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Of Goyz Over Cigarz!

Of Goyz Over Cigarz!

By Reconz

A bunch of New England goyz discuss Alt Right and other politically incorrect topics over some fine cigars every week! Politics, Vidya, Religion, Culture, News, and everything in between! Oh and one more thing... we record most of our episodes..... IN PUBLIC! ;D

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CoVid Smonk Ride Special!
Recon & Rhody decided to go for a smonk ride since all the lounges are shut down thanks to Corona Chan. Mostly a shitposting show with random topics scattered throughout! We were actually in the car (sorry if the audio quality isn't the best, that's quite litterally my car engine in the background) driving around Northern RI! Think you guys are ganna enjoy it! Cigars featured in this episode: La Herencia Cubana CORE Toro. Special thanks to TeknoAXE & Xurious for the Intro and Outro Music. A very special thanks to SADVILLIAN for the break song, go check him out on soundcloud and read his excellent book Harassment Architecture by Mike Ma!
March 28, 2020
The Return of the Smonk
WE ARE BACK! Sorry for the extra long hiatus goyz n gals! We went back to our old stomping grounds this weekend and decided to whip up Anchor on the fly and wing a special episode for you all. We cover a wide range of topics from Blormf and Crazy Uncle Joe to demonic possession Hollywood acting and conservationism! We do it all over some great smokes and in public of course! I think you guys will enjoy this one, so grab a drink and a smonk of your own take a seat and listen in! Special Thanks to Anchor for STILL hosting us after all this time regardless of how controversial we can be they are good sports! God Bless them! Also Special thanks to the goys Rhodey and Salazar for making it out with Recon to do a show! Special thanks to all of you for sticking it out and waiting for us to get our s*** together! Special Thanks to TechnoAXE & Xurious for the Intro & Outro music! Of course super thank you to everyone in this cause that is in prison wrongfully and those suffering persecution around the world for being white and proud to just simply standing up against the (((global establishment))) And last but not least Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for making all this possible! God Bless & Hail Victory! Hopefully we will be back within the next 2 weeks to give you guys another one!
October 5, 2019
Max Sand
The Goyz have a special show for you this week. Max Sand, of 1433, 1st Irregulars, The Maxian Position, fame joins the boys IRL for his first ever IRL show appearance! They just run off the top for the whole show discussing topics ranging from vape, family, New England demographics, CHIINNAA, and Kapital! We really hope you enjoy! Special thanks to Max Sand for coming on, Zera for COTW, Anchor for hosting us, Jesus for always having our back TeknoAXE & Xurious for the intro and outro music. And last but not least you the listeners for all you're support! If you'd like to D'nate some shekels we'd really appreciate it link is in the description! As always we will catch you next weekend, God bless & Hail Victory ✌!
September 20, 2018
Not My Cup of Tea
Henlo Goyz n Goylz the boys are back from a long labor day break! Sorry for that but everyone in the Newsroom decided they didnt wanna be around that weekend so we cut them some much needed time off. This week the Goyz come in swinging with a bunch of topics such as the Kavanaugh confirmation circus, more on McCain rising from the dead (Salazar style), Mollie Tibbetts terrible father, The First Crusade, and the importance of brotherhood followed by a closing of weekly news headlines from the last two weeks they missed! Special Thanks to Anchor for hosting us, Our awesome listeners, WOP for the new rant bit, Zera for Cigar of the Week, and of course Jesus Christ for making this all possible! More thanks to TeknoAXE for the Intro music and Xurious for the outro music! You can find them both by there names on Youtube! Thanks for listening guys, Hope you enjoy! Enjoy your weekend, God Bless, Hail Victory, will catch you next weekend!
September 8, 2018
Corporations Are The Real Trans-humanists!
Well the Goyz have a real treat for you all this weekend. Sorry for the late release we decided to show Salazar the new cigar club Recon & Rhody attend Friday night! Unfortunately Salazar was so smoked out he couldn't make it for the show Saturday night but fear not! Wrath of Khan returns to the panel with Rhody & Recon to discuss a wide range of all-over-the-place, shit posty topics. The first part is a special FU to the shitlib parents of Mollie Tibbets parents & and one for John McCain with condolences to his family instead. South Africa and Trump also comes up. The second half is composed of a break down of late stage capitalism and greek paradoxes on human logic. Boy was that fun for the goyz. Followed by another COTW bit by Zera In closing they discuss some news headlines from the prior week and all over some sweet stogies and one persian hookah! Quick Thanks to the listeners, Anchor, Jesus Christ, Zera & Wrath of Khan! See you next weekend goyz n goylz!! God Bless Hail Victory ✌
August 26, 2018
We Wuz Kangz!!
In this weeks show the goyz go off the rails as always! Starting with a discussion of UTR2 and how absolutely horrible it made the left look this time around followed by a deep dive by Salazar into more history on the Roman KANGZZZ! Zera drops another awesome stogie recommendation and finally they close out with some news stories and headlines from the week! All this of course surrounded by a dense cloud of smonk! Hope you goyz and goyls enjoy! Have a great weekend God Bless Hail Victory ✌ Catch ya next Friday if not sooner! Special thanks to Jesus Christ for helping us make the show possible aswell as Anchor for hosting us! Special thanks to Zera for the bit, Tekno AXE & Xurious for the music & to all of our awesome listeners, we love yall! D'nations available up top anything is greatly appreciated! We also have a twatter now: @AltStogie Let's see how long that lasts!
