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Mixed Dentition

Mixed Dentition

By Nicholas Peterka
The official Podcast for World Of Smiles Pediatric Dentistry which has been serving the greater Portland, OR area since 2008.
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An Herbal Exploration with Carrie Crimin
Carrie Crimin is a Pediatric Acupuncturist and Pediatric Nurse. She returns to the podcast to talk with Dr. Stafford talk about herbal medicine. Learn everything you need to know about Carrie and Little Owl Medicine on her lovely website: Topics discussed in this episode: Defining herbal medicine How to find high quality herbs from respectable sources Regulation relating to herbal medicine Customizing formulas based on patient needs and constitution How to approach treatment for allergy season Eating in season Practical tips for the winter season Xiao Chai Hu Tang      This tea is only available through a practitioner, but you can learn about it HERE.      This LINK will connect to info about a tincture for kids.
December 18, 2019
Practical Family Nutrition with Katharine Jeffcoat
Katharine Jeffcoat is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist focused on kids and families. She provides personalized nutrition therapy to help families and children achieve optimal nutritional health, from prenatal and infant feeding issues to teenage athletes. Learn everything you need to know about Katharine and Portland Pediatric & Family Nutrition on her website: Topics discussed in this episode: Background on Katharine and her private practice Main nutrition concerns that she encounters How she works with picky eaters Introducing new foods Sugar strategies Weight concerns Some practical advice
December 11, 2019
Introducing Dr. Michelle Yang
 World Of Smiles is thrilled to introduce pediatric dentist, Dr. Michelle Yang. On the latest episode of Mixed Dentition, she sits down with Dr. Stafford to tell us a little about her background and the path that led her to pediatric Dentistry. Topics discussed in this episode: A little bit about Dr. Yang Living in New York Living in Hawaii The decision to move back home to Portland Honeymooning in Korea…with the in-laws! Why she became a pediatric dentist Learn more about her residency program in New York HERE. And the Hawaii residency for pediatric dentistry HERE.
December 4, 2019
Balancing Brains with Wendy Foster
Dr. Stafford is joined by Wendy Foster, the Enrollment Director for Brain Balance Tualatin in the Portland area. Brain Balance is a program dedicated to helping kids of all ages overcome challenges with behavior, academics, and socialization. Topics discussed in this episode: What is the Brain Balance program? The initial intake and assessment process. Some common struggles seen in kids at different stages. How BB can address specific issues. Story behind the owners of the local BB locations. Success story from a local family. Learn more about Brain Balance HERE. You can browse all previous episodes on Anchor and Youtube!
November 20, 2019
Talkin’ Teeth with Dr. Lauren Manning
Dr. Stafford is joined by Dr. Lauren Manning, a Prosthodontist with Advanced Dentistry. Her specialty address comprehensive, complex scenarios that often require teeth to be restored or replaced. Topics discussed in this episode: What is a Prosthodontist? Congenitally missing teeth What to do about those missing teeth Maryland bridge How long can a baby tooth be kept when it doesn’t not come out naturally? Dental ankylosis Importance of a dental care team Learn more about Dr. Manning and Advanced Dentistry HERE.
November 6, 2019
Halloween Tips from a Pediatric Dentist
In this mini-episode Dr. Stafford shares some tips about how to have fun with Halloween while keeping those teeth happy and healthy. Discussed in this episode: Dr. Stafford loves Halloween Realistic approach to sweet treats Ideas for dealing with all that candy Listen🎧, Read📖, Watch📺! You can listen right here, or with a podcast app of your choice. You can also read the complete transcript  and find the video on our website. Check it out!  You can browse all previous episodes on Anchor and Youtube!
