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Navigating Mindfulness

Navigating Mindfulness

By Navigating Mindfulness
Successful entrepreneurs, Cheryl and Liza discuss how to navigate mindfulness while building successful businesses.
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Mindset with Special Guest Bri Seeley

Navigating Mindfulness

Women and Leadership
In this episode, we welcome Belinda Clemmensen, B.Sc., M.Ed., PCC Belinda is the Founder and CEO of Women’s Leadership Intensive.  She believes women are not only capable of changing the world, but that we will be a driving force in making it happen.  When we look out at the world, we see that change is needed and that we can help. Many women feel that we don't fit the traditional leadership box. We sense there is a better way, and that we have more to contribute, but don’t always know how to reach that potential.  As a leader, it is essential to know who you are and lead as YOU. With 25 years of experience, she understands how to help leaders uncover, and step into, their potential.  She helps leaders connect to that place of purpose where their unique strengths meet a need in the world and serve others. This passionate belief is what drives her as a leadership development professional and what led her to build the Women's Leadership Intensive; our mission to inspire, empower, support, and equip women to lead the change the world needs. Being a relentless champion of purpose-driven leaders is at her core. In addition to founding WLI, she is a proud co-founder of the Leader Coach Intensive, a unique program that builds world-class coaches – Tomorrow’s Leaders Today. Some of the topics that we cover in this episode: Women in leadership. How living in alignment with our values and sense of purpose supports us to live with mindfulness and fulfilment. Values and purpose-driven leadership. Why it is more important than ever for women in particular to connect values and sense of purpose with leadership. How motherhood affects our leadership style. Book Recommendation: Dare to Lead by Brene Brown Women’s Leadership Intensive has fantastic opportunities coming up: Upcoming 6 Week Women's Leadership Online Course begins October 28, 2021: Free video series - receive free weekly leadership inspiration Looking to connect? Cheryl Sutherland: Liza Magcale: Belinda Clemmensen:
October 04, 2021
Authentic: true to one’s own personality, spirit or character. (source: Joined again by the “Magnet for magnificence” Lindsay Johnson, the topic of this episode is Authenticity.  Cheryl and Lindsay tackle the issue of being real about what we want and having the guts to go out and create it, ask for it, or do it. Lindsay Johnson, aka The Radical Connector, is a 20-year entrepreneurship nerd and business strategist who's obsessed with teaching new entrepreneurs business skills and strategies for turning their brilliance into a profitable business by working less and playing more. Born into a family of entrepreneurs, Lindsay watched as her family struggled to balance working hard to succeed with burning out and sacrificing their quality of life. She was determined to crack the code to faster growth and more financial abundance with less work; more play and less struggle. Lindsay uses her online business school and private coaching to teach her clients how to use entrepreneurship as a tool to build the life of their dreams while also stepping into deeper radical self-acceptance as a business owner. This episode is fun and informative with lots of insight: How the journey of self-acceptance affects your business. How to grow a business online. Knowing when unfollows/unsubscribes is an indication that you are doing something right. Understanding the need to test and experiment with social media. How to deliver information differently to avoid offending. The need to understand your customer’s journey. All that and so much more! Reading Recommendation:  The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks Looking to connect? Cheryl Sutherland: Liza Magcale: Lindsay Johnson: Instagram: @radicallinds Free guide - How Not to Sell to Strangers:
August 30, 2021
People-pleaser: a person who has an emotional need to please others often at the expense of his or her own needs or desires.  (source: According to, there are 10 signs that you might be a people-pleaser: You pretend to agree with everyone. You feel responsible for how other people feel. You apologize often. You feel burdened by the things you have to do. You feel you can’t say no. You feel uncomfortable if someone is angry at you. You act like the people around you. You need praise to feel good. You go to great lengths to avoid conflict. You don’t admit when your feelings are hurt. You guessed it!  In this episode of Navigating Mindfulness, we are talking about ‘People-Pleasers’.  Cheryl has a guest co-host, Lindsay Johnson aka The Radical Connector. They are joined by special guest Elle Rosher. Elle Rosher is a mindset coach for millennial women entrepreneurs who want to overcome people-pleasing and self-doubt to freely live their lives the way they want. Once a constant people-pleaser herself, she recognized the detrimental impact of living a life constantly striving to fulfill others' expectations. While completing her neuroscience degree at the University of Toronto, she gained valuable insight into the brain’s neurocircuitry and methods useful to alter unhelpful thoughts and prioritize our well-being. In her downtime, you can usually find Elle cuddled up on the couch reading a romance novel or dancing to her favourite tunes. We’re so excited to present this episode to you!  Some of the topics include: Worth vs. self-worth Setting boundaries Codependency And of course, we share lots of anecdotes and stories of our own as we have worked through many of these issues. Join us for this relevant and important topic. We would love to hear your thoughts on this episode! Looking to connect? Cheryl Sutherland: Liza Magcale: Lindsay Johnson: Instagram: @radicallinds Free guide - How Not to Sell to Strangers: Elle Rosher: Instagram: @ellerosher Free guide - How to Handle Difficult Conversations:
August 23, 2021
How do you know it's time to move on?
