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The Nickel 'n Dime Podcast is a sports podcast that takes a local, regional, and national view of what's going on in the sports world.
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Blast through the past, Coach O sweetens up, Give UCF a shot; Nickel 'n Dime Season One Finale
In the season finale of the Nickel 'n Dime Podcast, we take a look back at the evolution that Nickel 'n Dime has undergone since its humble beginnings back in September. Stick around for the back half of the show to be listen through the archives. Harry and Tyler open the show by talking about what Tyson Helton needs to do to put the Tops back on top. Tyler and Casey then break down the College Football Playoffs before once again going on rants about why UCF should be in. Coach O then comes in and breaks down why his Tigers will ruin UCF's undefeated streak, and then goers on to blame the media for LSU's struggles. In the last Harry's Heisman Hopefuls of the season, Harrison casts his ballot for Tua but says that Kyler Murray should be right there with him.
December 6, 2018
Helton Era on the Hill, Coach O thinks LSU won, special guest Brett Williams; Nickel 'n Dime Ep. 12
After a break over the Thanksgiving holiday, voice of the Lady Toppers Brett Williams joins the show as Tyler, Harry, and Casey are back. Coach Mike Sanford Jr. is out and Tyson Helton is in as head coach of the Hilltoppers football team. Tyler and Harry discuss that and WKU's back-to-back wins to close the season before moving on to the rest of the college football landscape. Casey and Tyler discuss the conclusion of one of the best regular seasons in Kentucky history before discussing the most over and underrated teams in the CFP rankings. Coach O returns from the bayou after a heartbreaking 7 overtime loss to Texas A&M but seems much more upbeat after this loss. In the last half of the hour, WKU women's basketball play-by-play announcer Brett Williams joins the show to discuss his hometown Redskins and who he wants to see matched up in the Super Bowl.
November 29, 2018
Great weekend for Tennesseans, tough one for everyone else (except Coach O); Nickel 'n Dime Ep. 11
Tyler and Harry open this week's show trying to find some positive way to spin WKU football's season so far before giving up and moving onto Charles Bassey, because who wouldn't? Tyler and Casey then discuss UK's disappointing loss to Tennessee, before Coach O returns to declare his Tigers back in the Playoff hunt. With Tua's injury, Harry gives the rundown on a suddenly tightening Heisman race, before Natalie tries continue her bounce back in Natural Selection. Junnie Riddle joins the show to discuss all things NFL, including Leveon Bell's decision not to return to the Steelers this year. Tyler and Harry close out the show with What Not to Watch For, with Harry declaring Kentucky dead in the water.
November 15, 2018
Are the Cats legit, do the Titans have a chance, will Coach O be okay; Nickel 'n Dime Episode 10
New intro, who dis? Episode 10 rings in a new intro and a new guest on the show, as Kaden Gaylord joins the guys to argue that the Cats are still for real. Coach O has some explaining to do after LSU's loss to Bama, and after another WKU loss, Harry and Tyler try to figure out if the Tops can win again. Casey and Tyler discuss the new CFP rankings, as well as looking at the Titans' chances in a wide open AFC South.
November 8, 2018
Spooky intro, DJ Webby Webb, Coach O contract, and Kansas wins; Nickel 'n Dime Podcast Episode 9
For a special Halloween edition of the Nickel 'n Dime Podcast, Mark Webster joins the show to discuss the struggles of WKU football and the expectations surrounding the Hilltoppers on the hardwood. Tyler announces Coach O's official contract with Nickel 'n Dime, and Casey joins them to discuss the first College Football Playoff rankings. Natalie looks to ride the wave of momentum surrounding Kansas' victory, and Harry breaks down after a heartbreaking loss in fantasy football.
November 1, 2018
WKU can't win, Cats and Coach O can't lose, Titans go for two; Nickel 'n Dime Podcast Episode 8
Tyler and Harrison open this week's show trying to figure out why it is that this WKU team just can't close out games. Casey joins the show to discuss UK and the rest of the college football scene, with Coach O joining the fray to declare Nick Brosette the Heisman Trophy winner and LSU the national champions. Harry jumps on the Tua train, and Natalie returns from her bye week for Natural Selection. Casey returns to talk NFL, going over his predictions for the rest of the NFL season. Tyler closes with what not to watch for, warning WKU fans that this slide is nowhere near over.
October 25, 2018
A bad weekend for local football fans, Ed Orgeron makes his debut; Nickel 'n Dime Podcast Episode 7
Tyler, Harry, and the guys discuss WKU's continued slide and UK's return from their bye week. LSU coach Ed Orgeron makes his debut on the show, arguing that Nick Brossette is the greatest college football player ever. John Reynolds talks all things NFL, and Tyler rounds out the show with his weekly fantasy advice.
