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We are a friendly style podcast for the overwhelmed woman who needs balance.

Kat and Liberty help you get free access to wellness experts, inspiring humans, and entrepreneurs.
We have honest conversations that help you be empowered in life, love, and living in the now.
Sit down and join us as we speak to people that help you move forward with takeaway tools you can use right now.
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Meditation, Fidgety Sceptics, and Finding Your Identity with Expert Laura Coleman


Teenage trauma, Reiki on the beach, and being ready for love
In this episode, Kat and Deena talk with Lis Cashin Life Coach and Mental Health Speaker as she recalls the moment she accidentally killed her friend when she was just 13 years old. Lis takes us through life from teen to adulthood with her experience and how she now has found peace.  This is a deeply inspiring podcast with an amazing woman who has empowered herself in life.
September 9, 2020
Teachers, No hugs, ANXIETY, AND Parent Whats App
In this honest conversation, Kat and Deena chat with School Teacher and Teacher Wellness Coach Jess Joan Nash about going back to school. Jess, who has been a teacher for over eight years, tells us about the stress and illness she endured and how hitting a low, made her change her ways. She now runs wellness groups for teachers and knows what they need to be energetic and healthy for work. We talk about how teachers can cope with the work in the 'new normal' and how parents can help, so they can work together to make it better for the children. Parents, we ask her questions about how to deal with the 'What ifs' and we find how they cope with us in general.
September 4, 2020
Back to school, Smelly Oils, and life on the West End Stage
In this episode, Kat is joined by Deena and together they chat with Family Coach Emily Mascarenhas. Emily shares her journey about her days as a performer in the West End and tells us how it led to her wanting to lead a loving life with a family of her own. Emily has managed to carve out a career where she can raise her four children and still help other families with coaching. 
August 26, 2020
Fish & Chips, Hormones, and Being in Balance with Kirsty Harrison
An honest conversation with the lovely Kirsty Harrison.  Kirsty became a Nutritional Therapist after her son was diagnosed with psoriasis, she went on a mission to find out what could help them through it, and this is where her passion started.  Nutritional Therapist Kirsty specialises in helping women eat well during perimenopause and the menopause. Kirsty wants to change the narrative, and help women talk about hormones, and how we can manage them with our diets.   Kirsty tells us how to cut down on sugar, and shares a way to eat it sensibly.  She shares really helpful tips on how to have a balanced diet without compromising everything. 
August 18, 2020
Good Guts, Root Causes, and Healing with Dr Nina Fuller Shavel
An honest conversation with Dr Nina Fuller Shavel, we talk about her journey with Cancer, which helped discover her love of Functional Medicine after working as a Hospital Doctor. Dr Nina specialises in Gut Health, Hormones, and Women's Health, Nina shares some insightful tips and tools that will help you to be mindful with you're health and happiness.
August 12, 2020
Stella, Aretha, & The Pickled Banana Skin
Kat and Liberty meet Stella Ralfini: Psychologist, Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, Life Coach, Natural Beauty Expert, Author ( I think we got it all!) as she takes us from her days working alongside the Rolling Stones to her life today. Stella tells us how she is using her incredible wealth of skills and abundance of knowledge to empower others, and also shares a little about her brilliant new book "Rock and Roll Mayhem 1970".  Wonderful, warm, funny- you won't want to miss Stella Ralfini. Find Stella here:
July 21, 2020
Meditation,  Fidgety Sceptics, and Finding Your Identity with Expert Laura Coleman
In this episode, Kat has an honest conversation with Laura Coleman, Founder of Be Meditation about how she loves working with cynics. Laura helps make meditation accessible to everyone. She teaches you to hold on to the pause and create a life you want. Laura's ninja skill is helping you to find a practice that fits you and works. ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL
July 17, 2020
Level Up: Your Gamer Child in Lockdown - With Renowned Gaming Expert Dr Michele McDowell
Kat and Liberty have an honest chat with Dr Michele McDowell,  we talk about relying on technology to help us more than usual. We all know it can be tricky to find a balance between using screen time for learning, social interaction or gaming. in this episode she offers; Information about the possible effects technology has on our children's brains. This guidance she shares can be used immediately by parents to support their child /young person to build a healthy relationship with technology even during these uncertain times. In addition, she offers expert advice as a child psychologist and mother.
