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Celebrating Mothers | Ep. 2 PAAL

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By Parent Artist Advocacy League for the Performing Arts
A podcast for parents and caregivers in the performing arts. Interviews, essays, obstacles, solutions, humor, art, parenting, creating, staging, advocating, and more. Visit and like our Facebook page: 🔥
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Celebrating Mothers | Ep. 2 PAAL
With a MOTHERHOOD READING SERIES as their festival feature and CHILDCARE ON-SITE via a kids' show in the next room, Philadelphia Women's Theatre Festival co-founders Polly Edelstein and Christine Petrini talk about the philosophy behind creating a theatre model that is both unconventional and accessible. Their mission words are Celebrate and Inclusion - check out why PAAL is thrilled to collaborate with them on this project and ensure that it's replicated! Listen in and learn more at - and check out the MOTHERHOOD READING SERIES Aug 2-5 in Philadelphia by visiting the events on our Facebook page,
July 31, 2018
I Will Hold Your Baby | Ep. 1 PAAL
Ep. 1 - I WILL HOLD YOUR BABY: PAAL founder Rachel Spencer Hewitt interviews Director and PICT founder Lydia Milman Schmidt on babies in the UK vs US, Research on Parent Artists, and Lydia empowering mothers to bring babies into the room. Lydia is also the PAAL Chief Rep in Chicago and PICT - Parents in Chicago Theatre - is the PAAL hub in Chicago. Resources mentioned in the interview:
July 11, 2018
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