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Cycle Charting, Fertility Support and Body Literacy with Nora Pope and Dr. Jessica Liu

ND Inspo

Cycle Charting, Fertility Support and Body Literacy with Nora Pope and Dr. Jessica Liu
In this episode I sit down with Nora Pope and Dr. Jessica Liu, founders of Fertility Continuing Education, an organization that  creates continuing education in the field of fertility awareness, restorative fertility treatment and  perinatal care to healthcare professionals. We cover all things cycle charting including; what is it and what does it tell us, how is it different than apps, how to distinguish between fluids, and how to use it for more accurate blood test timing. Connect and learn Fertility CE Course for Healthcare Providers: Social media: @fertility.CE NDNR on Cycle Charting: '21 Days No More' article: BIOS Nora Pope Nora Pope is an educator, public speaker and retired Naturopathic Doctor on a mission to help advocate for body literacy. She has an extensive background in Fertility care and is the creator of “Cycle Charting: The Key to Fertility” CE Seminars.  She is also a Creighton Model Fertility Care Practitioner and has additional training from the Creighton University School of Medicine. She has also served for over 10 years on the Continuing Education  Committee at the former Ontario Naturopathic Regulatory College and continues to create many CE courses. Dr. Jessica Liu Dr. Jessica Liu ND is a Licensed naturopathic doctor, owner and director of a successful Integrative Fertility Practice with over 15 years of clinical expertise in the field of fertility, women's health and pregnancy care. Her passion for fertility  and perinatal care stemmed from healing her own hormonal and fertility challenges with  naturopathic medicine. Her program, “Creating Vibrant Fertility” has a particular focus in  supporting women to move through their fertility trauma in order to awaken their optimal fertility  potential. ----- Thank you for listening and watching, please be sure to like, share, and subscribe to keep the inspiration going. As always, be well and stay inspired. ------ Practitioner Resource Links - Practice Clarity Workbook; - Flodesk*- 50% off this email marketing system; -Practice Better*; * Dr. Kierstin is proudly affiliated with these resources and may receive a small commission if you use these links. This adds no cost on your end and helps support this free podcast. ✨
April 27, 2021
Building Practice in a Pre-licensed State & Client Relationship Management with Dr. Nicholas Morgan, ND
I am so excited to share this episode with you, Dr. Nicholas Morgan is a Naturopathic Doctor who has a decade of experience practicing in a pre-licensed State and was even able to complete a 3 year residency in one as well. In this episode he shares the principles he used to build up good relationships with his clients as well as the tools that have helped ensure good Client Relationship Management (CRM). I learned a bunch in this episode and so I hope you get as much out of it as I did! Flodesk (affiliate link for ND Inspo): get 50% off your subscription Book mentioned during the interview; Attracting the Perfect Customers  BIO Dr. Nicholas Morgan is the founder of The Center for Integrative Wellness. He completed his naturopathic medical training in 2011. After graduating from the National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) Dr. Morgan started a residency at Arthritis Care PC in Lansing, Michigan. He is the first naturopathic rheumatology resident in the United States and the first naturopathic resident in the state of Michigan. During his two year residency training he also trained with naturopathic doctors, functional medical doctors, and osteopathic doctors. After completing his residency training in 2013 Dr. Morgan founded The Center for Integrative Wellness. Dr. Morgan works both with local Michigan residents and virtually to provide patients with effective, safe, and affordable natural medicine.  In addition to working with patients directly Dr. Morgan also acts as an adjunct professor at Great Lakes Christian College. There he has taught the Biological Foundations of Nutrition course since 2015. In 2019 Dr. Morgan started serving as a certified nutritional specialist supervisor. In this role he acts as a mentor to nutritionist to help them become certified nutritional specialist. Connect with Dr. Morgan website
March 23, 2021
Journey to Naturopathic and Integrative Oncology with Dr. Miranda LaBant, ND