October 23, 2019
Consciously Uncoupling with Michelle & Nicholas
Nicholas Peterka is not only the father of Dr. Michelle Stafford’s two boys. He has been behind the scenes for nearly 10 years working on community outreach and marketing. He even produces this very podcast! In this episode, Nicholas and Michelle discuss a major change in their relationship which they are approaching in a thoughtful, friendly, and conscious way. Discussed in this episode: Who is Nicholas? How they met Nicholas’ 365 day orthodontic animation Conscious Uncoupling What they learned from each other If you would like to learn more about conscious uncoupling, please refer to this excellent article. Another great option is to go straight to the source with the work of Katherine Woodward Thomas at
October 9, 2019
The Beaverton Wellness Center with Serena Cruz
Serena Cruz is the Executive Director of the Virginia Garcia Memorial Foundation. In this episode, she takes Dr. Stafford on a brief introductory tour of the Beaverton Wellness Center. Topics discussed in this episode: All about the Beaverton Wellness center and the new building The Welcome Wall The Virginia Garcia story A look at a dental clinic suite How people can support Virginia Garcia The next VG event in on Friday, September 27th from 5:30pm - 10pm. Tickets are available HERE! To learn more about Virginia Garcia, please visit their website at
September 25, 2019
Getting To The Point with Carrie Crimin
Carrie Crimin is a Pediatric Acupuncturist and Pediatric Nurse. She sat down with Dr. Stafford to talk about her path from being a nurse to practicing acupuncture, and they dive into a variety of topics related to acupuncture for kids. Learn everything you need to know about Carrie and Little Owl Medicine on her lovely website: Topics discussed in this episode: What is acupuncture Transitioning from a nursing career into acupuncture What acupuncture looks like for kids What acupuncture can treat Acupuncture and digestion Typical first wellness visit Addressing sleep issues How acupuncture looks at oral health Approaching kids who are not the most excited to be receiving acupuncture Strategies for calming down - - - You can browse all previous episodes on Anchor and Youtube!
September 4, 2019
Explaining E-Cigarettes with Dr. Devin
Our very own Dr. Devin Bowyer sits down with Dr. Stafford to talk about Juuling and E-Cigarettes. The discreet nature of these new nicotine delivery devices is a serious cause for concern among educators and parents.  Topics discussed in this episode: What is “Juuling” / How do E-Cigarettes work The form factor and how it can be easily hidden What’s in it? Physical and developmental affects/harms How this is marketed towards young people Differences with normal cigarettes What parents can do Learn more about E-cigarettes HERE.
August 21, 2019
Doula Discourse with Brooke and Rebecca
Portland based Doulas, Rebecca Durlin Smith and Brooke Noli, chat with Dr. Stafford about the amazing work they do supporting families through birth experiences. Their agency, Birth First Doulas, can match families with an experienced doula team that will provide continuity of care through the entire birth experience. Learn everything you need to know about Birth First Doulas on their website: Topics discussed in this episode: What is a doula Dr. Stafford’s experience with Brooke as her doula for the birth of her second child Ring of fire How a doula supports the entire process The value of the agency model Common concerns when hiring a doula How a doula works with other providers Listen, read, watch! You can listen right here, or with a podcast app of your choice. You can also read the complete transcript below, or scroll to the bottom of this post for the video. You can browse all previous episodes on Anchor and Youtube!
August 7, 2019
Finding Childcare with Ren Johns
 Dr. Stafford is joined by Ren Johns, the founder of PDX Waitlist, an online platform that connects families needing childcare with providers. They make it easy for child care providers to manage their waitlist while also simplifying the application process for parents. In addition, Ren hosts classes and offers private consulting. Learn everything you need to know about PDX Waitlist on their website: Topics discussed in this episode: How PDX Waitlist works Options for childcare  Connecting families with childcare facilities  Streamlining the waitlist process How to assess a childcare facility Overcoming dental fears You can browse all previous episodes on Anchor.
July 24, 2019
Massaging Mamas with Marissa Emery
 Marissa Emery is a Licensed Massage Therapist with her own private practice called Mama Needs Massage. As the name of her practice suggests, she specializes in treating Mamas at all stages of their journey in motherhood from pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. You can learn more about Marissa, schedule appointments, and set up gift certificates on her website: Topics discussed in this episode: Marissa’s area of focus Modalities Postpartum depression Teaching kids the value of touch Consent Prenatal massage Postpartum massage Self care A couple self massage tricks
July 10, 2019
Balancing Act with Eve Bernfeld
 Dr. Stafford was joined by Eve Bernfeld, an AmSAT Certified Alexander Technique Teacher, and founder of In Balance in Portland, OR. She offers private classes and serves as an Adjunct Professor at Lewis & Clark College. You can learn more about Eve on her website at Topics discussed in this episode: What is the Alexander Technique? Defining posture How proper movement patterns are like good nutritional habits How AT can help pregnant women How kids tend to develop bad postural habits A brief exercise to feel more balanced
June 26, 2019
Getting Aligned with Dr. Jenny Brocker
Dr. Jenny Brocker is a Board Certified Pediatric Chiropractor with Portland Chiropractic Group. In this episode she chats with Dr. Stafford to touch on several topics: The benefits of chiropractic care for kids How techniques are modified for a younger population Specifics about crawling as it relates to overall development Common issues where chiropractic care make a big difference Find the video and complete transcript on our BLOG!
