat might be similar to consuming expired meds. Do you risk yourself that much is the question ! Detailed blog post on
July 05, 2021
Shielding us from the Covidiots of the world
The healthcare system has been on their toes ever since the start of the pandemic, but do we have enough respect for the warriors? Doctors are playing a pivotal role in the pandemic and a lot depends on them. This is a small tribute to the Doctors and an attempt to help people understand the worth of Doctors. 
June 30, 2021
6 reasons why Yoga is not everyone's cup of tea
There are a multitude of articles available online that highlight different facts about yoga and bust myths. Join me as I talk you through my compiled list of why yoga is not everyone's cup of tea. Detailed article on my website
June 20, 2021