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Producing Fun

Producing Fun

By Naylor Games
Producing Fun is about what it really takes to get a tabletop game published: and the many different people involved in its journey from mind to table.

It's hosted by me - James - and each episode I'll be talking to someone about their particular place in tabletop game industry. I’ll be asking them your questions, learning more about who they are and their unique perspective on what makes games great: Not only as clever designs but as thoughtfully crafted products and, even, works of art.
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Andrew Navaro - Creative Director
Andrew Navaro is the former Head of Studio for Fantasy Flight Games where he was responsible for leading the aesthetic execution (illustration, graphic design, even story) of their famously gorgeous looking titles. Now he runs Earthborne Games, a new studio setting out to Kickstart Earthborne Rangers: a sci-fi, environmentally themed card game in the mould of Arkham Horror that embodies its sustainable values in its physical production and manufacturing. In this episode we talk art direction, licensed artwork, building story rich card games and the business challenges of creating environmentally sustainable products.
July 26, 2021
David Digby - Solo Mode Developer
David Digby is a game designer and developer based in the UK. As a developer, he specialises in developing solo modes for existing game designs. Within only a few years he's established a very strong reputation for his work, collaborating with a string of famous names (including Martin Wallace and Reiner Knizia) to create 1 player versions of their games. In this conversation we do our best to cover all the critical elements of creating a compelling solo game product.  Twitter: Facebook:
July 13, 2021
Sophie Williams & James Hewitt - Game Studio
Sophie and James run Needy Cat Games - a tabletop game studio based in Nottingham, UK. As a studio they have a nearly unique model - designing games on demand for clients with IPs, miniatures and other assets rather than pitching their work to publishers. In this conversation we talk about how the studio model works, the so-called Kickstarter treadmill, how creativity arises from well constructed project briefs and the future of the game market.  Needy Cat Games website: Indian-made games YouTube playlist:
June 29, 2021
Duncan Cowan - Convention Director
Duncan Cowan is a convention director of Tabletop Scotland - a mid-size UK tabletop game convention that launched to a hugely successful debut in 2018, garnering more than 1000 unique attendees. In this episode we talk about creating a convention designed to reach out to new audiences, how to best use space to craft the ultimate convention experience, the impacts of Brexit and Covid and what practical things the game community can do to support conventions in a difficult time.  Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:
June 15, 2021
David Weiss - Boardgame Website Editor & Podcaster
David Weiss is the managing editor of Canadian boardgame review site the Daily Worker Placement as well as the creator of scripted tabletop game podcast the Game Changers; a 26 part history of tabletop games. In this episode we get under the skin of key issues in games and how they're marketed: the evolution of game genres, why people use certain language to describe games, the emergence of "AAA" boardgame titles and tips for getting media coverage for your game.  The Daily Worker Placement: The Game Changers:
June 01, 2021
Nick Smith - Boardgame Cafe Co-owner
Nick Smith and his wife Carrie are the co-owners of the Ludoquist boardgame cafe in Croydon, London: a hugely successful venue which won the global award for best retail store at GAMA in 2020 and has been featured multiple times on UK television. In this episode we get stuck into the economics of game cafes, his ambitious and inclusive vision for a café where everyone is a gamer and managing a hospitality business in the age of Covid.  Ludoquist's website: Twitter: Facebook:
May 18, 2021
Annie Norman - Miniatures Producer
Annie Norman is the founder and owner of Badsquiddo Games - a company specialising in making believable female miniatures. In this episode we discuss how she built the business from absolutely nothing, bringing women in history to life, key practical questions about pricing, product quality, when and when not to outsource and how selfies play a surprisingly critical role in the miniature design process.  Annie's link tree:
May 04, 2021
Paul Grogan - Rulebook Editor & Content Creator
Paul Grogan runs "Gaming Rules!", a rulebook editing business and YouTube channel focused on videos that teach people how to play games. As one of the industry's top editors, Paul has worked on around 100 different rulebooks; closely collaborating with several of world's most famous game designers in the process: including Vlaada Chvatil (Codenames, Mage Knight) and Vital Lacerda (Lisboa, On Mars). In this this episode we discuss the biggest mistakes to avoid when writing a rulebook, the future of in-game tutorials and the role of a rulebook in a game's commercial success. Paul's YouTube channel:
April 20, 2021
Paul Brook & Liam Kirkman - Startup Publishers
Paul and Liam run East Street Games -  A UK tabletop game publishing startup. In this episode we discuss the financial costs of game complexity, the personal costs of game development, developing and marketing games under pandemic restrictions and accidentally offending eurogamers. Lastly, they reveal their three most important pieces of advice for anyone looking to publish games.  Website/Store: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:
April 06, 2021
Chris Eggett - Magazine Editor
Chris is the editor of Tabletop Gaming Magazine, the UK’s largest board game, RPG and miniatures game magazine. In this episode we discuss what good tabletop game writing looks like, the ethics and effectiveness of Kickstarter previews and what 'product' really means. Tabletop Gaming Magazine: Web: Twitter: Youtube: Facebook: Twitch: TikTok: Chris' personal Twitter account:
March 23, 2021
Louis Downs - Manufacturer
Louis is the Managing Director of CMA Creative Solutions Ltd - a UK manufacturer of resin and metal miniatures. He talks to James about the surprising reliance modern manufacturing still has on skilled manual work, what publishers should do to source good quality components at an affordable price and how Games Workshop created an entire market. CMA's Website:
March 09, 2021
Trailer - Producing Fun
Producing Fun is a new podcast about what it takes to get a game published: and the many different people involved in its journey from mind to table. 
February 26, 2021