How To Grow A Personal Brand In The Real Estate Industry

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By Ian Lenny
Realistic way to access the new economy. In each episode I interview someone who has created their own career. The common thread through out the interviews is that my guests have figured out how to have time, location and income independence. That last past is important. Many of my guests are internet entrepreneurs who are doing really well physically, mentally, emotionally ect... Alright, lets do this!
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Realistic way to access the new economy. In each episode I interview someone who has created their own career. The common thread through out the interviews is that my guests have figured out how to have time, location and income independence. That last past is important. Many of my guests are internet entrepreneurs who are doing really well physically, mentally, emotionally ect... Alright, lets do this!

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Scaling Your facebook Ads Agency | Alex Fedotoff Interview
In this video I talk to Alex Fedotoff about how he got started as a freelancer and Facebook advertiser.   Alex quickly grew his service business far beyond his own capabilities and had to start hiring.  From that point on his agency business snowballed. Alex grew his business to the point that he was able to hire people and pay for a physical location in Warsaw.  Alex now offers training products as well as full service advertising. If you are interested in learning how to grow your own agency you should definitely watch this video.   If you are interested in learning from Alex or hiring him for ads management, check out his channel linked below.  If you enjoy this video, feel free to subscribe! Also feel free to show that like button some love below as well! Stick around for more content! ---------- Check Out More Videos: If You Like This Video You Will Love This ➤ (Alex Berman on X27) Subscribe for more ➤ ---------- 📱Follow Me📱 Instagram: instagram dot com/_opensourced Facebook: facebook dot com/opensourced Quora: quora dot com/profile/Ian-Lenny Twitter: twitter dot com/_Opensourced ----- Thank you for watching!
October 18, 2019
How To Heal Yourself With Breath Work and Cold Therapy | Pro BMX Racer Will Grant
In this video I talk to Pro BMX Racer Will Grant about his use of the Whim Hoff breathing method and cold therapy.  We talk about some of the low points of his career and how he used the Whim Hoff Breathing Methods and cold therapy to help him find a new direction for his life.  We also get into some of the "crisis" situation that led Pro BMX Racer Will Grant to start utilizing the Whim Hoff Breathing method along with frequent cold showers and cold baths.  Basically, after racing BMX for so many years, Will Gran't body was starting to break down.  Once he was unable to continue riding and training, he realized that he needed to change something about what he was doing.  It was at this point that Will Grant decided to start his YouTube channel so that he could help other people overcome some of their biggest struggles and mental barrier.   Will now uses his channel to teach people how to overcome their biggest physical and mental barriers with simple routines.   Will uses things like: ➤Morning Routines ➤Whim Hoff Breathing ➤Cold Therapy ➤Drinking water (to naturally detox your system) ➤Hanging (for spinal decompression) ➤Movement Training ➤Walks in Nature ➤Journaling ➤Spending time with loved ones Much of Will's channel explores how he integrates these practices into his daily life.  If you are interested in learning more about these topics I suggest you check out the interview as well as some of these resources: ----- Subscribe for more interviews ➤ Will's Channel ➤ Interview on Finding Your Purpose ➤ Organize your life ➤ ----- 📱Follow Me📱 Instagram: _opensourced Facebook: opensourced Quora: Ian-Lenny Twitter: _Opensourced
October 17, 2019
How To Learn How To Code While Working Full Time | Launch School Student William Lotherington
Ian L.: Okay. Boom. We are recording. Today I have on. He is a current at Launch School in coding bootcamp that... well, I guess it's not really a coding bootcamp. It's a long form educational experience that teaches people to master software engineering. It's the slow path for studious beginners and it's a really, really interesting school that we're going to talk a little bit about today. So I wanted to bring William on because he is completing this learning to code journey while he is a full time employee and has a very full time significant other, he's got a lot of other stuff going on in his life so I wanted to talk to him about how he's balancing learning to code with all of that. So William, thank you for coming on today. William L.: Yeah, definitely. Thanks for having me. Ian L.: For sure. So you saw the list of questions, we're going to just knock out whatever we can in the little bit of time. But, for the first one for anyone that doesn't really know, can you talk a little bit about what Launch School is and why it's appealed to you for a way to learn coding? William L.: Yeah. So there's a million different ways out there that all try to advertise the same thing about like, "I want to learn to code." And everyone seems to be selling that option or having some way to do that. And so Launch School is part of that crazy slew and it's easy to get mixed in but from what I've seen and what I've researched, it's very distinctly different for a few critical reasons and a lot of it, luckily, they actually wrote about. So if you're ever curious, there's an insane amount of stuff you could read on their website which is awesome. But the short and simple is that instead of trying to get people from point A of not knowing anything to point B or Z or C or whatever it is of like you can actually... you have the marketable, professional skillset that you can do things with. William L.: Instead of trying to force that into a specific timeline like you go to school for four years and whether you understand 100% or 50%, you're pretty much done after that, instead of doing that they focused on removing the time barrier and making sure you actually understand every step of the way starting with the very fundamental, fundamental things. So that by the time you get to the end of it, you understand not only all the crazy little nuances of the tools and stuff out there that you need to have a very valuable skillset, we also understand why those are the important skills and all the fundamentals that they're built on top of that are underpinning the whole system. So at the end of it, unlike a lot of the different options out there, that kind of crash course, you do a lot of the stuff, some things you pick up really well, some things you kind of a glaze over and a lot of stuff is in the middle.
