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The Overthinking Christian Podcast

The Overthinking Christian Podcast

By Paul Calin Moldovan
The Overthinking Podcast with Paul Calin Moldovan is a conversation about the Bible in context and how it relates to today's church and world.
Paul C. Moldovan founded, a resource center designed to bridge the gap between the Christian academy and the Church as well as delve into what discipleship might look like in modern America.
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John Cooper (of Skillet) on Deconstruction, Celebrity Christian Culture, and More

The Overthinking Christian Podcast

Michael J. Gorman on "What is the Flesh?" Union with Christ, and Paul's Letter to America
A few months ago I had the great honor to talk to respected scholar Michael J. Gorman about his new book 'Participating in Christ,' a book I highly recommend for any Paul fans. There's a great chapter in there about an imaginative letter written by Paul to America.  Toward the end of our time I ask Dr. Gorman about this slippery concept called "the flesh."
January 12, 2021
John Cooper (of Skillet) on Deconstruction, Celebrity Christian Culture, and More
I sat down with John Cooper, bassist and lead vocalist of the Rock band "Skillet," to talk about Christian celebrity influencers denouncing God/Christianity, deconstruction in the Church, and John's new book titled "Awake and Alive To Truth." 
January 12, 2021
Is God in Control? Sabbath, Satan, and Suffering: Introducing A. J. Swoboda
Paul Calin Moldovan sits down with author and professor A. J. Swoboda to talk about Sabbath. Swoboda has produced an excellent book titled Subversive Sabbath: The Surprising Power of Rest in an Nonstop World. Deconstruction: We began with the question of deconstruction (Swoboda will publish a new book on this topic through Brazos Press in 2021) and why there is such an emphasis on it today. Satan & Sabbath: Unrest is the system of the Beast (of Revelation) who knows only chaos and has an innate inability to rest. This figure imposes this way (of un-rest and non-sabbath) onto humans. Our inability to sabbath is rooted in part in narcissism/individualism as well as in the demonic reality. Is God in control? COVID-19 has pulled out the rug from the whole world and some attribute the virus to God. I asked Swoboda about blatant evil in God's world and if it's appropriate to respond to such evils with "God is in control." Swoboda notes that in key New Testament passages, we're informed that the world is currently under the control and influence of the evil one. Swoboda takes issue with the phrase "God is in control"
November 16, 2020
Paul Within Judaism: A Conversation with Mark Nanos
In this episode, we speak with Dr. Mark Nanos on reading Paul the apostle in his Jewish/original context. We delve into what first got him interested in studying Paul, questions on the New Perspective, and much more. For anyone interested in recovering and respecting the context of Scripture, this is a great conversation. Click the link below for the audible version of "Four Views on the Apostle Paul (edited by Michael Bird) mentioned in the introduction which I highly recommend.
October 09, 2020