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Page of Our Lives Podcast

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Every week we take a page from our own lives, or the life of an inspiring friend, and give you the Cliff’s notes. Our goal is to encourage you, challenge you and remind you to have to have more fun. Grab your favorite drink, pop in your ear buds and settle in…we promise it will be a real page turner!
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Page of Our Lives - Ep. 9 - Pursuing Your Dreams

Page of Our Lives Podcast

Page of Our Lives - Ep. 9 - Pursuing Your Dreams

Page of Our Lives Podcast

Page of Our Lives - Ep. 18 - Season One Recap
Friends, we launched this podcast dream with little more than an idea and a couple of microphones. Now, 20 episodes later, we’re wrapping up our first season. On today’s show we take a minute to recap all the lessons we’ve learned along the way. From how we get out of a funk to pursuing our dreams to the importance of rest, we’ve shared a page from our own lives and introduced you to some amazing friends. We will be back in October with new episodes, so until then we would love for you to share the show with your friends and leave us a rating in your podcast player. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for traveling along on this adventure with us. We can’t wait to see where the next season takes us on the Page of Our Lives! Show notes and more available at 
September 13, 2021
Page of Our Lives - Ep. 17 - Soul Care for Weary Parents
We know parenting is not for the weak. It takes our whole physical, mental, spiritual and emotional selves to parent well, not to mention having eyes in the back of our heads. But what are we to do when we are worn out from parenting?    On today’s show, we talk with Kelli Wild, a family therapist who is passionate about helping weary moms and dads find rest for their souls. As Kelli puts it, “Parental burnout is a real thing. And when it sets in, it can affect the whole family.”    As parents, we can’t afford to ignore our needs forever. That’s why today’s show is so important.   For more information about Kelli, visit   Show notes and more available at
September 6, 2021
Page of Our Lives - Ep. 16 - Helping Kids Understand Money
Do your kids get a weekly allowance or maybe have a part-time job, but always seem to ask you for cash? No matter how kids earn income, as parents we need to help them understand the importance of money and what to do with it. Our guest today is Brian Horvath, someone who built his career helping people live a more purposeful financial life.  Brian joins us to share some very practical tips we can incorporate at home to help our kids -- and ourselves -- increase our financial IQ. More information about Brian and his services are available at: Download Brian's free money management secrets at:  Show notes and more available at: 
August 30, 2021
Page of Our Lives - Ep. 15 - Overcoming Obstacles in a New School Year
With the start of a new school year, there can be some obstacles to overcome. From making new friends to figuring out how to open your locker, to having patience in the carline (can I get an Amen?), going back to school can raise anxiety levels for kids and for us parents. On today’s show, Paige and I share a few ideas to help you and your student grow in confidence when facing something new. We hope it encourages you to keep going even when the butterflies are trying to get the best of you. Let’s overcome those new school year obstacles together on this episode of the Page of Our Lives. Show Notes and more at
August 23, 2021
Page of Our Lives - Ep. 14 - Going Back to School
We are talking all things back to school on today’s episode. From preschool to private school to homeschool, between the two of us, we have a lot of different schooling experiences. We’re sharing what back to school looks like in our families and how we’re helping our kids as they get ready face a new school year. So sharpen your pencils and zip up your backpack, we’re going back to school on this episode of the Page of Our Lives. Show notes and more at
August 16, 2021
Page of Our Lives - Ep. 13 - How to Keep Going When You Wake Up to Crap
Today we wrap up our series on pursuing our dreams by asking ourselves - as people who are working hard to make dreams a reality, what do we do when we wake up to crap? I apologize if you’re somebody who doesn’t like that word, but let’s be honest...sometimes it feels like it keeps dropping no matter how hard we’re working to keep life cleaned up and moving forward. We had started our conversation off air and soon realized it might be something you’d want to hear, so we hit record a few minutes into our discussion. But don’t worry...we saved the good, the bad and the stinky for you. If you keep waking up to crap, We hope that this page from our lives might be the encouragement you need to scoop it up and keep going. For more information and show notes, visit 
August 9, 2021
Page of Our Lives - Ep. 12 - The Dream of Being a Small Business Owner
For more than 20 years, Renee Scott built a successful, safe career in corporate America. But one day, a conversation with a friend birthed a dream to step out and start her own business. Renee traded the security of a steady job and jumped head first into the risky but rewarding world of becoming an entrepreneur. And she’s never looked back. As someone who is now on the other side of making her dream a reality, Renee has learned so much along the way and is sharing her insights, heart and encouragement on today’s show. Find out more about Renee at Show Notes available at
August 2, 2021
Page of Our Lives - Ep. 11 - The Importance of Rest with Pat Layton
If you’re worn out from all it takes to pursue your dreams, we understand. Sometimes the work of going for big things can leave us depleted and run down. Today’s guest is Pat Layton, author, speaker, teacher, ministry pioneer - Pat is someone who has never shied away from going for big things. But she’s also learned that taking time to rest, reflect and refresh has refueled her dreams like nothing else can. Pat has a huge heart for helping women find a rhythm of rest in their lives, giving us permission to press pause so we can unpack all that God has placed in our hearts. I can’t wait for you to meet her. You can find more about Pat at and listen to her podcast, Permission to Pause, wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.  Show notes are available at 
