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Angel Dog Training

Angel Dog Training

By O'Neal Scott, Angel Dog Inc
The Harvard School of Dog Training offering insights to a world of dogs.
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Do no harm. Wait

Angel Dog Training

The joy of training and expanding your dog's world during home isolation
You can go from boredom to delight with your dog during the home isolation period. I’m experiencing great joy with two 6 month old brother pups! OK, I wasn’t bored or sitting around with nothing to do before their arrival. I have plenty of work to do and YET…. it’s been a breath of fresh air to have these two strong individuals join the household to create zest and excitement at every single moment until they fall over into sleep when exhausted. Last night they slept for 14 hours. I’m telling you, we are having some serious fun while training. Use this time to get excited with your dog and find new ways to bond and learn new ways for your dog(s) to live an even more expansive life with you. Everyone wins! In today’s podcast I share how to give more than asked or needed and how everyone benefits. Make it safe for your dog to expand and try new things…. invite the action! Aren’t win-win scenarios wonderful? Share what happens for each of you and both of you. What did you do and how did your dog stretch in creatively offering new ideas? It’s a great discussion
April 2, 2020
Covid-19 & dog conditions around the world
Covid-19 is impacting canines and their families around the world. Here in the United States, it's pretty relaxed when you compare it to the conditions in Madrid, Spain.  I hooked up with a dog trainer partner in Madrid and got the details of the STRICT, and COSTLY if not followed restrictions on individuals with dogs. The ways of life for dogs and dog owners in Spain is very different than here. What would you do differently if you lived in Spain? Comment here: UPDATE: We mentioned "PPP" dogs with additional requirements. Here is more on PPP dogs in Spain: Breeds and characteristics of a dog considered PPP Dogs that are considered PPP under Spanish law are diverse, and include: · American Pit Bull Terrier · Staffordshire Bull Terrier · American Staffordshire Terrier · Rottweiler · Argentine Dogo · Fila Brasileiro · Tosa Inu · Akita Inu · Doberman · Bullmastiff · Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff) · Neapolitan mastiff · Presa Canario (Canary Mastiff) · Bull Terrier In addition to these breeds, a dog is considered PPP if it is a descendant of any of the abovementioned breeds, or if they display the following features: · Strong muscles and a powerful appearance. Robust, athletic, strong and tough. · A strong character and great strength · Short hair · Chest circumference between 60 and 80 centimeters, a height at the withers between 40 and 70 centimeters and a weight exceeding 20 kg. · A voluminous and robust head, a wide and large skull. · The jaws of possible PPP should be large and strong. · The neck should be muscular and wide. · A solid, wide, large and deep chest. · Strong and muscular limbs with relatively long legs.
March 25, 2020
A boy’s dream with his dog
Give a boy a puppy dog and watch them bond. It’s a most precious relationship. This can happen at any age, as most of us know from experience. Both parties desiring the same experience is key. Take today’s example of a man waiting a long time for his dog dream to come true. Learn what it took to bring the pleasure to him and his dog. If this is your dream, you can have it too. Here’s how. If you want more assistance in achieving your dream, give us a call 828-772-9161. Have you built a special experience to share with your dog? We’d love to see it in video or hear about it in a post. Share here:
March 22, 2020
What happened to my sweet puppy?! She just entered the dominance period and her behavior is normal.
This stage is often confusing to people when they are not following the puppy growth stages and it seems as if their puppy dog suddenly changed and you don’t like it. And you are not sure how to best handle these new behaviors and actions. Today we discuss the changes in your pup, and how to best handle this stage of development and keep moving forward in helping your puppy develop into a happy, well adjusted, alert, trained, loved and welcomed by all adult dog. Learn the dos and the don’ts to implement at this stage of puppyhood. If you have questions or want more information and begin a discussion, please go here:
March 19, 2020
It's Game Day! Tug games
We are being asked to stay at home and 6 feet away from others. BUT NOT FROM OUR DOGS!  (That would truly be extra awful.) The way I see it, it's more time to spend with my best friend.  I thought if would be nice to share fun games you can play together. Of course I have books of games and tricks, wink.  So being the nice and fun person my dog thinks I am, I'm sharing.   Today it's about tugging games. Here are rules and guidelines to keep it fun and safe for all. I know it may seem silly but most everyone can get a helpful piece of information to benefit you.  I'll drop more games and activities on a regular basis so come back and find new ways to delight your team.  I like requests and if you let me know, I'll make it a priority.  And remember, dogs may get a low reading of the corona virus but they do not transmit the disease and you are safe with them. Keep them close, as they are wonderful companions as we go through a challenging time.  