How do you know it’s time to move on? It’s important to take time to check in with yourself.  Not only on a personal level but also professionally. Ask yourself how you are feeling, acknowledge it and develop your course of action. Some of the topics we cover in this episode: How the pandemic has forced some to reconsider their professional path. Pivot the business vs. moving on from it. How to know when to continue the evolution of yourself and your business. Recognizing when you continue doing something, or offering something out of obligation instead of what makes sense for the growth of your business. Do you ever ask yourself, what would I do if I had to quit my company or sell my business?  If your answer is something along the lines of “exactly the same thing” then you know you’re on the right path.  If not, then you may need to take a look at what you would rather be doing. Both Cheryl and Liza share their experiences with this topic.  Cheryl talks about how she has decided to stop consulting because it no longer brings satisfaction to her life and to focus more on her Affirmation products.  Liza has chosen to empower her team to lead the way in one of her businesses so she can focus her energies on other endeavours. Please join us on this journey of building businesses while living a mindful life. If you’d like to suggest a topic or join us for an episode, please contact us at: We’re also found on Facebook and Instagram @navigatingmindfulness.  We’d love to Looking to connect? Cheryl Sutherland: Liza Magcale:
August 09, 2021
Imposter Syndrome
In this week’s episode, we tackle the topic of Imposter Syndrome. What is Imposter Syndrome?  According to it “refers to an internal experience of believing that you are not as competent as others perceive you to be. While this definition is usually narrowly applied to intelligence and achievement, it has links to perfectionism and the social context” Some common characteristics of Imposter Syndrome are: Self-doubt An inability to realistically assess your competence and skills Attributing your success to external factors Berating your performance Fear that you won't live up to expectations Overachieving Sabotaging your own success Setting very challenging goals and feeling disappointed when you fall short If you have ever experienced any of these symptoms, then this is the episode for you! Did you know that Imposter Syndrome (or Phenomenon) disproportionately affects high-achieving people and can affect a person at many points in life? Cheryl shares her experiences with Imposter Syndrome and the steps she is taking to overcome it. For more information about Imposter Syndrome, please visit Looking to connect? Cheryl Sutherland: Liza Magcale:
August 02, 2021
Coaching with special guest Jessica Williamson
On this episode of Navigating Mindfulness, we welcome entrepreneur and business coach, Jessica Williamson.  She is joining us from Perth Australia to talk about her experiences as an entrepreneur and how she became a respected and sought-after business coach.  She explains her coaching philosophy and how she guides her clients in finding their true goals. “If you want it, you’ll make it happen or you will find a way to make it happen” ~ Jessica Williamson About Jessica: An award-winning mindset & business coach and serial entrepreneur having run 4 businesses in the last 5 years… it’s safe to say, she loves to keep busy! Hailing from a background in digital marketing and advertising, and with no formal training in fashion, she launched her first business Ete Swimwear at just 22 years of age in 2016. It was an almost instantaneous success, receiving an invitation to showcase at New York Fashion Week just one week after launching.  Ete Swimwear is now one of Australia’s most coveted swimwear brands with loyal customers worldwide.  Since then, Jessica has owned a wildly popular and successful event rental space, and a social media influencer travel agency and she continues to run a photography business. In the last 2 years, she found her true passion in her work as a certified business coach. She loves helping other female entrepreneurs unleash their potential through her 1:1 coaching and believes that anything is truly possible! Jessica combines her experience in business with her innovative strategies for growth and passion for helping you reach your goals and live your dream life! When she’s not busy supporting her incredible clients and getting them epic results in their businesses… or running her own empires… Jessica loves to explore and go on adventures or relax at the beach! Looking to connect? Cheryl Sutherland: Liza Magcale: Jessica Williamson:
July 26, 2021
Customer Service
