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Old Friends Catch Up

Old Friends Catch Up

By Old Friends
Physical Therapy meets Skateboarding. Licensed Physical Therapist, Dr. Kyle Brown and Professional Skateboarder Walker Ryan sit down with fellow skateboarders and discuss injuries, health, current events and old skate videos.
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Corey Duffel : Issue #7 "Diagnosis: Improper footwear."

Old Friends Catch Up

David Cole : Issue #8
David Cole sits down with Walker and Kyle (9:20) to critique their first podcast, a Deep Dive on Warming Up. Crave also shares his experiences as a Visalia Skate Camp Counselor (17:10) and explains how he battled a gnarly elbow (25:30) and ankle (48:50) injury. Stay tuned at the end (1:16:20) for an exclusive preview of the Warming Up Deep Dive. We offer a Deep Dive for every issue through Old Friends Fitness, focusing on Kyle's research and experiences as a Physical Therapist. Compliment this hilarious podcast with a David Cole video part, a "Dave in the Life," , a short film or some good old candid Crave antics.
March 1, 2021
Corey Duffel : Issue #7 "Diagnosis: Improper footwear."
Corey Duffel sits down with Kyle and Walker (12:13) to discuss his Bo Jackson saga (15:50), how his current Physical Therapy is going (26:50), his recent OATS surgery (30:25), his shocking plantar fascia injury (41:30), his Osiris shoe dilemma (47:40), his journey with a Lisfranc injury (51:35), and his undercover work outs(1:13:05). Corey also covers how he approaches getting back into skating after long bouts off the board (1:24:30). Music by Bobby Renz. 
January 31, 2021
Dave Abair : Issue #6
Dave Abair sits down with Dr. Kyle Brown and Walker Ryan to talk injuries, and boy does Dave have some stories! But consider yourself warned, as these tales are not for the faint of heart. Spiral fractures, compartment syndrome, MCL/ACL tears, and a heel bruise that will give you nightmares.  Watch Dave Abair rip through San Francisco in his latest part for Old Friends.  Find more podcasts and rehab tutorials at Buy some Old Friends physical therapy gear at
December 29, 2020
Chris Roberts : Issue #5
Chris Roberts sits down with Dr. Kyle Brown and Walker Ryan to discuss how Covid has affected The Nine Club and what it was like dealing with Achilles Tendinitis while filming for A Time to Shine (Transworld 2006). Kyle and Chris dig deep into this common (but often misunderstood) injury and Chris explains how his physical therapy treatment got him back to skating. Issue #5 of Old Friends Fitness is all about Achilles Tendinopathy. Subscribe on Patreon for a step by step program by Dr. Kyle Brown on how to address this injury. Issue # 6, releasing December 1, will focus on Patellofemoral Pain. We also cover Ankle Sprains, Warming Up, Static Stretching, and Foam Rolling. 
November 29, 2020
Foam Rolling : Issue #4
In lieu of having Rob Welsh (AKA Skateboarding's Foam Rolling Godfather) on the pod, Dr. Kyle Brown and Walker Ryan share the Foam Rolling "Deep Dive," (7:50) from this month's issue on Old Friends Fitness. After, they dig into Rob Welsh's old video parts, starting with Mad Circle's Five Flavors (19:08), moving on to Aesthetic's Ryde or Die (25:00), then Transworld's Free Your Mind (27:50). They throw in his Foam Rolling section from The Final Flare (32:35) and end with his part Lakai's Fully Flared (38:20).  Help out Behrens Family Winery and Sherwin Family Vineyards by buying some of their wine and if you'd like to donate to help people who have been displaced or affected by the fires in Napa, we recommend the Napa Farm Bureau,  Napa Community Disaster Relief Fund, and Puertas Abiertas. For more podcasts and videos, visit our website or support us on Patreon. 
October 30, 2020
Jimmy Carlin : Issue #3
Dr. Kyle Brown and Walker Ryan catch up with Jimmy Carlin and discuss why he walked away from professional skateboarding (7:45), his decision to become a middle school teacher (22:00), and what his relationship to skateboarding and watching skate videos is now (43:50). They also take a deep dive into the 2004 classic Bon Appetit, (54:40) and then talk books (1:09:52). For more, subscribe to Old Friends Fitness on Patreon.
October 1, 2020
Alexis Sablone : Issue #2
Dr. Kyle Brown and Walker Ryan catch up with Alexis Sablone and discuss her recent Cons Project (6:45) and how she broke her hand during the filming and fiberglassed her own cast (12:00). Alexis details her recent Ankle Sprain (22:08) and explains how she skated through the injury and still managed to rank #2 in the USA Women's Street for the Olympics (35:05). Kyle, Alexis, and Walker dive into Welcome to Hell (54:00) and then discuss girls who are currently coming up in skateboarding (1:20:20) and some of the difficulties women have faced finding skateboarding sponsorships over the years (1:36:45). 
August 28, 2020
Sebo Walker : Issue #1
Dr. Kyle Brown and Walker Ryan sit down with Sebo Walker to to discuss his recent injury/four-day hospital visit during Covid19 craziness. They also revisit The Reason and break down the origins of the Sebo Warm Up.  Here are some of the causes we recommend donating to:  Anti Racism Fund : Campaign Zero: Grass Roots Law Project: Here are some podcasts we recommend listening to:  The 1619 Project: Code Switch : This American Life : "We Are The Future" Throughline: "American Police" Fresh Air: "Militarization of Police" Steezus Christ : "The Plight Of My Black Skin"
July 14, 2020