October 17, 2019
Build a 2nd Brain With Tiago Forte of Forte Labs
In this video I interview Tiago Forte of Forte Labs.  Tiago is a personal and professional organizational coach and consultant.  His clientele includes multiple fortune 500 companies.   In a short period of time Tiago has been able to bring multiple innovations to the field or productivity and knowledge management.  Tiago focuses on personal knowledge management.  His flagship online course, Building a Second Brain, teaches creative professionals to organize their thoughts so they can increase their output.  Tiago believes that everyone should be able to systematize creativity and creative output.  Instead of having chaotic bursts of stream of consciousness creativity, Tiago believes people can actually develop routines! One of the guiding beliefs behind Tiago's work is that the ideas that can improve everyone's quality of life are out there.  Most of them are floating around inside of someone's head.  If all those people with all those great ideas could just get organized, the world would be an even better place.  In this interview Tiago and I discuss how he got started working in the Peace Corps and how that experience inspired him to help people to organize their lives.  If you are someone that feels that you have some great ideas, but you just have not been able to produce much with them, this is the interview for you.  Subscribe for more -
August 27, 2019
How To Become a Data Engineer | Beginners Guide To Data Engineering
In this episode I speak with Ethan Lyon. He is a marketer turned data engineer who created his own path into this career field. Ethan is an enthusiastic self educator who figured out a way to create his own valuable marketing tools with some basic data engineering knowledge.  Ethan starts off by talking about one of the tools he built for his team at Sere Interactive. In this role, Ethan was basically functioning as a product manager. Ethan was managing engineers and competing priorities for all the stakeholders in this project.  Ethan then talks about his first engineering product that he built on his own. After reading about a grad student studying machine learning that automated his online dating, Ethan decided to see if he could build his own online dating machine.  Ethan learned how to use cloud computing and data engineering to build his own data pipeline from one of the popular online dating apps to his own virtual machines running real time analysis of dating profiles.  Ethan then goes on to explain how this experience gave his the confidence to apply his newfound knowledge to his own at Sere Interactive. At Sere, Ethan first wanted to build a tool to automate keyword analysis for PPC campaigns he was running for clients. Basically, he built a tools that would scrub keywords his team was using against 3rd party databases for paid and organic search terms.  Ethan's team was able to implement the tool he built into their workflow to add another layer of analysis on top of the manual keyword analysis his team was doing. Beyond this type of immediate use for his Data Engineering skills, Ethan has many projects and technologies he is interested in pursuing in the future.  Finally, Ethan gives his perspective on the most valuable skills for a data engineer. Basically, Ethan says that you must learn python and SQL. After that Google Cloud platform is probably a good bet and maybe java depending on the tech stack and company you are trying to work with. Ethan also mentions that some data science teams use R for their analysis so it can be beneficial to know that.  If you are someone who is interested in learning more about data engineering then this is the interview for you. Finally, if you are interested in checking out Ethan's extensive write up he did on his path into data engineering you can check out his article "A Non Coder's Journey To Becoming A Data Engineer"
May 2, 2019
B2B Sales Consultant Alex Berman Teaches B2B Sales Techniques To Land Billion Dollar Clients
In this interview I speak with B2B Sales Consultant Alex Berman about the best ways to get Fortune 500 clients.  Alex Berman runs an agency called X27 (experiment 27) that specializes in teaching brands how to sell to billion dollar companies.  In this interview Alex teaches some of his B2B sales techniques and how you can learn to get better results from your cold calling and cold emailing. Alex shares his journey into the world of B2B Sales and how some of his students have landed multi 5 figure contracts from cold email without even using the phone. If you are an agency owner, sales person or marketer and you are looking for a B2B sales system or a B2B lead generation system, you are in the right place. If you haven't already, check out Alex Berman's YouTube channel where he shares all of his best strategies.  Finally, make sure to comment on the video letting me know what you think of Alex's tips.  If you haven't already, make sure to subscribe to the channel to get notified of my latest tutorials and interviews.  If you enjoy this video, feel free to subscribe! Also feel free to show that like button some love below as well! Stick around for more content! Subscribe for more
April 27, 2019
Get Paid To Rank Videos On YouTube | YouTube SEO 2019
In this interview, Michael Kohler talks about how you can get paid to Rank YouTube Videos by running a YouTube video marketing agency.  Michael gives his best tips for ranking YouTube videos using SEO to increase your organic rankings as well as paid traffic.  Michael talks about some of the YouTube friendly ways to pay for traffic and views.  Michael talks about how channels will pay for views via paid traffic platforms like Google ads.  Michael then talks about his process for ranking YouTube videos and the process that he recommends for new channels.  In Michaels case, he has been ranking videos for his own channel which has 60k subscribers at the time of filming. Michael also draws on his many experiences working for clients to help them rank their videos.  At his agency, ExtremeSocial, Michael helps clients with all aspects of the online marketing including: ranking YouTube videos, paid advertising, content marketing and YouTube SEO.  In addition to the wealth of knowledge Michael has on ranking videos on YouTube, Michael gives his suggestions for the best businesses to start in 2019.  Michael latest course, on how to start a YouTube video marketing agency, teaches people about his favorite low-cost business model.  If you are interested in starting a youtube channel or learning about the best businesses to start in 2019, this is an interview you wont want to miss.