In this episode Dr. MIranda LaBant shares with us her journey to Naturopathic Medicine including her experience in Belize, her journey to Naturopathic Oncology, some of her favorite Integrative Oncology treatments, and so much more.  Follow along with Dr. Miranda; IG-@drlabant BIO: Dr. Miranda LaBant, ND Dr. Miranda LaBant, ND graduated from National University of Health Sciences in Illinois. After receiving her doctorate in naturopathic medicine she moved to Kailua Kona, Hawaii and completed a CNME accredited residency in integrative oncology under the direction of Dr. Michael Traub, ND. Integrative and Individualized Primary care Dr. LaBant’s practice combines the best of both naturopathic philosophy and conventional medicine to help her patients achieve and maintain optimal health safely and naturally. She believes in the key principle of naturopathic medicine—the body has the innate ability to health and self-regulate when given the right direction. It is this mentality that she puts forth when working together with patients and empowering them to realize better health. Using clinical expertise and focused laboratory data, Dr. LaBant is determined to uncover the underlying factors contributing to illness and help patients re-establish health and function on all levels rather than just suppressing symptoms. Integrative Oncology Integrative oncology includes well researched measures to increase the effectiveness of conventional therapies such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation while also reducing the incidence of common side effects. Dr. LaBant incorporates evidence-based natural therapies with the intention of improving the prognosis and quality of life of those with a cancer diagnosis. Digestive Health Optimal digestion is vital to our health. Dr. LaBant treats a variety of digestive disorders including: Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) – Crohn’s/Ulcerative colitis, leaky gut, celiac disease, food intolerances/sensitivities, food allergies and more. Many patients suffer from digestive issues with seemingly benign symptoms like gas, bloating, heartburn, or changes in bowel habits. An impaired or damaged digestive tract can lead to many symptoms caused by inflammation, infections, build up of waste products and chronic stress. Dr. LaBant works diligently with patients to optimize and restore digestive health. Endocrine Health and Hormone Balance Dr. LaBant is also passionate about balancing hormones and optimizing metabolism. Stress, aging, and chronic conditions can all impact our hormones in dramatic ways – subtle and not always so subtle. An imbalance in hormones caused by a compromised endocrine system can produce symptoms ranging from panic disorder, depression, brain fog, fatigue, and much more. Whether dealing with a thyroid condition, preparing to bring a healthy child into the world, or transitioning into the wise menopausal years, Dr. LaBant is happy to work with you to meet your goals. Dr. LaBant utilizes individualized nutrition, targeted supplementation, intravenous nutrient therapy, botanical medicine, classical and complex homeopathy, gentle biotherapeutic drainage, and lifestyle approaches to help patients reach their goals and achieve optimal wellness. When not seeing patients, Miranda can be found exploring and hiking the many landscapes of New England, weight training, or cooking up nutrient dense and delicious meals for friends and family.
March 9, 2021
Financial Advisor Shares How Naturopathic Doctors Can Create Financial Health ft Ryan Burklo
Let's talk finances!! Ryan Burklo is a financial planner who works largely with Naturopathic Doctors (awesome, right?!) and he is on a mission to help us improve our financial health so that we can continue to help our patients with their health. In this episode, we cover a ton so buckle up your seatbelts! What is financial health? How do we pay down those dang student loans? What is the difference between a Roth IRA and traditional IRA? What does it mean to be replaceable in my business? What is this, "diversified income" I keep hearing about? And so much more! BIO Ryan Burklo, RICP® is a financial planner, co-owner of Quantified Financial Partners, and co-host of the podcast Holistic Finance.  Through his work as a financial planner he helps Naturopathic Doctors make decisions on both their personal and business finances.  He lives in Seattle, WA with his wife and two kids. Learn more; Listen to the Holistic Finance Podcast; Be sure to like, share, and subscribe to help keep the inspiration going!
February 23, 2021
120K in Debt to 100K Months with Dr. Alicia MacPherson, ND
In this episode I chat with Dr. Alicia MacPherson, a Naturopathic Doctor and high-performance mentor for Naturopathic Doctors and Healthcare practitioners ready to uplevel their life and business. She went from 120k in debt to making 100k months. Now, she is helping others do the same.  We talk all about what her practice and business journey has been like from the beginning up to now, how it has evolved, what tools worked for Dr. Alicia, and tons and tons of pearls on how to do the same in the online world!   Facebook Group: Naturopaths Unleashed    Instagram: @draliciamacpherson   Be sure to like, share and subscribe to ND Inspo to help keep the inspiration going!  @nd.inspo
January 19, 2021
How to Find Your Niche & Niching in Fertility with Dr. Aumatma, ND