March 17, 2020
From dry kibble to homemade human grade meals to raw - the journey to radiant health through diet for dogs
If you have the ability to give a bit more investment of money and time to give to your best friend canine, focus on their diet and you will be amazed at the quality of life improvements before your very eyes. Watch your dog come alive in ways you’ve not experienced before. The benefits far outweigh any reservations you may have. And your dog, your best friend, is the one who benefits the most, and it is significant! Let us know where you are with your dog’s nutrition and where you are heading next: Now available - online training. Free consultation. Call 828-772-9161
March 12, 2020
Training a dog for a unique person
Training a young pup uninterested in training can be a bit of a challenge even with an amazing canine team of training helpers. Add a mom with unique ways of being and we have today's talk. This talk is filled with humor, highs, lows, oh nos, and an uncertain path to a surprise ending. Join us. I'm getting requests to work with folks and that's great. Call or email for a free consultation : 828-772-9161;
March 9, 2020
Dogs & the Corona virus
Most people will choose to stay away from the general public to keep you safe from the Corona virus. Safety is important for you and your family including your pets. So far one case of human to canine transmission of Corona virus has occurred. Listen for more details. The next several days check in for ideas to entertain and keep you and your dog happy and healthy! When you don’t feel safe at the dog park or the city streets, it’s good to have ways to engage your dog to satisfy mind and body and live a happy, healthy, peaceful life.
March 6, 2020
Treating dogs to spa-licious delights
We like nice things and experiences. We like to give that to our fur-kids as well and to share the experience while pampering them. We all get to enjoy the moments.  Hanging out afterwards enjoying the lingering scents, soft fur and calm skin is an additional luxury benefit much appreciated. Today we look at dog spa products and enjoying the lap of leisure.
March 5, 2020
Pro training & team & so much more awesomeness with your canine
This is an exciting talk today. It's to encourage a team new to training and filled with very advanced subtleties in training for the ultimate in teamwork. If you only listen to one talk up until now, let this be the one. It’s my favorite. I love what I get to do. If you'd like to share (and I hope you do), click here. 
February 27, 2020
How to best handle life changes and transitions with your dog
Life changes such as moving, divorce, military off overseas, child to college, a death of a family pet may have a big impact on your dog. Knowing what to look for and how to help her through a life transition is a gift of love. Often you may be going through a transition as well. This podcast is an excellent reference to help you navigate the most positive transition for your dog. Even if you don't have a dog in your family this is helpful information for you to support loved ones going through transformation.
February 25, 2020
The keys to a solid canine recall
Ever been ready to leave a dog park and your dog isn't? Today we discuss how to positively address this situation and sweet solutions positive to all. After you listen, pop over and comment on how you would handle this situation if it happened to you today:
February 23, 2020
Open Up Opportunities for You and Your Dog by Preparing for a Dog Interview & Creating a Dog Resume
More and more I’m seeing how businesses and areas are catering to our beloved dogs. Examples include work, lodging, neighborhood communities and even cities. Dogs are being embraced and included for the wonderful life enhancers that they are. To be welcomed into these exclusive environments, the powers that be are asking for interviews to meet and greet and resumes to learn more about your best friend. Learn what you need and how to prepare to make a great impression with your dog. A little effort on the front end will benefit you greatly and ensure you both are at your best resulting in invitations to the highly desired dog offerings. Share your experience (and creativity) with your dog interviews and resumes:
February 20, 2020
Interview with Animal Chiropractor Dr John Faherty
Dr John Faherty, animal chiropractor, is our very first interview! This man is gifted and has incredible insights into caring for dogs. I learn wonderful new things every time we talk. Take a listen and find new ways to care for your beloved dog. To contact Dr John Faherty call (828) 712-8017 or email  
February 19, 2020
Simple & incredible way to get your dog's attention, help them learn cause and effect and make good choices
There are many, many ways to train a dog. Ask around and you will hear a spectrum of answers from the sane to crazy, kind and not so kind, controlling or no training at all that people call "absorbing" while living together. (This last one is the #1 reason dogs are surrendered.)  Listen to this simple and incredible way to get your dog's attention, help them learn cause and effect and make good choices. Develop a wonderful loving relationship built on trust and care and choice. You will both grow and benefit from it.   UPDATE: A few hours later we were able to easily and quietly do the first complete nail trim. Everyone relaxed and in agreement. YES!