April 13, 2019
How To Succeed In Business By Finding Your Purpose
In this interview I speak with Chris Kidawski, author of The Knee Pain Bible, The Shoulder and Neck Pain Bible, The Back Pain Bible, The Foot and Ankle Pain Bible, The Everspace and 2 Paleo and Vegan Diet Cookbooks.  Chris's work in pain management focuses on what he calls "structural therapy". This type of work has to do with helping people to heal trigger points and adhesions they have in their fascia.  Chris's work has uncovered many of the secrets of self healing. One of the biggest breakthroughs Chris has made is his understanding of the role of the fascia in supporting the muscles and bones.  In the interview Chris talks about how the Fascia is responsible for much of the movement that we attribute to the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones. The fascia is an integral part of our body and is directly connected to our nervous system and the information processing systems of the body.  In this interview, Chris discusses his path to getting involved in structural therapy as well as the lessons he has learned growing his own private practice. One of the lessons Chris repeats throughout the interview is the idea that you need to find a purpose in your life and in your work in order to bring real value to the world . Regardless of the goal you are currently pursuing, Chris shares some gems of wisdom that you can apply to your own life immediately. 
April 6, 2019
Facebook Audiences For Cold Prospecting
In this episode I talk about some of the best audiences for Facebook cold prospecting.  That is, audiences that you want to target when you are trying to get new customers to your business.   The Two main audiences I go over are Super lookalike audiences and broad match dynamic product audiences (DPAs).  If you are not familiar with with either of these you are in for a treat.   One note, in order to use dynamic product audiences, you will have to have a dynamic product feed setup.  If you don't have this, you can check out one of Facebook's tutorials on how you can setup your dynamic product feed.   Generally speaking, dynamic product feeds are best to use when you have multiple products you are are advertising for.  A great example is an ecommerce business with multiple product lines.  If you don't have multiple products or don't want to setup a dynamic product feed you can just focus on the second type of audience.  The second type of audience is the Super Lookalike audiences.   These audiences are basically layered combinations of look alike audiences that you use to target audiences that look like the type of people who would visit your site or purchase your product.   In the case of Super Lookalike audiences, these audiences have a higher density of potential purchasers then a normal look alike audience.  This is because of the overlap of the audiences you are combining.  You can think of the audiences like a set of concentric circles.  These types of audiences help if you haven't done much cold prospecting as you will get through the "training" period all new adsets have to get through on the facebook ads platform.   Keep in mind that once you start getting good performance with these ads, you should split them out so that you can maximize the conversions you are getting from each individual look alike audience.  
March 8, 2019
John Sonmez | How To Overcome Pain With a Bulldog Mindset
In this interview John Sonmez (creator of the Bulldog Mindset YouTube channel) talks about how you can overcome pain to reach your goals. John starts the interview off by talking about his latest project, the book bulldog mindset as well as his recent marathon training. John mentions that he wanted to take some time to rebalance his life and focus on his physical goals. This came after a long period of focusing on his business and growing his personal brand. John then gets into some of the mindset he uses to push past his own limitation. John brings up the idea of having a reason WHY you want to accomplish your goals as well as a strong BELIEF in your goals. John mentions that if you don’t have both a string reason for accomplishing your goals or a strong belief in your ability to accomplish them, you are unlikely to succeed. He talks a little bit about how you can build up that belief in yourself by accomplishing smaller more reasonable goals in order to build momentum.
