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Not Another Runner

Not Another Runner

By Natalie Hawkins
Not another running podcast! Running Podcast, created by your run of the mill, everyday runner. Join and listen to episodes with me Natalie, "@notanotherrunner" as I chat about all things running, training & health related to help keep you motivated, inspired and enthusiastic using an active approach of gratitude and mindfulness.
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24. Liz Warner - Run to Reach. A Woman on a Mission. 30 Marathons before 30 raising money for local charities globally - Supporting & Empowering Women. "Say yes to a crazy idea!"

Not Another Runner

24. Liz Warner - Run to Reach. A Woman on a Mission. 30 Marathons before 30 raising money for local charities globally - Supporting & Empowering Women. "Say yes to a crazy idea!"

Not Another Runner

53. Kelly Ruck | @kellogsontherun | Once a runner - always a runner!! | Running Postpartum; Coming back from injury and BQ Attempt
Today’s guest is a mother, a marathoner and ultra runner! Kelly balances training with her busy family life. Kelly is also a very well known face in the online running community… with several thousands of followers online, and has been featured on the cover of Women’s Running Magazine during 2020 Kelly initially struggled when she first started running, but since then she states that running has brought everything to her life, and that her whole life has changed thanks to running; including managing the grief of losing her first born son; assisting her with the management of her Type 1 Diabetes; brought friendships; and was even how she met her current partner Matt Rees, with who she has since had a baby. During this episode myself and Kelly discuss many aspects of her journey through running; the struggles of first starting running the highs and lows of training: injuries, and coming back from injury; navigating the process of running through pregnancy and coming back postpartum improvement in running, and working towards major goals Kelly shares her big goal she is working towards this year, qualifying for Boston. She shares how much she will need to knock off her current PB, and her very special reason as to why she wants to qualify this year. Kelly shares invaluable insights, tips and encouragement for us all, it is a must listen!! Links  Kelly  Instagram: Website: Youtube and Run With Series Home:  Natalie Website: Instagram: Facebook:
April 8, 2021
52. Charlotte Clarke - “Tough Times don’t last, tough people do — it’s time to gain momentum together” | Post 2 x heart surgery and rediscovering running for a greater cause.
Today’s guest is Charlotte Clarke - a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer, an ex professional dancer, and ex body builder, an ultra runner who is a perfect fit for the Not Another Runner Podcast as her aim is much like this podcast: …to encourage others to get active no matter what obstacles they have had to overcome! This aim mirrors that of the NAR Podcast, and its Get up and Get Going despite level of ability or past experiences, to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle. What inspires me about Charlotte is how - despite going through two heart operations and the inevitable recovery Charlotte endured, this has not stopped her from getting up and getting going to reach her goals, and inspiring others in the process. After 9 years of no running, due to a lost love in the sport - Charlotte challenged herself to run a solo virtual 50km in September 2020 - her very first ultra. Since then she has gone on to run another two ultras and has challenged herself to run the 100km Salomon Serpent Trail in September, and then her GMT Challenge - Gain Momentum Together, on 30/10/21 when the clocks return to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) Charlotte is challenging herself to run the 25 hours and see how much of the 242km of the London Loop [The London Outer Orbital Path] she can complete, all in aid of raising money for Sporting Minds UK - see links for Charlotte’s GMT fundraising page. Charlotte is an absolutely resilient, and determined individual - who is quite clearly a force to be reckoned with in the best sense of the phrase. Links Charlotte Instagram: Youtube: Website:   Fundraising Page: Sporting Minds Uk Natalie Website: Instagram:
April 1, 2021
51. Joshua Trigwell - @JRTRunCoach Athlete and Coach - 7 x National Finalist, Motivational Speaker and Mindset Approach
Today’s episode I introduce you all another runner, an athlete and a coach who is only 27 years old, and has accomplished so much already including 7 time national finalist, 3 time U23 European Trials Finalist, Achieving a sub 30 minute in the 10k and sub 15 in the 5k . Today’s guest has a degree in Physical Sport Education. He is a 1-2-1 Coach; Coach of All Boys Sport Scholarship Programme, and coach of JRT Run Coach and he is a motivational speaker.  Josh is such a dedicated, committed and motivated individual. His Motivation, faith and determination is infectious. And I wish Josh all the success in the World in both his own running career and his Coaching career too! 27 Athlete, Runner and Coach Aiming for 2024 Olympics 5k 7 x National Finalist 3 x U23 European Trials Finalist 4 x English Schools XC Finalist 4 x Regional Champion 8 x County Champion Josh’ Personal Bests 10km - 29.58 5km - 14.15 3km - 8.09 1500m - 3.45 Joshua Trigwell   Instagram:  Not Another Runner - Natalie Hawkins Instagram: Facebook: All other links:
December 11, 2020
50. Marcus Brown - @themarathonmarcus - Podcast Host of A Runner's Life. WMM Six Star Finisher. A Journey from 4:55 Marathon to Sub 3 and the invaluable lessons learnt along the way.
Today’s Guest is Marcus Brown, Marcus Brown is  a  Runner, Husband, Father of Two and works full time. He is an Abbot World Marathon Majors Six Star Finisher.  Marcus, the Host of A Runner’s Life Podcast, Co-founder of the Black Trail Runners, is a familiar voice to the this Podcast Already - you will have heard myself and Marcus chat during our Mash Up Episodes, where we co-host 'Not Another Runner's Life' on both this Podcast and on Marcus' Podcast.  Please note for reference this was recorded just three weeks after Marcus’ Sub 3 Marathon and was at the end of October. Marcus is an extremely driven and dedicated individual, someone who I admire greatly for so many reasons including his dedication and tenacity in not only his running, but all that he does with his own Podcast and the invaluable episodes he shares with the listeners and running community and all the collaborative work he has done with the Black Trail Runners, something he speaks more of during his incredible interview on Mario Frailoli’s podcast: The Morning Shakeout. The Black Trail Runners is a Uk-based community and campaigning group whose mission is to increase inclusion, representation and participation of Black People in trail running. Today myself and Marcus talk about his journey from 4:55 to Sub 3 Marathon and the invaluable lessons he has learnt along the way. This chat was great, and I know you guys will enjoy this episode, please let myself and Marcus know that you’re tuning in… take a screen shot and share with us online. We chat about: Marcus’ journey of Running 4:55 Marathon - 2:56 Sub 3 Marathon Experience and the journey in getting there  How Marcus felt after achieving the major goal Being mindful of others whilst we strive for our own goals What working towards a big goal can teach you How stopping and pausing is beneficial and not always unproductive How Running is a time to process thoughts The importance of offering Value, and giving back to others. Marcus Brown - @themarathonmarcus Instagram: Website All Other Links Facebook: Not Another Runner - Natalie Hawkins Instagram: Facebook: All other links:
December 5, 2020
49. Sha Hussain - Founder of The Wellness Movement, Be More You - Well-being Consultant, 20 x Marathoner. Be More You.
Today I get to introduce to you all another runner, originally from Hackney, now residing in Essex, he is the founder of the Wellness movement, Be More You and Wellbeing Consultant at Mayor of London. Today’s guest formerly worked in Media, and confessed to living an unhealthier lifestyle until he discovered running. He has since ran 20 Marathons, the first being London in 2006 and the last one being Moscow in 2019. Today’s guest is passionate about community and mental health and loves to support people and causes close to his heart…. And I can absolutely couch for this, since connecting with Sha several last month, Sha has been incredibly supportive, it is so evident that he cares - his mission is to support others and their wellbeing and lead happier lifestyles Today’s guest is of course Sha Hussain… What to expect: Me and Sha check in with each other using the Two Word approach to describe how we are feeling at the beginning and at the end of the chat We talk about the Be More You / Love Trails (in Partnership with Lululemon) Virtual Well-being Event recently held on Work Mental Health Day Be More You - a and the Safe Space created for runners to join, be your authentic self, come to listen, learn new skills to improve mental well-being and to encourage learning and development to help in every day life How Lockdown initially impacted on Sha, and his coping mechanisms Meditation and how this benefits Sha Sha’s Running History which includes; Speed Project (Los Angeles - Las Vegas Relay 49 hours) and completing 6 Marathons the same year Marathon du Mont Blanc PERMA Model and how this can assist us Links Sha Hussain  The Wellness Movement Be More You  Not Another Runner - Natalie Hawkins Instagram: Facebook: All other links:
November 13, 2020
48. Rav Billan - Run Streak Day 974 - Marathoner. Breaking the stereotype. How to focus on your goals, and dreams despite facing negativity from others and navigating imposter syndrome
Today’s guest is not only another runner, but a Not Another Runner listener, and friend, Rav Billan. Rav is a runner who is currently on a Run Streak and at day 974 today the 06/11/20 (if my maths serves me correctly).  Rav and I talk about so many great things during this chat - which was recorded 3 weeks ago - (for reference). We talk about how Rav got into running, why and how she started run streaking, the judgement Rav has faced with running, and run streaking; what motivates Rav; why breaking the stereotype is important, and we talk about imposter syndrome too -  and how we can continue to follow our dreams and goals despite the negative talk we may face. It was so great to be able to chat with Rav and understand her goals, mission, and motivation. If you ‘re listening today - please take a screen shot - share with Rav and I online, and let us know what you take away from this chat. Links Rav Billan Instagram: Natalie Hawkins - Not Another Runner Instagram: Facebook: All other links:
November 6, 2020
47. Fitter Healthier Dad - Darren Kirby. Ironman and Kona Ironman World Championships Qualifier. How you can take advantage of changes, adapting, and making the best of any situation!