Dr. Aumatma is a Naturopathic Endocrinologist & Nutritionist, as well as author and sought out speaker specializing in fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum health.She has been in practice for 15 years and in this episode, Dr. Aumatma shares with us how putting "a stake in the ground" and finally picking her niche completely changed her practice for the better in more ways than one. She shares the formula to picking your niche, who should pick a niche, when in practice you should consider niching, how she came to find hers as well as insights on niching in fertility later in the episode.I know personally this has been an area I have gone back and forth with so this conversation with Dr. Aumatma truly provided much needed clarity and I hope it does the same for you! BIO:Dr. Aumatma is an award-winning naturopathic and holistic fertility doctor. She has been in practice for almost 15 years - helping couples create their dream family without drugs and injections. Dr Aumatma is also the best-selling author of "Fertility Secrets: What Your Doctor Didn't Tell You About Baby-Making," and is a sought out speaker on topics related to fertility. She spends much of her time outside of clinic, teaching and mentoring doctors who want to specialize in holistic fertility so that there can be more qualified doctors to support the growing population of over 6 million couples struggling with infertility nationwide-- while playing mom to her 2 year old toddler, conceived on their first try at an “older” age after practicing what she preaches daily to her clients. Dr Aumatma has been featured on ABC, FOX, CBS, KTLA, MindBodyGreen, The Bump, etc., along with being interviewed for countless podcasts on topics of fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum health. Sign up for the fertility course or learn more at: IG: FB:  Be sure to like, share and subscribe to keep the inspiration going!Find more resources such as the free Practice Clarity workbook at and follow on IG @nd.inspo along with YouTube and Facebook @ndinspo
January 5, 2021
Naturopathic Business Expert Prepares Us for Success in 2021 with Dr. Andrea Maxim, ND
In this episode I invited on Dr. Andrea Maxim to share with us some tips for success as we enter into the New Year. Dr. Andrea Maxim is a Naturopathic Doctor, founder of MAXIMized Business, the creator of the MAXIMized Practitioner Method, and the host of Profitable Practice podcast. So needless to say she is an expert in business and truly an inspiration.We chatted about;~2:00- What brought you to Naturopathic Medicine & then to become a Business Mentor?~7:00 - The importance of systems in business and practice~15:00- Non-negotiables every ND needs to have for success in 2021~21:00- How do you get it all done?!~23:00- Her first hire~27:00- What is CEO Mindset?~31:00- If you were to start from scratch...~37:00- Going virtual~41:00- It's okay to not be a CEO type~46:00- What keeps you inspired? Dr. Andrea MaximBIO:My name is Dr. Andrea Maxim, naturopathic doctor and I am the founder of MAXIMized Business and the creator of the MAXIMized Practitioner Method. My proven methodology helps outstanding health & wellness practitioners stand out with modernized marketing and messaging and also helps them build the simplest systems and strategies and instantly give time freedom back, so they can enjoy life outside of the office. As a practicing ND, running two six-figure clinics, she recognizes the importance of taking the right steps in the right order. If you are ready to get your practice operating in the black, take home a decent income, and grow it to six figures, reach her at: CONNECT:Free Game Plan Call: Free MAXIMized Practitioner Handbook:  ND InspoBe sure to like, share and subscribe to help keep the inspiration going. :)-Get your FREE Practice Clarity Workbook here and subscribe below; P.S. Looking to upgrade your emails, support ND Inspo podcast, AND get 50% off at the same time? Click here:
December 22, 2020
Helping Patients Implement Healthy Habits Through Mindset, Knowledge, Empowerment with Dr. Denise Patterson,ND
In this episode I spoke with Dr. Denise Patterson, ND about all things habits as she recently published her first book, Healthy Habits Haul. I must say, this is one of my favorite topics because I truly believe that habits are what build our health. With the new year quickly approaching, I wanted to get the scoop on what keeps us from creating those healthy habits despite having all of the information at our fingertips, how we can empower our patients to implement those habits and what mindset shifts need to be made in order to make them happen. We also dive into decision fatigue and how creating habits can free up space to allow for more creativity and less stress (which is great to keep in mind for fellow creative NDs).  