Customer Service: “Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during, and after a purchase.” How do your customers feel about the service you provide?  In this episode of Navigating Mindfulness, we talk about why customer service is an important part of your business. Liza can speak to the importance of great customer service as the owner of eLiaise, Inc.  It is a company that provides administrative services to companies such as managing emails and paperwork, answering phone calls, and calendar management.  She understands her clients’ needs and strives to provide best-in-class customer service. As the owner of PleaseNotes, Cheryl knows the importance of providing a personal touch for her customers.  She recognizes the need to do market research to understand her customer base better and provide them the goods and services they expect. We talk: Setting expectations - for you, your team, and your customers, Dealing with clients that have issues paying invoices. Knowing when the relationship isn’t working. We know you will find this episode insightful as we share real-life experiences and tangible solutions. If you have any feedback or ideas for future podcasts, please reach out! Looking to connect? Cheryl Sutherland: Liza Magcale:
July 19, 2021
Mindset with Special Guest Bri Seeley
Mindset: “the established set of attitudes held by someone.” We are so excited to welcome this week’s guest, Bri Seeley as we discuss ‘Mindset’ as it pertains to building successful businesses. Google’s #1 Entrepreneur Coach, Bri Seeley, helps entrepreneurs create long-term, sustainable and scalable success… on their terms! Bri distills her 14-years of real-world experience into digestible, tangible tools to help entrepreneurs thrive and profit. Bri is a 2020 Stevie Award winner for both Coach and Woman of the Year, a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, and author of the best-selling Permission to Leap. Her expertise has been featured in over 50 press outlets and hundreds of podcasts. Cheryl and Liza chat with Bri about how she transitioned from a fashion designer to an entrepreneur coach. She describes how a mindset shift led her down a completely different path that has offered all sorts of surprising soul-satisfying results. Don’t miss it - there’s an announcement of 2 free weeks on Bri’s membership program! Find out how in the podcast. Book Recommendations: 1- Permission to Leap by Bri Seeley 2- The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed To Transform Your Life (Before 8am) by Hal Elrod Looking to connect? Cheryl Sutherland: Liza Magcale: Bri Seeley: IG: BriSeeley
July 12, 2021
Money: “a current medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes; coins and banknotes collectively.” In this episode of Navigating Mindfulness, we talk about money. We discuss the importance of setting financial goals and opening ourselves up to receive.  We have to shift our outlook, take a macro look at the state of the business and make decisions. It can be difficult to see opportunities when we are continuously working on the daily needs of a business.  Recently, Cheryl decided to take a serious look at where she was spending time and has since started blocking time in her calendar dedicated to the items that she knew needed her attention. We discuss the three ways to generate income: Work for others. Leverage income ie. Real estate, stocks, etc. Generate income from a business. Have you heard of a Mastermind group?  It’s a group of peers that meet regularly to give each other advice and support.  It can be extremely beneficial to share ideas, thoughts, wins, and challenges with people who are experiencing or have experienced the same things.  Cheryl and Liza are part of an amazing mastermind group of women who are each building their own businesses and finding success. Interested in joining a group or starting one of your own? Check out the following website for a list of ideas on how to find your own mastermind group: Book recommendations: 1- Money, And The Law of Attraction - Learning to Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness by Esther Hicks 2- The Astonishing Power of Emotions: Let Your Feelings Be Your Guide by Esther & Jerry Hicks 3- Happy Money: The Japanese Art of Making Peace with Your Money by Ken Honda Looking to connect? Cheryl Sutherland: Liza Magcale:
July 05, 2021
In this episode of Navigating Mindfulness, we talk ‘Intuition’. As successful business builders, Liza and Cheryl have had a fair amount of experience combining fact-based decision-making and intuitive decision-making. Here’s a sprinkling of the topics in this episode: Learning to trust ourselves. Listening to ourselves. Building our intuitive cognition. Muscle testing Intuition is an inner GPS. The importance of meditation and journaling to developing our intuition Learning to label the feelings And more… We would love to hear from you!  If you have any discussion ideas or feel that you would make a fantastic guest, please reach out! Looking to connect? Cheryl Sutherland: Liza Magcale:
June 28, 2021
Empowerment with Dr. Rosenna Bakari
