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NDE 4.0 Podcast

NDE 4.0 Podcast

By Floodlight Software
In each episode, we ask an NDE / NDT expert five questions related to NDE 4.0 to generate thoughtful discussion and ideas around how to promote and safely hasten effective NDE 4.0 adoption within the industry.
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NDE 4.0 Podcast - Dave Hughes, CTO of Novosound

NDE 4.0 Podcast

NDE 4.0 Podcast - Getting to Zero Defects in Parts Manufacturing with Ben Connors, Avonix Imaging
In this episode of our "5 Questions for an NDE 4.0 Expert", Ben Connors shares the latest advancements in CT scanning and we discuss the long-term benefits of using test results to make real-time manufacturing process improvements. This discussion gets to the heart of our top priorities in the NDT industry: removing defects in order to ensure safe and correct operation of industrial assets and infrastructure. We explore both the long-term benefits and the challenges to industry adoption. If you work in the field of manufacturing parts for industrial assets, this episode is a must-hear!
July 18, 2022
NDE 4.0 Podcast - How Artificial Intelligence will transform NDT with Lennart Schulenburg
In this episode of the NDE 4.0 Podcast, we talk with Lennart Schulenburg, a visionary in the field of AI for NDT. As general manager of VisiConsult's X-ray systems and solutions, Lennart works with inspection companies to incorporate advanced X-ray systems, implement automated inspection tools, and integrate with quality management systems. In our conversation, Lennart offers insights into the value of AI today for inspection processes and a look at what the future holds.
January 21, 2022
NDE 4.0 Podcast - Dr. Ajay Pasupuleti and Michael Turnbow from Ooga Technologies
In this episode of the NDE 4.0 Podcast, we chat with the leadership team at Ooga Technologies, the global NDT collaboration platform. In this wide-ranging discussion, Ajay Pasupuleti, founder and CEO, and Michael Turnbow, founder and former general manager of Tennessee Valley Authority's Testing and Services Group, offer up a look at how cloud-based software can transform how NDT companies operate.
December 10, 2021
NDE 4.0 Podcast - NDE 4.0 Ethics Panel - Roundtable Discussion with NDE 4.0 Influencers
In this episode of the NDE 4.0 Podcast, we have an exciting new panel format in which we chat with NDE 4.0 influencers and leaders and discuss the future and what an NDE 4.0 Ethics Code would look like. In this discussion, hear from three experts who are leading the way in NDE 4.0 innovation, education, and coaching. In addition to our regular host, Nasrin Azari, president of Floodlight Software and a member of the ASNT NDE 4.0 committee, we are joined by the following distinguished guests: Ripi Singh, Chief Innovation and Strategy Coach at Inspiring Next Tracie Clifford, Faculty Lead, Instructor, Quality Assurance/Quality Control and Nondestructive Testing Programs Matt Litschewski, Project Manager and Level III Technician at Acuren Tune in now to learn about the foundations and future of ethics in the NDE 4.0 paradigm.
May 26, 2021
NDE 4.0 Podcast - Norbert Meyendorf, Founding Father of the NDE 4.0 Movement
In this episode of the NDE 4.0 Podcast, we interview Dr. Norbert Meyendorf, whom many consider the founding father of the NDE 4.0 movement. In fact, Dr. Meyendorf actually coined the term "NDE 4.0" back in 2016.  In this podcast episode, Dr. Meyendorf, formerly the department head and branch director at the Fraunhofer Institute for Nondestructive Testing in Germany for more than 20 years, reveals the origins of the NDE 4.0 movement, its evolution, and the benefits provided to NDT organizations in its current iteration. Until his retirement in 2018, Meyendorf was a professor in the aerospace engineering program at Iowa State University and Deputy Director at the Center for Nondestructive Evaluation in Ames, Iowa. He has edited several books, and he's the author or co-author of numerous journal articles and is the editor in chief of the Journal of NDE published by Springer. Dr. Meyendorf continues to teach as adjunct faculty at Iowa State, the University of Dayton, and the University of Dresden in Germany.
January 20, 2021
NDE 4.0 Podcast - Dave Seto, Business Development Manager, Software Engineer - UTEX Scientific Instruments
In this episode of the NDE 4.0 Podcast, we interview Dave Seto, business development manager at UTEX Scientific Instruments, based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Dave has presented and published on the topics of fermentation of unconventional biomass, distillation as a means of waste reduction, and most recently on inspection automation for NDT. During his career with UTEX Scientific, Dave designed novel ultrasonic probes, engineered automated scanning systems, and has developed customized software for automating inspections in metals production, aerospace, and nuclear power generation industries. Dave has a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from the University of Waterloo. Dave's company, UTEX Scientific, helps industrial inspection and NDT companies automate their inspections with scanning systems, software, and high-performance ultrasonic instruments. In this podcast episode, Dave discusses how companies can make better use of their NDE / NDT data. He also talks about how moving to NDE 4.0 technologies is more of a process and a direction rather than a single linear progression.
