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Checkin' In With Csomo

Checkin' In With Csomo

By Paul Csomo
Creativity turns into boredom which, if you're Paul, can either manifest itself as pure vandalism or a podcast like this one. Stories, advice, voicemails and opinions from Paul Csomo are dispensed here whenever he feels like it. Sometimes he reads the boating forecast.
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It's Been A Hot Minute

Checkin' In With Csomo

It's Been A Hot Minute
Where have I been? What have I been doing? Where is any of this headed?
October 15, 2020
Just Workshopping An Anchor Ad Over Here
It's late and I tried to do an ad for Anchor and I was really tired so screw it this is just going to be the entire episode.
July 9, 2020
One Star Review Theatre Episode 3
On this edition of One Star Review Theatre, Paul is joined by the wonderfully talented Moxie LaBouche. Moxie is the creator and host of the world-renowned Your Brain On Facts podcast and an author of a book also called Your Brain on Facts. Please enjoy these dramatic readings of one star reviews gathered from Rotten Tomatoes, Amazon and IMDB for the 1962 classic motion picture "To Kill A Mockingbird". Visit Moxie's website for links to the podcast and book. You won't be sorry.
July 7, 2020
One Star Review Theatre Episode 2
Chris Green joins me for another round of one star reviews for the 2013 Disney film "Frozen" and we listen to an audition! Call the voicemail! (941) 315-6985
May 26, 2020
Wherein Paul drives a virtual big rig across the American west. Call the voicemail! (941) 315-6985 Cowpoke Radio:
May 18, 2020
It's Just Pete
Wherein Paul gives you a little update and talks about the best YouTube video he's seen all week. Call the voicemail! (941) 315-6985 Here's the video. Watch it for yourself. Tell me I'm wrong:
May 13, 2020
One Star Review Theatre - Episode 1
Welcome to One Star Review Theater. Dramatic readings of one star reviews of pop culture, places and things that nearly everyone agrees are incredible. Please enjoy these selections of one star reviews from Google, Amazon and Rotten Tomatoes for the 1980 movie "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back". Presented by Paul Csomo and Baylee Csomo.
April 24, 2020
It's Kate Mulgrew
I just remembered the name of the actor who portrayed Captain Kathryn Janeway on Voyager.
April 7, 2020
Don't Yell At Wesley Crusher
Who is the best Star Trek captain? Vlado wants to know.
April 7, 2020
Live From Outside My Office
Wherein I am plagued by audio problems at home so I have to record something on my phone.
April 6, 2020
Does Matthew Like The Doors?
Wherein Matthew is introduced to the music of The Doors and gives his verdict. Call the voicemail! (941)315-6985
March 30, 2020
Peter Heater
Wherein Patricia regales us with the story of the time she saw Sir Ian McKellen naked! Call the voicemail! (941) 315-6985
March 29, 2020
Wherein county government works just as well as it always does and the public is stupid. Call the voicemail! (941) 315-6985
March 27, 2020
A Blast From The Past!
Wherein Paul hears a voice he hasn't heard in 30 years. Call the voicemail! (941) 315-6985
March 23, 2020
Toilet Paper Update and Boating Forecast
Keith wants to know about my toilet paper situation and he also requested a boating forecast. Here you go, Keith! Call the voicemail! (941) 315-6985
March 22, 2020
My YouTube Quarantine Playlist!
Torey wants some music to listen to! How about some nice relaxing YouTube channels instead? Call the voicemail! (941) 315-6985 Recommended channels:
March 21, 2020
Classic Lunchmeat Dude
Wherein Paul has an important public service announcement aimed at new podcasters. I forgot that I made this a week or so ago! Call the voicemail (941) 315-6985
February 20, 2020
Copyright Infringement and the Fishing Report
Wherein Paul talks about getting scared by a lawyer and Adam calls the voicemail with the fishing report! Call the voicemail! (941) 315-6985
February 8, 2020
The Boating Forecast 2
This episode is best listened to with headphones. The voicemail number is (941) 315-6985
January 31, 2020
I'm A Cheap Thrill But Everyone Loves Me
Wherein Paul has a brush with a fame and then finds out what sort of potato he is. Call the voicemail! (941) 315-6985
January 23, 2020
The Paul and Paul Peter Podcast Promotion Pow-Wow
Wherein Paul chats with his buddy Chris from the I Like To Like Things podcast. Then Paul calls a man called "Paul Peter" who resides in Bangladesh. Paul Peter has promised expert level podcast promoting. What will happen? Call the voicemail! (941) 315-6985
January 1, 2020
Apu the Podcast Promoter Expert
Apu from Bangladesh wants to help Paul reach top of iTunes. Will this podcast reach new levels of success? Listen and find out. With shoutouts to Phil Rood and literally everyone on the Podfix network. Call the voicemail! (941) 315-6985
December 21, 2019
My worst nightmare has happened. I failed to give you the boating forecast and now Phil is in trouble. If you need the boating forecast for your area please let me know so that nothing terrible happens again. Or if you just want me to read it for my area that's fine too. The voicemail number is (941) 315-6985. Hang in there, Phil. We'll find you very soon.