October 3, 2018
How To Become a Blockchain Developer With Blockgeek's Benji Richards
In this interview I speak with blockchain developer Benji Richards about how he became a blockchain developer and why he decided to work at Blockgeeks.  Benji mentions that he started off working wanting to become a software developer and quickly realized that he wanted to learn how to create blockchain apps.   Benji started learning the Solidity, the main language developers use to build applications on the Ethereum blockchain.  Benji mentions that this language is easy to learn once a developer has mastered Javascript.  Once Benji mastered both of these technologies he began to learn about securing data that is being transferred over a blockchain.   Benji's interest in security led him to his current role developing a technology product that helps developers find security issues in their newly developed applications.   In this interview Benji discusses some of the potential roles for Blockchain developers as well as some of the potential salaries you can expect (AUG2018).  If you
September 4, 2018
Get Organized For School: Featuring Med School Insider’s Kevin Juball
In this episode I speak with Kevin Jubbal, the founder of Med School Insiders.  We discuss Kevin's past and why he became such a competitive guy.  This part of the interview starts off with Kevin talking about how having Crohn's disease cause him to work extra hard.  Kevin mentioned that he always felt like he had to compensate for his condition. Kevin then goes on to talk about how people can start to keep track of what they are doing with their time.  Kevin mentions a few simple systems that can help anyone to be more effective.  His two biggest recommendations are to take 100% responsibility for everything in your life and to pay attention to the systems you are using to accomplish your goals. Kevin brings a ton of experience to this topic as he built his wildly successful YouTube channel Med School Insiders while he was studying to be a plastic surgeon.  If you are someone that needs to optimize the systems you are using to accomplish your goals, Kevin's interview is definitely w
September 3, 2018
How To Become A Yoga Instructor Online
In this interview I speak with Krystal Aranyani, a world traveler, author, blogger and Yoga instructor. Krystal talks about how she got started teaching Yoga and how she books teaching workshops while traveling the world.  This all started after Krystal moved abroad following the end of a long term relationship.  Krystal mentions that she felt like China was as far away as she could get.  That's where she went! After spending a number of months in China, Krystal decided to keep on traveling.  She realized she needed to find a way to pay for her travels.  She needed to find a way to work while she was on the road.  One of the first things she did was to figure out a way to book clients while she moved around from city to city.  Krystal did this by getting involved in a ton of different alternatiev spirituality groups online.  Working though these groups she would find events and event organizers that might be interested in the types of services she was offering.   Krystal would build
August 5, 2018
How To Become a Software Developer - Forrest Knight
In this interview I speak with Forrest Knight about his path into software engineering.  Forrest took a fairly common route going from community college student → university student → intern → employed full time.  Forrest says that he made a ton of mistakes along the way but ultimately landed in a great spot.  Forrest also talks about how there is a misconception in software engineering that everyone is working in a technology startup or at a big tech firm.  Forrest emphasizes the amount of software engineering roles there are at "regular" companies who's primary products and services are not software.   Forrest also talks about how he picks up new technologies and what he is currently working on (getting back into Ios development).  Through out the interview forrest reiterates the idea that there is no one way to get into software engineering and that there are a number of different jobs and job requirements you can focus on.  For a great example of a career advice video Forrest mad
August 5, 2018
Start A Career In Big Data Analytics
In this video I speak with Jared Hillam about the best career opportunities in big data analytics.  This is a broad field that includes many sub-disciplines.  In this interview we focus on careers helping companies to implement data storage solutions and organize their data so that it provides actionable intelligence for decision makers. Jared talks about how expertise in this career field can be extremely lucrative.  In Jared's case, he was introduced to big data analytics during a project he was working on in college.  His interest in the field grew.  As Jared become more interested he worked in a number of different roles in the field until he found himself in his current role, as a Vice President at Inticity.  Intricity is a big data consulting firm that provides consulting and implementation to large companies.  Jared's firm helps these companies figure out how they are going to organize and store their data.  While Jared focuses on entry level positions in the field, he touches
August 5, 2018
How To Start Your First Online Business
In this interview I speak to Andy Hafell. Any is a Youtuber and internet marketer. You can find Andy at his self named YouTube channel or website. On Andy’s site you will find resources that will show you how to start your first online business. Most of Andy’s students are first time online entrepreneurs and internet marketers. He has a course for marketers, aspiring YouTubers and content creators of all kinds. If you are anyone that has dreams of becoming a professional marketer an content creator you can head over to his site AndyHafell to get his online business quick start guide. In this interview we discuss his long journey to becoming a full time marketer. Andy says that his journey started after he finished his compulsory service in the Norwegian military. After serving for over a year Andy decided to use some of the money he saved up to travel the world. Andy returned home and realized that he couldn’t pick up his life where he had left off. Andy wanted to continue t
August 5, 2018
How To Create A World Class Product As A Solo Saas Founder
In this interview I speak with Garrett Dimon about starting a Saas company as a solo founder and working as a developer and marketer at Wildbit. Garrett first got the idea for his product while working as a software consultant. Garrett realized that there was no standard way for small teams to track bugs. Garret realizes that the flexibility and fast pace of small development teams also made their bug tracking pretty inconsistent. He decided to solve the problem himself by creating his own bug tracker Sifter. After developing and marketing the product on his own, Garret was eventually able to sell his company and get back to development. Along the way he learned many lessons about product development and marketing. One of the main take aways is that you need to give yourself enough time to find a really important problem to solve. Garrett knew exactly what to build before he started due to his large amount of experience in the industry. Garret now works at WildBit where he func
July 3, 2018
How To Start A Software As A Service Incubator
