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The Undercurrent

The Undercurrent

By Naina Rao
WDBM The Undercurrent - Naina Rao
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The Undercurrent

Coming To America
This week on the Undercurrent, host Cole Tunningley brings you stories of people who traveled to the United States of America from across the world. Reporter Naina Rao talks to Brenda, an MSU student affected by DACA. She talks about the current confusion surrounding the issue and tells her story. Reporter Audrey Matusz, in a story from our archives, profiles a student who moved from Beijing to the Midwest when she was a child. They talk about prejudice on campus and the divide between domestic & international students. The Undercurrent-11/16/17-S7E2-Coming To America – Impact 89FM | WDBM-FM
November 16, 2017
This week on The Undercurrent, host Naina Rao brings you stories of representation. We start with MSU student Audrey Matusz who started her own art collective called Sometimes Art House, built by women and designed for equality. Then, we have reporter Sami Luke sharing part 2 of her panel discussing misconstrued ideas of Islamic terminologies. The Undercurrent-7/8/27-S6E7-Representation – Impact 89FM | WDBM-FM 
July 8, 2017
Shame & Success
This week on The Undercurrent, host Daniel Rayzel shares stories from those who have gone through Shame & Success. Reporter Bradley Allen talks about fighting academic probation and what professors look for in engaged students. Reporter Naina Rao visits Strange Matter Coffee Co. to find out what it takes to survive in a corporate coffee world. To wrap things up, reporter Evan Sacksner chats with local Vine celebrities about their future following the discontinuation of the video-sharing website. The Undercurrent-11/19/16-S4E12: Shame & Success – Impact 89FM | WDBM-FM
November 19, 2016
One Last Push
This week on The Undercurrent, host Daniel Rayzel documents One Last Push from presidential campaigns to win over Michigan’s electoral votes. Reporter Cole Tunningley speaks with supporters and protestors during Donald Trump Jr.’s visit to Michigan State University. We also hear from reporter Naina Rao, who spoke with supporters at Cher’s rally for Hillary Clinton on Monday. The Undercurrent-11/5/16-S4E10-One Last Push – Impact 89FM | WDBM-FM
November 5, 2016
This week on The Undercurrent, host Daniel Rayzel celebrates Halloween with stories inspired by the holiday. The show opens with the tale of an exorcism and a cassette, as told by Ivan Wolyniec. Reporter Naina Rao gets more than what she bargained for when visiting the Haunted Aud. We also hear from reporter Cole Tunningley and the start of the MSU Bailey Bat Club. The Undercurrent-10/30/16-S4E9-Halloween – Impact 89FM | WDBM-FM 
October 30, 2016
Girl Power
This week on The Undercurrent, reporter Naina Rao guest hosts and brings a dose of Girl Power. The show begins with an interview with Brooke Johnson, a Michigan State University student trying to understand her social identity as a woman of color. After that, reporter Sana Hakim speaks with a member of Rent Strike about the band’s anti-establishment lyrics. The show closes with reporter Audrey Matusz and her meeting with When Queens Link Up, an organization created to support and empower women at MSU. The Undercurrent-10/26/16-S4E8-Girl Power – Impact 89FM | WDBM-FM 
October 26, 2016
Turn The Page
This week on The Undercurrent, host Daniel Rayzel shares stories that Turn The Page. We’ll first hear from reporter Cole Tunningley and his visit to the Triple Goddess Bookstore, where he spoke with the owner of the New Age shop. Reporter Naina Rao stops by the East Lansing Public Library to see what’s new and to talk about the importance of local libraries. The Undercurrent-10/15/16 -S4E7-Turn The Page – Impact 89FM | WDBM-FM
October 15, 2016
This week on The Undercurrent, host Daniel Rayzel shares stories with Compassion. On Thursday, Sen. Bernie Sanders visited Michigan State University to stump for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Reporter Cole Tunningley spoke with attendees to hear their thoughts on the speech and the culture surrounding the senator. We’ll also hear from reporter Naina Rao, who spoke with a group that avoids politics when promoting a pro-LGBT+ atmosphere: TransAction. The Undercurrent-10/8/16-S4E6- Compassion – Impact 89FM | WDBM-FM
October 8, 2016
This week on The Undercurrent, host Daniel Rayzel brings you a few Things to talk about. Our first story comes from reporter Cole Tunningley, who explores the idea of privileged people becoming homeless. After that, reporter Naina Rao visits the new Library of Things within the Capital Area District Library. And to wrap things up, a story on hoarding from the Public Radio Exchange, produced by Elizabeth Chur. The Undercurrent-9/24/16-S4E4-Things – Impact 89FM | WDBM-FM
September 24, 2016
Roll With The Punches
This week on The Undercurrent, host Daniel Rayzel brings stories on people who learned to Roll With The Punches. Reporter Naina Rao talks a Michigan State University sophomore who started her own fashion line, Live That Life Soreem. We’ll also check in on WDBM alum Colin Jackson and his post-college life, shared by reporter Cole Tunningley. The Undercurrent-9/17/16-S4E3-Roll With The Punches – Impact 89FM | WDBM-FM 
