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Fabulous Writing Tips

Fabulous Writing Tips

By Patricia Simpson
Learn to write like a pro with tips from award-winning author Patricia Simpson. Life is short. Write smart!
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5 Differences Between Dreadpunk and Steampunk.

Fabulous Writing Tips

The Secret to Managing Your Manuscript
When you’re writing a book, do you keep a separate calendar for it, so you know what is going on and when? When you edit your chapters, do you often struggle to locate a scene that needs to be changed? (Where is that swordfight, anyway?) When you want to get a birds-eye view of your story for plotting purposes, do you get lost in the weeds of your book? If so, I’ve got a secret for you!  Read or Print the Details
September 19, 2022
5 Reasons to Keep Creating During Troubled Times
When you are experiencing trouble in your life, it is easy to get discouraged and depressed. You may even feel that nothing matters or that anything you think or do is insignificant. Don't despair. Writing well may be the best revenge...
June 07, 2020
Build a High Concept Statement in 4 Easy Steps
Use the if/then/issue/finesse method to build the pitch for your book. You get one sentence to capture an audience. Make it a high concept statement!
April 15, 2020
Writing in the Time of Covid-19
Staying positive and productive, even when our freedom is curtailed.
April 07, 2020
6 Reasons to Narrate Your Book
Learn why you might want to narrate your book before you publish it, and how narration can improve your writing. For tips on how to narrate your book, see
March 05, 2020
Why Are We Fascinated by Post-Apocalyptic Fiction?
It’s the ultimate what if, isn’t it? If a planetary disaster occurs, how would we survive? More than any generation before us, we can envision this possibility. That is why we love stories that show us the way through.
August 29, 2019
5 Differences Between Dreadpunk and Steampunk.
There’s a fairly new genre called Dreadpunk. I have been writing Dreadpunk for years and didn’t know it! Do you know what you really like to read or write? Is it Dreadpunk or Steampunk?
August 10, 2019
Follow Your Bliss
Following your bliss can transform your life and bring back your sense of joy.
July 11, 2019