Empowerment: ”the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights.” On this episode of Navigating Mindfulness, Cheryl and Liza are joined by Dr. Rosenna Bakari, a Philadelphia native and an empowerment expert psychologist. She helps people master the relationship with themselves to master their lives. She earned her  Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Northern Colorado, her Master's degree in Counseling from the State University of New York and her undergraduate degree in psychology from Cornell University. As a psychologist, writer, black belt, spoken-word artist, and a marathon finisher, she lives life to the fullest. We eagerly await the arrival of Dr. Bakari’s radical new book on healing coming out September 3rd called 'The Healing Journey: Relationships and Wellness Daily Guide’. She is the founder and executive director of Talking Trees, Inc., an empowerment organization for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Join us for a powerful discussion about empowerment, the difference between ‘therapy’ and ‘healing’ and the idea of mastering your relationship with yourself. Looking to connect? Dr. Rosenna Bakari IG: @rosennabakari FB: @1roguescholar Cheryl Sutherland: IG: @pleasenotesgoods FB:@pleasenotes Liza Magcale: IG: FB: @eliaise Follow Navigating Mindfulness: IG: @navigatingmindfulness FB: @navigatingmindfulness
June 21, 2021
Does the thought of delegating tasks make you slightly nauseated?  If so, then this is the episode of Navigating Mindfulness for you! This week Cheryl shares her evolution from being unable to delegate tasks related to her business to reaping the rewards and sometimes experiencing the challenges of delegating. Some key learnings: Set clear expectations. Open communication. Check in regularly. Having the power to delegate certain tasks, means you have the opportunity to focus your energies on tasks requiring specific skills and tasks that you enjoy. In order to grow your business, it may be necessary to delegate because it can become overwhelming for one person to do it all.  If you’re always playing catch up, it’s impossible to get ahead. Some of the tasks that Cheryl has recently found the courage to delegate: Social media management. Order fulfillment Channel research It’s been a long bumpy road, however it is important to learn, regroup and move forward. Looking to connect? Cheryl Sutherland: Liza Magcale:
June 14, 2021
Growth During Lockdown
We've all been affected by the pandemic.   Small businesses have felt the constraints of the measures put in place by government officials.  Some small businesses haven't made it through the repeated lockdowns and stay-at-home orders while others have thrived.  It takes a savvy entrepreneur to pivot their business model to succeed in time of difficulty.  In this episode of Navigating Mindfulness, hosts Cheryl Sutherland and Liza Magcale discuss how the lockdown has affected them personally and professionally.  Cheryl has insights into moving a product-based business from retail to online.  Liza has always owned a service-based business but has seen changes there.  Both have come to appreciate the things they have learned about themselves while riding out this pandemic.  Tune in for great tips! ~ pivoting a business from retail to online. ~getting to know your customer base and understanding their needs. ~ growing your business during a pandemic.  For this and more, tune in.  Always information and enjoyable when Liza and Cheryl meet on another episode of Navigating Mindfulness.  Looking to connect?  Cheryl Sutherland:  Liza Magcale:
June 07, 2021
Drawing A Salary
Costing - Pricing - Compensation These are the topics on today’s episode of Navigating Mindfulness hosted by Cheryl Sutherland, owner of PleaseNotes and a noted public speaker and Liza Magcale owner of eLiaise and Delegate Wisely Consulting.   The two entrepreneurs share their own experiences with building successful businesses from small startups to the successful entities they are today. We discuss: How to cost out a goods-based business vs a service-based business. What costs to include in the cost-of-goods. The reason why many entrepreneurs don’t pay themselves and why they should. How to price your goods. How to price your services as a freelancer. Cheryl and Liza share some of their own experiences with these concepts and how they navigated through.  They have taken very different approaches to their businesses but have both achieved high levels of success demonstrating that there is more than one way to build a business.  The most important piece of advice is “Be clear about what you want and go for it.” If you haven’t already, we suggest you familiarize yourself with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It is a motivational theory that suggests that in order for a human to move up the hierarchy, one must satisfy their most basic needs first.  We’ve included a link below if you’d like to learn more. Interested in a good read?  Check out Mike Michalowicz’s book ‘Profit First: Transform Your Business From a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine’. We would love to hear from you especially if you are a business owner (or would like to become one).  If you have any topics of discussion that you’d like us to cover or maybe you would like to join us on the podcast?  Feel free to drop us a line at Cheryl Sutherland is the founder of PleaseNotes.  is a graduate and active participant in personal growth and leadership programs created by organizations such as PSI Seminars, University of Santa Monica, Burklyn Global, and Motivating the Masses. Liza Magcale is the owner and director of eLiaise Inc and Delegate Wisely Consulting.  She is also the COO at DotFusion - Digital Innovation.  Liza loves building awesome communities while creating wonderful experiences and developing growth strategies.  She is also a participant in growth and leadership programs and believes in maintaining a work/life balance for her and her daughter. Looking to connect? Cheryl Sutherland: Liza Magcale:
