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Project Based Learning In Practice

Project Based Learning In Practice

By Shayla Adams-Stafford
Weekly tips, interviews, strategies and best practices in implementing Project Based Learning from Instructional Coach Shayla Adams-Stafford.
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Break Work- To give or not to give?

Project Based Learning In Practice

How to Successfully Use Technical Experts in your Projects
How can you use technical experts as MORE than just presenters? Join us today as we chat with Dayna Laur , Co-Founder of Project ARC. We cover everything from moving beyond Driving Questions with Launch Questions, to an interdisciplinary project nightmare, to how to successfully and thoughtfully integrate technical experts. Dayna's professional work has focused on the research behind connecting learners to subject matter experts as they leverage their value-added feedback in order to improve authentic challenge outcomes. You can check out her books on Authentic Learning and upcoming events at  To learn more about the PlacED Conference e this summer, email #educator #projects #pbl #pblinpractice #teachers #edchat
February 12, 2020
Is your PLC Supporting PBL?
Join us this week as we chat with Brad Sever, School Leader who drops knowledge on how we can transform our PLC's to support PBL. He pushes listeners to move past "surface" level learning and get our students thinking about their own thinking! Brad is a National Faculty member of PBLWorks based in Indiana. Keep up with Brad on Twitter: @bradsever
January 22, 2020
How to combine SEL and PBL in your classroom
Our guest this week Mike Kaechele discusses is successful Water Project and how to combine SEL Competencies within a Project Based Setting.  Mike is currently a facilitator and travels the country supporting teachers in PBL practices and curriculum. If your school is focusing on improving SEL, this is a great episode! Mike has a PBL/SEL crosswalk you can access here. If you are not familiar with the CASEL Framework, access it here. Keep up with Mike on his blog and in his facebook group SELinPBL , where be posts as SEL resource daily. He is also on Twitter @@mikekaechele Thanks for tuning in and don't forget to #subscribe!! #Projectbasedlearning #pblinpractice #deeperlearning #SEL #PBL 
January 07, 2020
Break Work- To give or not to give?
This episode I wanted to discuss a common dilemma some teachers face this time of year; whether to give a project over break! These are some thoughts I have on this issue, but I would love to hear from you! Comment in the FB group PBLinPractice or connect with me on twitter: stafford_shayla.   Here is the link I mentioned to the True Colors activity: 
November 26, 2019
Author Chat: Project Based Learning in the Math Classroom!
Join me as I chat with PBL Math gurus Telannia Norfar and Chris Fancher as we break down commonly held myths about implementing PBL in the Math Classroom...with their book by that same title :) These two are dropping major gems about how to successfully integrate PBL strategies with math topics. Grab their book if you are already implementing PBL in your math class or plan to this year...a must read! Follow them on social media for great blogs and news of their upcoming projects- @cfanch and @thnorfar
November 19, 2019
"The Car Idling Challenge"- Rethinking teaching the scientific process through PBL
Join us as our guest Jon Kelley shares how he used a real evironmental and public health issue, car idling, to teach students about the scientific process. Hear how he was able to engage community experts and excite students around this challenge! Jon is based out of Delaware, OH where he is a middle school science instructor. Keep up with him on Twitter @mrkelley64!j
May 28, 2019
#TechTuesday with Headrush
This week school director Peter Wieczorek shares with us how his staff uses @headrush to manage student projects. At his school, which is completely student centered, students engage highly personalized individual and group projects, so a tool like this is a must! Keep up with Peter on twitter @peter_nwp To learn more about Headrush and how you can use this in your school/classroom, head over to
March 19, 2019
Coaching through Inquiry: Jill Ackers shares how she uses the power of questioning to help teachers execute PBL!
Join us for a chat with Instructional Coach, veteran educator, and life-long questioner Jill Ackers as she shares with us how her own personal experiences influenced her coaching and how she transformed her coaching style to meet the needs of inquiry based spaces. Jill has been an educator for over twenty years. Her experience spans teaching and leading in preschool, middle school math, high school engineering, technology and at the university level training school leaders and professors.  You can keep up with Jill on twitter-- @IBPBLJill
March 05, 2019
AP US History + PBL...can it be done?
Join us this week as we chat with PBL educator Alprentice Mccutchen as he breaks down his concept of the 'Super Unit' which he uses to bring PBL 'depth and not breadth' to this challenging course! Keep up with Al on Twitter @AlprenticeM !
January 29, 2019
Teacher as Learner: Leading a PBL School and helping teachers reimagine the student experience!
Join us as we hear from Brandon Johnson, a proven PBL School Leader as we discuss the ups and downs of leading a wall-to-wall PBL School! He talks about how to get your staff to rally around a 'common language' and flip the learning experience during Professional Development. Brandon has been named a distinguished administrator by the TMEA and is a Top 25 STEAM educator to follow on Twitter... so follow him for more great tips ! @bjohnsonedu,
November 27, 2018
"Man, why are we learning this?"- Designing 'with' students, teacher vulnerability & letting go!
This week we talk with PBL Coach, Teacher, and School Designer Andrew Biros as he drops tons of gems on how to involve students in the actual project design process and how vulnerability in the classroom can be a good thing! He challenges us to think about the 'what' and 'how' of PBL and gives some great resources along the way! Keep up with Andrew on twitter @andrewbiros
October 30, 2018
"And the winner is...." Using the arts and bit of competition in ELA!