Dr. Denise BioDr. Denise Patterson, ND is a Naturopathic Doctor practicing in Sunderland, Ontario. She is passionate about patient education and empowerment, helping patients take control of their health journey and start living the life they always dreamed of. She works with her patients to bring together the puzzle pieces of their health picture to help them reach their optimal level of health and happiness. Developing an individualized care model that incorporates your lifestyle, specific goals, health picture and personality; creating the healthcare experience you have been craving – casual, comfortable and collaborative. Follow Along and Get the Book; Instagram: Website: Healthy Habit Haul Book: Habit Haul Book DescriptionHave you let your health fall to the bottom of your priority list? Do you struggle to implement healthy habits into your life? Do you feel like you KNOW everything you should be doing but get overwhelmed with HOW to implement them into your everyday life? If your answer was “yes” to any of these questions, then Healthy Habit Haul is for you. In this book, Dr. Denise Patterson, ND, outlines the key elements she always incorporates into her treatment plans in a practical, no-holds-barred way to empower you to create the life you know you deserve. In this life-changing book, you will learn how to implement the key health habits that have helped so many reach their optimal health and happiness. This book contains the perfect blend between education and action. In this refreshingly effective how-to guide, each chapter will: - Help you establish your WHY by deepening your understanding of the importance of each habit to the foundation of optimal health and happiness - Guide you through fun and actionable challenges on HOW to implement these habits into your daily life, resulting in life long change - Transform your identity into the person you’ve always dreamt of being - Help you create a life in which you’re not just surviving, but THRIVING By the end of Healthy Habit Haul, you will have established the key health habits needed to reach the highest level of health and happiness. You will have shifted your identity into the person you always knew you were capable of being and created a life you’ve always dreamt of.  Help us keep the inspiration going by sharing, subscribing and liking our podcast and videos.As always, be well and stay inspired,Dr. K
December 10, 2020
Vaccine Optimization with Naturopathic Vaccine Educator Dr. Taylor Bean, ND
Dr. Taylor Bean is on a mission to help educate around vaccine optimation, to help reduce vaccine hesitancy, and to create a safe space for her patients to ask questions. In this episode we cover; Informed consentVaccine hesitancyOptimization: pre and post protocol Tylenol use with vaccinesSupporting routes of elimination Reporting adverse reactionsResources for further vaccine education Dr. Taylor Bean is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor located in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada. She has experience working largely with families, young ones and mamas-to-be. She brings her wisdom as a mother of two to help women achieve a healthy pregnancy and smooth labour. She has worked overseas In Singapore for two years which improved her skills in chronic illness as she saw various patients in SE Asia, India and Australia who were unable to find the care they needed. From her experience working overseas, to now being home and working since 2016, she has been able to blend Eastern and Western approaches from a clinical and cultural perspective. Overall, her passion lies in supporting those with Lyme disease and co-infections Pre- and post-natal care including labour support Pediatrics including Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, SPD, PANDAS/PANSDigestive complaints particularly SIBO and IBS Vaccine optimization and education Genetic report analysis (such as MTHFR) Connect with Dr. Taylor Bean; Website: Vaccine webinars: Instagram:
December 3, 2020
How to Improve Communication, Compliance, and Sales in Life and Practice with Dr. Jamil Sayegh, ND
This episode with Dr. Jamil Sayegh is one that you will want to listen to a few times over. For some context, I asked Dr. Jamil to come on because he is a Naturopathic Doctor as well as a life, business and relationship coach and I frequently see his inspirational posts on instagram so what better person to have on a podcast geared towards helping to keep Naturopathic Doctors and Students inspired?! I knew this would be a powerful episode but I was blown away by the end with how much actionable information Dr. Jamil provided for us all. We cover a wide range of topics including; importance of how we communicate to others, physician heal thyself, how to improve compliance (even with ourselves), how to change our mindset around sales and selling, how to become more clear on our goals and how to calculate our rates. So, listen, watch, take some notes and let us know what your biggest takeaways were! Dr. Jamil Sayegh is an international life, business, and relationship coach, integrative naturopathic physician, master NLP practitioner, and the author of 20 Steps to Your Next Breakthrough. He works with leaders and high performers from all walks of life including world-champion athletes, best-selling authors, entrepreneurs, business professionals, and more to create an extraordinary life without regret. Connect with Dr. Jamil;How I Can Support You: Client Stories: jamilsayegh189@gmail.comInstagram: or @drjamilsayegh Facebook: Linkedin: Be sure to like, share, and subscribe to ND Inspo on allllll the platforms to help us keep the inspiration going. Your support, feedback and comments are welcome and appreciated!
