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The Peas in the Podcast

By The Peas in the Podcast
The Peas in the Podcast is hosted by 3 young, Black, and highly opinionated creators who focus their insights on current topics, social justice, and their own personal messy lives.
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Season 3E9: A Candid Conversation on Men and Women

The Peas in the Podcast

Season 3E11: A Candid Conversations on Adult ADHD
Have you ever felt like your brain is on 100 but the rest of you is on 50? Are you always late to everything? Join Starleisha as she chats with Abby Chau about being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, and how life has changed with this discovery.
October 13, 2021
Season 3E10: Til Marriage Do Us Part
Your peas are back and talking about the topic of marriage. From the astronomical costs to realizing you may not be ready to be legally bound. Tune in to hear their thoughts on the system of wedded union. Special thank you to for getting The Peas their first official instrumental. Check out their website! Sources:
September 29, 2021
Season 3E9: A Candid Conversation on Men and Women
Daphnee speaks with special guest Julian Kingston about the dynamics of the relationships between men and women. They talk about miscommunication in relationships, expectations on others, "ideals vs reality", and all the stuff you see on Twitter in gender wars.
August 13, 2021
Conversation with Julian Kingston
In a new episode style, Daphnee sat down with Julian Kingston to discuss the topic of communication amongst men and women. In this mini-sode, Julian tackles some of the questions our followers had on the subject.
August 12, 2021
Season 3E8: Intimacy and Professional Snuggling
Tonight's episode features Professional Snuggler Lisa Van Arsdale. The Peas get candid about their own relationships with understanding intimacy and how platonic relationships are necessary.  Music: Derek Clegg - Add a Line Sources:  What is Aesthetic intimacy? 7 Truths About the Link Between Emotional and Sexual Intimacy
May 01, 2021
Season 3E7: Careers and Fears w/ Special Guest Bonita Croyle
The episode is bringing The Peas to place they did not intend to be. With guest Bonita Croyle spearheading the initiative on the conversations of careers, the group is talking about what it means to Black people to work in environments that value them. From Starleisha's very direct assessment of her work arrangement, Daphnee's work denial, and Jamir and Boni's uncanny ability to peep nonsense, this episode is full of everything. The conversations focuses on topics such as what's wrong with capitalism, how to find your inner "Imma quit" energy, and making space for your coworkers into your home with Zoom.
April 26, 2021
Conversation with Bonita Croyle
The Peas had a side conversation with their Season 3 Guest Bonita Croyle. She posed an excellent conversation topic about segregation - listen here to catch what didn't make their full length chat.
April 25, 2021
Season 3E6: Who Was Left Off Bad and Boujee?
The Peas are bringing another freestyle episode and talking about dating through cultures, Quavo and Saweetie, One Night Stands in Miami, and why virtual dating is ruining us. Tune in for some divergent insight. Music - Drop by Ketsa
March 30, 2021
Season 3E5: Black N Business with Special Guest Rawle Sterling
Tonight's episode welcomes our first guest of the season, Rawle Sterling. We are talking about Living Single, production team struggles, working in a creative corporate job, and of course Bait Car? The entertainment industry is reliant on Black people and Black Culture, so of course the Peas had to explore the topic. Music: Click-Clack by Crowander Special Guest: Rawle Sterling
March 17, 2021
Season 3E4: Wii Playin' Games
For tonight's episode, the Peas wanted to kickback and talk about one of their favorite past times... video games. From adaptions to Fortnite, to connecting with the youths, there is something magical about immersing oneself into a world full of fictional fantasy and the opportunity to win. Sources:
March 10, 2021
Season 3E3: Problematic Black Faves and the N.I.G.G.A.S. Who Cape for Them
The Peas are discussing Cancel Culture and your problematic faves. Or maybe not even faves - just simply problematic. From Kodak Black to Aunt Jemima no-one is off limits in the culture of cancel. We're hopeful to bring back Chase from Paw Patrol though, and let the biracial Tylers of the world thrive! CW/TW: domestic violence and rape Music: Sean Fury - Bi-racial Sources:
March 03, 2021
Season 3E2: The Lemon Pepper Kickback
The Peas are bringing you episode 2 fully unfiltered and unhinged. They are talking about all things Black culture at the Lemon Pepper Kickback. Tune in to hear them rant and rave about everything from Jamir's mom's potato salad to the Black family dynamic. Sources:
February 27, 2021
Season 3E1: Black Love in the Digital Age
The Peas are back for a third time and diving head first into toxicity! Kicking off this season by hosting their first record night on Clubhouse, the incentive this season is to absolutely stir the pot. From Malcolm & Marie to Bridgerton, this episode is full of all the Black Love media we've been able to view this quarantine. And unfortunately, the lens is close up on toxic takes. The Peas could've chose to stick to more upbeat and wholesome conversations of Black Love (Shout out to our fav celeb Black couples) but what kind of mess would that make. One day we'll get to an episode dedicated to wholesomeness, but this episode is just not that. We love Black Love, but we love chaos even more. Sources:
February 17, 2021
Season 2E12: The Roundtable - The Friendzone
The Peas have invited special guests to share their thoughts about the Friendzone. Check out the conversation on their Youtube to watch the exchange.