September 17, 2016
This week on The Undercurrent, host Daniel Rayzel brings you stories on Wheels and through your radio. Reporter Cole Tunningley reflects on the realities of growing up while talking to a group of kids playing with scooters. We also talk about the ethics of stealing and repurposing forgotten bikes — and reporter Naina Rao talks with a man who does that very thing. To wrap up the show, Tunningley comes back with a vignette on falling in love. The Undercurrent-7/30/16-S3E9-Wheels – Impact 89FM | WDBM-FM 
July 30, 2016
This week on The Undercurrent, host Daniel Rayzel shares stories from people who slapped on a Brand-Aid in an effort to fix their style. A Filipina comedian learns to capture her East Lansing audience with lewd humor. Reporter Cole Tunningley brings us her stand-up routine and her transition to life in the United States at a young age. Reporter Naina Rao talks with the general manager of the East Lansing Food Co-op about facing new competition. How can they stay relevant as stores like Whole Foods open up nearby, also offering organic and sustainable products? The Undercurrent-6/25/16-S3E5-Brand-Aid – Impact 89FM | WDBM-FM 
June 25, 2016
This week on The Undercurrent, host Daniel Rayzel brings stories following the Aftermath of Sunday’s shooting in Orlando. We hear from two people in two different communities related to the tragedy. Reporter Naina Rao has Ahmad Hassan share his story on growing up as an Arab-American Muslim in the United States. Reporter Cole Tunningley talks with a queer musician in Lansing, and how they feel about their safety and identity in the scene. The Undercurrent-6/18/6-S3E4-Aftermath – Impact 89FM | WDBM-FM 
June 18, 2016
Pressing On
This week on The Undercurrent, host Daniel Rayzel brings you stories on people who kept Pressing On: in music, on paper, and after college. Our first story comes from reporter Cole Tunningley. He talked with Greg Robertson, a guitarist who is often seen basking in the streets of East Lansing. Host Daniel Rayzel discovers a beautiful poetry zine in an Ann Arbor bookshop. He meets with the publisher – the creator of a pirate printing press, Pickled Words. And to finish off, reporter Naina Rao talks with a recent graduate of MSU who chased after her dream job but was turned down. The Undercurrent-6/11/16-S3E3- Pressing On – Impact 89FM | WDBM-FM This story was awarded Second Place for best Talk Show by the Michigan Association of Broadcasters.
June 11, 2016
This week on The Undercurrent, host Daniel Rayzel brings stories from people who have made a Companion in their lives. Our first story comes from reporter Naina Rao, who learns more about voting as a blind person in America. What can be done to improve our current voting machines for the community? Also, reporter Cole Tunningley visits a crowding animal shelter in desperate need of adoptions. The Undercurrent-6/9/16-S3E7-Companion – Impact 89FM | WDBM-FM 
June 9, 2016
Here, Try This
This week on The Undercurrent, host Daniel Rayzel brings you stories of people who did something new. Whether it was a friend suggesting, Here, Try This or a matter of personal willpower, the voices you hear all found themselves in a new situation that prompted a change in their lives. Reporter Naina Rao brings us our first story on two MSU students who just finished their first year at the school. We also hear from reporter Cole Tunningley, who talked with a local hot tub designer with an impressive resume. The Undercurrent-6/4/16-S3E2-Here, Try This – Impact 89FM | WDBM-FM 
June 4, 2016
This week on The Undercurrent, host Daniel Rayzel brings you stories from those who have shown Devotion in their lives. What does it take to give up time and comfort for someone or something else? Reporter Naina Rao shines some light on Ramadan and talks with the imam of the East Lansing Islamic Center. We also hear from a musician who’s dedicating the next five years of his life toward landing a record deal. Reporter Cole Tunningley talks with the frontman of Liance. The Undercurrent-6/2/16-S3E6-Devotion – Impact 89FM | WDBM-FM
June 2, 2016
Whatever It Takes
Today on the show, it’s Whatever It Takes. We hear stories from people who have made a commitment to something and will do whatever it takes to make sure it happens. We have a story of a young man wondering if he has what it takes to make it in music. We have a story about the lead organizer of MSU’s Take Back the Night, and we hear the story of a young black man making an alternative type of living. S2E10: Whatever It Takes – Impact 89FM | WDBM-FM
March 19, 2016
For the past 30 years, in Haslett and Okemos, Michigan, Colin “The Flag Man” Campbell has been seen roaming the streets in his infamous tightly fitted star-spangled shorts waving an American flag. A highly disputed colossal bronze statue of Baphomet, a goat-headed totem of contemporary Satanism, was brought and unveiled to Detroit in late July by the Detroit chapter of The Satanic Temple. With over 7,500 international students enrolled at Michigan State University, international students typically have to be the ones to fit into the overall group according to an MSU freshman and senior international student. S1E1: Outsiders – Impact 89FM | WDBM-FM 
August 29, 2015