Today’s guest is a fellow Podcast Host, Darren Kirby. Darren is a triathlete Ironman, and the Fitter Healthier Dad (TM) Darren has lost 28kg himself, and has gone through his own transformation. From struggling to run on the treadmill and swimming to qualifying in the Ironman Word Championships! We talk about how living a fitter and healthier lifestyle can and should be much more simple than we are often lead to believe. Darren talks about his fitness and weight loss journey, and how much he has gained since beginning the journey. And Darren has set himself a mission - to help 1 million Dads improve their nutrition and fitness. Darren is a father of 2, who has educated himself in nutrition and exercise and his purpose now is to help others. Instagram: Facebook: 90 Day Challenge  5 Day Challenge Starting 02/11/20   Not Another Runner - Natalie Hawkins Instagram: Facebook: All other links:
October 30, 2020
46. Nick Bester - aka @justalilbester Runner, Run Coach. Sub 2:30 Marathoner - What Nick thinks has helped his running improve, and how you can implement this too!
Today’s episode I am joined with Nick Bester, a runner and Run Coach. Nick is from South Africa, and moved to London 4 years ago, he has been running since 2010. He worked in the corporate world for 10 years, and recently became a Run Coach. Nick shares with us today - what inspired him to start running, why he runs and his #WhyIRun - to what he attributes his great improvement in his running, and it’s probably not what you think... - how he has made his daily routine work for his running, - how he makes his strength training simple but super effective - very valuable tips and advice for runners - how he has helped keep his athletes motivated during this difficult year - his Comrades (ultra)Marathon experience (96km) - His Sub 2:30 Marathon, and specifically his most recent Marathon PB of 2:28:35 Links Nick Bester Blog: Alternative Morning Routine: Natalie - Not Another Runner Instagram: Facebook:
October 13, 2020
45. Ruth Bennett @ruth_runs "Keep Going, and never give up" - How to remain motivated with your running.
Ruth Bennet, is a wife, mother to two and a Secondary School Drama Teacher. Ruth who is also widely known as @ruth_runs online via Instagram is a Team Runderwear, Runr and Pretty Athletic and Premax Ambassador.  Ruth started running in 2001. Much of her running journey began with her late father. Ruth will be running this Saturday - a Marathon to Mark the milestone birthday she has coming up next week. Ruth will be raising money for the local Hospice Charity which supported her and her sister when her father passed. You will hear about Ruth’s father in this chat - and the link to Ruth’s Just Giving Page is in the show notes for this Podcast, please see Apple Podcasts - and see the Show Notes below. This was such a great chat with Ruth - I’d been wanting to get her on Not Another Runner Podcast for such a long time, it ended in perfect timing - right before Ruth's big birthday and Birthday Marathon Fundraiser.  We chatted abut Lockdown, and how she managed these difficult times with balancing family and training. We spoke about motivation, and how to remain motivated in training; injury and how coming back can make you so grateful, and we spoke of how Ruth has improved with her running over the years. Ruth tells us how she went from a 2:15 Half Marathon in her Twenties to 1:44 and how she improved her marathon from 5:25 to 3:55 at age 39.  Links Ruth Bennett Just Giving - Birthday Marathon Fundraiser  Website  Natalie - Not Another Runner All Other Links:
September 11, 2020
Not Another Runner's Life #2 with Marcus BrownMarathon Training, Black Trail Runners, Injury and TikTok and Instagram Reels
This Episode of the Podcast is the 2nd instalment of the Not Another Runner’s Life, where I am joined by my co-host Marcus Brown. This is a conversation between two friends, discussing:  Current events in the Running World and Community Inspiring stories and snippets from both our Podcasts What we have learnt within the month from the World of Podcasting Current and trending topics Questions for each other; including how we are doing with training, running and life And then we finish off with something positive. This Month we discuss Marcus’ very busy and exciting schedule, the inspiring episodes he has published over on his Podcast: A Runner’s Life this past month. Marcus informs us all on Black Trail Runners - their aim, and how he is involved with the community. We also hear about Marcus’ Marathon Training and upcoming Goal. I catch up with Marcus about Not Another Runner’s latest episode with ultra runner and Elite Runner and Redbull athlete Tom Evans, Marcus shares his views on this episode and I confess to one of the embarrassing and big mistake I made during that interview, but also some great take aways and insights from this interview, and what myself and Marcus observe from hosting a Podcast. I catch you all up on what’s been going on in my little world; we chat about injury and living daily with pain. I speak about my recent Month-long meditation and what I have noticed since not practicing daily, and one tip I find useful with meditating. One of the biggest things we talk about in this episode, is remembering that we can only control that which is within our control. And approaching stressful situations in a calm manner where possible. Why you can prepare the best you can, but still on the day things won’t always go to plan, but reflecting on the experience is beneficial for moving forward. We talk about social media, including Instagram Reels, TikTok - and the benefits of utilising Social Media. I explain how I have used Instagram and Instagram Reels to source Podcast guests and material!!
August 28, 2020
43. Tom Evans - Professional Ultra Distance Runner. CCC winner 2018, Western States Endurance Run 2019 - first 100 miler and placing 3rd. "If you run you are a runner!"
What to Expect: Marathon Des Sables - Tom’s first Ultramarathon - becoming the first non Sub-Saharan to Podium in this Race. Not owning a GPS watch prior to MDS - yet placing top 3 What was his biggest Lesson he learnt from MDS and that experience of his first Multi Stage Race  What Tom Thinks is one of the biggest mistakes athletes make What has ultra-running taught Tom  Placing first in CCC  What did he expect going into CCC and how he approached the race How he overcame a bad race experience at CCC Western States Endurance Run 100 Mile (WSER) What was the most difficult part of WSER Tom's surprising fuel strategy for WSER Tom's thoughts on Imposter Syndrome Why tom Thinks - if you run you are a runner Tom answers a fireball round of questions you guys sent in: including favourite session, best recovery tip, hardest ever session, his go-to pre race meals, and race fuelling strategy. Tom’s biggest inspiration Tom’s biggest advice to Get Up and Get Going.. Why a strong purpose is important What Tom’s advice would be for anyone looking to get into ultra running distance Tom Evans Instagram Youtube Channel From 0-100 Process not Outcome Not Another Runner - Natalie Instagram: Blog: // Facebook: All other links:
August 20, 2020
42. Not Another Runner Podcast Celebrates 1 year!!! An Interview by Carl Orme with the Host of Not Another Runner Podcast
Not Another Runner Podcast Celebrates its one year anniversary - 22/06/20.  To Celebrate the occasion we hear from some of the Previous Guests of the Podcast, and I share with you the Interview I did for Carl Orme - @fighting_the_dadbod 's Instaviews.  So instead of me interviewing someone - today you’ll get to hear me the Host being interviewed, and a little more about how I set up the Podcast, and my Profile on Instagram, why I live by the mottos: Get up and Get Going and Keep Going, my 14+ year rollercoaster of dealing with mental heath conditions, what is crucial to me with managing my mental health, the grief of losing my brother, what inspires and motivates me and how I have been managing with my injury and not being able to run. I also talk about some big Goals for the Podcast and more. 00:00-06:47 Welcome to the Final Episode of Series 2 and to the One Year Anniversary of Not Another Runner Podcast 06:47 Andrew Fulford 7:30 Katie 09:08 Cari Brown 09:37 Laura Jones 11:06 Gabe Cox 13:39 Berni Kent 15:39 Gavin Mclean 18:11 Catrin Davies 21:14 Carly Barnes 23:01 Lizzie Dimond 25:04 Jon Flyn 26:12 Katie Tucker 31:45 Chris Green 35:14 James Shoulder 39:40 Carl Orme interviews Not Anther Runner 48:29 Shout Outs Links Carl Orme Natalie - Not Another Runner Red Hot Mindset interview: My Interview for Gabe's Podcast All Other Links:
July 5, 2020
41. Ashley Fraser @my_london_marathon - How Running a Marathon has Transformed Ashley's Life, and why we should never compare! "Each of us have our own journey and that is powerful"
Today's Epsiode I welcome to the Show Ashley Fraser, aka @my_london_marathon  Ashley Fraser who grew up in the Highlands of Scotland. Has moved around and lived in Dubai where she worked as Cabin Crew for Emirates Airline, she was lucky enough to travel the world and see many different place. Ashley moved from Dubai to Melbourne where she lived and worked for three years. She ran her first ever Half Marathon in 2014 and it was the toughest race she has ever ran, she didn’t take up the sport properly then until 2017 when she discovered she had a spot for the London Marathon 2018, and had to get training for her first Marathon, an experience she describes : transformed her life. I related with so many things Ashley had to say during this chat - and I have to read you what she told me about running so in Ashley’s words: “For me, running is so much more than putting one foot in front of the other. Running is a mindset, an escape, a challenge, a way to push boundaries, a way to achieve the impossible. When I run, I zone out into my own little world and feel completely at one with myself in those moments. I escape the pressures of modern-day life and it’s just me and the road/trail ahead of me. I am motivated by how healthy I feel when I run, my body confidence and general wellbeing vastly improve. I love being part of an amazing global community where everyone encourages and supports one another. Every runner I see out there on the road or trail inspires me. Everyone has their own story and reason for running and each and every one is an inspiration.” I loved reading this - and couldn’t not share her words - Thank you Ashley for taking the time out of your schedule and coming onto the Podcast to share your story with others, your positivity, kindness and enthusiasm is just amazing to witness, and I'm sure everyone listening today will enjoy as much as I got to enjoy chatting with you.  Links Ashley Fraser Jon Flyn @this_man_runs 55 Challenge Natalie - Not Another Runner All Other Links:
June 17, 2020
40. Grant Milestone - Running With Less. The Great Discovery of running with less and gaining more from life - Minimalism, Meditation, Running with Purpose and Epiphanies
Today’s guest! What an inspiring man Today’s guest is. It lis of course another runner. Someone who has gained so much from running, and only started running 3 years ago like me, today’s guest is Grant Milestone aka run_with_less shares his very personal and inspiring story on transformation, and what running has shown and taught him in his life. We talk about so many topics including his father who inspired him to start running, his happy ‘accidental’ weight loss, as he calls it and avoidance of alcohol for the last 2.5 years which then lead to other healthy habits, his discovery of minimalism and its benefits for his running routine, and his 365 day streak of meditation, mindful running, breath work and his Project 333 as well as much much more. Today’s guest has learnt so much from his discovery of running which is why I find it such an incredibly inspiring story that I personally can relate to. I really hope you too feel inspired by today’s guest and his story. All Links including Resources from Black Lives Matter: Links Grant Milestone • Marathon Homecoming Jon’s 55 day challenge Jon’s Instagram Natalie - Not Another Runner
June 10, 2020
39. Katie Tucker @cleancoachkatie Talented Runner, Coach and Personal Trainer, Helping runners become fitter, faster, stronger. Qualifying for Championship Level and Achieving a 3:22 Marathon!