December 18, 2019
The TSA Hates Me Like I Hate Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Paul's attempts at TSA efficiency go horribly wrong. Also Neil DeGrasse Tyson ruins movies. Call the voicemail! (941) 315-6985
December 16, 2019
The Crappie Hippie!
John King aka The Crappie Hippie sends Paul an audio clip regarding gross bar soap, the name Seamus, guys who sing low and Donna Hume! Call the voicemail! (941) 315-6985
December 13, 2019
Shut Up Dog
Samantha's neighbor's dog won't stop yapping. Here's what Paul would do about it. Call the voicemail! (941) 315-6985
December 11, 2019
The Boating Forecast
Wherein Paul has a really great idea for his first episode on the PODFIX NETWORK! Call the voicemail! (941) 315-6985
December 9, 2019
Sweet Delicious Chewable Vitamins
Paul just wants everyone to have free ibuprofen. Voicemails and a poop story too! Call the voicemail! (941) 315-6985
December 1, 2019
The Bland Finale
Not the final episode you deserve. However I DID have a successful NANOPODMO! Yay? I'll make it up to you tomorrow assuming that I live through today.
November 30, 2019
Paul Is Not A Hot Dog Which Is Not A Sandwich
Wherein Paul uses the power of the Internet to determine which kind of sandwich he is. Call the voicemail! (941) 315-6985
November 29, 2019
Paul and Steph from the Geopats podcast!
Here is a little excerpt from the chat I had with Steph Fuccio who is the host of the Geopats podcast and who is also doing her own NAPODPOMO project! To hear the full interview with a lot of fun and surprises go subscribe to the Geopats podcast. It's everywhere podcasts are found and it's truly delightful. I had a great time chatting with her. Go to: ~and~ to hear, see and do more!
November 28, 2019
It's A Beautiful Day In Paul's Neighborhood
Wherein Paul prepares for his holiday weekend by staying at home and maybe going to see that Mr. Rogers movie. Call the voicemail! (941) 315-6985
November 27, 2019
Paul Literally Can't Even
Laura wants to know what phrases and sayings drive Paul nuts and OMG WTF does he have a list. Call the voicemail! (941) 315-6985
November 26, 2019
Checkin' In With Higgins
Paul calls his buddy Adam Higgins' brand spanking new voicemail number and answers a lovely question from Chris! Call the voicemail! (941) 315-6985
November 25, 2019
Does 311 Still Suck?
Paul and Matthew sit down to recap the first time they tried to enjoy 311 and then try once again to listen to songs suggested by none other than T-Rad-G. Will their minds be changed? Listen and find out! The sound gets weird toward the end. Apologies in advance. Call the voicemail! (941) 315-6985
November 24, 2019
My Ankle Is A Pile Of Garbage
What was supposed to put me out of work for six weeks had me down for about five months. Hear the tale of how my ankle came to be a complete pile of garbage complete with crunchy ankle sounds. Thanks to the guys at the Podcast Discovery Show. That show is worth listening to. Call the voicemail! (941) 315-6985
November 23, 2019
Crazy People and Alligators
Wherein a listener submits a crazy story via voicemail and Paul talks about alligator encounters! Leave a voicemail! (941) 315-6985
November 22, 2019
I Am My Funko Pops
Wherein Paul talks about his Funko Pop collection and what it means to him. Call the voicemail! (941) 315-6985
November 21, 2019
How To Pick the Perfect Pet
Wherein Paul has kind of a blah day and gives advice on picking the perfect pet. Call the voicemail! (941) 315-6985
November 20, 2019
High School Scared the Poop Out of Him
Just a quickie! An anonymous listener sends in his terrible poop story! Call the voicemail! (941) 315-6985
November 19, 2019
The Farming Report
Wherein Paul is having a difficult time finding seeds in a farming supply store. Or anywhere for that matter. Call the voicemail! (941) 315-6985
November 18, 2019
I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost
Voicemails! Also Paul really doesn't like horror. Chad wants to know what he hasn't tried yet but would be good at? The answer is GHOST TOURS. Leave a voicemail! (941) 315-6985
November 17, 2019
The Thirteen And A Half Minute Adam Higgins Lovefest
Adam Higgins said nice things about me so I'm saying nice things back to him because he's great and I admire him. Call the voicemail! (941) 315-6985
November 16, 2019
Daddy Why'd You Poop In The Trash Can?