May 31, 2021
Relationships with Special Guest Janice Lee
On this episode of Navigating Mindfulness, we are joined by the fabulous Janice Lee as we talk about ‘Relationships’.  While there are many types of relationships, we focus on ‘Relationship with Self’ and ‘Relationship with Others’.   Relationship with self:  important for your own well-being and imperative to creating healthy relationships with others.  Be kind to yourself and listen to your body.  Invest time in yourself, just a few minutes a day, and you notice small changes.  For instance, Janice has a daily meditation practice to ground herself.   Relationship with others: According to Northwestern Medicine, healthy and happy relationships with others leads to less stress, better healing, healthier behaviors, better sense of purpose and a longer life.  All great reasons to foster healthy relationships with friends, family, partners, co-workers and business partners.  These relationships take work and consistent nurturing but they are worth the effort.   These times have been challenging to say the least, with stay-at-home orders and limited interactions with others outside of our homes.  We have all found new ways of coping and innovating methods for maintaining and building networks and important relationships.  We discuss these challenges and how we have adjusted and improved our communication.   Reading recommendation: ‘The Leader Who Had No Title’ by Robin Sharma “Regardless of what you do within your organization and the current circumstances of your life, the single most important fact is that you have the power to show leadership. Wherever you are in your career or life, you should always play to your peak abilities. This book shows you how to claim that staggering power, as well as transform your life--and the world around you--in the process.” Our special guest, Janice Lee is a performance coach who mentors and guides corporate professionals to achieve outstanding professional and personal results through transformational mindset techniques and practical applications. She has over 15 years of enterprise experience in progressive leadership roles across, sales, strategy and insights. Janice has worked with multi-nationals such as Unilever, Wrigley and ACNielsen in Canada and Hong Kong. Janice started her journey into personal development in 2015 when work threw her a curve ball and she got stuck in a rut. Since then she’s made it her mission to help professionals find and achieve success with a sense of purpose. Janice is an avid traveler (in the best of times!) with a fondness for cheese, wine, impromptu meet ups, 90s music and carpool karaoke.  Cheryl Sutherland is the founder of PleaseNotes.  is a graduate and active participant in personal growth and leadership programs created by organizations such as PSI Seminars, University of Santa Monica, Burklyn Global, and Motivating the Masses.  Liza Magcale is the owner and director of eLiaise Inc and Delegate Wisely Consulting.  She is also the COO at DotFusion - Digital Innovation.  Liza loves building awesome communities while creating wonderful experiences and developing growth strategies.  She is also a participant in growth and leadership programs and believes in maintaining a work/life balance for her and her daughter.   Looking to connect? Cheryl Sutherland: Liza Magcale: Janice Lee: Linkedin: janiceleecoach  Instagram: @janiceleecoaching
May 24, 2021
Affirmations: are positive statements that can help you to challenge and overcome self-sabotaging  and negative thoughts. When you repeat them often, and believe in them, you can start to make positive changes. (source: How do you integrate affirmations into building successful businesses?  It just takes practice.  If you already practice daily affirmations in your personal life, you know that ‘belief’ and repetition are the keys to success. Some topics covered in this episode of Navigating Mindfulness are: The importance of setting intentions. How to read your body language and notice the voices in your head. Abraham Hicks’ Emotional Guidance Scale. Tangible methods for applying affirmations in your business building. As well as being successful entrepreneurs, Cheryl and Liza have been practicing mindfulness techniques for many years.  They have become experts in integrating it not only in their personal lives but also in their professional careers.  They have juicy tips for integrating affirmations into all aspects of building businesses. Recommended Reading: ‘Your Word Is Your Wand’ by Florence Scovel Shinn ‘Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender’ by David R. Hawkins Looking to connect? Cheryl Sutherland is the founder of PleaseNotes. Liza Magcale is the founder of eLiaise and Delegate Wisely Consulting