Today’s Guest is Katie Tucker — aka Clean Coach Katie. Katie is of course another runner, she is also a Personal Trainer and Run Coach, helping Runners become fitter, faster stronger! Interestingly, Katie is a fellow Podcast Host, her Podcast being The Running Hub. Katie is a strong and talented runner, today she tells us how she got into running, and progressed in the Marathon, and how a bad Race Experience at London Marathon’s Record Breaking Temperatures in 2018 impacted upon her confidence, but how she was able to come back stronger and then qualify for Championship Level entry at the London Marathon 2019 and how she achieved a 3:22 Marathon PB at that London Marathon in 2019. Katie also tells us how she transitioned from being a Project Manager to Coaching other athletes and running, including how she managed full time work and her Personal Trainer Course and then building her business alongside working 4 days a week! It was so great being able to catch up with Katie and talking to her about her running story and how she was able to make her dream become a reality. Katie’s passion for running, her job as a coach and her athletes was so evident in this conversation and it was incredibly inspiring and motivating, especially hearing how she has adapted during these times to ensure she is providing what her athletes need. Links Katie Tucker The Running Hub Podcast All Other Links: Natalie - Not Another Runner All Other Links:
May 27, 2020
38. Sahar Khan - Triathlete, Runner, Ultrarunner, 2 x Ironman and Founder of My Finish Line. Passionate and Dedicated Athlete
This episode is sponsored by Jaybird Sport. As a Not Another Runner Podcast Listener you can get a 10% discount if you use code: notanother10 [case sensitive] ad their website Sahar Khan is a runner, a triathlete and the Founder and Developer of My Finish Line. My Finish Line is a platform where you can upload and download training plans for a distance and/or event, along with tips from real athletes at all levels helping people achieve their goals in fitness and endurance sports. Sahar from Pembrokeshire, West Wale, like myself and a is a fellow Pembrokeshire Harriers club member. Sahar started running in 2015, and was very fortunate to be approached the following year for a Charity Spot in the London Marathon. Since then Sahar has gone on to train in Triathlon, completing two Full Ironmans, and a 43 mile Ultramarathon - in Storm Ciara 2020! Tune in to hear how Sahar discovered running, and then Triathlon and the World of Ironamn and then Ultra-running, and how she was able to turn her vision of having training plans and tips accessible to athletes of all levels and experience and all for free, via her own website.  Links Sahar Khan My Finish Line Saundersfoot Triathlon Brecon to Cardiff Ultra Natalie - Not Another Runner All Other Links:
May 14, 2020
4. Laura Jones: 'Brightening the World one person at a time' @lauraellenj
Laura started running 3 years ago, and has already ran a marathon, and completed an Endure24 event..and is chipping away at her Running Goals, she works incredibly hard between her job, being a mum, blogging for herself and the Bad Ass Mother Runners, and she is also chair of the School Governors - she is super busy but she still gets her training done..and encourages others to get active - always! [see below for the Active Summer Challenge Link]. Laura is honestly such an inspiring woman - she has a heart of gold, she is so kind and caring and it really shows, she is passionate and this is evident in the Podcast. Laura has some great advice and words of encouragement.  her feed on Instagram is so uplifting, she just puts a smile on my face… I could go on and on... but I’ll skip right to it so you can listen in on the Podcast.  Laura's Instagram: Laura's Link Tree: Active Summer Challenge: Laura's Blog Post for Bad Ass Mother Runner's Blog: Laura's Blog Post: Far from love at first sight: Natalie Not Another Runner: Instagram: Blog: Easy Thrills Podcast: My interview with Tom Bell: FlipBelt: Use Code: ezthrills10 for a 10% discount until the end of June!
May 10, 2020
3. Chris Green: The Road to World Marathon Majors @Chris_X_runs
Chris started running around two years ago.. in the space of that time he has ALREADY ran 5 marathons, he is well on his way to completing the 6 World Marathon Majors, as he has already completed 3 and he has plans to run New York this autumn and then Boston in the Spring - all being well! He has some very interesting goals he reveals in this episode, so stay tuned to find out what Chris has planned for the future. Chris juggles work and family life with his training, and he still manages to train hard, for that reason he really does inspire me and helps keep me motivated.  Chris doesn’t take life too seriously - he loves the bants and that’s clear in this podcast…as he says "It's All about Balance" and "Life is too short - YOFLO".  Links Chris' Instagram Coach Matt Rees  “What separates the Best from the Rest - is Rest”  Instagram: Natalie - Not Another Runner Instagram: Blog: Easy Thrills Podcast Interview with Easy Thrills Podcast FlipBelt UK Use Code : ezthrills10 for 10% discount until 30 June 2019. 
May 10, 2020
37. Andrew Fulford - Enthuse Life Podcast Host, non-runner to ultrarunner in 1 year. 85km Ultra on Treadmill "Running to find my best self in every stride and be present in the here and now"
Today I welcome to the show a fellow Podcast Host Andrew Fulford of the Enthuse Life Podcast, : A Podcast “guided by his untamed enthusiasm for life - sharing stories of guests who are forward thinking, inspiring, passionate in spirituality, wellness and adventure, campaigning and entrepreneurship” and of course a passion for endurance. Basically all of my favourite things! Andrew is of course another runner, a newbie runner as he has called himself before. Andrew recently undertook an epic challenge: the Home Ultra Treadmill - HUT85k as it became known. Andrew was due to run the Madeira Island Ultramarathon the other weekend, but the event was of course cancelled - given that Andrew felt fit and training had gone so well, he wanted to put his hard work and good fitness to the test. He ran the 85 km all on his treadmill at home in his lounge - all to raise vital funds for the Running Charity. What to Expect: How and Why Andrew got into running Why he went on to run longer and train for an ultra marathon The Mistakes he made in the lead up to his first Ultra Top Tips he’d give anyone thinking of moving to ultra marathons Andrew’s #WhyIRun What Benefits Andrew has discovered from Running The Enthuse Life Podcast The Homebound Ultra Treadmill 85k The Running Charity - Why he Chose them How he’s coping during current climate Current and Future Goals Links Andrew Fulford All Other Links: The Running Charity Madeira Island Ultra-Trail Ultra-Trail Snowdonia Natalie - Not Another Runner All Other Links:
May 8, 2020
36. Kieran Alger - @manvmiles Experienced Runner, Ultrarunner "Pushing Boundaries, Aiming High and Achieving Goals" - one of the Runtesters. 112 Half and Full Marathons, 12 Ultras and 100 miler
This episode is sponsored by Jaybird Sport. As a Not Another Runner Listener you can get a 10% Discount if you use code notanother10 [case sensitive] at their Website Kieran Alger, a runner, and ultrarunner popularly known by his Instagram handle @manvmiles is one of the four runners who make up the Run Testers. Kieran is a freelance journalist who over time has fortunately been able to combine his work with his hobby, he tests the latest running merchandise, products and technology and is very knowledgeable when it comes to running gear. He is also a very experienced runner, having completed 46 Marathons, 56 Half Marathons, 12 Ultramarathons and a 100 miler and placed in the top 100 runners @ Marathon Des Sables in 2015. Kieran is dedicated in pushing boundaries, aiming high and achieving goals and shares his vast knowledge of everything running that he has learnt with others. His Blog (see Links below) is an incredible portal to all things running, so if you are looking for the latest tech, shoes, or advice on fuelling, fitness and racing look no further for honest, experienced and detailed advice and information. What to Expect: How Kieran began running What made him want to run longer His Marathon Des Sables Experience and why he's reccommend this race His current and future goals  How he is coping during the current circumstances How we can remain motivated despite the current climate, and cancelled events Why in running we have to be kind to ourselves How Manvmiles started Kieran's #WhyIRun The Runtesters Links Kieran Alger Blog: All links for ManVMiles and The Run Testers: Natalie - Not Another Runner Instagram: Blog: // Facebook: All other links: Marathon Des Sables: Laverado Ultra Trail 
April 30, 2020
35. Mimi Anderson -@marvellousmimi - Endurance Athlete, Multiple Guinness World Record Holder, “I am capable of a lot more than I think I am” What Motivates and Inspires Mimi.