November 12, 2020
Marketing As Educating + How to Help More People and Work Less with Dr. Amanda Chay, ND
Recently I took a poll on what topics would be most helpful for you all and one of the responses was; MARKETING! Marketing can be a tricky area to navigate and one we tend to avoid because as Naturopathic Doctors we are here to serve, not sell, right?! Well that's true but as Dr. Amanda Chay explains in this episode, marketing is more about educating than it is about selling. In fact, in this episode she provides the perfect example of why we need to market more, and it's for people like her mother who don't know their options and don't know that there is so much we can do to help them improve their lives. There are still so many people that do not know what we do, what we have to offer, and how we can help them. This means that there are far too many people that are not receiving the care that could change their whole life. That is what we offer. So be sure to listen to this episode with Dr. Amanda Chay as we cover marketing, how to help more people, and reach your practice goals.  Dr. Amanda Chay is a Naturopathic Physician and business coach for wellness professionals. Running a thriving online hormone education platform, she now helps wellness professionals create multiple income streams so they can continue to serve more people while also experiencing financial freedom and work life balance. She's on a mission to help as many people as possible and empower wellness providers to create more wealth, help more people, and work less. As well as supporting wellness professionals, Dr. Amanda also owns a thriving clinic in BC, Canada, and a stress support supplement company called Enliven Naturals.  Be sure to subscribe, like, and share to keep the inspiration going.Sign up for our blog posts at and follow us on instagram @ nd.inspo
November 5, 2020
Naturalpreneurs: Building Your Successful and Scalable Practice with Dr. Jaquel Patterson, ND
In this episode, Dr. Jaquel shares with us her own experiences in business as well as some of the most common pitfalls she notices as she mentors fellow Naturopathic Doctors and Integrative Practitioners that wastes our time and keeps us from scaling up. Dr. Jaquel also discusses the benefits of niching, the importance of the culture within your practice, and how setting an intention for yourself and your practice can keep you focused and shift your perspective. Dr. Jaquel Patterson is a nationally recognized naturopathic physician, success coach, best-selling author, and sought-after speaker. She owns a successful multidisciplinary medical practice including naturopathic medicine, nutrition, internal medicine, physical therapy, and acupuncture in Fairfield, CT. She has over 12 years of clinical experience with a focus on autoimmune conditions, Lyme disease, allergies, anxiety/depression, and childhood developmental disorders. She is also the immediate Past President for the national association, American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and serves on the board of the Connecticut Association of Naturopathic Physicians. Dr. Jaquel is a sought-after speaker and presents at large conferences like Annual World Congress Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) Venetian, and has appeared multiple times on television, publications and radio. She has been published in New York Magazine, USA Today, Real Simple magazine, Under Armour, Fitness Pal, Natural Practitioner, Naturopathic Doctor News and Review, and the Spa Dr., amongst others.  Dr. Jaquel is also the Medical Advisor for Zycal Bioceuticals Healthcare and Vermont Hemp Health. She is also a contributor to Forbes Magazine and member of the Forbes Business Council and Expert Panel. In addition to her naturopathic medical degree, she has her MBA in Healthcare Management from Quinnipiac University and has her undergraduate degree from Cornell University. Connect with Dr. Jaquel;Book a Free Strategy Session: Learn More and Work with Dr. Jaquel: Buy the book, Naturalpreneurs: Social Media:IG: FB: Twitter:   Be sure to like, share, and subscribe to keep the Inspiration going! IG: @nd.inspo
October 1, 2020
Health Equity in the 2SLGBTQIA+ Community with Dr. Cyndi Gilbert, ND
In this episode Dr. Cyndi Gilbert joins me to discuss health equity for the 2SLGBTQIA+ community and what we as Naturopathic Doctors and students can do to continue making improvements within our profession and as healthcare providers. Dr. Cyndi also talks about her own journey towards becoming an advocate and a Naturopathic Doctor. Dr. Cyndi Gilbert, ND (she/her) is a naturopathic doctor, author, and faculty member at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. She has over 12 years of experience working with patients from marginalized and/or vulnerable populations, including Indigenous and racialized communities, people who are homeless or street-involved, people living with complex mental health issues, people who use drugs, people living with disabilities, 2SLGBTQIA+ communities, and people living in poverty.  Cyndi also facilitates cultural competency training for NDs, as well as providing curriculum and policy guidance to naturopathic schools and private clinics. Social Media:*All handles @drcyndindTwitter:   Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Website: Courses: Health equity resources & consults for 2SLGBTQ+ health cultural competency Books & Author Pages: Goodreads (author page):  Forest Bathing: Discovering health & happiness through the Japanese practice of Shinrin Yoku: Amazon (Forest Bathing): Amazon (author page):  Be sure to like, share, and subscribe to ND Inspo to keep the inspiration going!Instagram:
