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By Neil Firszt
In depth conversations about our experience of life.
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BeHigherBeings 1st EVER Episode! Overcoming Addictions Part 1 of 2


BeHigherBeings 1st EVER Episode! Overcoming Addictions Part 1 of 2


A Flat Earth Awakening
Join “Flat Earth Dave” Weiss and myself for an amazing 90 minutes of down to (flat)earth conversation and see if you don’t have flat earth awakening! I hadn’t looked into Flat Earth until a few days before recording this podcast, which I’ve been doing non-stop since! You may even be able to tell I’m a little worn out in the interview... that’s because my head hurts and it feels like it weighs 500 lbs. Why? I can’t find any proof of a spinning ball Earth and the concept of spinning on an axis at over 1000 mph while orbiting and chasing the sun is starting to become ridiculous. It’s the indoctrination and brainwashing of what I learned in school leaving my brain and making room for a sustainable reality. Ridiculous science fiction explanations and leaving important evidence out to make a “mathematical theory” work are not truth, nor are they facts, but that’s what the mainstream ”science” community wants people to believe. Even if the conversation doesn’t sway you, which it’s not meant to do because you’re a free thinking human being if you choose to be, see the undeniable reality that we have controllers and deceivers scripting a narrative that benefits the few and leaves out the many and they’re using fear to do it. It only takes seeing one lie to flush out the rest. Learn more about Dave Weiss and Flat Earth! Flat Earth Sun & Moon Clock App: DITRH YouTube Channel: Flat Earth Podcast FaceBook Page: 102 year old Ruth was taught the earth is flat in the 1920's: Must watch DITRH video recommended by me: The 13 BIGGEST science lies you’ve been told Referenced DITRH video from the episode. Dr Rashad Richey HATES flat earth. __________________________________________ Don’t forget to pick your copy of my new book! The Bullshit Machine: Transcending the Delusion of Who We Think We Are #BeHigherBeings Looking for your self confidence and courage but in reality are too afraid to leave the house without a mask because so called “authority” might say something? BeHigherBeings helps people like you find what you’re looking for. Human up! Let’s do an free 30 minute interest chat and see if hiring a life coach is right for you:
February 17, 2021
BeHigherBeings Podcast #005 with guest Jill Ogle
Welcome to the BeHigherBeings Podcast with Jill Ogle from Sacred Rebels! Join us for just under an hour of a heart to heart, authentic conversation between two life coaches! About Jill: Jill is a devoted student of self development and consciousness. She has used her learnings in her previous career as a successful Real Estate Agent and after a series of life changing events, she awakened to her life purpose. She has completed extensive training as an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner & Trainer, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and New Thought Teacher. She has studied with some of the greatest teachers in the world from India and Western cultures. She has the innate ability to help you to understand your mind, uncovering core issues and blocks that may be holding you back, by guiding you through a series of processes to release barriers. By providing outside the box therapy, coaching and her unique sense of humor, she will guide you from where you are to where you want to be. Her coaching approach is derived from concepts spanning thousands of years old to up to date scientific backed methods, bridging the perceived gap between spirituality and science. She is an avid philanthropist and real estate investor and spends her time travelling, practicing yoga and developing conscious communities. "I help game changers, entrepreneurs and personal development junkies to stop spinning the wheels and finally get some traction on their dreams." Find Jill @! Email Jill at Find Neil @ Email Neil at #BeHigherBeings
October 05, 2020
BeHigherBeings Podcast Episode #004 With Guest Tommy Bonner
Tommy Bonner is an entrepreneur from Texas that built a million dollar landscaping company out of the trunk of his car at 20 years old and that was just the beginning! He has since started many other businesses, including his successful bar, Bier Haus in Lubbock Texas! Tommy lives life on his terms (he’s shopping for airplanes!) and he’s giving some wisdom and advice to help you achieve something similar in your life! Check out his website
January 23, 2019
BeHigherBeings Podcast Episode #003 with guest Dave Warden
Dave Warden is the author of “Don’t Be That Guy: Career Advice from 30 Years Down the Road”. You can also read his blog which is comprised of over 11 years of this mans thoughts through countless ups and downs in business and in life! Dave delivers a powerful positive message through possibly the biggest crossroads of his life, as over the past year he has been through a divorce, job loss, and a cancer diagnosis. You gotta listen in and hear why today is the best day of Dave Warden’s life! #BeHigherBeings
January 22, 2019
BeHigherBeings Podcast #002 Overcoming Addictions Part 2!
In this episode, I run through strides six through nine! I also go over what to do in your first 48 hours that will help bulletproof the changes you’re making!
January 19, 2019
BeHigherBeings 1st EVER Episode! Overcoming Addictions Part 1 of 2
In this episode, I explain where addictions come from and exactly how to make the epigenetic and neuroplastic changes needed to fully recover! Check me out everywhere by searching Neil Firszt. Since I’m the only Neil Firszt in the U.S., I won’t be hard to find! Also check out my book on Amazon- Recovered: The Cure For Alcoholism and of course...
January 17, 2019