This episode is sponsored by Jaybird Sport. As a Not Another Runner Listener you can get a 10% Discount if you use code notanother10 [case sensitive] at their Website Today’s guest has some incredible achievements to talk about, and I am so honoured to be able to share her story with you. Today’s guest, is of course another runner - nowadays she often calls herself a byclist* as Mimi calls it, as she has fallen in love with cycling.  Her CV of Running achievements is incredibly long, and I feel I could never truly justify it with an introduction - but I am going to do my very best:  Today’s guest is none other than the Marvellous Mimi - yes - Mimi Anderson, a British Three-time Guinness World Record Holder,  an Ultra Runner who took up running at the age of 36 - and within a very short space of time took on the incredible challenge of Marathon Des Sables - a 250km Race across the Sahara Desert. in 2007 she Completed the epic 6633 in the Arctic - a 352(.64) mile extreme ultra marathon race - where she WAS THE Overall winner & set the course record -at 143 hrs 23 mins. In 2008 Mimi set a World Record running John o’groats to land’s end - running the 840 miles in 12 days 15 hrs 46 mins. Mimi completed a Double Comrades in 2009 and was the 1st Female & 4th person to ever achieve this! In 2010 Mimi Set a New Course Record with an incredible time of 28 hours 12 minutes at the 145 mile non-stop race along the Grand Union Canal In 2011 she completed a Double Crossing of Badwater - a 292 mile ultra marathon in Death Valley and became the Female course record holder. completing the 292 miles in 108 hrs (which at the time was the 3rd fastest ever crossing).  In 2012 she set a World Record for running 345 miles from Top to Bottom of Ireland, taking her 3 days and 15 hours. some of her other achievements include Spartathlon, and placing 3rd female in the 2011 race and first Brit home, she achieved the Female performance of the Year in 2012 for her fastest crossing of Ireland, Mimi Completed a Double Grand Union Canal Race in 2013 , The 145 mile non-stop race takes place from Birmingham to Little Venice in London. Mimi began the Double from Little Venice running to Birmingham in 31hrs 50 mins then returning with the race from Birmingham back to Little Venice in 36hrs 49 mins. She is the only person to have ever achieved this.  Mimi also completed the 135 Mile Cyprus Ultra Marathon,  What to Expect How Mimi got into running  How she became non-runner to Ultrarunner within just 18 months,  What drew her to Marathon Des Sables  How she found that experience @ Marathon Des Sables  How she fell poorly during this race, but managed to finish the race still  What drew Mimi to the world of Ultra-running  Mimi’s Grand Union Canal Race - and setting the course record in 2010 28 hours 12 minutes  6633 Extreme Ultramarathon in the Arctic 2007  Setting the Record in 2008 for the fastest female running form John O’Groat’s to Land’s End [840 miles 12 days 15 hrs 46 mins.]  Running Across America - Mimi’s World Record Attempt - and one of the biggest decisions she has ever had to make  What motivates and inspires Mimi  What Mimi thinks makes up a successful mindset  Beyond Impossible - Mimi’s current book available to order  What does Mimi’s Active Lifestyle look like nowadays  Taking her love for endurance to cycling  Mimi’s Upcoming Challenges
April 21, 2020
34. Sarah Price @all_these_things_that_ive_run Clinical Psychologist: Coping Mechanisms during Covid 19
Sarah is of course another runner, a Marathoner, and PMG Athete. She is a wife and mother to two and a clinical psychologist. / This episode is a Bonus episode and a special one too, Sarah offers lots of reassuring advice and support for us all during these difficult and uncertain times we currently face with Covid 19 and the present Lockdown we have here in the UK, and the social distancing and isolating rules we experience globally. I hope you can find some comfort from this episode, and check some of the resources listed below. Get in touch with Sarah via Instagram, and do show her your support for this episode. Thank you Sarah immensely, for your advice, support and your time, during a busy schedule; advice and support which will undoubtedly be of comfort and use to so many of us right now. What to Expect; How Sarah got into running Sarah’s Goals this year for her running The Benefits of Routine & Sleep How to remain motivated Coping Mechanisms during these times Benefits and beauty of communication How to support children in distress Journalling Finding your wont tools that work for YOU Resources Sarah’s Instagram: (Head here and check the Covid 19 Highlight for helpful resources and ways to manage) PMG Coaching A range of online educational courses and resources to people with experience of mental illness, from service users to their family, friends and staff; How To Cope During Covid 19 A very helpful Article: How to respond effectively to the Corona crisis by Dr Russ Harris, author of The Happiness Trap Some very helpful resources, including Webinars via the below Page: New Zealand Institute of Wellbeing & Resilience including the Active Coping Calendar: Natalie - Not Another Runner Instagram: Blog/Facebook
April 15, 2020
33. Scott Jenkins: Welshman, Ultrarunner. 2,000 miles across America, First Welshman to complete MOAB 240, qualified for Badwater 135. "Live Like You Want to be Remembered"d
Scott Jenkins, is a Welsh ultrarunner from Penarth, now based in London. Scott is an Operation Smile Uk And Squirrel’s Nut Butter ambassador, he has been a guest and speaker at the Notional Running Show and has raised money for different charities over the years including Operation Smile. He is the brother to Rhys Jenkins who was a guest on Episode 29 of the Podcast. He has an incredible List of running achievements, which could never be justified by an introductions, however - here are just a couple; Scott and Rhys and their friend also completed 2,000 miles across America from Boston to Austin to raise money for different charities which was actually, technically one of their first ultra marathons - and furthest distance to date. Scott, like his brother has completed the Grand Canal Slam which includes 145 mile Grand Union Canal Race, 145 Mile Kennet & Avon Canal Race and the 130 Mile Leeds -Liverpool Canal Race - achieving the Grand Canal Slam. He and his brother have ran across Iceland - 250 miles. He became the first Welshman to complete the MOAB 240 Mile in Utah, a 240 mile footrace through desert, canyons, rock, and two mountain ranges. Excitingly, this year Scott has now qualified for Badwater 135 - the second Welshman to qualify - second to his Brother Rhys. Both Rhys and Scott have achieved so much in their running careers, and have raised a very respectable amount of money for charity, they are both so very kind and supportive and a credit to the Running and Ultra Running Community. What to Expect: How Scott started running Running 2,000 mile from Boston to Austin a 75 Day Running Challenge How they trained and prepared for the 2,000 mile run across America What was the toughest element of this 2,000 mile challenge What Scott learnt about himself during this challenge. His MOAB Ultra Experience - 92 hours running and managing the range of temperatures of -8 to 30 degrees His experience of hallucinations during the race Top tips for Ultrarunning What he thinks it takes to be an endurance runner His Challenges he has set for this year including Badwater Badwater 135 application process How he will train for Badwater - specifically heat training How he will be making the most of mindset hacks to aid him with his training and running Badwater 135 Scott’s #WhyIRun Why it’s important to do make time for friends & family but also to do good LINKS Scott Jenkins MOAB 240 Badwater 135 Natalie - Not Another Runner Instagram: All Other Links
April 14, 2020
32. Samantha Harrison - Everyday Runner to Elite Runner in just 2 years!! Placing 2nd @ The Official Big Half, in 71 minutes and being selected for GB in the World Half Marathon Championships
Today’s episode - is an everyday runner who has quickly turned to elite.  After a low period in her life in 2018 - today’s guest started running in order to have something to focus on, she trained for her first half Marathon - the Robin Hood Half Marathon, jut 6 weeks out - and went on to achieve a 1:24! 84 minutes In her first half Marathon!! Today’s guest is Samantha Harrison, who recently placed 2nd at the British Half Marathon Championships, @ The Official Big Half, achieving a 71 minute Half Marathon and has been selected for the World Half Marathon Championships where she will represent Great Britiain. And all, after just two years of running, and only having had a coach for 6 months!!! Sam is a full time dental nurse, working on her feet all day from 8 until 6, and is just 25 years old. Alongside her full-time job she is currently training at an elite level, normally twice daily and 7 days a week, taking a rest day once a fortnight maybe. Sam is incredibly busy, and bless her she found the time to have a conversation just 2 weeks after the Big Half, now because of the crazy schedule Sam lives by - we recorded this chat whilst she was in the bath - because when you work the number of hours Sam does, and train like she does - every second and every minute counts…. Poor Sam hadn’t even eaten when we chatted - this was a Monday evening @ 8pm, and Sam needed to eat and was up again the following morning at 5 am to train again - So I thank you Sam again for taking the time to chat with me so that everyone can hear your incredible story! I must stress again - that Sam is just two years into her running career! It is absolutely insane - how well Samantha has done already, and it is so clear that Sam faces an incredible career ahead and I wish you all the very best in the World Half Marathon Championships, and for your future career! What to Expect in this episode: How/when Sam started running How she achieved a 1:24 in her first half despite lack of training The British Half Marathon Championships at The Official Big Half, her hopes and goals prior to the race Her aims for the World Half Marathon Championships this year Adjusting to the new life of training at an elite level  What Sam’s Training Schedule looks like The reality of training at elite level, and how Sam juggles full time work with her training schedule Do’s and Don’t’s To Race Day and Endurance Running Samantha Harrison  Instagram: Jaybird Sport  - enter code: notanother10 for 10% Discount  Natalie - Not Another Runner
March 31, 2020
31. @Fitcetera - George Spenceley "Finding Confidence & Strength in Fitness" Marathoner and Crossfitter, Exercise Enthusiast, Jaybird Ambassador
