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M&J "The Thesis" 1

An episode of the OBRY Projekt

By Jonathan Machtemes
The OBRY Projekt is an eclectic blend of investigation into Biblical language, religious movements, and accepted narratives which invites you to think, laugh at absurdity, and appreciate the enduring value of Bible truth.
Point 1 Prequel "An Historical Overview"
In this third overall episode I provide a groundwork Biblical historical narrative that will serve as the soil from which all of the points we explore hereafter will grow from. I provide not only a standard framework, but my own take on Bible events, gaps, and the theory of A.D. "Phantom Time". Mormonism didn't shoot up out of nowhere and neither did Judaism, so all of this is very necessary to get the ball rolling. I also review the Thesis and Main Topics contained in the Outline for Point 1. Information concerning where to find my videos and podcast, along with other resources, donations, and contact info, may be found at
May 22, 2019
Sunday Special Live 3/31/19 "Black Death"
Bob, from 12XU You Tube channel joins me for a discussion on the untold facts of the Black Death: Europe's greatest "epidemic" disaster.
April 2, 2019
M&J "The Thesis" 1
This week I begin by backing up, admitting my mistakes thus far, and positing a thesis from which to work forward. I discuss the problem with many "ex-mormon" podcasts, videos, blogs, and books, and talk a little about where I'm hoping this will lead us.
March 31, 2019
M&J (Wilhelm von Wymetal) 1
W Wyl traveled to America in the mid 1880s to write a book on Mormonism. After getting his book, "Mormon Portraits: Joseph Smith, His Friends and Family", published, he was contacted by William Law. This first part of the Law interview is the continuation of my You Tube series "Joseph Smith and Kabbalah". We will be continuing to build on the information, and Wyl's writings, in this series, that promises to pull back the thick curtain of secrecy behind Mormonism and Judaism.
March 25, 2019
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