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Speaking Of Indian Arts

Speaking Of Indian Arts

By Navatman
This podcast curates voices, thoughts, and experiences from artists and patrons around the world into an on-going dialogue that elevates our collective consciousness about the Indian classical arts.
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A Warm Welcome

Speaking Of Indian Arts

The Mahabharata Series: The Script
Go behind the scenes with Navatman as they bring to life a ground-breaking, multiyear production of the largest epic in the world: The Mahabharata. In this episode, lead screenwriter Lavanya talks through the process and philosophy of designing the film script, recounts some of the most surprising and thought-provoking stories within the epic that are rarely told today, and shares a vision for how such a project can unlock one of the important and elusive things people are starving for: empathy. 
September 13, 2021
Navatman: A Sacred Space
It's a school, a production company, a professional troupe, a platform for curated events, and much more -- but most of all, Navatman is a sacred space that cultivates and protects pure love for classical Indian arts. How did this organization carve out its place in the midst of bustling Manhattan; how did its community outreach expand across the globe? In this episode, co-founders Sahi and Sridhar recount the Navatman story.
March 23, 2021
Purity Of The Now
Sometimes, concern about diluting Indian classical music and dance hinders creativity. But what if evolution and expansion are inherent in the art form itself? What if the structures of particular styles are not barriers, rather guideposts pointing to new and varied paths? What if "pure" art means authenticity to this moment? Carnatic virtuoso Aditya Prakash narrates his musical journey through styles, spaces, and moments in time. Music credit: Aditya Prakash and Aditya Prakash Ensemble. Find and follow Aditya's music at
November 13, 2020
Dynamics Of Funding
The arts' contribution to the US economy is growing rapidly, yet funding for arts education and minority-owned arts organizations is stagnant or declining. Given this discrepancy, how do Indian classical arts flourish in the US? To find the answers, we must turn to history, the nature of cultural exchange, and the distinct Indian-American immigrant experience. We explore these elements with artist and grant-writer, Priya Narayan.  Music credit: Navatman Music Collective.
November 4, 2020
A Warm Welcome
This podcast series debuts with a conversation among Navatman Development team members Anjali, Lavanya, and Mahi, who welcome you to Navatman's Indian classical performing arts community, and preview upcoming podcast episodes that will shine a light on the importance, insights, and inspiration surrounding the Indian classical arts.
October 25, 2020