George Spenceley AKA @Fitcetera is a keen runner, and exercise enthusiast, who’s practiced Crossfit. George is an ambassador for Jaybird Sport, Endurance Europe, Westlab Salts, and Compex UK, she is also a Runner for the SD Run Crew. George took up Running in 2008, she initially juggled both Running & Crossift. She’s currently taken a break from the latter in order to focus purely on her running, and dedicating the required time to strive for her goals. George is an incredibly driven and goal orientated woman, she clearly works hard with any endeavours she sets herself - and she really is an inspiring and motivating individual. Her curiosity and thirst for knowledge is both refreshing and admirable. George is such an amazing person - she is both kind and supportive and I wish George all the success in the years to come.  Jaybird Wireless Headphones - Enter code:   notanother10    for 10% discount  Fitcetera - George Spenceley  Instagram:  Blog: All other Links:  Resources - Managing Mental Health  Natalie - Not Another Runner All other links: 
March 24, 2020
30. Gabe Cox - Red Hot Mindset “helping others break through the mental barriers in the race of life ; We are more capable than we think” - Boston Qualifier and Finisher, Author and Mindset Coach
Gabe Cox is married and mother to three boys, she is a Runner, and an author from Minnesota America. She is also a Gymnastics and Running Coach, and a Mindset Coach. Gabe’s Brand: Red Hot Mindset was set up to help others break through mental barriers in the race of life; to break down those barriers in pursuit of a goal. Gabe’s mission to help others overcome their mental barriers in life to achieve their goals. And we get to chat all things goal orientated, running related - we speak about Gabe’s Book Mind Over Marathon, and how it can help you, and we talk about her Marathon story and how she managed to qualify for Boston and get a 42 minute PB!! This chat was so empowering and up-lifting. Just before me and Gabe recorded - I had had a couple of rocky days and definitely didn’t feel myself, so I’m hoping I still managed to deliver as well as could be considering the circumstances at the time. Despite this I loved chatting with Gabe and honestly felt like she had read my mind with several things she mentioned including the noteworthy mention of community - I said not long ago how vitally important this is in order for us to achieve our goals, and the importance of being kind and supportive in each other’s pursuits… so I hope you find your cheerleaders, as Gabe mentions in this chat, because THAT is what we all need - others who motivate and inspire us and encourage us with our goals, not the opposite. I really hope you enjoy this chat, and take away a great deal from it, as I did, let me know if you enjoyed… speak soon! What to expect Gabe’s background - how she became a coach and specifically a Mindset coach What Gabe and Ret Hot Mindset can offer How being busy can be detrimental to us, and why we should tactfully review and eliminate certain roles and tasks from life Prioritising : “We don’t have to be ‘ALL’ to everybody” Making Sure we take time for ourselves Why Visualisation is so important especially while racing the Power of Positivity and Affirmations How Gabe went from 4:12- 3:30 in the Marathon, qualifying for Boston on her third attempt Importance of having something else lined up after a Major Goal/Event Biggest lesson learnt from the Marathon, her BQ and her experience Do’s and Don’ts to Marathon Training Top three tips with achieving Goals Links Running Awards To Vote for Not Another Runner Podcast: [Remember - placing 3 votes can get you a Running Discount] Gabe Cox Red Hot Mindset Natalie - Not Another Runner Instagram: Blog/Facebook
March 10, 2020
29. Rhys Jenkins - Welsh Ultrarunner, 2,000 miles across America, Grand Canal Slam; Badwater 135 - How Going slower can help you go further. "I’ve learnt a lot more from my failures than my successes
Todays guest is Rhys Jenkins, He is an ambassador for CF Warriors, an Ultrarunner from Penarth, Cardiff South wales. He was an Olympic Torch Bearer in the London Olympics in 2012, as recognition for the money he has raised for Charity, he has raised over 100,000 for charity over the years. He has completed some crazy runs during his time of running, including The 145 MILE Grand Union Canal Race, 145 MILE Kennet & avon Canal AND the 130 MILE Leeds Liverpool Canal Race - achieving the Grand CANAL SLAM He has also ran 100 miles from Cardiff to Aberystwyth, 250 mile across Iceland, completed 270 Mile double crossing of the famous Badwater Marathon Route, in Death Valley, he went on to complete Badwater 135 Last Year… the toughest foot race there is.. AND he ran 2,000 miles across America from Boston to Austin, as his FIRST Ultramarathon and where did his love for running star? In Llanelli at the Half Marathon, in Wales, which was one of my first Half Marathons. Rhys is the Race Director of Pegasus Ultra Running - endurance races; he and his wife set up Pegasus Ultra Running, and one thing they pride themselves on - no cut off times, which I love. Rhys is such a lovely guy, he has so much time for everyone, and he is a credit to the ultra-running and running community. What to expect: How Rhys Started running His first Marathon Experience in Las Vegas Running 2,000 mile from Boston to Austin a 75 Day Running Challenge (Rhys’ first Ultramarathon) Running 100 Miler from Cardiff to Aberystwyth His Thoughts on Injuries Top tips for Ultrarunning What he thinks it takes to be an endurance runner His incredible Challenges he has set for this year including Badwater Ultra Cup Pegasus Ultra Badwater 135 2019 Experience and Being selected for 2020 How he managed to continue @ Badwater after Collapsing Badwater 135 application process Links Running Awards To Vote for Not Another Runner Podcast: [Remember - placing 3 votes can get you a Running Discount]  Rhys Jenkins Instagram: Pegasus Ultra Running: CF Warriors Billy Yang’s Life in a Day - an absolute MUST WATCH (Western States 100) Natalie - Not Another Runner Instagram: Blog/Facebook
March 3, 2020
28. Dr. Gavin McClean (PhD, Bsc) @running_smarter - How YOU can be running SMARTER - Exercise Physiologist, Avid Runner.
What to expect in this Episode: Top Tips that we as runners - may not not know but should know Benefits of HIIT Training Chronic:Acute Workload Importance of an A, B and C Race/Goal SMART and SMARTER goal setting What is Running Smarter.. what it could offer you as a runner Heart Rate Training & Variables Strength Training ideals for runners Benefits of running slow to run fast the Big debate of Stretching! Importance of Warming up/cooling down Gavin’s Big Goal for 2020! The Big Debate of Stretching Links Running Awards - To Vote for Not Another Runner Podcast [Remember - placing 3 votes can get you a Running Discount  Blogs > Vlog, Pod and Microblog > Not Another Runner Podcast Gavin McClean Acute : Chronic Workload [via the British Journal of Sports Medicine] Natalie - Not Another Runner Instagram: Blog: Podcast Insights
February 15, 2020
27. Ian Arnold @ianrunsldn - “you do you!” Devoted Father, Dedicated Runner Story of transformation
Ian Arnold, aka @ianrunsldn is a Runner, a Father and an SDruncrew (Sports Direct Running) He is also a Jaybird ambassador. He is a dedicated runner and devoted father, he is a brilliant character - so personable and easy to talk to. He is full of wisdom, and not afraid to speak up.  Ian was a swimmer when he was younger, and played football, until he left sport and exercise behind and preferred to drink and party.. Ian nowadays though has transformed himself and his life. He was incredibly fortunate to obtain a London Marathon Ballot place in the 2016 event, this was Ian's first Ballot attempt, and his first Marathon experience.  Ian's reasons for running are big, and the affect he has upon his young daughter are credit to him as a person, and his dedication to his running, and wellbeing. He is a not only a devoted father, boyfriend, and dedicated runner but he works hard and manages to juggle Marathon Training with family and life and work, and the reason he is able to do so is down to his incredible resilience and epic self-determination and of course his purpose and his Why's.  He has some Big goals this year, which he tells us a little of...  What else to expect: Why and How Running has changed Ian’s life Ian’s Reason to run and his #WhyIRun Ian’s very controversial (to runners) stance on Sleep and Routine How Ian’s active lifestyle started but then fell at they wayside until he later discovered running Why Ian opts to self-coach Why we shouldn’t let a bad run consume us Do’s and Don’t to Marathon Training Links Running Awards To Vote for Not Another Runner Podcast: [Remember - placing 3 votes can get you a Running Discount] Ian Arnold Natalie - Not Another Runner
February 8, 2020
26. James Shoulder @shoulder_runner - Talented runner, self-motivated, 3:18 Marathoner. "You're the only one who can create your own (true) happiness"
James started running four years ago when he started getting into the gym to improve fitness, and keep in shape. Inspired by his friend, who was training for a Marathon - he signed up for his first Marathon just six months into running and went on to Run London Marathon in 2016. James has run 6 marathons to date, and he tells us in this episode what works for him in Marathon Training, including the do’s and don’t’s to Marathon Training, and Race Day. We talk about his progress in the Marathon, and his ability to be self-motivated and the goals he has set himself. We talk about the importance to enjoying life, and not taking training too seriously, and how brilliantly inclusive Park Run is - and why we ought to get down to a Park Run. Mental Health and well-being is a strong topic in this chat, and James reminds us how we are the only one truly responsible for our own happiness. James, not only is he a talented runner - but a brilliant character, he is charismatic, hilariously funny, and has a heart of gold - this is a fun episode, not to be missed! Links James Shoulder aka shoulder_runner Natalie - Not Another Runner Instagram: Blog:
December 11, 2019
25. Jon Flynn - aka @this_man_runs : Running Home For Christmas - Raising Money for those with limited food and shelter
Jon, who is a previous guest of the Podcast (episode 5) is back to catch us up with his recent escapades. It includes much running, gym-going, and a crazy challenge. Jon will be "Running Home for Christmas" - he will be completing a Running Advent Challenge. Running 1 mile on December 1st, 2 miles on December 2nd, until 25 miles on 25th December. The total mileage for the challenge will be a total of 325 miles. He will need to complete 12 days of 13+ miles, 5 days of 20+ miles. He will see his highest weekly mileage double! The challenge is epic, and he is raising money for a worthwhile cause: Trinity Winchester in Jon's local area, where they support and address the affects of homelessness to offer solutions, hope and choices. Take a listen to some of Jon's brilliant escapades during these past few months, including a near miss with an electric fence, wheelie bin Wednesdays, Wiggle Wednesdays, cross trainer hacks, attempting home made world records. There's much nonsense to keep you entertained in the busy build up to Christmas. So relax, enjoy and make sure to support Jon.  Jon's Running Home For Christmas Fundraising Page: Jon's Instagram: Natalie - Not Another Runner Instagram: Blog:
December 2, 2019
24. Liz Warner - Run to Reach. A Woman on a Mission. 30 Marathons before 30 raising money for local charities globally - Supporting & Empowering Women. "Say yes to a crazy idea!"
