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On Point w/Charles Boyd

On Point w/Charles Boyd

By Charles Boyd
"Whether your on the court, In the War Room, or Around the World, you're always On Point"!
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Black men and mental health (part 2), 2020 NBA All Star Weekend, and Tom Brady's potential exodus from New England

On Point w/Charles Boyd

1.9 Trillion Dollar Stimulus Package
Dak got the deal done!!! What does that mean for the future of the Cowboys???
March 11, 2021
2021 All star weekend
This episode of On Point takes a look at the after effect of the insurrection and also points out the the new format for the NBA All Star game.   
March 06, 2021
2020 What did we learn?
On Point gives his take on what we learned in 2020 and what needs to happen moving forward.
January 09, 2021
It's all political......
This isn't a show centered around  politics..... I promise! On Point talks Lakers and the upcoming NBA season..
December 10, 2020
On Point short: Naté Robinson and Jake Paul
On point gives his POV on the legendary under card bout between YouTuber Jake Paul and Naté Robinson
November 30, 2020
Presidential dramatics!!!
The president wont give up. Join in on the discussion of politics and sports talk..... Lemelo Ball being drafted in the top 3 by Michael Jordan, Anthony Davis and his future in LA, and much more!!! #NBAdraft #LemeloBall #LavarBall #Election #DallasCowwboys #NBAfreeagency
November 23, 2020
Finances and Bubbles!
Join in on the conversation as On Point talks financial tips and reacts to some of the 1st round playoff match ups in the NBA 2020.  Also, some Dallas Cowboy woes #nbaplayoffs #Finances #thebubble #NBA2020 #DallasCowboys 
August 20, 2020
The top 10 of all time!
Collegiate women's basketball athlete Oni Croom joined me to talk about her journey to college and to give perspective on ESPN's top 75 NBA basketball players of all time. Well....... at least the top 10.  
May 22, 2020
Quarantine Talk!
On Point talks about the country reopening its doors despite expert advice during a pandemic and the potential #impact. Is it possible to hold a grudge for 30 years??? What's On Point take on the #thelastdance and how do you feel about the #nfldraft2020
April 29, 2020
Black men and mental health (Part 3), The McCarthy effect in Dallas and Mad in March!
On Point continues to dissect and give his perspective on mental health among black men. The importance of release is the catalyst for healing.  This episode also gives perspective on what the Dallas Cowboys should do with Dak Prescottt's pending free agency.  Finally, On Point will tell why March literally has him mad..... #marchmadness #DallasCowboys #MikeMccarthy #Mentalhealth #Blackmen  
March 07, 2020
Black men and mental health (part 2), 2020 NBA All Star Weekend, and Tom Brady's potential exodus from New England
This episode takes a deeper look into the effects on black men when faced with overwhelming responsibility and the lack of refuge. That's followed by  a recap of the 2020 NBA all star weekend and predictions on the remaining NBA season as well as whats to come of Tom Brady's future.    
February 21, 2020
Health, Excellence, and Legacy of a legend......
On Point dives into mental health and the epidemic that black males are faced with in present day society.  This episode also takes a look at the 2020 NBA All Star game and the XFL reboot.  The Dallas Mavericks Luka and KP disconnect and the legacy of NBA great Kobe Bryant.  
February 05, 2020
Impeachment, NBA So Far, New Cowboy Coach?
Donald Trump pending Impeachment How the Mavs stack up to the Lakers Would Troy Aikman be a good fit for the Cowboys GM Position
December 24, 2019