July 8, 2020
A Princess, A Desperate Housewife, A Dearly Departed Mother - with Nick Ede
In this episode, the wonderful Nick Ede talks about the women who shaped his life.  It is a wonderfully honest conversation with Nick, who is a Multi- Award-Winning charity campaigner, communications expert and TV Presenter. Nick and his family suffered a significant loss after his mother passed away in front of him. From that point, he vowed to help the future by raising awareness to Strokes, and he has dedicated the last twenty years raising awareness amongst the younger generation.  Nick now works alongside celebrities bringing smaller charities to the forefront, especially in the current climate. Find out why he loves his friend Eva Longoria, and why Princess Diana's death had an impact on his life. 
June 30, 2020
Daddy, Duchenne, & Avocado Toast - The Life & Times of Alex Smith
Kat and Liberty have an honest conversation with Alex, father of two, who is the Founder of Harrison's Fund. Alex talks about Harrison's challenges with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and how, as a Father, he is working to find a cure. Alex talks about his younger son William and the special bond the brothers have together. We talk about how he carried his son Harrison through an Ironman challenge. He talks about how he and his ex-wife Donna remain, firm friends,  and how they will always put their children first.
June 23, 2020
How We Healed After Hijack with Courtney Baxter
Kat and Liberty have an honest conversation with the lovely Courtney Baxter TRE Provider and QEC Practioner. Courtney shares with us how TRE can heal trauma and how it helped her on her journey back to emotional and physical recovery following a terrifying experience involving her family. 
June 18, 2020
Personal Pace with Founder of Runners Mentor Leo Spall
Kat and Liberty have a fear of running and want to get over it.  They have an honest conversation with Leo who helps them overcome fears of running.  Leo tells us there's a runner in everyone no matter how far or fast we choose to go. We talk about the benefits for mind and body and why the comparison is the thief of joy.  Leo is a qualified UK Athletics Coach in Running Fitness, and writes for Podium Runner and Men's Fitness, he spent two decades reporting on elite sport for news outlets including the Evening Standard, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Independent and ESPN, discussing training and performance with some of the best coaches and athletes in the world.   In addition to leading the company and guiding individuals to stronger, happier running, he's helping to lead a running and mental wellness scheme for teenagers: All Girls Can. He's also first aid trained and an England Athletics mental health champion.
June 9, 2020
Growing up, staying in and fitting out with Sarah Cawood
Kat and Liberty have an honest conversation with Broadcaster and Presenter Sarah Cawood. Sarah takes us through her career journey and tells us honestly about why she fell by the wayside and how it broke her heart. We talk about how she met her husband Andy and how she started having babies when she was forty.  This is a great chat because it is refreshingly open, Sarah shares her experience as a Mum, sharing why doing lockdown homeschooling is hard.  We find out what is coming next for this inspirational lady. 
June 2, 2020
Morning Rituals, Anxiety, and Living The Dream with Lindsay Edwards
Imagine creating a vision board of all the things you ever wanted, Lindsay Edwards did! Listen to our chat with Lindsay who now runs the business of her dreams, and lives in the country cottage she put on her board. Find out how she did it by creating rituals that she believes gave her the mindset to achieve her dream life. Lindsay chats about losing people she loved, and how she worked through anxiety to make her life thrive again. 
May 26, 2020
Be inspired and grow in your business with Founder of the Inspiration Space Liana Fricker
An honest conversation between Founder of  The Inspiration Space Liana Fricker and our very own Kat who is the Founder of  Well+Life+Tribe, about how you can grow in business.  Liana talk's about how she inspires people to come together and why community is key.  Liana encourages women to work, by showing them that Entrepreneurial dreams are a real option, she wants you to be inspired. She helps give you the space to embrace your ambition through her Inspiration Space!
May 19, 2020
Love, loss, and sheer determination with Professional Stylist Claire Jacklin
Kat and Liberty have an honest conversation with the lovely Claire Jacklin about loving her family, losing her Mum, and the sheer determination to have a career that she loves. Find out about her career in fashion, where she worked for big-name designer Paul Smith, and now she is an independent stylist who is all about confidence for her clients, listening to them, and making them her friends. 