Today's guest is Liz Warner, a 29 year old woman with a major mission. Liz has challenged herself to complete 30 Marathons before she turns 30 in June 2020, but not only that - she created this mission: Run to Reach. Running the Marathons in different locations across the World and raising money for local charities, supporting women-focussed NGO's in each of the countries. In her words she's "Helping locally by running globally." Liz does not class herself as  fast runner, and her purpose and her #WhyIRun is far more profound than chasing times and PB's, striving for calm: for a peaceful flow of mind, Liz states "it's far more than putting one foot in front of the other." By the end of the mission Liz will have completed marathons in 30 different locations including Western Sahara, Guatemala, Mongolia, Sierra Leone, Chile, and Antarctica, When Liz Thought up this idea and challenge - she was on her honeymoon, and hoped to continue working freelance to fit in with the project. Liz has since had to take time out of work as the mission has required her time and dedication. Despite completing 14 Marathons this year and travelling across the world, and to some remote and less developed countries and areas of the world, the hardest and most demanding part of the project for Liz has been the administrative side of this mission; the work required to liaising with all 20 different NGO's and organising flights, accommodation and everything that goes with the logistics required to support this mission and make it possible. If you aren’t convinced yet to support Liz and her mission and her goal of raising $100,000 - then please listen to Liz’ story;  what motivates and inspires her. Towards the end of the show I ask her for three pieces of advice to give to others to take away in life - something that we should all listen to. And remember you can say YES to a crazy idea, you will never know where it may take you in life.  Links Liz Warner To donate: Natalie - Not Another Runner Instagram: Blog:
November 28, 2019
23. Cari Brown @therunninglifeofcari - "Running to keep the crazy at bay" - Marathon Runner
Cari started running 23 years ago, when she was 10 years old. It has played a massive part of her life, with just few interims away from running. Cari started running Track and after a a period away from running she rediscovered the sport and specifically road running in her twenties. Cari had a long-time goal to complete a Marathon before her 30th Birthday. One month away from her 29th she reminded herself of this goal, and got training. Cari is a great example of when - sometimes we need to alter our daily and weekly schedule slightly in order to juggle everything swapping her morning/evening runs to lunchtime runs.  Cari tells us she is stubborn and self-motivated, She explains just how she achieved a massive PB of 13 minutes in the Marathon this year at London Marathon, achieving a time of 3:01. Like most episodes, Cari shares with us the do’s and don’t’s to Marathon Training, and her top tips to getting started with running as well as her #WhyIrun.  Links: Cari’s Instagram: Natalie - Not Another Runner Instagram: Blog:
November 23, 2019
22. Simon Grace @runfatboyrun2017 - "Because I can!" From non-runner to Marathon runner & running his first, second and third marathon this year, 2019.
Simon Grace, AKA @runfatboyrun2017 has inspired me greatly over the past year. He has achieved not only his first Marathon this year at Manchester Marathon start of April, but he also went on to run London Marathon just three weeks later and then his third Marathon in Berlin this October where he achieved his goal of a sub 3:30 Marathon. Yet, when he started running towards the end of 2015 he did not enjoy it, and struggled to run a mile.  Simon has a brilliant attitude to running, training and life. Being a father of three, Simon knows too well the art of juggling work and family life with running and training. He tells us how he manages to schedule in his running and training, and he gives some great advice in this chat. Simon tells us just how he got into running, where he struggled with running less than a mile - to completing three marathons this year. He has had incredible progress within his running, progressing from a 2:00 hour half marathon - 90 minutes.  Me and Simon also chat about post race/event Blues, How Instagram can be used as a Diary, and Memory Board to help motivate us, and hold ourselves accountable, and also the importance of setting small achievable goals in order to succeed as a runner. Links: Simon’s Instagram: Simon’s Blog Natalie - Not Another Runner Instagram: Blog:
November 14, 2019
21. Carly Barnes @girl_run_the_shire "Running for Freedom" - Becoming & Believing - yes you are a runner!
Carly, a wife and mother of two started running around three years ago. Unfortunately like many, Carly did not identify herself as a Runner immediately, until one day she no longer judged herself and had fallen in love with running and then saw herself as a runner.  Now - Carly loves to get outdoors, she loves running the trails with friends; Opting to run with others and socialise over any lone runs. Carly has had an epic year, from completing her first 10k in September 2018, to running her first half the Forest of Dean Half in March 2019, to falling into longer distances; tackling a trail Marathon and then taking on the Threshold Trail Series' Race to The Tower Ultra-marathon and running 41 miles!!! Sadly injury dictated the end to her day, and meant Carly could not finish the race, but nonetheless Carly has achieved and gained so much in just a small space of time. Along the journey she has made great friends, and has inspired her daughters, she has raised money for brilliant charities, and become an Ambassador for the incredible movement and mission that is Runners Heal.  A beautifully inspiring person, with big goals set for 2020.  Links: Carly Barnes girl_run_the_shire Instagram:  Threshold trail Series Natalie - Not Another Runner Instagram: Blog: Twelve Day Marathon Instagram: Website: Runners Heal Instagram: Website:
November 7, 2019
20. Catrin Davies - @runningwithcatrin - "You never regret going!", Juggling life, work and studying for a masters with running, swimming and cycling.
Catrin is a Runner, this past year she has worked part time as a Diabetic Specialist Dietician, whilst also studying for her Masters in Sports Nutrition. Catrin has inspired and amazed me as she has managed to continue running and racing, swimming and cycling and leading a healthy active lifestyle despite the busy and stressful year she has had. Catrin is proof that you can find time in a busy schedule, and she explains how the power of exercise is a great tool to cope with stressful, overwhelming times as well as an activity that brings joy and health benefits. She agrees that "you never regret going" and also agrees how "finding your why" can truly benefit you in staying motivated and driven. Tune in to hear just how Catrin managed to juggle everything; what running has brought to her life, and her greatest tips in getting started in running as well as hearing some of her goals, both academically and in running. Links: Catrin’s Instagram: Natalie - Not Another Runner Instagram: Blog:
November 3, 2019
19. James Dunn @MorningCoffe - Determined Endurance Athlete. From non-runner to Marathon Runner in 8 months. "Always Forward - Forward Always"
James started running August 2015 by the following year he’d ran London Marathon. James went from non-runner to Marathon Runner in just 8 months and has incredibly completed 21 marathons already in the 4 years that he has been running! James would go on to sign up to Marathon Des Sables, the infamous 220km multi-stage (over 6 days) event in the Sahara Desert, and would go on to run London Marathon just 2 weeks after and PB with 14 minutes!!! Tune in to hear all about James’ incredible story, his best tips for running a marathon, and what to avoid. James gives some sound advice during this chat, it’s clear that James runs his own race, and his reason for running is far more profound than chasing distances, times and PB’s. It was such a joy to catch up with James, and hear more from him. “If it’s an Ultra - It’s not a race, it’s an adventure.” James’ Instagram: James' Award Winning Blog - [2018 Personal Blog Award at the National Running Awards] Marathon Des Sables Natalie - Not Another Runner Instagram: Blog:
October 13, 2019
18. Mathew Coulson @mat_runsuk - ultrarunner, inspiring, transfomation story - "You've got this!!"
Mat is a husband, a father of three and an ultra runner. Mathew started running in 2016 as a way to get fitter, and to get some headspace. Prior to finding running Mat was 20stone and eating takeaways. When he first started running, he found it incredibly hard, Nowadays Mat runs three marathons on a weekly basis. He gets up 3:30am on three weekday mornings to run a marathon distance, Mat will do this before work and before breakfast, he opts for the early morning run because he works full time and family life is busy, with his children and their hobbies. Mat’s dedication to his passion and training is incredibly inspiring. Mat prefers to train for the longer distances, preferring marathon - ultra distance. Mat has recently participated in the Leicestesheire Ultra - a 54 km Ultra Marathon, this was only his second official race/event, and he placed 2nd! His first race was the Rat Race’s infamous The Wall (110km Race) in 2017, and placed 20th. Tune in to hear just how one Challenge set by a work colleague was not achieved due to a fear, but how a different and epic challenge was set, and since then Mat’s life has changed and he has never looked back.  Links: Mat’s Instagram:  Rat Race Rat Race’s The Wall Natalie - Not Another Runner Instagram: Blog:
October 1, 2019
17. Sophie Power @Ultra_sophie - Mother Runner, Ultramarathoner, Entrepeneur, Impact Marathon Ambassador | "Just Say YES! If something sounds crazy, just say yes - you never know what might happen!"