In this interview I speak with Sujan Patel, managing partner of Ramp Ventures a software as a service accelerator based out of Austin Texas.  Sujan talks about his long history in the marketing industry and how he originally got his start. Sujan mentions that he wanted to start his own company but quickly realized that getting customers would be one of his biggest challenges.  This started his obsession with everything marketing and customer acquisition.  After founding two digital marketing agencies (Web Profits and Single Grain), Sujan decided to co-found an accelerator. At his Saas accelerator, Ramp Ventures, Sujan and his partners invest in Saas companies that have a ton of potential but need help with their product and growth strategy.  Sujan, along with an in house team of marketers and engineers, bring new life to the companies, greatly increasing their valuations. Sujan says it was a long road to get to his current business model.  If you look at his resume you will see a st
July 1, 2018
How To Consistently Get High Paying Design Clients
In this episode I speak with designer Vako Shvili about how he is able to get highly paid design gigs consistently.  One of the issues we touch on is finding your strengths early on in your career.  Vako mentions that he started his career as a digital marketer but was encouraged to try design.   One of his mentors noticed that he seemed to do really well with design projects and thought he might be able to make a career out of it.  With some coaching, a little practice and a lot of reverse engineering other designer's works, Vako was able to quickly improve his design skills.  As a non-coder, Vako says he relies heavily on the tools he uses.  While he does not rely on any one tool, he has a couple that he prefers for his projects and for teaching other designers.  Vako uses Webflow for the majority of his projects and recommends other designers start with that tool or Instapages.  Both of these tools allow designers to quickly develop pages that are nearly as good as one custom bui
June 29, 2018
How To Grow Your Coaching And Consulting Empire
Kimberly is a marketing coach and consultant who markets her own training programs and membership community where she trains aspiring marketers and online entrepreneurs. In this interview I speak with Kimberly Ann Jimenez about how she got started in internet marketing and consulting. Kimberly mentioned that she has worked for companies ranging from individual entrepreneurs to fortune 500 companies. Kimberly got her start when her husband was growing his own startup company. Kimberly started as a marketer as his company managing business development, paid advertising and social media marketing. Kimberly then began working with individual clients as an SEO and marketing consultant before branching out and doing marketing and social media management for a larger marketing agency. In this role Kimberly got experience working with larger clients and accounts and managing marketing teams.
June 23, 2018
Tripp Advice On How To Become A Wildly Successful Dating Coach
In this interview I speak with Tripp Kramer of Tripp Advice about how he started his men’s dating advice company. In addition to providing information on how men can improve their interactions with women, Tripp provides in-person and online training. In our interview he discusses how his company got started and how it has evolved since the early days of Tripp Advice. Tripp mentions that his company got started while he was living in Los Angeles working to become a creative director in the movie industry. Tripp’s buddy got the idea for a podcast talking about their experiences dating in Los Angeles. The initial version of the podcast, dudes talking about chicks was an instant success. Tripp wanted to continue the podcast, but his buddy was burnt out. Without his co-host Tripp needed a new plan for the business fast. He mentions that he knew there were a ton of successful dating coaches. He believed he could model their success. Tripp started studying the best in the industry a
June 23, 2018
How To Grow A Personal Brand In The Real Estate Industry
In this interview I speak with Sam Kwak of Kwak Bros. Real Estate. He discusses his success in buying and selling real estate and why he believes you should always diversify your investments. Sam talks about his experiences in the ARMY and how those prepared him for his career in real estate. Sam also briefly discusses some of the jobs he had before going into real estate and why he decided on the industry. Sam mentions many times how one key influencer in his life steered him toward his current career. Sam mentioned the importance of positive role models. The majority of the interview revolves around Sam and his brother’s decision to utilize a personal brand to increase their influence and reach in their local real estate market. Sam and his brother believe their channel is an investment in their long term security. While Sam mentions that he is still not sure about putting all of his information online, he admits that his brand ha given him many opportunities he otherwise wou
June 23, 2018
How To Grow a Community In The Arts And Crafts Space
In this interview I speak with Katina Martinez about her work developing her personal brand in the DIY crafts space. Katina started out as a Stamping Up instructor and quickly moved on to developing all kinds of creative projects. Katina mentions that there were always a few projects that would take off quicker then the rest. Katina realized that she could release the highest impact projects to her public audience while doing the ones she found ost enjoyable for her membership groups. In addition to teaching crafts online, Katina teaches classes in person for her local community and online audience. She sends out notifications for her events so that she is able to meet up with her online community members in person to teach her crafts. While Katina has many different crafts that she enjoys she says her memory books are by far her favorite. He idea is to create a simple straight forward system that her audience can use to document their most important memories in hand made physic
June 23, 2018
How To Build An Online Community In The Do It Yourself Space
In this interview I speak with Lolly of Lolly Palooza.  Lolly self identifies as a paper crafter and art aficionado.  If you are interested in learning how you can make a living from your passion for art, this is the interview for you!  In this video we discuss Lolly's background and what type of work she did prior to starting he personal brand.  We also discuss how she made the decision to work on her business full time after working part time for so many years. Lolly talks about how entrepreneurs need to learn to focus on building one corps aspect of their business.  She mentions that she has done some informal consulting with other entrepreneurs and has noticed some bad habits.  The main one is a lack of focus with business objectives.  Lolly stresses that you need to identify who your audience is and what they need.  You cannot focus your channel on only the topics you feel like covering. Over time Lolly has refined her instructional videos to cut out all the fluff.  At under 10
May 31, 2018
How To Become An Instagram Growth Consultant With Josue Pena
In this interview I speak with Josue Pena about how he became an instagram growth consultant. We talk about how he met the celebrities he has worked with and how he works with clients today. Josue also talks about the company he runs with his partner, digital CEOs. Finally, Josue tells you where you can find resources to start your own instagram consulting firm or even just blow up your own instagram following.