May 11, 2020
What is TAPPING? Cancer Coach Aga Kehinde explains
Kat and Liberty talk to inspirational Aga Kehinde: NHS worker, Cancer Coach, EFT & NLP expert, Cancer Nurse and Mother about how EFT helps people make sense of what is happening to them and helps you navigate life when met with a challenge. Find Aga here:
May 4, 2020
Anxious children with Dr Maryhan Baker
Kat and Liberty have an honest conversation with the incredible Dr Maryhan Baker, listen as she talks us through the ways we can help children deal with anxiety, in everyday life and in lockdown, as well as her own life story of love, loss and the ability to overcome. 
April 27, 2020
Healing yourself to heal others with Psychologist Katie Woodland
Kat and Liberty have an honest conversation with Katie about her journey, she opens up about having a difficult start in her life; experiencing verbal, physical and sexual abuse throughout her childhood, teenage years and early twenties, things came to a head in 2004 where she tried to end her life. This was a huge turning point for her and after an unsuccessful suicide attempt, Katie started on a journey to heal herself, and then go onto help others who had also suffered from similar levels of psychological, emotional and physical harm. This led Katie to train as a psychologist but rejecting the pre-defined models/schools of thought she launched her own mental health service in 2014 and today helps empower women in business and beyond.
April 21, 2020
Let’s talk about Money with Money Journalist Lily Canter
Let us get over our fear of finance with tips from Money, health and lifestyle journalist Lily Canter.   Kat and Liberty have an honest conversation about what the current landscape looks like in isolation and ask the questions on your behalf. Lily shares tips for how to save and cut down in places you might not have thought possible. Her speciality is helping people fight back large companies or receive money owing to them.  She also gives us an insight into why running in Ultramarathons has changed her life and given her a mindset where she feels anything is achievable, physically and mentally.
April 13, 2020
We call our Business Mentor for advice in Lockdown for YOU
In this special episode Kat is chatting with her Business Coach SJ of Meow Consulting, together they talk through business in the current climate . What the plan is going forward, and how we can adapt to this new way of working from home.  SJ offers up valuable tips for all business owners about how to keep your head above water without giving it all away for free.   In this honest conversation we find out how to get in the right mindset, and how we can keep calm and carry on.  Sharing her words of wisdom with Kat,  SJ leaves you with useful tools to help you in your  business. 
April 6, 2020
Surviving a break-up - can a relationship really ever end well?
Have you thought about separation and divorce? Suzy Miller is the person you need. In this episode Divorce Strategist, Suzy chats to Kat and Liberty about using peace to break up amicably. Suzy opens up and shares her own experience in divorce, and reveals how it has made her grow and become a peacemaker.
March 31, 2020
Loving life with a Special Needs Child
We invite you to listen with your heart wide open, because Ellie and Susie open up about the world they live in in this episode, and they do it with a big smile and lots of love. They talk about their handsome boys,  being able to trust the plan, even if it means the path won't be easy.  When you listen to them you will appreciate how life can be very different in a split second.  Our main takeaway is that these women have grown stronger, and have love pouring out of them. The talk is about how love conquers all. 
March 23, 2020
Let’s be there for each other
A short message of love, and support from us to you. Tips on how to make the most of being home and how to look after yourself in the current climate. Also letting you know what is coming in the next episode.
March 18, 2020
Motherhood, Miscarriage, and managing anxiety with Krisha Davies
An honest chat with entrepreneur Krisha Davies about how she has  dealt with her own anxiety in motherhood, and she also opens up about her  experience with miscarriage . Krisha bravely shares tips in order to help others through this tough experience.  Kat talks to Krisha about her business and how it was developed to help Mothers with anxiety.  Enjoy x
March 16, 2020
Parental anxiety 101 with Freelance Mental Health Nurse Jenny Pink of Mindful PInk Elephant
In this episode we talk all things life, love and how to help children and parents work on anxiety at home. Expert Jenny Pink tells us all about her journey working in mental health, and why she is now helping parents and young people gain clarity and keep calm.
March 9, 2020
Authentic conversation introducing you to our podcast. Kat and Liberty talk about why this podcast aims to inspire you right here, right now!
An honest conversation between the hosts, about why this podcast is here to help you be inspired, and take action to live a happy and well life. Kat is a Health and Life Coach, and the founder of Well+life+Tribe and Liberty is the ambassador and presenter for Well+Life Tribe.  They  work with over 60 wellness experts, giving them a voice, which means providing you free tips that can change your life today. We know 'One Size Does Not Fit All.'
March 2, 2020