May 20, 2021
Networking: the action or process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts. On this episode of Navigating Mindfulness: While Building Successful Businesses, we discuss the concept of networking and its important role when building your brand or business. Liza and Cheryl discuss the different approaches to networking that they have taken during their careers and while building their businesses.  Cheryl is a consummate networker and has developed her skills over time through various networking situations.  Liza has taken a more reserved approach relying on word of mouth to further her business.  Both entrepreneurs have experienced a high level of success with their approaches.   It is important to figure out what works for you and your business. Cheryl discusses two types of networking in this episode: Intentional Networking: formal groups created for the purpose of meeting people to exchange ideas, information and to expand your connections. Ex. Chamber of Commerce, Women In Biz and many more. Passive Networking: shared workspaces in which by nature of the physical setup, conversations and connections occur. Ex: WeWork, MakeLemonade, Women on the Move, etc. The purpose of networking is Increase the number of people you know and who know you. Create great sources for help and advice. Stay in touch with opportunities. Important when you are at the start of your career or just starting out as an entrepreneur. Stay ahead of the pack when it comes to opportunities. Contribute something to others – the principle of reciprocity. If you are starting off on your own business venture, pursuing a career or interested in broadening your connections, take a listen.  Cheryl and Liza have great tips for improving your networking skills and opportunities. Looking to connect? Cheryl Sutherland is the founder of PleaseNotes. Liza Magcale is the founder of eLiaise and Delegate Wisely Consulting
May 17, 2021
“Vitality” In both the physical and mental sense, vitality refers to a feeling of aliveness. The word itself is derived from vita or "life." In the physical sense, this vitality refers to feeling healthy and capable and energetic. source:Vitality | Authentic Happiness Building business takes a lot of energy!  Both physical and mental energy is expended on a daily basis facing challenges and overcoming hurdles.  On this episode of Navigating Mindfulness, Liza and Cheryl discuss the mindful practice of physicality. Some of the topics covered: Staying fit to continue building businesses. Being mindful of physical being for the future. Listening to what your body needs and wants. Understanding what motivates your decisions Mindset: scarcity vs abundance Feelings: joy, guilt and shame Body: listen to what your body is telling you Surroundings: how the people around you can affect your decisions As usual on Navigating Mindfulness we explore our own experiences with vitality and physicality.  We share methods that we have used in the past, and how we are currently managing our physical health.  We share wins and opportunities and what motivates us to continue the mindful practice of physicality. Looking to connect? Cheryl Sutherland is the founder of PleaseNotes. Liza Magcale is the founder of eLiaise and Delegate Wisely Consulting
May 10, 2021
Are you in the Club? Clubhouse:  is an audio-based social media app. The company describes itself as "a new type of social product based on voice [that] allows people everywhere to talk, tell stories, develop ideas, deepen friendships, and meet interesting new people around the world." In short, Clubhouse is an invitation-only audio chat platform.  According to there are 10 million weekly active users on the platform.  This is up 600,000 members from December of 2020.  Incredible growth in a short period of time!  It has gained immense popularity in part due to the exclusive nature of the platform. The platform also presents itself as a more relaxed forum that allows participants to simply listen to the speakers or to “get up on stage” and share the platform.  As a user you can select the types of rooms you are interested in and you receive notification when there is a room starting.  The user can quietly leave the room at any point. How can Clubhouse become a tool for building businesses?  The platform presents an opportunity for business owners to connect with leaders of industry, specialists and experts in a variety of fields.  Occasionally there are opportunities for business pitches that generate real investment. Cheryl and Liza are both early adopters of the platform.  As entrepreneurs, it is vital for them to stay on top of the latest networking tools.  Cheryl hosts her own room on Sunday evenings called ‘Create A Life You Love’ where attendees are encouraged to come onstage and be guided through a mindful conversation and set intentions for the week ahead.  It is on this platform that Liza has met some of her podcasts’ special guests.  It is a great way to network and meet people who share common values and interests. In this episode of Navigating Mindfulness, Cheryl and Liza explore the Clubhouse platform as a networking tool, talk about the “whisper campaign'' nature of the marketing and discuss tips on using the platform effectively. Looking to connect? Cheryl Sutherland is the founder of PleaseNotes. Liza Magcale is the founder of eLiaise and Delegate Wisely Consulting