November 19, 2020
Season 2E11: Black Feminism, Sex, and Sexuality
Today we have special guest Nia Baker talking about Black feminism, WAP, and how Daphnee is not a fan of Richard Wright and his foolishness. This conversation has all the Peas talking about the importance of letting Black women own their sexuality - unhindered. This episode might get us canceled... but we don't care. Black women come first, don't be a pick me, and why be misogynist when you can get twerked on? Meet Nia: Nia is a writer, student, and interested in all things Black feminism and sex positivist. Currently, she is a PhD student at the University of Virginia studying sociology with specific interests in the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality. In her free time, she maintains a blog titled Feminist Desire where she discusses and reflects on current events in her life and in the world around her. Music: Checkie Brown Dilemma (ID 03) by Checkie Brown  licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Links: The Handmaid’s Tale Cuts Deeper For Black Women Because of U.S. Slavery How the “Strong Black Woman” Identity Both Helps and Hurts Some are criticizing Cardi B’s ‘WAP’ for being ‘vulgar.’ Her fans say to get over it. Between Laughter and Tears Their Eyes are Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston Why Richard Wright Hated Zora Neale Hurston
October 28, 2020
Season 2E10: Blackfishing
The Peas went live to discuss Blackfishing. Check them out on Facebook and Youtube.
October 26, 2020
Season 2E9: Netflix and Y'all Gotta Chill
This week the Peas aren't holding back 'cause they are sick and tired... of being, well, sick and tired. From canceling/boycotting Black films you never even watched to Save The Last Dance's tragic choreo. This episode got some slander for everybody. Leave Black people alone! 😂 Links: Short Story: Soul Charge Why the Debate Over Nate Parker Is So Complex Why would some Black audiences boycott the new Harriet Tubman movie? 3 Reasons Why Boycotting Black Films Isn’t The Solution, It’s Time To Stop Boycotting Black Movies Five Deaf Actors to Watch on Netflix Right Now Review: Kenya Barris’ Isolating, Unrelatable ‘#BLACKAF’ is not Black Enough 
October 21, 2020
Season 2E8: The Supernatural with Special Guest Mary Elizabeth Chambliss
Do you believe in the unknown? What about ghosts? Night horrors? Apparitions? This week the Peas are excited to talk with Mary Elizabeth Chambliss about all things spooky. From Ouija Boards to mysterious smells, ghosts fighting in walls to talking to our ancestors, this episode has something for everyone. Get some hot cocoa or tea, crawl under your favorite blanket and listen as we discuss the supernatural! Meet Mary Elizabeth: Mary Elizabeth Chambliss is a graduate student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, pursuing a Master’s of English. Her fiction and poetry is focused on tarot, feminism, spirituality, and mental health. During the pandemic, she has been trapped inside with her cat, Charlie, and a ghost who has yet to tell her its name. Links: “Initiated” by Amanda Yates Garcia “It Didn’t Start With You” by Mark Wolynn “Trickster’s Choice” by Tamora Pierce “Magic Bites” (the Kate Daniels Series) by Ilona Andrews History of Fantasy 11 Factors That Make for a Good Fantasy Novel 13 Kick-Ass Tips for Writing Fantasy from Professional Fantasy Editors The 25 Best Fantasy Novels: Our Picks
October 15, 2020
Season 2E7: The Church of Queerness: Reconciling Religion and Homosexuality with Special Guest Jonathan Allsop
