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Preview: Pantry Raid becomes a podcast

An episode of Pantry Raid

By Hannah Messinger
Pantry Raid is an advice column podcast about cooking. Every Monday, Hannah gives you ideas and advice about one ingredient that will help you make more food and less waste.
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09: Too Much of a Good Thing
As we enter that time of year when gardens and farms sometimes give us more than we bargained for, Hannah discusses the strategy, mindset and creativity it takes to tackle a surplus. We hear from special guest Bianca Morton, the Chef Director of The Nashville Food Project. Bianca is a Nashville native and one of the people who has been behind the scenes for years and years making Nashville's culinary heart tick. She tells us a story about a surplus worst-case-scenario- receiving an entire truckload of a vegetable she doesn't like to eat- and how she conquered it. If you live in Nashville and would like to give time, money or food to The Nashville Food Project, check out .
June 9, 2019
08: Stock vs. Broth
Stock and broth are the backbone of reduced waste cooking. In the most efficient kitchens, they're made from the scraps of other recipes saved dutifully in a container in the freezer. Stock or broth can be used in so many ways to improve a wide array of dishes, but there's so much confusion surrounding the difference between the two, it's ridiculous! This episode starts out with very proper and technical description of stock and broth from ramen kween and Hannah's former boss, Sarah Gavigan, author of "Ramen Otaku, Mastering Ramen at Home." She tells us how she makes the base for ramen at her restaurant Otaku Ramen here in Nashville and gives us some insight into which cooking vessels we should use (and not use) in order to make the best possible stock at home. Then, in typical Pantry Raid fashion, Hannah dials it back with her lazy home cook's perspective on the subject. She answers listener questions about stock and broth, reads some very no-nonsense wisdom from old cookbooks and makes terrible jokes about corn risotto. 
March 21, 2019
07: Chickpeas
You just can't go wrong with chickpeas! Knowing when to use dried chickpeas, canned chickpeas or chickpea flour is key, but having any one of those things on hand will get you at least halfway to dinner. Hannah discusses her newfound obsession with falafel*, plus special guest Bryan Lee Weaver, chef at Butcher & Bee, shares his recipe and tricks for making the creamiest hummus. And! Hannah's new friend Louisa Shafia, author of "The New Persian Kitchen," talks about fragrant Persian desserts made with chickpea flour.  *Update, four months later: when we say "obsession," we mean Hannah has made falafel every single week since before this episode aired and is not remotely tired of it. 
February 27, 2019
06: Stale Bread
Stale bread is simply the best and cheapest way to bulk out any recipe, to save a salad from being too "healthy" and to add texture to anything quite delicate. Hannah talks, okay rants, about how stale bread can work wonders for your cooking when sliced, cubed, or in crumb form. She shares her lazy person way of making french toast for a crowd, her lazy person way of making pie without pastry and her lazy person way of making mac & cheese. What can we say? She's a lazy person and you should be too. Let stale bread do most of the work on your behalf.
February 8, 2019
05: Meyer Lemons
Hannah explores her favorite citrus — the Meyer lemon — and what to do with it raw, cooked, and preserved. Within those three categories, you'll hear simple and inspired cooking ideas, a lot of love for lemon zest, and one lemon joke. This week, Hannah recommends the Pok Pok cookbook. This episode is sponsored by Camellia Fiber Company. Thanks! To have your cooking questions answered, play the Pantry Raid game with  Hannah on Mondays. Each week, she answers your questions through her  Instagram story @hmmessinger.
January 23, 2019
04: All The Cheese (feat. The Bloomy Rind)
Hannah has befriended a cheesemonger, and together they have dozens of great ideas to share about cooking with cheese. Kathleen Cotter (The Bloomy Rind) shared her expertise for making better mac 'n' cheese, explains the benefits of homemade ricotta, and argues that cheese can be — and should be — treated like a main dish. To have your cooking questions answered, play the Pantry Raid game with Hannah on Mondays. Each week, she answers your questions through her Instagram story @hmmessinger.
January 10, 2019
03: Leftovers
White meat turkey got you down? Too many leftover mashed potatoes (is that even a thing)? Hannah has you covered with post-Thanksgiving advice, some thoughts about etiquette, and the latest installment of "Don't Buy This!" To have your cooking questions answered, play the Pantry Raid game with Hannah on Mondays. Each week, she answers your questions through her Instagram story @hmmessinger.
November 27, 2018
02: Miso! (feat. chef Jess Benefield)
Miso is so misunderstood. But today Hannah interviews Nashville chef Jess Benefield (of Two Ten Jack and The Green Pheasant) about many practical and adventurous uses for miso. This episode is sponsored by Goo Goo Cluster. To have your cooking questions answered, played the Pantry Raid game with Hannah on Mondays. Each week, she answers your questions through Instagram (@hmmessinger).
November 19, 2018
Don't Buy This — The Turkey Rant
Hannah worries you might be doing Thanksgiving turkey all wrong, so she has a quick bonus edition of "Don't Buy This" before you do your shopping. Follow @hmmessinger on Instagram and tell Hannah your cooking challenges every Monday when she plays the Pantry Raid game in her IG story.
November 16, 2018
01: What to do with all that spaghetti squash?
This week, Hannah helps you sort out what to do with spaghetti squash, that most oddly named of fall veggies. Pantry Raid is an interactive cooking advice podcast by Hannah Messinger. Each Monday on Instagram — @hmmessinger— Hannah invites people to share the odds and ends in their pantry and she suggests recipes and meals.
November 12, 2018
Preview: Pantry Raid becomes a podcast
What began as a popular weekly feature on Instagram is now a podcast, offering extended cooking advice and answers to your questions.
November 8, 2018
Coming soon: Pantry Raid
Launching in November, Pantry Raid is an interactive cooking advice podcast — you tell Hannah what odds and ends are in your kitchen, and she responds with recipes and tips, plus knowledge about challenging ingredients and strategies for making more food and less food waste. Hannah Messinger grew up working in her family restaurant and is now a food writer, stylist, and photographer living in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She began Pantry Raid as a feature of her Instagram (@hmmessinger), and its popularity led to this podcast edition.
November 4, 2018
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