April 26, 2021
Personal Growth Principles
Today we chat about Personal Growth Principles with our special guest, Monica Villarreal. We focus on the journey from a “scarcity mindset” to an “abundance mindset” and how that change can affect your entire life. Monica Villarreal is a Certified Health Coach located in California however she has a thriving online business and offers coaching to people located all over.  Ten years ago, Monica was not living her best life.  A lifetime of living with a scarcity mindset had left Monica overweight and unhappy.  After a disastrous meeting with someone who thought she would be unable to fulfill her professional obligations, Monica realized that something had to change.  She started working out at a small gym with the goal of losing 10lbs.  Realizing that goal, she decided to lose another 10lbs.  And so it went from there.  Monica made small lifestyle changes that added up to a bigger change. Monica’s dedication to her healthy-self, has evolved into five years of success.  She has transformed not only her body but also her mindset, leading to a more confident version of herself.  Now she has transformed her personal passion into a coaching career to help others facing similar challenges to become their best self. How to connect: Monica Villarreal can be found at: Facebook: @monicarosevillarreal Instagram: @manifesting_monica Cheryl Sutherland is the founder of PleaseNotes. Liza Magcale is the founder of eLiaise and Delegate Wisely Consulting
March 17, 2021
Today we chat about transitions as an opportunity for growth with our special guest Trista Devries.   Trista Devries is a brand coach, web designer and self-professed marketing junkie.  She is super passionate about creating thriving brands for women-identified business owners.  After spending years working in large companies, Trista left that world to start her own company,  Trista Devries & Co recognizing it as a way to make a real, measurable positive impact on the world.  After working with more than 50 solopreneurs and building 3 thriving businesses of her own, Trista knows more than ever that women-identified people do business in their own way.  She understands the issues that women face and the obstacles that come up. Trista is masterful at helping women grow their businesses.  She believes in progress over perfection, showing up when you’re scared, and having a plan to get you where you want to go.   How to connect:   Trista Devries is the founder of Trista Devries & Co. Cheryl Sutherland is the founder of PleaseNotes. Liza Magcale is the founder of eLiaise and Delegate Wisely Consulting
March 17, 2021
Relationships with guest May Rabano aka Strong Bikini Mom
Cheryl and Liza chat with May Rabano aka Strong Bikini Mom. Coach May is a Certified Trainer and Core Specialist who helps individuals that are struggling to lose belly fat.   She helps moms who have had two or more babies.  They are embarrassed because they still look pregnant, pee a little when they laugh, cough or sneeze, and hide under baggy clothing.  She also helps Dads who want to become more active but can't do certain activities because they suffer from low back pain.  Coach May guides them in strengthening their core so they can shrink their waistline, feel confident, and be their best for their children..* In this episode, we talk about how relationships affect our journey and how to navigate when embarking on a new venture.  As the mother of three young children, May tried all the latest workout trends to lose that "baby belly", including a most grueling boot camp that she did 5 days a week for 9 months! After learning that the belly was actually Diastasis Recti, May learned how to not only heal it but also uses that knowledge to help other women.  With the full support of her family, May decided to leave the corporate world and pursue health and fitness as a full-time career. Cheryl Sutherland is the founder of PleaseNotes Liza Magcale is the founder of eLiaise and Delegate Wisely Consulting May Rabano is the creator of
February 18, 2021
Human Design with guest Goddess Cami