May 31, 2018
How To Grow Your Career As a Social Media Influencer
In this video I speak with Alexandra Potora about how she got started as a social media brand consultant. We then talk about how Alexandra used her experience in consulting to create her own personal brand as a social media influencer. We then discuss how Alexandra is leveraging her personal brand to build a makeup company.
May 31, 2018
How To Start a Growth Marketing Agency
In this video I talk with Nate Smoyer about how he started a successful growth marketing agency. Nate tells me about his career in internet marketing and how that led him to his current role as CEO of Real Team Panda a growth marketing agency out of Tennesse. Nate talks about why he loves community and team building and how he brings that love for teams to his role as CEO. Nate also gives some of the background story of how he got to meet Mark Zuckerberg.
May 31, 2018
How To Create Passive Income By Selling Your Expetise
In this video I speak with Adriana Jerez about how she created an online dog training academy. He academy offers online courses for dog training and certification. These courses provide passive income for her and her partners at The Fact Academy. Adriana started her dog training company FactAcademy after starting many different online businesses. Adrianna takes us through her journey as an entrepreneur and some of her process of trail and error.
May 31, 2018
How To Sell Your Ideas To Anyone
In this video Chris Sheng, founder of Renly talks to me about how he gots started online. Chris gives advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and marketers. Some of the highlights of his career include selling a movie to Lionsgate and leading the growth efforts from a company with over 3 million dollars in funding.
May 31, 2018
How To Become a Freelance Designer and Solopreneur
In this interview I talk to Caleb Lai, designer, consultant and entrepreneur. Caleb talks about learning design in school while his only job was lifeguarding. Caleb then gets into how he got experience working for BalisticArts and MetaLab. Caleb then branched out on his own and started his own design consultancy. Recently Caleb expanded his work into his own consumer web app for booking any type of in person one on one lesson you want. The interesting thing about Caleb’s journey is that he used one core skill, UX design and UI Design in order to go from freelancing to consulting to building his own products as an entrepreneur. Caleb is a perfect example of scaling up your career.
May 31, 2018
How To Become A Digital Nomad And Move To Thailand
How to become a digital nomad with Aaron Simon of Freedom and Fulfillment. In This Video I interview Aaron on how he became a digital nomad after he graduated college. We discusses how he started a blog and a successful Amazon FBA store. Aaron talks about different digital nomad jobs and which ones he thinks are the best long term options. Aaron also discusses the topics of his blog and why he chose to move back fromThailand and quit the digital nomad lifestyle.
May 31, 2018
What Are The Best Career Paths For Senior Developers
In this video I interview Matthew Makai of Matt talks about why he decided to create FullStackPython and what jobs he has held as a developer. At the end of the interview Matt gives his advice for senior developers. Matt talks about the many career paths you can take as a senior dev.
May 31, 2018
How To Start a Consulting Interview Prep Training Platform
In this interview I talk to Shaun from Consulting Confindant. Sean talks about his experience in consulting and why he decided to start an interview prep training company. In this interview Shaun talks to me about some of his past entrepreneurial ventures and why this one was more successful.
May 31, 2018
How To Become a Full Stack Entrepreneuer
This interview I talk to Michael Kohler about his path to success. Michael is the CEO and founder of XtremeSocial, an internet marketing agency. Michael’s company offers full stack internet marketing services and software products. In this interview I discuss some of Michael’s background and how he decided to become an entrepreneur. In Miachael’s case, he tried many different business models before he found success. Michael started out offering individual internet marketing services to clients before offering a range of services as an agency. Michael recommends that new marketers get their start offering services so that they can build up the skills they will need for more complicated business models. Once Micael gained enough experience, he started experimenting with paid traffic. Micael learned that he could create a self sustaining business by driving traffic to his site and selling products and services off of his site and email list. Michael even talks about becoming a h
May 31, 2018
How To Become A Highly Paid Online Fitness Coach
In this video, online fitness personality Carter Good talks about his journey as an entrepreneur. Carter discusses his early days in fitness and internet marketing. At one point in his life Carter’s weight ballooned to 306 lbs. He then made the decision to lose the weight and dropped 140 lbs., hitting a low of 160. Carter says that the hardest part was just getting started. He talks about how gaining momentum is key to motivation. In both his fitness and business journey’s Carter has leveraged his momentum to maintain progress. One of the keys to Carter’s success is his relentless drive to keep moving forward. When Carter is working with his clients he does whatever it takes to make sure they are making progress. One thing carter repeats throughout our discussion is the dedication that is required to make a serious change in your life. You have to be all in, at least for a little while. If you like Carter’s mindset and want to find out more, you can check him out at his websi
May 31, 2018
How To Transition From The Military To Technology Consulting