September 24, 2020
Younger Joints Today and Clinical Pearls for Joint Pain with Dr. Angela Cortal, ND
In this episode with Dr. Angela Cortal, we cover the 7 steps to improving joint pain, clinical pearls to be aware of with chronic joint pain, how hormones and mindset can play a role, a couple of case examples of hormones and joint pain, when to consider PRP or prolotherapy for your patients and where to start if you are interested in learning more about PRP and prolotherapy. Dr. Angela is a Naturopathic Physician, Best-selling author, Regenerative Medicine expert, speaker and teacher based in Oregon. She is passionate about reversing degenerative joint disease by addressing the root causes and recently published her new book Younger Joints Today, where she provides 7 steps to improving your joints as well as exercises, resources and a ton of supportive recipes to go along with it. In addition to her clinical practice, she teaches and speaks online on addressing your own joint pain, instructs physicians on advanced injection skills and lectures on hormones, joint health, and injection therapies. In her spare time she tends to her rural property with her husband Xavi and their two rescue dogs.  Get your copy of the book: FREE RESOURCES;-the 7 Hidden Causes of Joint Pain Checklist Connect with Dr. Angela:Website; Be sure to like, share and subscribe to keep the inspiration going!@nd.inspo
September 17, 2020
Journey Towards Becoming a Naturopathic Doctor, Author, and Publisher with Dr. Tursha Hamilton, ND
If you don't know Dr. Hamilton, she is an author, speaker, publisher, entrepreneur, coach and so much more! She has helped so many fellow NDs have their voices heard through her collaborative publishing efforts which in turn helps our Naturopathic community at large.In this episode, we cover so many great topics such as the elephant in the room aka the validity of Naturopathic Medicine, the importance of the Black Family Health-O-Pedia and resources like it, the importance of knowing our heritage, tips for aspiring authors, and Dr. Turshá's journey to and with Naturopathic Medicine so be sure to tune in for all that this episode has to offer! In practice, Dr. Turshá has a focus on Diabetes, Hypertension, and Digestive Disorders and uses a balanced approach to medicine, health and wellness by finding the root cause of diseases and treating it with methods like nutritional counseling, botanical medicine, lifestyle modifications and hydrotherapy. Her patients have seen amazing results over time which include decreases in pain, blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol as well as increases in vitality and energy. Dr. Turshá’s goal is to help you Live Better! Follow along with Dr. Turshá and find her books below; Website: bookstore: @DrTursha   Be sure to subscribe, like and share to keep the inspiration going! Follow us on IG @nd.inspo for weekly clipsJoin the email list at
September 10, 2020
A Drink Called Mindfulness, Identity, & Leveling Up with Dr. Erin Edwards
Dr. Erin Edwards is a recent graduate from CCNM, a Reiki Level II practitioner with a background in Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology. Dr. Edwards recently released her first book called, A Drink Called Mindfulness: How to go from Hot Mess to Self Aware Before 30, where she uncovers her own areas of growth through vulnerability and the tools she used to shift from apathetic to awake. In the intro to the book she says that; “Spoonfuls of mindfulness each day has replaced my addiction to alcohol, has helped me grieve the loss of my father, and helped me come to terms with my sexuality.” And what I loved about reading this book was the courage it took to be so vulnerable and honest as well as the actionable mindfulness tools Dr. Edwards provides for people to apply that only take 5 or so minutes. In this episode we dive into the 4 pillars of mindfulness, identity, the different cycles that we go through in life, and how we can level up with each of those cycles through mindfulness practices.Get your copy of the book and share with your patients here; Get more tools by Dr. Erin Edwards; Follow on IG; Be sure to subscribe, like, and share to keep the inspiration going!IG-
July 1, 2020
Naturopathy & Yoga Practice in India with Dr. Apar Soaji
In this episode I speak with my friend Apar Avinash Saoji, Ph.D., a Yoga and Naturopathy consultant in India, also holding a PhD in Philosophy (Yoga) with multiple peer reviewed research studies under his belt. We met several years ago at the International Congress on Naturopathic Medicine World Conference ( in Barcelona, and at the time he allowed me to pick his brain (I obviously love asking questions!) about how Naturopathic Medicine is practiced in India which is what we cover in this episode. Dr. Saoji also shares with us the philosophy he teaches to his students, the way Naturopathy and Yoga are practiced clinically, some of the research underway with Yoga, as well as some of the opportunities being made for Naturopathy in India. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did! A bit more about Dr. Apar Avinash Saoji;Dr. Apar holds a degree in Yoga and Naturopathic Medicine, as well as a PhD in Philosophy where his thesis was on the Neurocognitive and Psychophysiological Changes following Breath Holding as prescribed in yoga. Dr Apar’s research has been published in multiple peer reviewed journals and magazines. He is also the head of academics for the Yoga and Naturopathic Medical program as well as a professor for the undergraduate, master level and phD level programs at the University.Clinically, Dr. Apar is the Physician-in-charge for the Dept. of Rheumatology and Peripheral Musculoskeletal diseases at the University teaching hospital. As a Yoga and Naturopathy consultant, he has treated thousands of patients with lifestyle illnesses such as obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, back pain, arthritis, cancer care, etc. Learn more; Get in touch;LinkedIn: aparsaoji@gmail.comTwitter: Be sure to subscribe to ND InspoIG- @nd.inspoWebsite-