Paul and Clay Groves of the Fish Nerds Podcast have a crossover NANOPODMO event! Paul contributes a news story to the "Fish In The News" segment and then the guys tell poop stories. Tell me your poop story or really anything on the voicemail! (941) 315-6985 Visit and listen to Clay's podcast!
November 15, 2019
The Food Episode
Paul talks all things food with people who have left voicemails and questions! Call the voicemail! (941) 315-6985
November 14, 2019
Paul Is Always Tired
Being tired is my default setting. Also chocolate chip cookies, peeing in the shower, going commando and the Titanic!
November 13, 2019
Reba McIntire Can Go To Hell
Paul stinks at Settlers of Catan and every other board game and recounts a tale of a horrible breakup. Call the voicemail! (941) 315-6985‬
November 12, 2019
It's Planting Season + Voicemails!
Paul attempts to start gardening again and answers some lovely voicemails from Kate, Chris and Derek! Call the voicemail! (941) 315-6985‬
November 11, 2019
Phoning It In
A short little update episode wherein Paul tells you where the show is, where it's going and gives you the voicemail number! ‪ (941) 315-6985‬
November 10, 2019
Can You Measure Back Pain With the Metric System?
Paul hurts his back while unconscious and tries alternative medicine. Also Vlado wants to know why we are so adamant on using the metric system in the US. Also ASMR.
November 9, 2019
Paul has a bad experience at a Vietnamese restaurant that was surprising and completely subverted his expectations. Also you can vote for Varmints at the Discover Pods website for Best Kids & Family podcast of 2019. Go here: Please also consider voting for these fine podcasts: Sports Podcast - The Fish Nerds Podcast Interview Style Podcast - Ignorance Was Bliss History Podcast - The Story Behind Kids & Family - Mirths and Monsters podcast TV & Movies Podcast - Epic Film Guys Audio Drama or Fiction Podcast - Girl In Space Arts Podcast - Oh No Lit Class Health & Fitness - Hate to Weight People's Choice - Dark Poutine
November 8, 2019
They Aren't All Going To Be Knee-Slappers
YouTube, a little housekeeping, and a broken father/daughter relationship.  Here is the RSS feed for this podcast:
November 7, 2019
Does 311 Suck?
T-Rad-G asks "What makes 311 suck?" Matthew joins me for a special episode for NANOPODMO to give me his first impressions of the band 311. And we read YouTube comments. And we tell you why 311 sucks. 
November 6, 2019
Cha Cha Slide the Hell Away From That Drama
Wherein Paul endures a bee sting and a social gathering and addresses someone else's neighborhood drama. 
November 5, 2019
Fishsician Heal Thyself
A university professor just doesn't want people showing her pictures of fish or their weird, gross bodies. Is that so wrong?
November 4, 2019
Why Am I Allowed Out In Public?
A clarification on my last name and embarrassing true tales of embarrassment.
November 3, 2019
How the Sausage Gets Made
All the behind the scenes stuff from the Varmints! podcast. Also how I started liking my last name a whole lot less. With mentions of Kate from Ignorance Was Bliss and Adam from Odd Dad Out.
November 2, 2019
I Think I Want To Be A Gigolo
Paul is very tired and tells a tale of staying home from school. Thanks to Cory and Donna for the request. "Hash Out" is the bed music and you can find it on Phil Rood made my awesome logo. Stop yawning.
November 1, 2019
Why am I doing this? For the challenge. Also I'm an idiot. I'll outline what I'm going to do for the next month. It's not that original. And I'll play you a sample of what I was going to do before I flamed out gloriously. The bed music is too loud and I am nervous. Enjoy this intro and my audio art called "Coxswain". My logo was created by the more talented than me Phil Rood.
October 30, 2019