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VA Voices

VA Voices

By Omar McClinton
Various Artists Voices is the place where artists unite, and the conversation is always fun and enlightening. We’re on a lifelong journey to always share. Always listen. Always grow. If you’re an artist and you're looking to multi-task your life. You should listen to us. Because we have the same destination. Let's get there together. One conversation at a time.
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VA Voices Presents Kuumba Lynx

VA Voices

'Meditations, Conversations & Libations" w/ guest Anita Nicole Brown
Join MeMe on ‘Meditations, Conversations & Libations’ as she sits down and talks to versatile and very busy actress ANITA NICOLE BROWN. Together they talk about not only the struggles of being an actress, but they take a deep dive into Anita’s personal struggles and the life lessons she’s learned while being an actress with Type 1 Diabetes and how it affects her career. Today’s podcast is inspiring, insightful and impactful. VA Voices is honored to present to you Anita Nicole Brown. Take a listen.
April 04, 2021
VA Voices Presents Kuumba Lynx
VA Voices podcast exclusive of the Chicago founded performance group Kuumba Lynx. Meet six of its members that work together in nurturing fellow artists, empowering the youth and continue the movement. Join MeMe as she introduces you to the world of Kuumba Lynx.
April 04, 2021
VA Voices presents "Meditations, Conversations & Libations" w/ guest Blake Martin
Your host MeMe would like to enlighten and encourage all of the fashion entrepreneurs by introducing you to a fellow independent fashion artist / designer Blake Martin of Blake Martin Productions. Take a listen.
April 04, 2021
VA Voices presents 'Backstage' w/ guest Mark Atkinson
MeMe went backstage at the Various Artists independent Film Festival and spoke to two-time nominee and 2017 Best Comedy short winner Mark Atkinson. She talks to him about his projects, struggles as an independent filmmaker and the festival that helped him achieve some of his lifelong dreams.
April 04, 2021
VA Voices presents "Meditations, Conversations & Libations" w/ guest Bryant McLemore Smith
MeMe returns and this time she's bringing a new guest, and now lifelong friend, film and tv costume designer and personal stylist Bryant McLemore Smith. Take a listen.
April 04, 2021