June 24, 2020
Staying Up-To-Date, Informed, and Educated with Dr. McKenzie Mescon, ND
Recently Dr. McKenzie Mescon posted about the passing of Dr. Burton Rose who created the clinical reference tool called Up-To-Date which has kept healthcare providers from around the world in the loop for years. In tribute to Dr. Rose she was inspired to share the many ways in which she keeps herself informed of the latest research and findings for her patients. I reached out to Dr. Mescon because I think that we all know it’s important to stay informed but maybe we aren’t sure which resources are best or available to us, so in this episode you will hear about many different resources, and not just the ones online, that you can use as well as Dr. Mescon's experience doing a Residency for those considering if a Residency is right for you. We also wanted to take a moment and note that keeping ourselves informed and educated includes educating ourselves about racism and the experiences of BIPOC so that we can be the change we need to see in our healthcare system. We've included some resources in the blog to get you started along with the resources Dr. Mescon has provided for staying up-to-date in the medical literature. Dr. McKenzie Mescon aka Dr. Mack is a Naturopathic Doctor graduating at the top of her class from NUHS. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in biology and non-fiction writing! She completed her residency in primary care and general practice at Spring Integrative Health in Bozeman, Montana where she continues to practice today. Dr. Mescon is also in the works of offering telemedicine for patients in her home state, Massachusetts. She is a writer, a hockey player, skier, trail runner, avid reader , nature explorer and fisherwomen with her Husband Hanzi. IG-
June 17, 2020
Physician,Heal Thyself: Biases, Self-love, Feeling “Not Enough” with Dr. Charley Cropley, ND
In this episode we begin the conversation of Physician, Heal Thyself in the context of the current events as well as it's general application and purpose in allowing us to be able to meet patients with our own self honesty and self love, giving them space to do the same for themselves which is where healing begins.Charley Cropley is a Naturopathic Doctor, teacher and author practicing in the Boulder/Denver area since 1979. He has trained hundreds of doctors in his methods of Self-Healing and vitalism; has been a frequent lecturer at the colleges of Naturopathic Medicine, and regularly leads courses and retreats. He is author of numerous articles, two books and an array of audios and videos. He has been voted best alternative Health care practitioner in Boulder, CO four of the last six years. Dr. Cropley works with all types of chronic and acute Health problems and rarely requires the addition of medicines or supplements.He teaches each client how to dramatically improve their Health & Vitality through four behaviors, which are;1. Wholesome Nutrition & Fasting2. Strengthening Exercise & Deep Rest3. Rational Thinking & Experiencing Emotion4. Cultivating Honest, Compassionate Relationships He teaches patients to improve these four behaviors by being more kind to themselves and seeking to understand themselves. He strives to live what he teaches. Find out more about Dr. Cropley's work and how to work with him through the Self-Healing Journey as a Naturopathic Doctor or Student at  Also be sure to subscribe and if you are a Naturopathic Doctor or Student, become a ND Inspo member for free by signing up at
June 9, 2020
Implicit Bias & Institutionalized Racism Affecting Healthcare with Kailey Williams, ND Student
In this episode, ND student Kailey Williams joins me to discuss some extremely important topics such as what implicit bias is, how these biases impact healthcare and health outcomes, how we can check our own implicit biases, how we can be better allies and make it a lifestyle change, and even some ways in which our education must improve to better represent all BIPOC for the sake of better treatments and health outcomes.We unpack a lot but this will be an ongoing conversation of how we, as a profession, can continue to do better. Kailey M. Williams is currently a 4th year medical student pursuing a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. Her intent is to address the holistic well being of her patients by focusing on the health of communities but empowering individuals with knowledge and tools they need to succeed. Through her studies she is mastering knowledge of physical medicine, botanical medicine, acupuncture, mind-body medicine and many other modalities. You can follow along with her on IG @love.mariek Check out the blog for resources and join the community at
June 5, 2020
The Self-Healing Journey and the 4 Behaviors with Dr. Charley Cropley, ND
In this episode we discuss Dr. Charley Cropley's own journey to Naturopathic Medicine and as a Naturopathic Doctor as well as what guided him to the 4 Behaviors and how they impact health and healing.