February 13, 2020
Sullivan's Island Beach For Dogs
Remember how I glowed about the dog park in Mount Pleasant? Well, Sullivan's Island Beach is just as fabulous! Actually it's way more! (Plus a few more beaches in the area are dog friendly.) Wonderful people, wonderful socialized dogs, fantastic beach!  It's hard to leave.  Do note there are restrictions and licensing so do adhere to the rules and stay out of the dog house and keep it fun fur everyone. 
February 12, 2020
Bach Flower Rescue Remedy Trial Week 1 Results
One week into the trial and experiencing positive results! For someone who's been encouraging the use for dogs, why am I surprised ? Because I'm doing the exact same treatment along side the canine. I observe positive change in the dog and now I'm observing positive change in me! We are 1/3 of the way through and not easing up at all. It's wonderful. Check it out.
February 11, 2020
Mount Pleasant Dog Park - 5 Paws Up
I admit I'd gotten disillusioned with dog parks. I've been to so many that turned into bad hoods. We've experienced it - bully dogs, scared dogs, out of control dogs, dog poop all over, dirty water bowls, parents busy socializing and not paying attention to the dog experience. Then I was encouraged to note caring people speaking up in attempts to correct the dysfunction. Then there were the few who became very aggressive in their corrective actions and turned bad in their own way.  I kept to the hiking trails many didn't use and we enjoyed out outings. I came to Mount Pleasant, SC to visit a dear friend and she said the best dog park is Middle St. Pearl, Gabe and I headed over. 
February 10, 2020
Bach Flower Remedy for Dogs Trial
My canine guest and I are taking the Rescue Remedy treatment for 13 days. This unique and natural healing treatment will address his recent behavior changes that do not serve him and for me, well I have my own behaviors I'd like treatment for. We have 13 days to take the treatments together 4x/day, 4 drops per dose. We've diluted the remedy so it's even stronger. There are absolutely no negative effects. Listen to how we can tell when to stop taking the remedy and follow along and we'll give updates- both human and canine. 
February 6, 2020
Addressing the real culprit of dog problems
Broken dreams. The ideal dog gone bad. Often people get discouraged with a dog situation, blame the dog, and give it away.  The dog wasn’t the problem. The real culprit is lack of training, care and addressing concerns. Talking about signs, symptoms, & solutions.
February 2, 2020
Aggressive dogs and change, Part 2
As you pay more attention to the relationship  between you and your dog, you will find your dog will too. We explore curiosity, subtlety, engagement and positive reinforcement. Be the change maker in your relationship.  Your dog will be much more willing to follow your lead towards being a relaxed, happy, easy going and attentive, responsive canine. 
February 1, 2020
Do no harm. Wait
I'm working with a growing puppy and he is going through important growth stages. I can push through with training or choose another way.  Let's listen to what happens on this day with Rascal. 
January 30, 2020
Get your dog to "Quiet" upon request. Here's real life training in 5 minutes.
(You may want to turn the volume down on today's podcast.) THIS is how it's done and it is fast to train. Incredible, at the right time and the right place, to capture teaching quiet in a whisper and getting desired results. Clarifying point: the treat or toy (desired item) is in your hand when you draw your hand off to the side. Get first lesson success and then practice to develop consistency and gradually add distractions. This is how easy clear communication training can be. And you are maintaining your best friend relationship. Love it!   Update: Drawing your hand off to the side is important. This action obtains your dog's total focus and gives space and time to draw out the quiet, no barking period that you will acknowledge and reward.  Disclaimer: Some of the barking is from me with the purpose of inciting barking from my student. There was additional barking from me because I enthusiastically got caught up in the excitement of barking. That is all.
January 28, 2020
Doggy Don'ts
DOG ALERT! If you see a dog in this or a similar situation, jump into action and help this dog! (See image here) Be willing to be a voice for those who are not heard. Bravely, and kindly, stand up for dogs who are at the mercy of others in need of clarity. When we take a moment and wonder how we'd feel as the individual in need of help, it makes us braver. I'm not saying we'll do it perfectly. But if we find the courage to align ourselves with the dog, sincerity will carry us through. We might sweat bullets of fear, but let's do the right thing for the dog. Right? Right. P.S. Don't be a doggy downer who creates Doggy Don'ts.  