October 19, 2020
NDE 4.0 Podcast - 5 Questions for an NDE 4.0 Expert - Marybeth Miceli, President at Miceli Infrastructure Consulting, Principal at We-NDT
In this episode of the NDE 4.0 Podcast, we interview Marybeth Miceli, President at Miceli Infrastructure Consulting and Principal at We-NDT. Marybeth talks about how new NDE 4.0 technologies like autonomous vehicles can help ensure safety of large infrastructure like bridges, tunnels, and sports stadiums. She also discusses how the roles of NDT techs will change to more decision making in which data collected via automation is analyzed, the physics are taken into account and recommendations are given to ensure the safety and soundness of the infrastructure.
September 29, 2020
NDE 4.0 Podcast - Dave Hughes, CTO of Novosound
In this episode of the NDE 4.0 Podcast, we interview Dr. Dave Hughes, founding director and CTO of Novosound, a Scottish sensors company utilizing thin-film processes to eliminate conventional limitations in ultrasound sensors. Under Dave's leadership, the company has quickly grown to become an award-winning global business manufacturing ultrasound sensors for a range of industries, including NDT and oil and gas, aerospace, and semiconductor markets. Dave discusses how new NDE / NDT technologies like sensors in pipelines can prevent future disasters by increasing the flow of data. With an improved data set and predictive analysis, business leaders can make safer and more profitable business decisions over time.
August 27, 2020
NDE 4.0 Podcast - 5 Questions for an NDE / NDT Expert - Hossain Saboonchi
In this episode of the NDE 4.0 Podcast, we interview Hossain Saboonchi, Research & Development Manager at MISTRAS Group, Inc., where he manages research projects related to innovations in the NDT field.  His focus is on data analytics, additive manufacturing, and sensors. Hossain holds a Ph.D. in Structural Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago.
July 27, 2020
NDE 4.0 Podcast - 5 Questions for an NDE / NDT Expert - Ramon Fernandez
In this episode of the NDE 4.0 Podcast, we interview Ramon Fernandez, president, and CEO of Fercon Group. Ramon is an NDE instructor that has personally trained and certified over 300 NDE practitioners and has shared his NDE knowledge with professionals around the world. His specialty is strategic business management, technology and innovation management, and research processes. Ramon's company, Fercon Group, has been active for 20 years, providing support and consultancy services to assist companies in a variety of ways, including operational excellence and organizational change management.
June 08, 2020
NDE 4.0 Podcast - 5 Questions for an NDE / NDT Expert - Joop Kraijesteijn
In this episode of the NDE 4.0 Podcast, we interview Joop Kraijesteijn, president of 3angles, a company that provides advanced non-destructive testing and monitoring solutions for the energy markets. Joop is an NDT business owner who has real-world experience with NDE 4.0. He has implemented smart technologies in his business environment and is leveraging them to better serve customers.
April 21, 2020
NDE 4.0 Podcast - 5 Questions for an NDE / NDT Expert - Johannes Vrana
On this episode of the NDE 4.0 Podcast, we interview Dr. Johannes Vrana, PhD. Johannes is an NDE consultant who is also a thought leader in applying Industry 4.0 to the NDE field. He defines NDE 4.0 as connecting various technologies like cloud software, iOT, digital twins, AI, etc., to improve business outcomes and provide a better product for customers.
March 12, 2020
NDE 4.0 Podcast - 5 Questions for an NDE / NDT Expert - Dr. Ripi Singh, PhD
On this episode of the NDE 4.0 Podcast, we interview Dr. Ripi Singh, PhD, a prominent thought leader and business consultant focused on Industry 4.0. In this informative conversation, Ripi discusses the importance of building a digital transformation framework for the business before moving forward with various NDE 4.0 technologies. He also discusses the future of the inspections industry with regard to AI, machine learning, and digital twins.
February 27, 2020
NDE 4.0 Podcast - 5 Questions for an NDE / NDT Expert - Nasrin Azari - Floodlight Software
Nasrin Azari is the CEO of Floodlight Software. Nasrin discusses the origin of NDE 4.0 and why it presents a huge opportunity for the NDT / NDE inspections industry.
January 22, 2020