July 26, 2021
Page of Our Lives - Ep. 10 - Your Dream of Writing a Book with Joy Eggerichs Reed
If you’ve ever had a dream of writing a book, this episode is for you. Our guest is Joy Eggerichs Reed - a literary agent, owner of a speakers bureau and author of the new guide - Get to the Publishing Punchline - a book that demystifies and defines exactly what it takes to develop a get-noticed book proposal. Joy shares all about the publishing world, why a book proposal is an important part of the writing process and gives us a sneak peak into her life in Paris, France.    Find more info about Joy and her new book at   Follow Joy at @joyeggerichs and @punchlineagency   Show notes and more available at
July 19, 2021
Page of Our Lives - Ep. 9 - Pursuing Your Dreams
We all have dreams we want to pursue, but sometimes taking the first step can be intimidating. On this episode, we share a few of the dreams that we are pursuing and how we're doing it, one brave step at a time. We hope this episode encourages you to begin making those dreams a reality.   More info and show notes available at
July 12, 2021
Page of Our Lives - Bonus Episode - How to Get Out of a Funk
Life can sometimes put you in a funk. Whether it’s work, or bills or teenage attitudes, there always seems to be something trying to rob your joy. On today’s bonus episode, we’re giving ourselves a pep talk! We share a few things that get us into a funk and more importantly, what we do to get out of it. We recorded this episode together while sitting at my mom’s dining room table. So, pull up a chair, as we get funky on this bonus episode of The Page of Our Lives. More info and show notes available at
July 5, 2021
Page of Our Lives - Ep. 8 - The Not So Newlywed Game
All month long we’ve been talking about marriage, so it’s only fitting that for our last episode, we asked our husbands to join us. To have a little fun, we decided to play the Not So Newlywed Game. We asked a series of questions to see which couple knew one another better. There was a clear winner in this game, but you’ll have to listen to find out which couple took home the prize. There were a lot of laughs while we recorded this episode. Laughing with your spouse is seriously the most fun. So...Let’s turn the page and meet the men behind The Page of Our Lives. Follow us @pageofourlivespodcast Show Notes available at
June 28, 2021
Page of Our Lives - Bonus Episode - The Art of Hospitality
Recently we recorded a few bonus episodes when Paige came through Texas on a whirlwind baseball trip. We took the opportunity to talk about the Art of Hospitality. Are you a hostess with the mostess or do you hate houseguests? Wherever you fall on the spectrum, learning how to be more hospitable is something you have to practice, not usually something you're born with. On this bonus episode, we share a few suggestions and tips to make hosting less of a hassle. 
June 25, 2021
Page of Our Lives - Ep. 7 - Sex & the Bible
Let's talk about S-E-X...and the bible! On today's show we visit with author Kim Moore about her book, Unlock: The Secret to Lasting Intimacy. In her book, Kim decodes the Song of Solomon, explaining how this book, which is full of erotic Hebrew metaphors, was originally written to be told woman to woman - as a way to help young brides understand marital intimacy. Through her research into this ancient text, she uncovered long-lost ancient wedding customs which helped make this veiled book of the bible come alive. Now she’s sharing her insights in her book, and with all of us on today’s show. Find out more about Kim at  Show notes available at
June 21, 2021
Page of Our Lives - Ep. 6 - Healing a Broken Marriage with Stephanie Broersma
Betrayal in marriage is one of the toughest things someone can experience. We visit with Stephanie Broersma, author and founder of Reclaimed Ministry. Stephanie has dedicated her life to helping women find forgiveness and freedom after suffering marital infidelity. Be it an affair, sexual addiction or emotional betrayal, Stephanie has been there. She shares her personal story and her passion for helping those walking a similar journey on today's show. For more information about Stephanie visit: 
June 14, 2021
Page of Our Lives - Ep. 5 - Marriage in the Middle
Welcome to Marriage in the Middle, that season of marriage where you're no longer newlyweds but not empty nesters either. We're sharing five lessons we wished we'd known when we were newly married that marriage in the middle has taught us. No matter what season of marriage you're in, we promise it'll be a real page turner! Show Notes available at
June 7, 2021
Page of Our Lives - Ep. 4 - Learning to Rise + Shine with Dara LaPorta
Anybody else hit the snooze button more than once each morning? If you struggle to get up and at 'em each day, this podcast is for you. We visit with Dara LaPorta, founder of Fit to Shine. Dara is someone who has literally made a business of getting up early. As a busy mom, wife and fitness coach, Dara has learned that getting up early has revolutionized her day. Now she's sharing the secret to becoming an early riser with her online training course, Rise + Shine. So, wipe the sleep from your eyes, grab a second cup of Joe if you must, and jump in the POOL as we visit with Dara LaPorta. Find out more about Dara at Show notes available at
May 31, 2021
Page of Our Lives - Ep. 3 - What to do with your kids this summer!
Summer, summer, summertime, ooooh summertime! Just like the Fresh Prince sang, summertime is almost here. That means school is out and your kids will soon be glued to their devices and eating all the food in your fridge. We share our best ideas on how to keep kids busy this summer and do more than just improve their Fortnite skills.  
May 24, 2021
Page of Our Lives - Ep. 2 - Raising Athletes
If your family calendar is full of sports practices and tournaments, this episode is for you! We're talking about raising athletes -- the highs, the lows, and everything in between. So, put on that sparkly "Soccer Mom" t-shirt and tune in!
May 17, 2021
Page of Our Lives - Ep. 1 - Welcome to the Show
Welcome to the Page of Our Lives Podcast! In this inaugural episode we share why we've started this show, what you can expect from us, and a little bit about our friendship and our families. You can find more info about us and the podcast at 
May 10, 2021