The Peas are talking about religion and how the LGBT+ community is navigating their place in Christianity. Special guest Jonathan Allsop joins them to seriously dissect biblical texts too often used to ostracize. Everything from Whitney Houston, Sodom and Gomorrah, and "true Christian values" are on the table for discussion. Music: Church Girl Vine Kirk Franklin ft Salt - Stomp Meet Jonathan Jonathan Allsop was born in Reading, PA. He is a proud first generation American whose family hails from Trinidad and Tobago. Jonathan went to college at the University of Pennsylvania where he received his BA in Music. In 2016 Jonathan moved to Chicago, IL where he continued to pursue his passion for acting working with various theater, and film companies in the Chicagoland area. Jonathan is a second year MFA Actor at Northern Illinois University. You can find Jonathan at his website and his Instagram @Jo._nathan. Links: Seven Gay Texts: Biblical Passages Used to Condemn Homosexuality ‘New Age’ beliefs common among both religious and nonreligious Americans
September 30, 2020
Season 2E6: Modern Dating, Dating Apps, and the Ghosts with no caskets
The Peas are freestyling tonight's episode. There are no notes and that means no rules. We have some hot takes on the "talking" stage, dating app personalities, and the many failures we see of trying to find love in the digital age. Disclaimer: We are toxic.
September 23, 2020
Season 2E5: Conspiracy Theories and the Believers Who Walk Among Us
The Peas are talking about conspiracy theories. Come on our journey of skepticism and cynicism. Mystery and romance. Fake News and Alternative Facts! Have you ever wondered how a conspiracy theory develops? Do you question if we are actually living in a computer simulation? Is alien life landing in New Jersey?! Well, listen to the Peas discuss some of these topics and decide for yourself what to believe. Don't worry, we are judging you. Links: Are we living in a computer simulation? I don’t know. Probably. WHAT IS SIMULATION THEORY AND WHY DOES IT MATTER? We Are Probably Living in a Simulation, Here's What You Need to Know About Simulation Theory People Drawn to Conspiracy Theories Share a Cluster of Psychological Features The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories: Why Do People Believe Them? How to talk to conspiracy theorists—and still be kind The Tragic Full Story Behind The Death Of Marilyn Monroe Mystery Still Lingers On Marilyn Monroe Natalie Wood’s Fatal Voyage True story behind Marilyn Monroe ‘helping’ Ella Fitzgerald land gig that’s gone viral Stevie Wonder Is Not Blind: The Truthers' Case "Give It Up" - Franz Kafka
September 16, 2020
Season 2E4: Disney’s Africa: Black Is King, Black Panther, and Keepin’ It Two Virgils with Special Guest Gwladys
It's already time to start welcoming guests into our mess! This season's first guest is Gwladys. The topic for this episode focuses on Blackness and Black culture through the African Diaspora - but of course through the lense of Disney. The Peas and Gwladys give some hot takes, ideas on the diaspora, and question whether or not Black people can culturally appropriate one another. Hope you all enjoy this episode as much as we did making it... also, please pray for our podcast. Beyonce might get us for copyright infringement or the Beyhive might not like our critique! Meet Gwladys Gwladys is always engaging in conversations related to Africa and the African diaspora as a whole. She's from Togo (which is a small country in West Africa right next to Ghana) but grew up in New Jersey. She personally identifies as African-American. Gwladys only has fake twitters and instas. Music: beyoncé & jay z & childish gambino - mood 4 eva (slowed + reverb) - Late Night Drives Links: Beyoncé Called a Young Fan Who Was in Tears After Watching Black Is King Beyoncé fans plumb the many facets of ‘Black Is King,’ from ‘Momyoncé' to dark skin Why We Must Be Careful When Watching Beyoncé’s ‘Black Is King’ Beyoncé released a video celebrating ‘African tradition.’ Then came the backlash. ‘Black Panther’ offers a regressive, neocolonial vision of Africa "Black Is King" References Various African Traditions Through Fashion
September 09, 2020
Season 2E3: The Death of Celebrity