Dara Laws-Savage describes how she uses her innovative Carter Awards program to bring ELA research to life! Keep up with Dara online @ Twitter: @msdlaws, and in her Facebook group: Savage Educational Consulting!
October 23, 2018
#TechTuesday- Learning with Loom- Screen Video Recording
Our guest this week Ted Malefyt breaks down how he uses Loom to provide effective, screen-recorded feedback to students to create dynamic projects. Best part--- this tool is free! Ted also delves into the intersection of Tech and Nature and how he balances the two to create authentic projects! Keep up with Ted and his awesome work at the STREAM School @tedmalefyt, stream or shoot him an email
July 24, 2018
The 'Silo-breaker': Finding connection to move students forward
Join us as we talk with PBL Powerhouse Ginger Lewman as she shares how she breaks silos that exists in schools to help students and teachers realize the power of connection. Ginger is a Keynote speaker, author and teacher. You can purchase her latest book "Lessons for LifePractice Learning" filled with tons of awesome tips and strategies. Twitter: @GingerLewman, Facebook: Ginger Lewman, LifePractice PBL (page), Practicing PBL (group) Insta: GingerLewman, Snapchat (and PBL edu group): GingerMokeev Websites: Online course:
June 05, 2018
Restorative Practices + ELA: Creating the culture to get the most out of student writing
Join us as we chat with Lauren Mckenzie, a D.C. based ELA and SS educator, as she shares how she helps students connect and create empathy for a project through restorative practices. For more info on Lauren and her project you can reach her at!
May 22, 2018
Tech Tuesday: Using LittleBits to practice Computational Thinking!
This week on our very first #TechTuesday we have the opportunity to speak with Jorge Valenzuela- a computer scientist enthusiast, and writer who breaks down how to use @littleBits with projects both at school and at home! Keep up with Jorge on his blog or on twitter @JorgedoesPBL !
May 15, 2018
Recharge: How to help teachers overcome 'PBL fatigue'!
This week we chat with PBL Principal Lacrecia Terrance as she discusses how she invigorates her staff, especially when they are feeling worn out from back to back projects. She also shares an inspiring story about a young man who overcame significant obstacles using PBL! Keep up with Lacrecia on Twitter @LadyFTerrance
May 01, 2018
Maker PBL: Managing multiple projects in the Alt/EBD Class
Maker Teachers Andrea Wilson-Vazquez and Hannah Cushing share how they use creativity, reflection, an AMAZING management system and patience to inspire Alternative and EBD Students through "Passion Based" Learning. Keep up with them online; Twitter: Hannah- @teachercush, Andrea- Twitter: @wilsandrea and on Instagram @wecmakerspace !
April 11, 2018
Keep It Simple! How to find clarity in the midst of projects!
Join us as we chat with Aaron Eisburg, learning facilitator at Center for Excellence as he shares with us how he helps teachers and students find clarity in the midst of crazy projects! He also shares how learning lab tours can be a great source of PD and much more! Keep up with Aaron @eisbergpbl and the Center for Excellence @newtechhighcfe.
April 05, 2018
'Got any more of that PBL?': Using research to change perceptions and create "Think Space" for Teachers!
Join us as we chat with Charity Parsons of @idoschool as she breaks down how she shatters stereotypes about what Black males can do through her dynamic interdisciplinary projects. She empowers teachers all over the country by giving them space to think, research and create great PBL! Follow her on Twitter @idoschool or check out!
March 13, 2018
Bringing Non-Fiction to Life in ELA!
Join us as ELA teacher @melteets breaks down how she makes non-fiction engaging using conspiracies and documentaries! She shares how she uses curriculum maps and purposefully designs for student centered learning.
March 11, 2018
Parks, Partnership and Empathy: Using National Parks for Dynamic PBL!
Did you know most Americans are on average only 45 mins away from a National Park? How might you use local and state parks to create dynamic projects? Tune in as we chat with @saintfester on how he has combined his work with National Parks with PBL! Check out his site for Park Based Learning @parkbasedlearn or
March 06, 2018
"At-Promise" Youth and PBL: Building a sustainable future for students in DC!
Join us for our chat with Janel Brown, Founding Deputy Executive Director of Sustainable Futures, a public charter in DC combining PBL with competency- based learning for youth often furthest from opportunity. She keeps it real with us about the challenges and triumphs of their 'Year 1' and her thoughts on how PBL is the solution for reaching this population. Follow her @eatprayeducate and Sustainable Futures @sfpcsdc!
February 27, 2018
"Not Your Parent's Gym Class!"
Tune in to hear from Physical Education All-Stars Ryan Gordy and Adam Hughes as they share how they have totally transformed your typical P.E. Class into a PBL course through their Experience Education curriculum. Listen to how they use PBL to reduce the social anxiety often associated with P.E. Class! Follow @coachgordy #PBL
February 18, 2018
2pac May Not Be Relevant!
Dr. Kelvin Bullock, Executive Director of Equity Affairs, talks with us about using PBL as a tool for equity, and how to avoid pitfalls when trying to make a project culturally relevant. You can keep up with him on twitter @dps_equity or @dkelvinb! Tune in and subscribe!
January 28, 2018
Making math REALLY Real-world!
Math expert Telannia Norfar breaks down how she combines her field experiences from her non-traditional path to teaching with her insatiable love for PBL to create math projects that actually simulate the real world! She gives us a glimpse into her classroom and also into her forthcoming book "Modeling Mathmatics in PBL". Keep up with Telannia on Twitter: @thnorfar or through her interactive blog !
January 16, 2018
70 Students +My First Project!
Andre Daughty talks to us about encouraging new PBL teachers, his first project and his class of 70 (yes you read that right... SEVENTY!) students. He dives into how he encouraged reluctant students to connect with local history, and pushed new PBL teachers to realize what their students could do! Tune in! You can follow Andre @andredaughty on Twitter.
January 08, 2018
Intro! • Who am I?
December 26, 2017