January 24, 2020
Cool Music Playlist 4 Your Dog
Today grab this offer and let us know how it goes for you :-)  Who knows how long it will be available so act quick. I give it an enthusiastic YES recommendation.  Here is my now public playlist on Spotify: Gabriel's Pet Playlist  We listen to it most days!  
January 22, 2020
So many times we overlook the most powerful asset with our dogs. And if you continue to, you, and your dog, really miss a spectacular relationship builder. Listen and then share YOUR powerful asset and how it benefits all here.
January 21, 2020
Aggressive dogs and change
Whoa! That's an alluring title!  Dog aggression is a serious matter and deserves your attention and action. Let's wade in to making change in the dynamic.  Take the challenge. You will all benefit.  Then head over and tell us what you learned about your dog and yourself:
January 17, 2020
Dog Play Styles
This is a fun and also very serious topic. Dog play can look like dog fighting and dog fighting can look like dog play. Learn how to tell the difference. It can be a fine line. It is important for you to know your dog's play style and set them up for success with appropriate dog friends.  What is your dog's play style? Have you found good friends for your dog? How did you find them? We'd love to hear about you and your dog's experiences. 
January 17, 2020
The Secret to Excellent Dog Training
EVERYONE will be happy with this arrangement. Isn't that enough to entice you to listen to today's podcast? One of the best parts is how easy it is and how receptive your dog will be. People will envy your relationship and the results of your teamwork. Give it a shot and share your results with us: We all love a good story, smile.
January 11, 2020
Calming an excitable dog
There are many reasons you may live with an excitable dog - a young dog who has a ton of excess energy, a working dog who needs a job or several, a bored dog spending too much time alone area few reasons. Canines are social and active beings. Each day they need social, mental and physical exercise. Today we share methods to satiate your dog's needs. The result is a calmer dog and a happier household.  Drop a line if you have a question or would like to learn more about a dog topic.
January 8, 2020
My Puppy ate ....
Over and over! And it's so cute!  Yes, we love sharing stories about our beloved pup to everyone. However, let's look at this and two other similar in the news dog tales. We'll identify why these situations happened and how they evolved into bigger problems that were dark and not funny or wanted.   We'll wrap up talking about solutions :-) And ideally, you will be able to jump on the preventative measures.  So what do you think? What's your favorite dog story you loved to share? Any new actions you want to take? Let us know:
January 6, 2020
Trail Dog Training Tip
Learn how to be a pro on the trail with your dog. Others on the trail notice and appreciate this skill and give your dog, and you, the nod of approval. 
January 4, 2020
Happy New Year with your pup
Welcome to 2020!  Wow. It seems like this will be a wonderful year for us all. To start off the year, often people celebrate with loud sounds, fireworks, loud music, hollering and more :-) This can be scary stuff for many dogs. Today we talk about this and offer help for your puppy dog with a video. You can view it here:
December 31, 2019
Strategic Use of The Rewards List
They say knowledge is power and it is certainly true when used properly in selecting a dog's reward. What! Yep, it's true. There are many times when your choice makes a significant impact on your dogs, and your, life. Check out tips and suggestions for making life richer with dog rewards.  You'll take a moment in the future when you are reaching for a reward and thinking is this the one for now? Enjoy! Please share your dog's favorite high prized reward :
December 31, 2019
Create a list of your dog's hierarchy of rewards
Identifying your dog's favorite rewards and be very rewarding for you, wink. We talk about what may be very motivational to your dog to comply with your requests. Especially when what you want and are asking for may not be important to your dog at the moment. Consider factors such as taste, sound, sight, smell, place, event, touch. What else does your dog prize? This is a powerful tool in your training toolbox and is delightful to know in manifesting a wonderful relationship with your bestie. Learn more in the podcast about the over stimulating rewards and how to best use the rewards list for BOTH of you. Share your dog's hierarchy list of rewards with us at: We may learn of new rewards to delight our dogs.
December 30, 2019
New Christmas Puppy & Getting A Great Start
It's wonderful having a new puppy! Covering the basics and setting up for success with routines that benefit puppy and you will go a long way to a happy family. Today we talk about daily essentials to get you started. 
December 26, 2019
A key to success - Consistency
On the one hand, dog training is pretty straight forward. Yet getting the components that are critical to your dog are not obvious to many. Find out what dogs look for and ways you can provide for a confident happy dog and an amazing relationship!
