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Nairobi Business Courses Podcast

Nairobi Business Courses Podcast

By Nairobi Business Courses
A podcast that improves both your creative and business skills so you can grow personally and professionally
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The Facts - Why You need Strong Spreadsheet Skills

Nairobi Business Courses Podcast

How To Start A Dropship Business For Under 10k Kenya Shs
In the Covid pandemic era and its aftermath, many people want a second source of income to supplement the increasingly fragile employment situation in Kenya. eCommerce and in particular drop shipping is a serious option for a thriving business all entrepreneurs should consider when researching sources of alternative incomes. In this episode we look at the pros and cons of drop shipping and you can explore these further on the full course at
October 24, 2021
The Facts - Why You need Strong Spreadsheet Skills
Strong spreadsheet skills are more necessary in today's jobs market and business arena than ever before. Anyone using quantifiable data requires the ability to use spreadsheets with confidence to ensure decisions and conclusions based on the numbers are accurate and reliable.  The spreadsheets course at will give you the spreadsheets skills necessary to build and develop spreadsheet solutions that work for your business or other activities.
October 10, 2021
Guide To Shooting Great Home Video With Your Smartphone
Shooting home videos is big business with content being published on an ever increasing array of online platforms.  If you want to join the home video content creators you must stand out by shooting great footage that gets watched.  On the Nairobi Business Course for home video we show you exactly how to create such videos. in this podcast we give you outline tips on how you can start to create great home video using just your smartphone today. Visit for full details on all our courses
October 03, 2021
Seven Phases For Great Web Design
In this episode we take a look at seven phases for great website design aimed at designers and website owners. These seven phases are part of the web design course offered at Nairobi Business Courses and will help designers and website owners to construct better converting web sites Visit to see our full course outlines today
September 26, 2021
Grow Yourself With Nairobi Business Courses
Learning is a lifelong event that never ends. Curious minds are always on the lookout for new horizons to reach, new mountains to climb. Each new success brings with it growth and satisfaction as well as opening doors to new conquests At Nairobi Business Courses we offer courses and skills training for personal and professional growth. In this episode we highlight the courses and how we can help you grow yourself as you learn new skills. Visit for full course outlines and fee structures
September 19, 2021
Do You Need An Audio Interface To Podcast ?
Podcasting equipment can be very technical and some of it can be very expensive. In this episode we take a look at whether or not it is essential to use an audio interface in podcasting. Podcasting is one of the personal and professional courses and skills we teach at
September 12, 2021
How To Make Great Home and Business Video Intros
You video showcases your talent as a content creator be it for a personal of business video or vlog channel. The first thing people new to your channel see is the thumbnail followed by your video intro. In this episode of the Nairobi Business Courses podcast we take a look at 4 ways to create great user engagement video intros from inexpensive to highly unique. Visit to see our full outlines on home video production and other courses 
September 05, 2021
How To Use The Countif Function
This episode is all about how to use the countif function in your spreadsheets. This function counts the number of items in a given range based on test criteria that you set. Learn how to use this function and many others on the spreadsheets course at Nairobi Business Courses
August 29, 2021
A Simple Yet Very Effective Writing Model
Writers have always used method and models to create fiction. Indeed non-fiction writers use the same approach. In this podcast we look at a tried and tested writing model that most people learn at an early age and then fail to use to its maximum effect when writing in later life. Listen to this simple effective writing model and consider subscribing to our weekly podcasts where you can learn more about our creative courses  offered at 
August 22, 2021
Digital Marketing Course Outline
A brief podcast outlining some of the course material for digital marketing at Nairobi Business Courses. We cover content marketing, SEO, email marketing, search marketing, social media marketing and more. Listen to the outline and visit for more details and to enroll
August 15, 2021
18 tips guaranteed to improve your ecommerce
In this episode of the Nairobi Business Courses podcast we discuss 18 tips with which you can improve an eCommerce presence. These tips are taken from a variety of courses available at our boutique school in Nairobi, Kenya. Visit our website at for more details on our courses.
August 07, 2021