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Str8 NO Chaser Da Podcast

Str8 NO Chaser Da Podcast

By Chris Isaac
Once A Week You'll Hear The Reality America Faces With To The Point Commentary on The African American Agenda In The World From One Man's Perspective Dealing With Social Media & Mainstream Agenda /Political Biases People Of Color Face Daily
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Information Overload

Str8 NO Chaser Da Podcast

Attention Black Community : Thoughts & Prayers Are Not Keeping Your Kids Safe From Gun Violence !
At Some Point We Have To Stop Telling Ourselves That Sending Victims Our Thoughts & Prayers Solves Or Consoles The Violent Crime Issues In The Black Community. I say that to say this , everyday / week our children die by the hands of an individual someone knows and is known to have a propensity for violence yet no one protects the community from them but act shocked or most of the time they're not surprised at all with an encounter turns to chaos and ends in the death of a member in the community, and yet we offer our prayers & thoughts for the victim. This does not solve any of the problems we have appeared to normalize and turn a blind eye to in the black community. IT'S TIME WE QUIT BEING OK WITH THIS !
June 02, 2021
The Black Agenda & The Enemy Within
SEASON 2 Begins As We Have The Possibility To Gain Ground For Black Causes , And Opportunities Seem To Progress Forward , We Are Still Face With Challenges To The American Black Agenda Not Only From Those That Intend To Keep Control Of Any Progress That Is To Be Made But Also By Those That Can't Seem To Get Out Of Their Own Way. At A Time When We Demand To Be Treat Like Humans By Politicians , Police and The Judicial System The Counter Culture Within Our Black Communities Seems Hell Bent On Killing Our Own & Make The Case Of The Racist Agenda Narratives That We Can't Handle Our Personal Liberties . Just Telling It Str8 - No Chaser 
March 09, 2021
The Weaponization Of The Black Agenda , To Criminalize Your Culture Politically
Allowing A political Party To Criminalize Your Culture Gives Them The Power To Control It, How Associating Your Protest With Violence Is Used To Criminalize Your Culture To Rile Up White Supremist to Secure Their Votes & Strike Fear Into Others To Secure Theirs .  The GOP Party Has A Whole Propaganda Campaign That Depicts Black Americans As Out Of Control Criminals That Democrats Allow To Prey Upon White America & If They Don't Stand Up Against You , Then Their Livelihoods Will Be In Jeopardy. This Is What Is Happening In These Runoff Elections NOW   
November 29, 2020
Community Opportunity Knocking For Those Willing To Participate & Not Spectate
Election 2020 Showed The Black Community It's Power Abroad , Statistics Show They Won't Show Up To Prove It Wasn't A Fluke Like In 2010 and 2016, I Think The Stats will Be Proven Wrong , The Black Agenda Will Be The 2021 Agenda And We Will Push The Ball Forward . 
November 21, 2020
Splitting The Black Vote Dilutes The Black Agenda And Destroys Your Community, And Should Not Be Respected
If Your Poll Numbers In Your City Is Below The Poll Numbers Of A Popeyes Chicken Sandwich, Then Why Split The Black Vote, Your Agenda Is A Personal Beef and Not In The Interest Of The Community You Claim To Want To Serve .
November 04, 2020
The Impact Of A Community devouring It's Young , The Need For A Solution To A Resolution
We Talk About How Sometimes Our Own Personal Ambitions Can Hinder Community Growth & Prosperity Political Crabs In The Community Barrel , How Political Ambitions Can Hurt The Black Agenda When We Decide To Take Action Instead Of Being Part Of The Process Of  Recovery. Everyone Thinks They Are The Answer While Watching Their Black Community Implode As They Wait For The Opportunity For Their Black Counterparts To Fail So They Can Jump In , Instead Of Helping To Not Have To Jump In To Undo The Process.
October 27, 2020
2 n 2 My Two Cents in Two Minutes
You Should Want To Know Why People Play Dumb ,  usually Spin The Truth To Support Their Narratives
October 23, 2020
The Daily Media VS The Black Agenda
The Daily Media VS The Black Agenda The Effect of Everyday Media Events On The Black Agenda
October 11, 2020
Information Overload
How Much Do we Really Need To Know ? What's relevant & What's Not ? How Did We Get Here ?  Chris Attempts to Explain Just How This effects The Black Agenda & How We Got Here
September 24, 2020
Da Indie Party
New Music From Indie Artist Southern Soul R&B 
May 26, 2019
Da Soul Suite " Fistfull Of Indie"
Listen To Some Of Your Favorite Southern Soul & R&B Music From Your favorite Indie Artist Along With Your Favorite Old School Jams
April 25, 2019
Da Soul Suite EP 1
R&B Blues & Southern Soul also Featuring New Music From Independent Artist , And Some Of Your Favorite Old School Jams
April 14, 2019