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By People + Culture Strategies
The Podcast of People + Culture Strategies, Australia's leading provider of legal and strategic advice on HR, labour and employment law.
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16 April 2020 Changes to the Miscellaneous Award


20200702 Supplementary Recording to PClasseS session on Termination of Employment
This is a supplementary recoding to the PClasseS session conducted on 30 June 2020 by Chris Oliver and addresses the subject of termination of employment. Some of the specific points covered include: Termination of Employment in the COVID-19 context Applying different types of termination situations Agreed separations and Deeds Redundancy processes
July 2, 2020
16 April 2020 Changes to the Miscellaneous Award
Joydeep Hor and Rohan Burn talk about the changes being introduced to the Miscellaneous Award and why employees who were previously classified as "Award-free" may be covered by the Miscellaneous Award from 1 July 2020.
April 16, 2020
COVID-19 Crisis Webinar Series: "Standdowns, Lockdowns and Downturns"
Given the crisis facing most employers around the country at present, this podcast (which was essentially broadcast as a webinar) provides essential guidance to employers. Some of the topics addressed include the following: when can you stand-down staff and what restrictions exist around such a step; what other steps can you take and should you be taking in these times; what consultation obligations you might have; how to deal with resistance and interventions from staff on proposed employer measures; and understanding the challenges of a working-from-home model.
April 5, 2020
COVID-19 Crisis Webinar Series "Working from Home: Minimising Business Impact"
Many employees around the world have, as a result of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, been asked or directed by their employers to work from home. Those employees can count themselves fortunate that their employers have continued to, for now, employ them and pay them their salary and wages. However, at a time when the economy is already massively distressed, there is a significant impact to organisations of employees working from home across the following areas: reduced productivity; disruption to routine; employee isolation and impact on morale; and heightened mental health impact to staff, Even if working from home is your only option to keep your organisation viable at this point, it is important to understand the impact and ways in which your organisation might be able to mitigate this impact. Joydeep Hor, PCS Founder & Managing Principal,  continues his discussion of critical COVID-19 issues for Australian employers and in this podcast discusses topics such as: how employers can make working from home better; understand the "rules" that need to be put into place; handling performance-type conversations; and striking the balance between understanding and firmness.
April 5, 2020
Restrictive Covenants: A Holistic Approach?
Joydeep Hor spoke at an international conference in London (hosted by PCS' fellow Innangard firm CM Murray on 26 September 2018 on restrictive covenants. In his talk, summarised in this podcast, Joydeep urged employers to think about the legal aspects of this as only one small part of what they really need to do to protect their business.
September 27, 2018
S01E02 Legal Concepts for Emerging HR Professionals Program
Reviews of each session of PCS' "Legal Concepts for HR Professionals" two day program which is held twice a year. Hear summaries from each of the facilitators of what they cover in their sessions and what the takeaways are for attendees. Hear also from one of the participants as to her experiences with the program.
September 24, 2018
PCastS Series 1 Episode 1: Out of Hours Conduct
Joydeep Hor (PCS Founder and Managing Principal) interviews Kathryn Dent (PCS Director) on relevant legal and practical issues for organisations in addressing out of hours conduct
September 14, 2018