The trio is back together and talking about everything from how we prioritize celebrity to what happens when we "cancel" them. The Peas discuss Swans and Love, LeBron James to Doja KKKAt, and Disrupt Theatre Company's own local celeb, Star! How do you view celebrity and do you agree with the Peas that it's changing? Music: iMarkkeyz x DJ Suede The Remix God - Lose Yo Job Links: The Swan as a Metaphor for Love In 2019, Let's Have a Less Toxic "Stan" Culture Stop Celebrating Stan Culture: It's Toxic How Cancel Culture Quickly Became One of the Busiest and Most Controversial Words on the Internet Cancel Culture is Not Real - At Least Not the Way People Think
September 02, 2020
Season 2E2: How Mental Illness Affects Us All
This week, Daphnee and Jamir are discussing the ways mental illness impacts black men and black women. Star is preparing for Disrupt Theatre's inaugural show, if you're wondering where she is! So, sit back and listen to two Aquarians grapple with toxicity (even their own) and mental health between genders and generations. Links: The Lottery by Shirley Jackson Toxic, Homophobic Men More Likely to Have Mental Health Issues, Study Finds 10 Things to End Toxic Masculinity How to Fight Toxic Masculinity Disrupt Theatre Company BLACK BUSINESS TO SUPPORT: TheBeautyWithin Collection is  an effort of love. Philly Native, Nesh uses her cultural identity, as well as of her love blackness, and embeds it into her creations. From masks and head wraps/durags, to bags and hair accessories, she has a little something for everyone. Check out their instagram page!
August 26, 2020
Season 2E1: 3 Shots of Whiskey and Why Men Deserve Less
The Peas are back and more messy than ever! They decided it was time to focus on misogyny and the plague that is the patriarchy. Listen as they discuss how men ruined Megan Thee Stallion's wild summer, Flo Milli's album, Noname vs the Twitterverse, and why men and women don't communicate. To add to the fun, they are drunk the whole time. Links: Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez Flo Milli Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, The Great Gatsby Noname vs Twitter (Cole) (Beyonce) Disrupt Theatre Company
August 14, 2020
Season 1E6: Merry Juneteenth!
Today is the Second American Independence day! Juneteenth. A day of glorious black people remembrance and celebration. Hear the Peas discuss what Juneteenth is all about, the ways they celebrate Juneteenth, and the culinary past of the holiday. Grab yo grandmama’s collard greens and sit right on back til the itis takes hold! Music: Sister Sledge– Written by Bernard Edwards & Nile Rodgers UGK ft Outkast– Juicy J, DJ Paul, Bun B & Pimp C
September 07, 2018
Season 1E5: My Grandmama’s Greens Are Definitely Better. Deadass.
Now we all know rule number one of being black is to never say that your grandmama ain’t got the best damn greens. Well the peas are discussing soul food, Trump being an unseasoned carrot, and Pizza men getting deported. Music: DJ Suede the Remix God Louis Jordan & the Tympany Five
September 06, 2018
Season 1E4: White or Wrong: Interracial Dating with Guest David Schrum
This week, after a two week hiatus due to Daphnee’s wisdom teeth being removed, the Peas are discussing the topic of interracial dating! They are also introducing their first guest of the season David Schrum to talk about his experiences in being a part of an interracial relationship. Music: Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder Queen Latifah, Scott Wittman & Marc Shaiman
September 06, 2018
Season 1E3: All Black Every-thang
From the first black Disney Princess to Tiffany Haddish and black women at Yale, this episode is blackity black y’all. Music Copyright: Mr. Collipark, Ying Yang Twins &Bubba Sparxxx Walt Disney Records– David Zippel & Matthew Wilder
September 06, 2018
Season 1E2: Kanye Kanye: So Good You Have to Say it Twice
The Peas discuss Kanye West and briefly touch on some current topics. This episode is dedicated to Mr. West and all his mess because Kanye will always be the man, the myth, the legend. Music Copyright: Kanye West (G.O.O.D. Music, Roc-A-Fella Records& Def Jam Recordings)
September 06, 2018
Season 1E1: Babies, Bush, and ‘Bucks
Meet Daphnee, Starleisha, and Jamir as they discuss infant mortality for black babies, population imbalance, Starbucks coffee, and the death of Barbara Bush.
September 06, 2018