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PTM #10 - Digital Alexander on Bitcoin and Web Design

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Seeking masculinity in a feminized society. Self-improvement for men looking to better themselves.
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PTM #17 - Ryan Stephens on Getting Dialed In
Ryan Stephens is teaching men how to write, how to run and how to conquer their life. Ryan is an entrepreneurial-minded business strategist passionate about solving  complex problems, cultivating strategic relationships and developing  solutions to drive measurable return on investment. Atomic Habits How Will You Measure Your Life? Lessons From History The Meditations Deep Work Fox Den Podcast
September 6, 2019
PTM #16 Dovid Feldman and Inter-Gender Relationships
Dovid Feldman is a licensed Family & Marriage Therapist who offers support for people going through life's transitions and rough patches. Dovid is a parent, husband, friend, employee, entrepreneur, community-member and the list goes on. As a licensed Family & Marriage Therapist, he can tackle your current  challenges,  and implement new steps to bring you closer to your best self. FYI: Due to some connectivity issues, there was a bit of dead air. To save you some time, I edited out a few spots where there was no one talking.  Dovid's Website Follow Dovid on Twitter Follow Path to Manliness on Twitter iGen by Jean Twenge Quarter Life Crisis
August 23, 2019
PTM #15 - Jeremy Fox, a Licensed Professional Counselor
Jeremy Fox is a Licensed Professional Counselor. Jeremy focuses on self-development and mental health. In this episode we discuss a wide range of topics plaguing modern society from video game obsession to the effects of social media on your mind. Join us as we look into how you can navigate the pitfalls of our new digital world. This podcast is focused on  self-development, and through interviews with guests from diverse  backgrounds, you'll learn new approaches to your own developmental  hurdles. Follow Jeremy on Twitter Follow Path to Manliness on Twitter Books Mentioned: iGen American Gods Man Out: Man on the Sidelines Ego Development by Jan Levynger Psycho-Social by Eric Erickson Meta-Modernism by Seth Abramson Attached: Sign of Attachments Fox Den Podcast PTM Journaling Book
July 17, 2019
PTM #14 - Benjamin George the Alpaca Twitter Guru
 ‘Starting from Zero, all the way to One‘ Benjamin George is a writer and self-professed Twitter Guru focusing on self-improvement and implementation of practical philosophy into modern lives. We discuss the benefits of a well-curated Twitter feed and the effects of managing a massive following on Social Media.   The topics usually covered by Benjamin involve business, ideas and personal growth.  Follow Benjamin on Twitter Follow Path to Manliness on Twitter Aion Media Newsletter featuring emails from both of us and more Books referenced:  Deep Nutrition  Black Swan
July 11, 2019
PTM #13 - Unleash the Fury!
Hooa! My guest today is Fury who is an accomplished writer, connoisseur of vodka and an all around interesting guy. His book A Fury Novel is out now and is about Fury's exploits and adventures in Thailand. Fury and I have known each other on Twitter nearly since I first started Path to Manliness.  Get to see another side of Fury that you won't find on Twitter.  Buy A Fury Novel here! Follow Fury on Twitter Follow Path to Manliness on Twitter Fury's Guest Post on PTM
July 1, 2019
PTM #12 Jeff Sekarek and an All Natural Diet and Fitness through Your Fifties
Jeff has a remarkable story of resurrection and at 51 has been able to keep his body in shape that is the envy of most people in their twenties. Tune in to this episode to hear his story and his tips for staying healthy regardless of age. This episode covers a wide range of topics from vegan diets to processed foods to blood sacrifices. You won't want to miss this wild episode of The Path to Manliness Podcast! Follow Jeff Sekarek on Twitter Jeff Sekarek's Blog Follow Path to Manliness on Twitter Path to Manliness Blog
June 14, 2019
PTM #11 Rey Poullard and Keeping Our Story Alive
Rey Poullard is a cultural geographer and is interested in the cultural tapestry our society weaves. After being out of the country for 6 years, Rey came back not recognizing his homeland. In this episode we discuss how culture shifts mindsets, the effects the Italian Communist Party had on the West and getting your story out there.  "The Past and the future are mirror images of themselves." Follow Rey on Twitter Story War Society Flow PTM Newsletter Path to Manliness
May 28, 2019
PTM #10 - Digital Alexander on Bitcoin and Web Design
Alexander Grupp (Digitalexander) works as a Software-Developer in Stuttgart, Germany. He is an authority on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Fascinated by it he has started a Blog and wrote a book about it, designed for beginners. The Bitcoin Saga. Alex also has a newsletter where he teaches men about bitcoin but also about life. About masculinity and how they can focus on their own self-improvement. Our discussion ranged from bitcoin to the role a father plays to how you can stop mindlessly consuming social media.  Sign up today and get $10 of free Bitcoin The Bitcoin Saga by Alexander Grupp  Bouncy Castle Join Alexander's Email List Send Path to Manliness Bitcoin Here Boiler Room