December 21, 2019
The REAL cost of E-Collars & your dog
99% of people who use e-collars on their dog, please throw the equipment in the trash. When you understand the true cost to your dog, and to your relationship, you'll want to make change immediately for more appropriate training and gear.  You could use the same amount of money and take a group class to learn obedience as a team and enhance social skills as well.  If you'd like to discuss, please copy and paste the link into your browser:
December 14, 2019
Anthropomorphizing, and your dog
Historically it was considered childish and stupid. Now it's identified as active, intelligent social cognition. And we do it all the time! Find out how you can use it to your advantage with your dog, and more.
December 11, 2019
Angel Dog Program for the Dominant Canine
If you've got a dog that is pushy, mouthy, ignores your commands, or has rotten manners - this talk is for you. This is great training to share with those who need help and don't realize it. This is a big gift to get your happy home back quickly and without being mean or cruel. We love our dogs. And we'll love them more after this program!   For discussion, please copy and paste the link into your browser:
December 10, 2019
Using a Puppy Vision Board
Vision boards are backed by neuroscience!  Today I share about my perfect puppy and you can get ideas for your perfect puppy. With your vision board you are learning and planning and manifesting intentions. You get clear and focused. Take 2-10 minutes a day to let your heart feel and create your heart's desire - your perfect puppy!  Share your puppy vision board with us at:  
December 5, 2019
The BEST gift requested by dogs
It’s interesting to share that what dogs really want doesn’t cost a bunch of money.  It’s a steady consistent holding which guides your dog steady and sure in being a valued member of the family and the love flows between you all. Seriously, take the focus and time to provide one of the highest desires to your pup child – boundaries and routines. Everyone benefits. And this holding is a wonderful way to keep your dog happy healthy social and manners reliable.
December 4, 2019
Record cold, care for the animals
Record cold temperatures call for extra care for your pets and all beings outdoors. Please reach out and care for them. 
December 1, 2019
Change your dog’s behavior in 24 hours
Change your dog’s behavior in 24 hours. It’s true, you can If you are not confident and/or if you have concern for your safety – get an experienced trainer to come into your home and access the situation and best next steps. Your change in behavior can result in immediate positive changes in your dog and his behavior. Let’s look at some common behavior concerns and how you can get immediate relief from them.
November 30, 2019
Holiday Door Greeting Training
The holidays often bring more people to your door and there's no better time to improve your dog's greetings. I'll be giving you several different methods over the next period of time to give you more tools in your toolbox.  I refer to Dorethea Johnson & Liv Tyler's book, modern manners, "It's better to know it and not need it than to need it and not know it."  Happy Thanksgiving!
November 29, 2019
16 Tips that lead to a high performing team with your dog
16 Tips that lead to a high performing team while building a deep relationship of trust and love.
November 27, 2019
A Good Life
Sharing an insight from Jennifer Arnold, creator of Canine Assistants, in Atlanta, GA. I've met with Jennifer a couple of times and had the honor of a tour with her of the facilities and her insights on how to care for dogs who also care for us. Jennifer is a gift to us all with her passion and love for both canines and people. "What dogs want", a good life, discussed. 
November 25, 2019
An entrepreneur’s spirit
A 4th generation entrepreneur, same as the other siblings. What's it's like to have this deep passion that drives one forward. 
November 19, 2019
Be curious about your dog
Your dog focuses so much attention on you. There are things your dog knows about you that you don't even know. It's true.  Take a week and be curious about your dog. Discover more about your dog and her life. Your dog will pick up on your attention and something wondrous will happen. Did you find out? If yes, share it with us.
November 15, 2019
Musings of a dog watcher
I can't help it. I'm obsessed with dogs and their people and ever curious to observe and learn. It's a good thing! 
November 14, 2019
Dog Training as a Team Sport
We review an article on dog treat training versus1 stressful training, Which is best? Come learn how each may have a place in your dog training toolbox. 
November 13, 2019
Caring for animals in record cold
Beginning tomorrow the United States is expecting record cold and winter weather for a week! PLEASE care for your pets, help others, feral, wildlife and all.  None are prepared for this intense winter weather.  Thank you.
November 12, 2019
PACT Law proposed bill
Preventing Animal Cruelty & Torture is a proposed bill approved last month in the House and 3 days ago by the Senate. Now it's on to President Trump and it is anticipated he will sign and it will become a law to help protect animals from abuse at the hands of humans. 
November 11, 2019
Puppy training 3 days in
Come join the fun of puppy training!
November 8, 2019
Dog aggression moving towards epidemic proportions
Nestled in many families and communities is a ticking time bomb.  The important take away is dog aggression is mostly preventable and avoidable. 
November 7, 2019