Cheryl and Liza are joined by Camille Telecia, aka Goddess Cami, aka The Intentional Goddess to discuss Human Design. Human Design is the study of our energetic auras - a guide for how we're meant to most powerfully utilize our energy in the world and how we're wired to make decisions, as well as a blueprint highlighting our inherent gifts. In this episode, we have an enlightening chat about how our type, Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting-Generator, Projector, or Reflector affects not only the way we do business but also our success in our endeavors.  By understanding your type, you are better equipped to recognize opportunities for growth and success. A little bit about Camille: A believer in personal development and empowerment for many years now. Passionate about empowering women to heal and grow. An intentional goddess is a woman who takes her healing into her own hands. My intention is healing, growth empowerment, love, joy, and peace. This is my intention for myself, so that I can be an example, a guide, and a teacher of these things for all the women/goddesses that cross my path.  I have "chosen" this particular path really because I didn't have a choice. (LOL) This is a spirit-led and spirit-guided move for me.  This concept, this name, these products, and services were all shown to me by a spirit shortly after completing a spirit walk in October 2018. I had been working on building an entrepreneurship-centered business, but kept feeling the pull in a different direction. For a year,  my heart had been telling me that I needed o be working with women, helping them transform and heal. For a year,  I tried to add some essence of that to my existing business with little success because in truth, it was not the right space for this vision. During my 5-day spirit walk, I felt more connected to the Universe, Mother Earth, and my ancestors than I ever have.  On my final day, I stood on the beach, feeling the energy of my ancestors, and the pull on my heart, I closed my eyes, and said yes. Yes to their guidance and yes to my new mission and path. In that moment, I released my hold on all the things that weren't serving me or weren't aligned with my purpose. I asked the Universe to show me the way, and that was the day that the Intentional Goddess was conceived. Cheryl Sutherland is the founder of PleaseNotes. Liza Magcale is the founder of eLiaise and Delegate Wisely Consulting Camille Telecia, aka Goddess Cami, aka The Intentional Goddess
February 18, 2021
Liza and Cheryl discuss obstacles - in life and in business. "When we don't continue having conversations, topics become heavy". Recent events, protests and riots, have brought up the conversations regarding racism and anti-black racism. Our hosts discuss specifically how they, or people in their lives have experienced racism and how it has shaped the discussions they are having and how it has affected decisions they've made in their personal lives and their professional lives.    They explore the concepts of prejudice and bias and how it affects people when building businesses.  There are barriers to success for minority business owners, whether it's a difficulty getting start up capital or attracting talent and customers.  Recently the Canadian government has created programs to encourage support of minority and specifically black-owned businesses.  It is a hot topic as some question "Why not all small businesses?".  Liza and Cheryl discuss their thoughts on the rationale behind these types of programs.    As usual it is an interesting discussion with personal experiences and anecdotes.  We ponder, we laugh and we learn. Resources: Cheryl Sutherland is the founder of PleaseNotes. Liza Magcale is the founder of eLiaise and Delegate Wisely Consulting
February 18, 2021
Liza Magcale, founder of eLiaise and Cheryl Sutherland, founder of PleaseNotes discuss "relationships" in this week's chat.  The entrepreneurs discuss how navigating personal relationships bears a remarkable similarity to navigating business relationships.   Setting yourself up for success and removing self-made barriers. Answering the question "Am I worthy?" Cheryl also gives us insight into significant changes she has made recently in regards to online dating.  Liza and Cheryl have a frank open discussion about the dating world, the importance of knowing your own self, knowing what you are looking for in a partner and being comfortable and confident. It is always fun and informative when these two get together Cheryl Sutherland is the founder of PleaseNotes. Liza Magcale is the founder of eLiaise and Delegate Wisely Consulting
February 18, 2021
Join us on our podcast “Navigating Mindfulness - Living a Mindful Life While Building Businesses.” Hosted by Cheryl Sutherland, Speaker and Founder of PleaseNotes Goods and Liza Magcale, Strategist and Founder of eLiaise and Delegate Wisely Consulting. It is a fun, informative and interactive session providing the opportunity to learn about how to overcome obstacles and apply personal growth tools to create results. Join us on our “delicious” journey to living a mindful life! Cheryl Sutherland is the founder of PleaseNotes. Liza Magcale is the founder of eLiaise and Delegate Wisely Consulting
February 18, 2021