May 20, 2019
PTM #9 Fasting and Diet with Cynthia Thurlow
Cynthia Thurlow is a nurse practitioner, entrepreneur, functional nutritionist, and a certified wellness coach.  She has been featured on 2 TED Talks. Cynthia has 20 years of experience in clinical medicine, both in the ER and cardiology.  She recognizes a powerful relationship between the foods that we eat and improved symptoms, health and wellness. In this episode we discuss many of the health problems plaguing modern society and some of the solutions towards improving your health and wellness.  Ted Talk Intermittent Fasting: Transformational Technique | Cynthia Thurlow | TEDxGreenville Primal Eating by Cynthia Thurlow and Primal Man CHT Wellness Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us Path to Manliness PTM Newsletter
May 16, 2019
PTM #8 Conquering The Impossible
Are you holding yourself back with self-doubt? Get motivated to conquer the impossible! Reclaim Your Manhood Path to Manliness Join My Newsletter
May 7, 2019
PTM #7 - Pills Make You Sick with The Huntsman
The Huntsman is here to tell you how to better yourself and become a better man. We share a very similar message and in this episode we talk weight loss, self-improvement, looking like Thor and so much more. He is a humble man, but has much more wisdom and insights to share than even he realizes. Give him a follow on Twitter and check out his contrarian take on The Red Pill in his pinned tweet. Follow The Huntsman on Twitter Uncommon Mentality Skin in the Game Path to Manliness My Newsletter
April 29, 2019
PTM #6 - Uncommon Mentality with Chance Lunceford
Logocentrifugal is a man of action. He wrote the book Uncommon Mentality. He runs a wildly entertaining podcast. He is a man who has a much better understanding of the darkness inside of us than most. He's come face to face with his shadow and he has emerged as a better man. If his story doesn't inspire you, then you're not paying attention. Chance is a good friend and we had a powerful and fun conversation here.  Uncommon Mentality Logocentrifugal Podcast Reclaim Your Manhood
April 10, 2019
PTM #5 Master Thyself with Garrett Dailey
Garrett Dailey is the creator of Master Thyself and the mogul of revolutionary media company, Aion Media Co. Aion Media focuses on uplifting content that focuses on self-improvement and bridging the gap between the cultural divide. In this episode we discuss seeking the truth, bettering oneself, fasting and living in a tent in the desert of Nevada.   Garrett Dailey  is a formerly homeless D.I.Y. philosopher who believes that one cannot understand the universe without first understanding themselves. To that end, he has committed to a lifelong journey to become the best version of himself, and in the process, create a community for others who wish to do the same. Aion Media YouTube Channel Master Thyself Five Pillars of the Ascendant Mind The White Arrow Path To Manliness My Newsletter
April 9, 2019
PTM #4 - The 7 Pillars of Masculinity
The 7 Pillars of Masculinity is a starting point for defining masculinity in the modern era.  Society wants you to be weak, soft and easily malleable.  Men are lost in modern society and have no role models so they try to fit in by being consumers and corporate monkeys. It is only after we've lost everything, that we are free to do anything. Men are providers by nature, and modern society has robbed us of our purpose. Get on the path and reclaim masculinity for our society. There is nothing wrong with being a man. Remember, stay on the path. Path to Manliness Reclaim Your Manhood My Newsletter
April 3, 2019
PTM #3 - Building a Rugged Legacy with Jeff Putnam
Jeff is a true to life rags to riches story that will inspire you to better your life. Through his life, Jeff built up his own company and shown his 9 kids how to conquer adversity and build a legacy.  Rugged Legacy is changing the way men think about hygiene products with scents inspired by the great outdoors and crafted with all natural ingredients. Men should smell like men. Men should look like men. Rugged Legacy offers cologne, beard balm, pomade and mustache wax. Jeff is as authentic as they come. He is also here to help you be an example of positive masculinity to ensure the legacy you leave behind is one worth following.  "Rugged Legacy's sole purpose is to remind men everywhere that being a man is something to be proud of." My Newsletter
April 1, 2019
PTM #2 - Financial Shifts with Chronicles of Nate
Nate Dean or Chronicles of Nate, is here to Empower YOU with financial weapons and learn to use leverage to achieve your financial goals. This is the stuff they never taught you in school. Nate and I discuss how most people are not thinking about banking or finance with the right mindset. He is hear to teach you and help you achieve financial stability. Holy Shift! My Newsletter
March 27, 2019
Path to Manliness #1 - Reclaiming Masculinity
Tired of seeing masculinity bashed by society, I am taking a stand. This is a place where men can feel proud to be men and learn how to better their lives. Follow these 8 tips to improve yourself and together we will reclaim masculinity. Welcome to the Path to Manliness Path to Manliness Reclaim Your Manhood My Newsletter
March 21, 2019
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