June 12, 2019
Lactation Conversation with Adrienne Koznek
Adrienne Koznek is an IBCLC certified Lactation Consultant. Through her company, Wy'East Lactation Support, she provides breastfeeding Moms the support they need to navigate this special and delicate bonding experience. Her special interests include oral restriction/tongue tie, the newborn period, and returning to work outside the home. In this episode, she talks to Dr. Stafford about the importance of breastfeeding, how she provides support, red flags to watch out for, tongue and lip tie restrictions, and advice for first time Moms. You can learn more about everything she offers the community on her WEBSITE.
June 5, 2019
Focus on food with Heather Schrock
Dr. Stafford talks with Heather Schrock, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP). Just what is an NTP? According to the Nutritional Therapy Association, “A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner is a nutritional therapist certified by the NTA to evaluate nutritional needs and make recommendations for dietary changes, helping clients balance body chemistry and achieve optimal wellness. NTPs are not trained to diagnose or treat pathological conditions, injuries, or diseases.” In this podcast, they touch on digestion, core principles of a healthy diet, snacking, intermittent fasting, and more!  You can get in touch with Heather through her LinkedIn Profile.
May 29, 2019
Catching Up On Sleep with Marie-Eve
Marie-Eve Gagnon, founder of SlumberTime Solutions chats with Dr. Stafford to talk about her company, the importance of sleep, and strategies for parents with kids at different stages.  You can learn more about SlumberTime here:
May 22, 2019
Planting Seeds with Jen Fife-Adams
Dr. Stafford chats with Jen Fife-Adams, one of the founding members of Planting Seeds, a community organization dedicated to supporting children and families in need. They take a special interest in refugee families by providing food and other essential supplies as that population can be apprehensive about asking for the help they need.  To learn more about Planting Seeds, visit
May 15, 2019
Episode 5 - Kasi Woidyla - Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center
Dr. Stafford sits down with Kasi Woidyla, the Public Relations Officer for Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center. The health center serves the members of Washington and Yamhill county through access to high quality, culturally appropriate health care. In this conversation, we learn about Kasi's role, a little history behind VG, and a variety of upcoming events. Dr. Stafford proudly serves on the board for this amazing organization, and strongly encourages everyone to learn more and support their cause. Learn more about Virginia Garcia HERE!
May 8, 2019
Episode 5 - Advanced Dentistry - Prosthodontists
Dr. Stafford sits down with Dr. David Halmos and Dr. Lauren Manning from Advanced Dentistry. Not only are they amazing neighbors - located just across the hall from World Of Smiles - but they are also two of the best Prosthodontists in the greater Portland area!  They offer a full range of restorative dental care services designed to revitalize patients' smiles. Learn more about Advanced Dentistry HERE.
May 1, 2019
Episode 4 - Shira Fogel
Shira Fogel sits down with Dr. Stafford to talk about her company Tiny Talkers which help parents and caregivers communicate with small children through sign language. They discuss the origins of Tiny Talkers, the various class offerings, and the benefits to both kids and the grown-ups who care for them. You can learn more about tiny talkers HERE! 
April 24, 2019
Episode 3 - Spencer Rubin
Dr. Michelle Stafford sits down with Spencer Rubin, the owner and founder of Play.Fit.Fun, a kids action organization. Listen to learn about the importance of getting kids to be active every day, which has benefits that go well beyond the physical. They also touch on Spencer’s regular column in the Beaverton Resource Guide called The Catalyst Business Newsletter.
April 17, 2019
Mixed Dentition Episode 2
Dr. Michelle Stafford sits down with Megan Barella, a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator. Their conversation touched on emotions, empowerment, and how these relate to the dental experience. They also discuss Megan's new program called Calm The Storm. Calm the Storm Program: World of Smiles families, enjoy $100 off The Calm the Storm program.  To redeem, email Megan at
April 3, 2019
Introducing Mixed Dentition
Introducing Mixed Dentition - the official Podcast for World Of Smiles Pediatric Dentistry which serves the greater Portland, OR area. In this episode, Nicholas & Dr. Devin are just trying to figure out what this show will be all about. Let's call it a work in progress, shall we? Ummm...they kind of say "ummm" a lot! Did we mention it's their first podcast? Learn more about World Of Smiles Pediatric Dentistry at
December 22, 2018