In this video I speak with Nolan Melson, a senior consultant at Capgemeni. Nolan has extensive experience in helping veterans transition out of the military into careers in technology. While Nolan’s advice is tailored to a military audience, most of it is applicable to civilians who are transitioning careers. Nolan talks about his experiences working at Capgemeni and on the board of directors for the Merivis Foundation. In addition to these roles, Nolan is active in other non-profit initiatives aimed at assisting transitioning veterans. Most recently he spoke on the veteran panel at this year’s SXSW conference. Nolan shares what changes individuals have to make when they go from a structured to an unstructured work environment. He talks about the importance of understanding the culture and expectations of the industry you are moving into. One of the best pieces of advice Nolan gives is to get into the ecosystem of the industry you want to break into. Specifically, Nolan sugges
May 31, 2018
How To Accelerate Your Startup's Growth In Asia
In this interview I speak with Pritish Sanyal. Pritish is the Director of Business Development at HYPE Asia. HYPE is a venture builder that helps entrepreneurs expand into new markets. HYPE partners with companies that can use their expertise to help launch their products. Currently Pritish is working with Surkus, a company that connects even organizers with brands. Surkus helps these brand to reach event participants with highly targeted offers. In the past, Pritish has worked in industries as diverse as hospitality and tech. During our interview Pritish talks about having a strategy for anything you want to accomplish individually or as an entrepreneur. He talks about why he loves working with entrepreneurs and the skills all entrepreneurs need to be successful. Pritish makes a point of saying that there is no specific type of education someone needs to have to become a successful entrepreneur. A willingness to get your idea in front of customer and receive feedback is the
May 31, 2018
How To Go From Teacher To Publisher With Social Media
In this interview I speak with Mark Barnes about how he went from being a teach to running his own publishing company. Mark says he started out wanting to make a change in the way children are educated. You can see some of his written work and formative ideas on his blog HackLearning. From there, Mark decided that he wanted to keep creating training materials for teachers. He ended up publishing an entire series of books by partnering with other authors. Fast forward to today and Mark runs a successful publishing company x10 Publishing. Mark says he has a consistent pipeline of authors that want to publish under the x10 umbrella. These days mark is in the position to accept or reject authors as he sees fit. Since he has consistent business, the authors that make the cut to partner with x10 are some of the best. Mark’s company now publishing books about learning as well as professional development materials for teacher. Mark says that the journey to where he is at took a lot o
May 31, 2018
How To Find Your Dream Job During a Recession
In this interview I speak with Sean McBride. Sean is a former Army Officer turned front end developer. When Sean was suddenly let go from the Army in 2008, he found himself in one of the wort job markets in recent history. Sean was forced to re-think his life plan and start from scratch. Sean discusses the steps he took to go from jobless and living with his parents to running the front end development side of Decipher Technology Studios. Sean says that the path to getting back on track took him about two years. In the process of figuring out his career, Sean moved to three different states, started and left a PhD program and married his wife. It was definitely an action packed couple of years. Ultimately Sean made his way into technology starting with sales engineering and consulting. He then started working on more and more technical aspects of the projects until that made up the majority of his work. If you have ever had to take an unexpected path or you wonder what that i
May 31, 2018
How To Become The Marketer Of The Future
In This interview I talk with Nicholas Robinson, the co-founder of RLTY CHK entertainment. RLTY CHK is a Los Angeles based immersive entertainment studio which blends story, technology, and community to transform the way we are entertained. Nick started his career in marketing a community building. Prior to starting RLTY CHK he was the CMO of Quest Nutrition. At Quest he was responsible for building up Quest’s online presence. With a background in film and technology, Nick was already an experienced online community builder. After coming up with Quest’s online strategy Nick focused on putting out extremely high quality content. He says that at one point, his team would take up to 3 days to prepare one 15 second recipe clip for Quest Nutritions Instagram Stories. Nick mentions that this is a common practice now, but back when they were doing it at Quest, it was completely unique. One of the points that Nick repeated was that you have to be original with what you are doing as a
May 31, 2018
How To Sell People With Your Voice
In this interview I speak with Susan Berkley, founder of a company offering professional voice over training and services.  In this interview Susan discusses how she got started with her voice over career.  Susan then discusses how she got into teaching voice acting independently and through her training courses. Susan also discusses her entrepreneurial background.  Having come from a long line of entrepreneurs, it seems as though Susan was destined to start her own company.  Susan shares some of the most important business lessons she has learned through out the years as well as her advice for anyone just staring out.  Finally, Susan makes an offer for anyone interested in getting better at presenting or starting their own voice over career.
