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Patty's Musings

Patty's Musings

By Patty Wiseman
Welcome to my brand-new podcast! I will be talking about writing, giving tips, specializing in short stories and sometimes reading excerpts from my books.
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Hand-me-down Annie

Patty's Musings

The Peanut Butter Capers Episode
This is a humorous story of an incident that I hold dear to my heart when I was a young mother of two teenage boys. I was challenged daily to put food on the table for these guys who were always hungry. This is me being real, mistakes and all, sitting down to share with you my stories to bring a little light into your lives. 
July 17, 2022
An Excerpt from an upcoming book
This story is a fantasy about an evil mermaid who wreaks havoc in Maren Raybourne's life. She wants Maren's soul so she can live on land and leave the sea existence behind her. This mermaid also wants Maren's love interest. 
June 29, 2022
Hidden Treasure
Never dismiss the ancient things put away for safe keeping. Plus a bonus story. 
June 15, 2022
An Unlikely Elegance
This episode of my podcast includes interesting facts about the book and the cover. It's the 5th book in my series I call The Velvet Shoe Collection. All of these books are set in the 1920's and 1930's. You not only follow the lives of the main characters, but the lives of the secondary characters, as well. An Unlikely Elegance's focus is on Fanny Zapelli, a former mob moll who is now able to transform her life. There is mystery and intrigue woven into this tale of a woman who completely transforms herself. I hope you enjoy 
July 12, 2021
Raspberry Stains and Teardrops
Sharing stories that touch the heart. This one is about a little girl in a raspberry patch. 
May 24, 2020
Grandma's Back Porch Lessons
In this episode, I talk about a grandmother that shaped a part of my life when I was only four years old. Her methods were harsh but memorable. She was a no nonsense kind of lady. 
April 02, 2020
HIM - A love story
This is Valentine's week and I want to share a love story with you. Love comes unexpectedly in life sometimes. This is such a story. I hope you will like it. 
February 13, 2020
Something funny happened.....
Ever get excited about a new project? This humorous 10 minute episode gives you a little insight into venturing into the unknown! 
January 25, 2020
Hand-me-down Annie
Today, I want to talk to you about Annie. 2nd of 4 children. An older sister & 2 younger brothers. We all experience pain & disappointment in our lives. Annie was no different. It's how Annie handled that pain that made a difference in her life. 
December 27, 2019
Pearl Harbor, Midway, and Cocoa with my Dad
In this episode I talk about how my childhood shaped my writing and shaped the person I am today. Sometimes we understand our past, but sometimes we need to try to understand the past that came before us, our parents. 
November 25, 2019
Getting to Know Me and My Writing
I'm sharing a little bit about myself, my journey as a writer after retirement, and an excerpt from my very first book, An Unlikely Arrangement.  I've got my Dr. Pepper (I don't drink coffee), and my notes.  A podcast is a scary thing.  There is a learning curve, but ultimately, I want you to get to know me, how I write, what I write, my background, and how I came to be a writer. This is just me visiting with you. 
November 08, 2019
Welcome to my Podcast Episode 1
This is the trailer for my new podcast. I will be sharing tips and excerpts and sometimes give a little advice. I hope you will tune in and follow me on this journey. 
November 06, 2019