May 27, 2020
From Doubt in Naturopathic Medicine to Clarity with Dr. Kara Dionisio
Find your SPARK and LIGHT IT UP- Dr. Kara Dionisio
May 20, 2020
Hormone Health and Coming Full Circle in my Healing Journey with Dr. Laura Neville, ND
Dr. Laura Neville is a Naturopathic Doctor graduating from NUNM, with a background in massage therapy and exercise science as well as Ballet and competitive gymnastics (so cool!). She is the creator of Energy Explosion, she is a speaker, writer, and works with Labrix where she had her "full circle" moment in her healing journey which we talk about in this episode. We also talk about her own experience with Naturopathic Medicine which ultimately lead her to becoming a Naturopathic Doctor and why she states that although conventional medicine is what kept her alive, naturopathic medicine is what truly made her well.You can learn more about Dr. Laura Neville by following the links below!doctorneville.comIG: @drlauranevilleFB:
May 13, 2020
The Healing Power of Nature, Research, and Tips for Support During a Pandemic with Dr. Orna Izakson, ND
Dr. Orna is a Naturopathic Doctor, writer, registered herbalist, and environmentalist with extensive studies in botanical and herbal medicine, as well as  a Master’s degree in journalism.  She is currently practicing in Portland, Oregon at her eco-clinic, Celilo Natural Health Center.In this episode we discuss the role that Nature and greenspace play in our health as well as the research behind it, we’ll also discuss some ideas for you to share with your patients and clients during this time. Be sure to check out the blog for all of the references and resources mentioned during this interview.For research links go to: up with Dr. Orna;Instagram: Dr. Orna's free "5 Ways Nature Heals — and how to dose up during lockdown" guide here; Dr. Orna's Daily plant walks :
May 6, 2020
The Serpent & the Butterfly: the 7 Laws of Healing with Dr. Ben Reebs
Dr. Ben Reebs is a Naturopathic Doctor and owner of the Portland Clinic of Natural Health, he is an award-winning integrative physician, a NMI associate, and he has recently published his first book; the Serpent & the Butterfly , the 7 laws of Healing which is a wonderful guide to Naturopathic Medicine.Get the book here!Website: www.drreebs.comIG @drreebsFB
April 29, 2020
Going Virtual: Where to Start, Common Stalling Tactics, Keeping it Simple, Staying True to You with Dr. Tyna Moore, ND, DC
Dr. Tyna Moore is a Naturopathic and Chiropractic Doctor currently helping medical professionals create a presence online to help improve their businesses especially during this time. In this episode we cover so many topics around Marketing Mindset, Do's and Don'ts on Social Media, How to Keep things Simple and Common Stalling Tactics to be aware of and STOP doing.She is currently offering a FREE online course you can find here to Recession Proof Your Marketing.   Follow her on IG @drtynaBe sure to subscribe, share, and spread the word with your fellow NDs! We're all in this together.Follow us on IG @nd.inspo
April 21, 2020
Inequality as a Comorbidity: COVID-19 and Beyond with Dr. Dorian Richardson
Dr. Dorian Richardson and I sit down to discuss what is up with the racial disparities we are seeing with COVID-19, particularly the high mortality rates amongst African Americans. Dr. Dorian addresses the underlying factors that we need to be aware of and what we can do differently to help dispel inequality in the healthcare system as Naturopathic Doctors. Connect with Dr. Dorian Richardson at;
April 14, 2020
Understanding the Psycho-Social Implications of COVID-19 and How to Help as Naturopathic Doctors with Dr. Robert Kachko
Dr. Robert Kachko, N.D, L.Ac joins us today to discuss the psycho-social implications of COVID-19 and how we can address this with our patients and clients to better help them through this time. Dr. Kachko is the current President of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, Co-founder and CEO of TribeRx, and practicing Doctor and Acupuncturist at Inner Source Health in NY. He is a continued advocate for Naturopathic Medicine and understands the importance of our role in helping to transform healthcare. Learn more;Dr. Robert KachkoInner Source HealthTribeRxAANP
April 6, 2020
COVID-19, Naturopathic Principles, Togetherness with Dr. Louise Edwards
Dr. Louise Edwards ND, LAc discusses how to clinically rationalize COVID-19, how to apply our Naturopathic Principles when approaching cases, why togetherness is so important at this time, and how to utilize techniques such as kindness and compassion for our own health and the wellbeing of others.
April 1, 2020
COVID-19 Updates and Actions Steps for NDs with Dr. Jill Skurnowicz
Dr. Jill provides updates on the current circumstances of the pandemic, clinical signs to be aware of, and actions steps that we as Naturopathic Doctors can be taking to help our community at large. You can find Dr. Jill at Listeners should consult with their primary care physician before making any changes to their current health routines.
March 30, 2020