May 31, 2018
How To Start a Computer Science Research Firm
In this interview I speak with Miltiadis from Philosophy Behind Coding.  Miltiadis discusses how he started programming when he was just 15 years old.  This childhood obsession led him to study electrical and computer engineering when he entered university. Miltiadis began developing an interest in machine learning and computer image recognition.  In 2015 he published his first academic paper on computer image recognition and he founded Philosophy Behind coding at just 21 years of age.  Miltiadis shares some of his long term vision for philosophy behind coding including his plans to continue in his research. Unlike many YouTuber's, Miltiadis has no desire to be a full time content creator.  In order to have enough time for his research Miltiadis built out a team of assistants and freelancers to manage his content production process.  If you are someone that is interested in becoming a content creator in addition to your main career, this is definitely an interview you will want to Wa
May 31, 2018
How To Create An Online Training Platform
In this interview I speak with Kenton about how he got started with his online training platform Rocket Blocks.  Rocket Blocks is an online training platform that provides consulting case interview preparation.  The platform is expanding to offer all of the resources candidates need to brush up on all the specific areas tested in case interviews. Kenton mentions that the idea for Rocket Blocks came out of his own experience interviewing for some of the world's largest consulting firms.  Kenton mentions that he helped many of his friends with their preparation.  He noticed that many of them were super stars in the classroom at business school but would freeze up during interviews.  After asking some questions about his friend's study methods, Kenton realized their was a serious problem.  Most students were studying whole cases and trying to regurgitate the material in the interviews. Kenton realized that breaking down case solutions into frameworks was the best way to study.  Learning
May 31, 2018
How To Make a Living as a Musician In The Digital Economy
In this interview I speak with Matt from LeftHandedGuitarist.  His channel teaches tutorials to students who are trying to pick up guitar but are left handed.  Matt says the inspiration for this channel was the lack of quality instruction he saw for students who were left handed.  Don't click away just yet if you happen to play guitar right handed!  All of Matt's videos include chord charts for both left and right handed players.  Thanks for taking the discrimination out of learning to play an instrument Matt, for that, we here at Opensourced give you a big pat on the back! (long overdue) Seriously, Matt found a huge hole in guitar instruction and a really innovative way to serve his audience.  When Matt started putting the chord charts in his videos he had to create each one from scratch and place each individual frame in his footage.  Now Matt has a library of charts he uses but still places each chart individually.  The result of all this hard work is a superior product and a ruthl
May 31, 2018
How To Go From Accountant to YouTuber and DJ
In this interview I speak with Marc Freccero about how he grew is YouTube Channel.  Marc's channel is unique because of the eclectic mix of topic he includes.  Unlike many other channels, Marc is includes many different topics.  The videos that initially caught my attention were Marc's accounting interview prep videos that were right next to his Cochella packing tips videos! Marc has successfully built up and audience by sharing all the different aspects of his life.  One of the biggest parts of Marc's life is his career as a DJ.  Marc has been producing for a number of years and this is one of the biggest parts of his life that he shares with his audience.  Marc mentions that he recently started putting more effort into his YouTube channel.  At this point he estimates that about 50% of his time is spent on his music and the rest goes to his content creation for YouTube. If you are interested in finding out how you can get started online or how you can support your career in music wi
May 31, 2018
How To Growth Hack Your Digital Media Brand With Jerry Liu
In this interview I talk with Jerry Liu about his work as a social media growth expert and content operations manager.  Jerry's channel blends a huge mix of topics from sociology and gender issues to economics and politics.  What's interesting about Jerry's channels is all of the experiments he uses them for.  Jerry talks about some of the experiments he has run on his own channel trying different content topics and styles. In addition to testing different types of content, Jerry is always testing new channels.  The latest channel he has started to experiment with is the chat app discord.  Jerry believes that building Discord communities is a highly underrated method of building influence online.  He recently started experimenting with community run discord groups that are self policing and self sustaining.  Jerry says his first group has been growing and that he is excited to see where this experiment takes him. Jerry's eagerness to test the world around him, especially the world of
May 31, 2018
How To Start a Business You Love With George Kao
In This interview I speak with George Kao. George is a consultant who specializes in helping small businesses scale. Recently George started working on a new type of funnel. He says his funnel will help people to make sales without having to use manipulations or cheesy tactics. George says he reached burnout after spending years using all the traditional internet marketing methods. George’s fist business was generating over 10,000 dollars of revenue per month after just one year. By the second year, George’s business did over 350,000 in revenue. He found himself laying awake at night unable to sleep. George wasn’t happy with the methods he was using to make money. He realized that making money without creating a a real value was not sustainable. After years of mastering the technical aspects and systems for running an online business, George turned his attention to running an authentic business. George now consults with other entrepreneurs who want to create businesses that
May 30, 2018
How To Start A YouTube Channel That Changes The World With John Fish
In this interview I speak with John Fish about his decision to start his YouTube channel and his journey as a creator. John talks about what it was like starting out as a creator and the initial inspiration he got from his high school drama class. John also talks about how the direction of his YouTube channel changed based on the feedback from his audience. John’s channel now focuses on sharing the lessons John is learning as a student at Harvard. Many of the lessons John’s shares with his audience are focused on study skills and time management. As a full time student and content creator, this is one area of life John as definitely mastered. In this interview he mentioned that he will be starting his own podcast in order to explore some of the topics he does not consider himself an expert on. John plans to speak to guests he feels have specific expertise or life experience they can offer his audience. John also mentions that he plan to continue in his computer science studies
May 30, 2018
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