[External Links at bottom of page] Sophie started running 2009, she found herself signing up to the infamous Marathon des Sables before she had even run a mile, having been inspired by a friend who’d completed the multi stage event of 250+ over 7 days in 50+ degrees Celsius. Sophie has accomplished so many incredible things, including a Full Ironman with only 9 months of training, a Spartathlon - 155 mile non-stop race, Nepal Multi Stage Ultramarathon, Impact Marathon, Transgrancanaria Ultramarathon, Spine Fusion 270 mile unaided race, and a whopping 40 Ultramarathons in total. in 2018 Sophie had qualified again for UTMB, having been unable to defer her entry to the prestigious Ultramarathon in 2014, Sophie was determined to make the start line in 2018, but the logistics soon found her just 3 months Postpartum for Race Day! Incredibly, Sophie made the start line, and was able to complete the race - all while breast feeding along the way. Sophie attributes her ability to complete this epic Ultramarathon not only to her resilience and having a true, and meaningful goal, but furthermore the team she chooses to surround herself with, and the important factor of goals and shared goals within her marriage and family. Her outlook on her achievements is incredibly humbling, and a credit to who Sophie is as a person. Tune in to hear more about the following: - How Sophie first got into running - How Sophie found herself signing up to Marathon des Sables having only ever ran a mile before How Sophie’s first race was an ultra marathon. - Initially qualifying for UTMB in 2014 but was unable to participate - How she qualified for UTMB a second time - but would be three months postpartum Her initial UTMB goal and why she changed her goal What Sophie really thinks of the UTMB Photo that went viral The importance of engineering a good support network How her and her husband are able to share their joy for endurance events Nepal Multi Stage Marathon Iceland How Sophie signed up and completed an Ironman in just 9 months Why you can’t compare in Ultramarathons The Spine Fusion 270 Mile Race - unsupported race Links: Sophie’s Instagram: Marathon des Sables - Impact Marathon Spine Fusion Ultra Stage 268 Mile Race along Penine Way Natalie - Not Another Runner Instagram: Blog: Easy Thrills Podcast Interview with Easy Thrills Podcast
September 15, 2019
16. Gemma Dracup - @gymwithgemma "Quitting is not an option, you can finish if you've got a reason" - walking two ultramarathons following injury.
Gemma AKA @gymwithgemma, is 26, originally from Surrey but now lives up North. Gemma started running when she gave herself the challenge of running a Marathon whilst she was at University, Gemma was fortunate to get into the London Marathon and she tells us all about the crazy story of her first marathon, Gemma tells us what not to do when training for a Marathon, and her advice if you do take on an endurance event. Gemma’s First Marathon experience meant she would not run for a while, but took the sport up again in 2017. Gemma loves to hike and climb mountains, camp and generally be outdoors exploring, she believes that everyone should push themselves beyond their abilities just once - at least! She is a firm believer in - having a reason WHY, which we love here on this Podcast, she reminds us that if you have a big enough reason then you CAN finish the goal you set out to achieve.  Gemma has been injured, and has struggled with a knee injury since she was 16, she is currently rehabilitating her injury, and is attempting to make progress with a return to running. Despite the injury Gemma has completed two ultramarathon’s this year, including Penine Barrier Ultra 50 Mile, and Threshold Trail Series Race to the Stones 100k Race under very emotionally painful circumstances.  Tune in to hear all about Gemma’s adventures, why she loves the outdoors so much, what motivates and inspires her, some great tips on getting outdoors, secret tips to solo adventures as she calls them, her scariest solo adventure, Why Gemma loves to go out alone exploring plus more tips to getting outdoors and enjoying your surroundings.  Links: Gemma’s Instagram: Threshold trail Series Natalie - Not Another Runner Instagram: Blog: Easy Thrills Podcast Interview with Easy Thrills Podcast
September 2, 2019
15. Jordan Foster aka Project Marathon Girl - Athlete & Coach, sub 3:00 Marathoner - "From chasing times to chasing Adventures"
 Jordan Foster, AKA Project Marathon Girl, Athlete, Coach, Head of PMG Coaching, Marathoner and Ultrarunner. Jordan started running again 4 years ago, when she wanted to improve her fitness, and ran her first Marathon @ London Marathon 2016. Since then Jordan has put in serious work with her Marathons, attributing her successful progression of times and 2:57 Marathon to working hard, staying consistent, and being dedicated to the training process.  Tune in to hear more about what Jordan’s running looked like at the very beginning, how she found her first Marathon Experience, and what commited and consistent training has taught her over the years, and why her goal has altered slightly these past few months.  During the Podcast you will get to hear all about:  -PMG Coaching, where and when the idea came  -What Jordan’s Running looked like when she first started -Jordan’s First Marathon Experience and how she found this -Eastnine Fit - what is it? How it could benefit you.  -Adidas Infinite Trails World Championships in Austria -Race to the Stones and placing 2nd just two weeks after Infinite Trails -What goals Jordan has next -Jordan’s advice for running an Ultra Marathon  -Jordan’s next epic challenge: Ultra X Jordan Ultra Marathon - 5 days, 250km in Jordan -New York Marathon -Why Chasing Times in the Road Marathon isn’t important to Jordan right now  -What Jordan thinks enables her to dig deep during endurance events -Jordan's top tips to starting running and advice for improvement    Links:  Jordan’s Instagram: Jordan’s Blog  Threshold trail Series  Natalie - Not Another Runner Instagram: Blog:  Easy Thrills Podcast Interview with Easy Thrills Podcast 
August 21, 2019
14. Andy @Chubs2ridgewaylife - From Non Runner to Ultra-Marathoner and an inspiring Weight-loss Journey "Never Give Up - Never Give In"
Andy is a father, he is newly engaged to Mel who also runs, and his son is an avid runner too. Andy has taught his son that when you try your very best, you have already won the race. Andy found running around the same time he started on a weight-loss journey back in 2014. When Andy started running he weighed around 300lbs, his running journey began with 30 seconds of running 1 minute walking, on repeats and his longer run was a 2km. Andy has since been hooked with running and has now completed some serious mileage and challenges over the years including 30 marathons and 8 ultra marathons, including the Threshold Trail Series’ Race to the Stones 100km Race several times. Andy has also completed some crazy challenges such as 26 Marathons in just one year, 7 Marathons in 7 days oh and a half marathon, on a treadmill!  Tune in to hear exactly how Andy found his love for running; what keeps him motivated; the importance of speaking up about mental health and how running and what it has brought to his life has had such a positive and life changing impact with his mental health.  This was a great chat filled with the lessons learnt along the way, and some brilliant tips on getting started with running, and running the marathon and ultra marathon distances.   Links:  Andy’s Instagram:  Threshold trail Series  Natalie - Not Another Runner Instagram: Blog:  Easy Thrills Podcast Interview with Easy Thrills Podcast 
August 18, 2019
13. Jenna Wilkinson - - ASICS FrontRunner Team. From Parkrun to Ultramarathon in just 30 months and debuted in the Marathon with 3:33
Jenna Wilkinson, a Maths Teacher from Sunderland is part of the Asics Frontrunner Team, and a member of the Sunderland Harriers. Jenna started running only 4 years ago, Jenna incredibly went from Parkrun > Ultramarathon in 30 just months and hadn’t partaken in sports for 10 years before this. When She started running, she struggled initially. As Jenna started running she moved away to Dubai but continued her running with a club over there. Jenna’s first Marathon, in Dubai was an incredibly speedy 3:33 and has since got her time down to 3:14. Tune in to hear all about her Running Story and how she started @ Parkrun and progressed all the way to Ultramarathon; the biggest and painful lessons she learned in the days prior to Marathon Day @ Stockholm; Jenna’s next Goals and what her current training schedule looks like; her future goals. A cat filled with many tips and tricks with starting running and working towards goals.  This was recorded prior to Jenna's attempt at the Sub 40 in the 10k @ Darlington... she achieved her goal with a 39:35! Congratulations Jenna!! Links:  Jenna’s Instagram: Jenna’s Interview with Easy Thrills Podcast Threshold Trail Series: Natalie - Not Another Runner Instagram: Blog:  Easy Thrills Podcast Interview with Easy Thrills Podcast 