October 18, 2018
Nickel 'n Dime Podcast Episode 6
In the sixth episode of the Nickel 'n Dime podcast, Tyler and Harry welcome Casey and John back once again to discuss everything going on in college football and the NFL. Natalie tries to get back on track in Natural Selection, and the guys try to figure out what went wrong for the Titans in Buffalo.
October 11, 2018
Nickel 'n Dime Podcast Episode 5
The Nickel ‘n Dime Podcast was created over a month ago to inform and entertain, adn this week’s edition is the most entertaining yet. In the fifth episode of the Nickel ‘n Dime Podcast, the guys discuss week 5 of the college football season, with Casey Warner returning to talk about UK being a legitimate contender to Georgia. Harry’s Heisman Hopefuls and Natural Selection go completely off the rails, as usual, and John Reynolds joins the show for the first time to talk Steelers football. 1:57 WKU lets another one slip past 8:00 UK, top 15 football team 13:30 CFP Contenders and Pretenders 20:44 Harry’s Heisman Hopefuls 25:38 TYLER WALKS OUT ON HARRY 28:30 Natural Selection 35:44 Roadrunners play Fortnite??? 37:51 Fly Titans Fly 44:00 Dear Steelers, “It’s atrocious” 49:15 Who can touch KC and LA? 56:57 Fantasy tips from a loser 1:01:11 What not to watch for
October 4, 2018
Nickel 'n Dime Podcast Episode 4
In this week's installment of the Nickel 'n Dime Podcast, Tyler and Harry bring back Casey Warner to discuss UK's jump into the Top 25, as well as the Rams' dominance so far this season. The guys also look at WKU's first win of the season and preview the coming weeks of the college and NFL seasons. 1:17 WKU gets in the win column 10:12 Can UK take the next step? 18:40 Big week 5 of college football 23:53 Harry’s Heisman Hopefuls 30:42 Natural Selection 37:14 Titans make a statement in the AFC South 47:32 Rams and Chiefs continue to dominate 59:04 Fantasy Football 1:03:07 What not to watch for
September 27, 2018
Nickel 'n Dime Podcast Episode 3
In Episode 3 of the Nickel 'n Dime Podcast, Tyler and Harry welcome John Alden to discuss WKU's loss to Louisville and the rest of the college football world. Harry gives an update on his Heisman Hopefuls, and Natalie Turner returns for another segment of Natural Selection. In the second half of the episode, the guys discuss week 2 of the NFL regular season and try to figure out what has gotten into Ryan Fitzpatrick. Coming off a tight loss to Harry in fantasy, Tyler releases all of his frustrations on the Giants before giving this week's fantasy roll of the dice. 1:44 WKU loss to Louisville/previewing Ball State 8:32 What happened to the Big Ten? 13:58 Who competes with Bama? 18:42 Looking at big Week 4 matchups 24:48 Harry’s Heisman Hopefuls 30:42 Natural Selection 36:20 Where do the Titans stand? 42:54 Do you believe in Fitz-magic? 48:30 Mahomes mania 53:07 Harrison beats Tyler in fantasy 54:10 Tyler is NOT a Giants fan 56:48 Fantasy roll of the dice 1:01:25 What not to watch for
September 20, 2018
Nickel ‘n Dime Podcast Episode 2
In this week’s episode of the Nickel ‘n Dime podcast, Tyler and Harry go in depth on WKU football’s situation, as well as UK’s big win over Florida. Plus, the guys talk week 1 of the NFL regular season, with Tyler going off on the Saints defense. 0:00 Intro 1:02 WKU drops home opener to Maine 5:25 Who can WKU beat? 10:00 The streak is over 16:02 Where does UK go from here? 20:18 Harry’s Heisman Hopefuls 25:56 Natural Selection 31:45 Previewing Week 3 of CFB 34:08 Titans drop ugly season opener 42:20 Rams spoil Gruden’s return 47:25 Week 2 NFL mini-preview 50:57 Fantasy roll of the dice 55:20 Ryan Fitz-nothing 59:47 What not to watch for
September 13, 2018
Nickel 'n Dime Podcast Episode 1
In the first episode of the Nickel 'n Dime Podcast, listen to Tyler and Harry dive into the opening weeks of the NFL and college football, with some fantasy football tips thrown in, as well! 1:20 Opening weekend of college football 10:01 Harry’s Heisman hopefuls 19:10 WKU football 24:00 Week 2 preview 26:50 CFP Predictions 31:50 NFL Week 1 preview 38:40 NFL playoff and Super Bowl predictions 48:50 Breaking down our fantasy teams 54:54 Roll of the dice fantasy plays 60:52 What not to watch for
September 10, 2018
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