August 18, 2018
Fireside Smokes Ep. 2
Back for episode 2 of our side show, Fireside Smokes! This show Recon & Salazar sit down over a stoge & a drink to talk about Salazar's experience growing up in Portugal and a quick compare and contrast of America and Portugal on a cultural level! We plan on doing another episode on the same topic in the future so stay tuned for that. God Bless Hail Victory! and will catch you guys this weekend for OGOC! Cya! Special thanks to our listeners & Anchor for hosting us! Special thanks to Salazar for opening up a bit about his early life and making time in his busy schedule to sit down with Recon and do the show! Special thanks to Jesus Christ for making it all possible!
August 16, 2018
Charlottesville & Civilization
The Goyz are back in town with another installment of the show. The topic of the night starts with a call to remembrance of Cvill and Rhodey & Recons personal experiences that day in VA. OGOC would like to Thank all the brave people that went out that day to stand up for our people and the freedom to speak truth to power! Be careful this weekend although we are no fans of this year's anniversary rally. The topic then shifts to more Rome posting followed by a coverage of some recent events in the news worth mentioning! All this and more over some fine stogies of course! Got the cigar of the week bit in there for you guys aswell! Enjoy! Special thanks to Anchor for hosting us, Zera for the COTW bit, and to all our listeners for listening to us ramble! Oh and Jesus Christ of course for having our back always! Donations can be made via Anchor if you'd like to support the show. Any questions can be sent to or over Anchor! Have a good weekend goys and goylz stay sa
August 11, 2018
Anti-White NYT & SJW Vidya
The Goyz are back with another episode of your favorite alt right cigar puffing show! This week we kinda bounced all over the place. We covered the anti white double standard of the NYT choice of new hires. We discussed city life and its affects on different civilizations as well as some current news and a closing on deeper meanings of some of our favorite vidya as well as the SJW destruction of said games in the long run. We also discussed a bunch of other topics like always! We also did in fact get to shoe horn our new Cigar of The Week bit this time! We hope you enjoy the show and will catch you next weekend if not sooner! Hail Victory & God Bless! Special Thanks to Anchor for Hosting us as well as Zera for our new bit! Email us at Contact us on
August 4, 2018
Fireside Smokes Ep. 1
Welcome to the first episode of Fireside Smokes! This is ganna be a sporadic short show we do from time to time with different people at different times! Today Rhody & Recon try to recall what exactly they touched on during that missing hour Friday night and a few other small topics like buying a house! Hope you enjoy! Gid Bless & Hail Victory!
July 23, 2018
Nobody is Coming to Save Us
So this week we had plan for Wrath of Khan to come on but he had an issue with his tech on his end but no worries he will be on a future episode! We made due! We talked Trump & Russia, Some JQ goodies, The break down of the left, Some thoughts on the Mesoamerican & African civilizations and (What didn't record) the Sorry state of life as a Millennial in late stage capitalism. As well as how to stay sane and improve yourself through it all! Today song credits go to Morrakiu once again with Shut It Down! & a special thanks to Anchor for hosting us! Also Thank You Jesus for giving us everything we have of course! Enjoy!
July 21, 2018
I Smell Echoing Names Behind This One.......
Hey guys well what can I say, this week is unfortunately not only late but very very short. We had some...odd technical difficulties to say the least, of which I explain in better detail after first break, before we could record a second part or a closing. The first part however was very fun. We talked about everything from Roman History, to NATO, to baby trump balloon failures and more! Hope You enjoy what we have and we will be back with a full episode next week and with a special guest, Lord willing! P.S. Sorry for the poor audio quality of the Apology segment. I had to record from a work laptop x.x Hahaha. Special Thanks to Anchor for hosting us! & Bryan of Anchor Support for the help figuring out what the heck happened to the show. Special Thanks to Morrakiu (Morrakiu & Tyrant Fashister on YouTube) for the closing song, /Pol/ Was Right Again. See you guys next week!
July 16, 2018
Technical Difficulties & San Francisco Drag Queens!
This episode had some major technical issues at first aswell as some Doxing issues xD However without fail we bring you another episode! With Recon coming in from San Fran with special guest and future waifu Zera! We talk about Cigahhhhz of course but also some POZ in the city aswell as some political developments including the BTFO of Antifa in Portland. All that and more here on Of Goyz Over Cigarz!! Enjoy! Special Thanks to Anchor for hosting us and Also Mr. Bond for our closing song! Song is Mr. Bond Fash Out btw lol We will be working on an intro bit very soon I think you goyz and galz will enjoy hahaha! See you next week!
July 7, 2018
Annnndddd we're back!........
This episode we talk about our red pill stories as well as the National Anarchist Movement, Trump's potential SCOTUS appointment and its ramifications for the J left, Gay Pride parades and much more random shit posting.... as always! Thanks to Anchor for hosting us of course and Credit to the closing song goes to Sven of TRS with Ambient Ant Farm- Duel Citizen. And as always Jesus of course. See you guys next week!
June 30, 2018
Beer Burps & Stupid Welfare Leechz!!!
Our first pilot episode! We discussed a wideeeee range of topics! Enjoy! Special Thanks to Anchor for hosting us! And Mr. Bond for the closing music.
June 24, 2018