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004: How to Love Yourself: 5 Bits of Wisdom to Help You Quickly Find More Confidence, Contentment, and Peace of Mind

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By Beau Norton
Podcast for personal growth and spiritual transformation. I help people dissolve thoughts and feelings of lack and limitation so they can live a peaceful and prosperous life. Listen to our weekly episodes to stay aligned on your spiritual path, re-connect with your soul's purpose, and receive practical strategies and techniques to help you fulfill your potential.
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005: How to Live in the Now: 3 Easy Techniques to Help You Stay Present & Peaceful
What if living a supremely peaceful life is a lot easier than we’ve been making it out to be? What if you could quickly and easily quiet your mind and find a deep sense of peace whenever you chose to do so? You’ve likely heard the concept “live in the now” and understand its importance, but most of us have a racing mind that gets in the way of this. What can we do to make our life easier?  Today, I’m going to share with you a few simple but key understandings that have served me greatly in life. I’m sure they will do the same for you as well. To access the video and/or written version of this episode with free listener bonuses included, go to For more free training to help you live a peaceful & prosperous life, go to
May 20, 2019
004: How to Love Yourself: 5 Bits of Wisdom to Help You Quickly Find More Confidence, Contentment, and Peace of Mind
You may have heard the advice before, “You just have to love yourself.” While it’s generally good advice, there are some common traps we can fall into when trying to change our lives from the inside out. “Loving yourself” is not always as easy as it sounds, and I’ll explain exactly why in today’s episode (plus how you can make it a lot less difficult)… Grab your listener bonuses, a written summary of this podcast, plus my free Bliss By Design training course at
April 10, 2019
003: The 7 Stages of Spiritual Awakening
Do you have a hunch that you might be going through some sort of spiritual awakening? If so, today’s podcast episode will show you what stage of the process you are at and how you can most gracefully move on to the next level and experience greater peace of mind. The written version of this episode, as well as some free listener bonuses can be found at
January 7, 2019
002: The 7 Laws of Abundance
After spending much of my life studying the happiest and most successful people I could find, I discovered that most of these people have several things in common. They each live by their own unique beliefs and principles which may differ slightly, but these beliefs and principles always align with a few simple but powerful universal laws, what I call the "7 Laws of Abundance" Full article + some bonuses can be found at:
September 2, 2018
001: 4 Essential Steps to Overcome Anxiety and Stress
You know the feeling of dread in the mornings, or that uncomfortable tension in your chest that accompanies many of life’s activities. Life feels hard, but does it have to be? For over a decade, I suffered with crippling anxiety and depression. I felt like there was something wrong with this world I was living in, like I didn’t belong here. I felt that people judged me everywhere I went. I never felt good enough to be happy and successful in life. I almost lost all hope for a better life… After many years of searching, I finally found a true solution and my life has been VERY different ever since. No more anxiety or low self-esteem, Many more good days than bad (it used to be the opposite). What changed things for me was following 4 simple but powerful steps, and I reveal them all in today's episode.
August 26, 2018
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