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By Okezue Bell
The VZIN podcast by Okezue Bell is about how we can solve the most pressing and difficult problems of our time, and the role of different mindsets, technologies, and unicorn people to do so. This is what will lead us to the Vision, or the foreseeable future of life.
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Discussing the Paradigm of Adaptability ft. Raina Bornstein and Ajai Chandi


Seeking Understanding - The Thoughts of the Future ft. Velocity Group
What does it mean to seek understanding? Does it mean not following the sheep mentality? Does it mean maintaining composure and having empathy? Is it something else? In this Episode of the VZIN podcast, Okezue and his velocity cohort (consisting of Allan Wang, Akash Patel, Norah Waegner, and Ethan Wei) discuss how the mindset of seeking understanding can heavily impact ingenuity and forge a path to a better future.
December 18, 2020
Discussing the Paradigm of Adaptability ft. Raina Bornstein and Ajai Chandi
“You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” - John Kabat-Zinn. In this premiere episode VZIN, we speak with Raina and Ajai on Kabat-Zinn's quote and how it can impact our midsets, and new notions of adaptability and the capacity to learn and deal with problems! The VZIN podcast is led by anchor Okezue Bell, and discusses how we can create the future. My name is Okezue Bell, and I'm the anchor of the VZIN podcast, where I talk about how I can create, and how we as humans can approach the Vision, or the most impactful prospects of the future with regard to mentalities, and technology, and how they can catalyze human development and spearhead our innate creativity!
October 31, 2020