August 14, 2019
11. Part 2. Lizzie Dimond - Runnerof4 - Novice Runner to 3:12 Marathoner in just 2 years, and while 9 months postpartum!
Lizzie Dimond, a Wife, mother of four, a drama teacher, club member of Lliswerry Runners in Newport, and I have to say a very SPEEEDY runner.  Lizzie started running in 2017, just 7 months into her running Journey and having gone through an incredibly tough time with her family, Lizzie went on to run her first Half Marathon in an incredible 1:35, despite having no time goal! Lizzie would go on to fall pregnant with her fourth child, and continue to run during her pregnancy and bounced back after the pregnancy really quickly! Lizzie would then go on to run a half marathon shortly after giving birth, and incredibly decided to train for her first marathon whilst only a couple months postpartum. Lizzie ran the Great Welsh Marathon April 2019 and came 2nd Lady, in her DEBUT MARATHON- completing in a crazy time of 3:12:04.  Me and Lizzie chatted so much running that I’ve put together a Part 1 & 2…to this Episode.  Stay tuned for such an incredibly inspiring story. Lizzie’s enthusiasm just beams loudly through her voice and it was a joy to catch up with her.   What to Expect in Part 2:   -How Lizzie managed to fit in the training while having four kids and Toby being only several months old. -The compromise and balance required with a busy family life and intense training schedule -How Balance is tough but crucial -How she fit in her training around work, and family  - Essentials to the marathon training - including being kind to herself  - Why she wouldn’t compare herself to others  - About her first injury prior to the Great Welsh Marathon and how she overcame this  - How she kept herself motivated towards the Great Welsh Marathon  - How she improved and built on her fitness  - The Biggest Lesson she learnt in the Marathon & the price she paid for this - How she was able to bounce back after her Marathon Debut, which was a podium finish - Lizzie’s next Big Goal and Challenge - Why Lizzie started documenting her Running Story on Instagram   -Who inspires and motivates Lizzie  - What’s her reason to run, and her purpose   Links:  Lizzie’s Instagram: Run1 ’s Elevated Energy  Natalie - Not Another Runner Instagram: Blog:  Easy Thrills Podcast Interview with Easy Thrills Podcast 
August 6, 2019
12. Victoria Stears - @Victoriarunswild : “Doesn’t matter what you’re doing as long as you’re enjoying the Process” Talented Runner, Occasional Triathlete. Ultra Marathon before Road Marathon!
Victoria is 30 years young, a wife, avid runner, swimmer, cyclist - the occasional triathlete. Victoria is an Asics Frontrunner and Suunto Brand Ambassador. She is a member of her local sailing club, where she dedicates time during the year to complete duties. Victoria lives in Kent, and works in London where she works as a Deputy Director of Global Admissions & Recruitment for Sotheby’s Institute of Art. Victoria commutes a total of 4 hours daily to and from work!! Despite her busy work life and tiring commute Victoria still manages to exercise frequently, primarily running. Victoria is a talented runner, with an incredible PB in the Half Marathon. Despite not having completed a Road Marathon Victoria went on to run ultra marathons thanks to the encouragement of her uncle, and went on to place First Lady at her second ultra at the Moonlight Challenge 50km. She most recently completed the Duo Étoilé in Chamonix, during the Marathon du Month Blanc Weekend, and is scheduled to run Chicago Marathon this Autumn - her first Road Marathon.Tune in to hear all about Victoria’s adventures, and why the outdoors motivates her so much.    Links:  Daniel’s Instagram: Natalie - Not Another Runner Instagram: Blog:  The Moonlight Challenge Interview with Easy Thrills Podcast 
August 1, 2019
11. Part 1. Lizzie Dimond - Runnerof4 - Novice Runner to 3:12 Marathoner in just 2 years, and while 9 months postpartum!
Part 1. [Links Available Below] Lizzie Dimond, a Wife, mother of four, a drama teacher, club member of Lliswerry Runners in Newport, and I have to say a very SPEEEDY runner.  Lizzie started running in 2017, just 7 months into her running Journey and having gone through an incredibly tough time with her family, Lizzie went on to run her first Half Marathon in an incredible 1:35, despite having no time goal! Lizzie would go on to fall pregnant with her fourth child, and continue to run during her pregnancy and bounced back after the pregnancy really quickly! Lizzie would then go on to run a half marathon shortly after giving birth, and incredibly decided to train for her first marathon whilst only a couple months postpartum. Lizzie ran the Great Welsh Marathon April 2019 and came 2nd Lady, in her DEBUT MARATHON- completing in a crazy time of 3:12:04.  Me and Lizzie chatted so much running that I’ve put together a Part 1 & 2…to this Episode.  Stay tuned for such an incredibly inspiring story. Lizzie’s enthusiasm just beams loudly through her voice and it was a joy to catch up with her.   What to Expect in Part 1: About Lizzie, what she does for a living Biggest Challenges she faces as being a mother, and a mother of four, wife and marathoner  Why and how she was able to accept the incessant fatigue of running, marathon training and being a mumHow she started running How receiving awful news within the family affected her, but also was a catalyst for Lizzie and her running journey and how it changed her perspective in life How I try my best to convince Lizzie she IS Fast  Lizzie’s current weekly training plan  Lizzie running through her fourth pregnancy up to 38 weeks Why she attributes her strong comeback postpartum to training during her pregnancy How she felt returning to running after her pregnancy  How she completed a half marathon just 6 weeks postpartum and completing just 7 minutes slower than her previous PB Lizzie’s Big Dream / Goal for next year How her Marathon training started 3.5 months after having Toby  What Lizzie’s A, B and C Goals were going into the Great Welsh Marathon Links:  Lizzie’s Instagram: Lliswerry Runners  Run1 ’s Elevated Energy - 10 Day Free Trial  Natalie - Not Another Runner Instagram: Blog:  Easy Thrills Podcast Interview with Easy Thrills Podcast 
July 26, 2019
Series 1 #10. [this is an old episode] Bernice Kent - From "What f I can?" to "I Absolutely Can!!" From Beginner Runner - Marathoner - To completing an Ultra Marathon
Berni, from Worcester is a wife, mother and a Bowel Cancer Specialist nurse. She started running 2014, she hadn’t been very active and wanted to make a positive change in her life. She started with the Couch to 5k App.. which she would spend the next year doing until she plucked up the courage to complete her first Park Run. Bernie soon caught the bug, and challenged herself to up the distance she would go onto completing a Half Marathon, and then the Marathon - London Marathon in 2018 and this year she has completed an Ultra-marathon, The Threshold Trail Series’ Race to the Stones Day 2, completing 50lm (31 miles). Bernie has also lost a total of 3 stone in this process. Berni is such an inspiring and caring person, she is so friendly and it was a joy to catch up with her and find out more about her life and running Journey. Stay tuned to hear how Berni has gone from newbie runner, completing couch to 5k over a year, to then going on to completing the Half, fThe Marathon and most recently an Ultra-marathon. Bernie talks tips to starting running, and managing a busy life while training.  Links:  Threshold Trail Series - “More Is In You” Berni’s Instagram:  Berni’s Race Recap of RTTS  Natalie - Not Another Runner Instagram: Blog:  Lindsey Hein’s Instagram I’ll Have Another Podcast  Easy Thrills Podcast Interview with Easy Thrills Podcast 
July 22, 2019
9. Katie - Katie_jayne_the_runner Pit Stop to Pit Stop: Race to the Tower; King and Stones
Katie, started running whilst at uni, but didn’t fall in love with running until the last couple years when she discovered trail running. Despite Katie’s 45 minute commute, and her long working days she has still managed to train for a series of ultra marathons this year. She has just completed the Threshold Trail Series: Race to the Tower, Race to the King, & Race to the Stones. Three Ultra Marathons in the space of 5 weeks, and a total of 276 km (171 miles). Katie says herself she is happiest on the trail with a snack, she loves an adventure and exploring and enjoying the beautiful countryside. This is a great episode with an insight to training and running ultra marathons.  Katie gives some great tips for newbie runners, and for trail running and tackling ultra marathons, Katie also hints at some running goals, and what may be on the agenda in the future! Katie encourages others to go steady, and to find the running you can fall in love with!    Links:  Threshold Trail Series - “More Is In You” Katie’s Instagram:  Katie’s Blog  Natalie - Not Another Runner Instagram: Blog:  vSusie Chan  Billy Yang Films  Life in a Day  Western States 100  Easy Thrills Podcast Interview with Easy Thrills Podcast
July 18, 2019
8. Collette Owen - letty_runningjourney - Sometimes in order to feel alive you need to push yourself: Postpartum Beginner Runner > Ultra Marathon in just 18 months!
Letty, a mother runner from Liverpool, now living in Swansea Wales, started running 2 1/2 years ago when her second daughter was just a few months old. Letty has gone from beginner runner, just a few months postpartum > ultra-marathon in just 18 months!! Incredible determination! Tune in to hear Letty’s inspirational journey, all while juggling family life, with 2 young daughters. Letty gives some great tips to those wanting to start running and some insight as a mother runner. She attributes motherhood as giving her the drive to push beyond barriers, and has learnt not to quit The Threshold Trail Series "More is in you" has resonated with her - she states "Sometimes in order to feel alive you need to push yourself". This is a great chat, worth listening to - stay tuned and let me know what you guys think - as always, thanks for listening!  Links:  Threshold Trail Series - “More Is In You” Letty's Instagram: Natalie - Not Another Runner Instagram: Blog:  Facebook: Easy Thrills Podcast Interview with Easy Thrills Podcast 
July 12, 2019
Introducing Not Another Runner Podcast
Introduction to the Not Another Runner Podcast, I tell you a little about me and my running Journey, what in my life lead me to running and why I keep going back for more ( #WhyIRun ).  From depression, smoking and disordered eating to total happiness and peace - gratitude through running.   I tell you what the Podcast will entail... and why you should stay tuned! Send me your Running Questions via Instagram, to be featured on the Podcast. Tag #WhyIRun in your Instagram Posts for a chance to be Featured on the Podcast and for a Repost.  Remember - when you get up and run or exercise, you never regret going - but you always regret not going.  Thank you - Speak Soon, Natalie X Instagram  Blog An Honest Confession, and a life changing discovery. Mine and Tom's Interview for Easy Thrills Podcast Easy Thrills Podcast FlipBelt Site  Use Code: EZTHRILLS10 until the end of June for a 10% Discount 
June 17, 2019