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People Analytics

People Analytics

By Sean Boyce
The People Analytics podcast is built for experts in Human Resources and Talent Acquisition to learn about effective strategies in the growing field of People Analytics.
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Managing wellness for your workforce with Design Point’s Michelle Green

People Analytics

Continuous Performance Management with 15Five’s Dan Taylor
Dan Taylor is the Partner Manager at 15Five. He partners with HR Consultants to help companies improve performance, engagement, and retention. He is from Provo, Utah, and loves getting into the great outdoors. On this week’s episode of People Analytics, Dan and Sean discuss: What is continuous performance management? Why performance management should be prioritized 15Five’s work with Credit Karma How does the science behind continuous performance management work? 360 performance reviews, and why they should be incorporated Resources: 15Five’s Website - 15Five’s Partnerships - 15Fives’ Best Self - Connecting with Dan: Connect with Dan via email at
December 8, 2020
Hiring for Culture Fit with Arcules Stephanie Hammerwold
Stephanie Hammerwold is the Director of Human Resources at Arcules, a tech startup that has developed a cloud-based solution for video data management. Stephanie's HR career spans the grocery, manufacturing, warehousing and tech industries. She spends her spare time running an all-volunteer nonprofit that helps formerly incarcerated people get back to work and advocates for fair chance hiring. On this episode of People Analytics, Sean and Stephanie discuss:  What it means to hire for culture fit Giving the candidate an opportunity to evaluate your culture as part of the hiring process Matching candidates with team members for the interview process Best practices for match candidates with existing team members Why hiring for culture can make your company more attractive to candidates How Arcules defines its culture and measures it overtime The cultural values the are important for success at Arcules How Arcules uses assessments to level up their hiring effort Defining a profile with assessment tools that can level up your hiring effort What’s next for the people analytics tools for Arcules Resources: Arcules Blog: DevPro Journal: Stephanie's Nonprofit: Connecting with Stephanie:  Connect with Stephanie on LinkedIn:
November 24, 2020
Re-thinking your Hiring Strategy for the Distributed World with Aurora’s Dan Smolkin
Dan is currently the Head of People Operations for Aurora Solar, a platform focused on enabling a clean energy future for all. When he joined in early 2019, they were 45 employees primarily in San Francisco and have now grown to more than 100 team members across the United States. He believes strongly in taking an open source approach to People Operations by actively sharing and building useful tools for other HR professionals. On this episode of the People Analytics podcast, Dan and Sean cover How the Aurora hiring strategy has changed based on the market conditions What influenced Aurora to rethink their strategy around the decentralized team How to measure the effectiveness of your decentralized hiring strategy The specific advantages of leveraging a distributed hiring strategy Language to include in a job description to capture the attention of great candidates everywhere How to rethink your HR tech stack to enable a successful transition in hiring strategy Resources:  Notion - Dan's Website - Dan's Compiled Resources - Coda - Almanac - Holloway Guides - Connecting with Dan: Connect with Dan on his website -
October 13, 2020
The Power of Storytelling in Recruiting with Beeswax’s Charlie Keinath
Charlie Keinath has worked for some of NYC's most preeminent startups including Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, Intersection and now Beeswax. With over 10 years in the recruiting space, he's mostly focused on Engineering, Data and Product and never shies away from those hard to fill positions. When it comes to recruiting he has both led and managed teams to drive hiring and come up with new unique and outside of the box methodologies to attract and retain talent in an ever-evolving startup ecosystem. He's always looking to chat, whether it's about the latest/greatest in tech or just general career advice. On this episode, Sean and Charlie discuss "If You’re Offered a Seat on a Rocket Ship, You Don’t Ask What Seat. You Just Get On.” - Marissa Mayer, Ex-CEO Yahoo Why title matters less in a young growing startup environment How to make your company’s story exciting for candidates Positioning your company’s value proposition for candidates Marketing the opportunity effectively to your prospective candidates How the history of your industry can help engage candidates Connecting with Charlie: Connect with Charlie over LinkedIn - Follow Charlie on Twitter -
October 6, 2020
Consultative Approach to Recruiting with Andrew Bernstein
Andrew Bernstein who is the Talent Acquisition Coordinator at Propeller. He is a people and operations professional who has worked in the life science space as well as in the hardware and software industry within drone mapping. He cares about people, loves helping startup organizations succeed, and loves his wife and 5 pets. Another great passion Andrew has is his love of sports, whether it be watching his Boston sports teams, playing tennis and pickleball competitively, or analyzing individual players and strategy in football, baseball and basketball. Topics that Sean and Andrew cover on this weeks episode of the People Analytics podcast include  Defining consultative and how it relates to recruiting  Why Andrew feels Propeller hasn’t lost a single member of the team under his tenure What a "top grade" interview is and why it matters Why you should prioritize a positive candidate experience in your hiring process How platforms like Glassdoor affect investing in the candidate experience  What you can start doing today to improve your company’s candidate experience Resources:  Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman - Beartown by Frederik Backman - First Round Capital - First Round Article on Diversity and Inclusion - Connecting with Andrew  Connect with Andrew on his cell at 310-502-4098 Connect with Andrew over Email at
September 22, 2020
Creating a Feedback Driven Culture with Elliot Epstein
Elliot Epstein is the Head of People at Galileo.  He has dedicated his career to building and scaling People functions in mission-driven organizations.  He has worked in people, culture, and organizational development roles across different sectors.  He lives in Manhattan with his husband, daughter, and rescue dog. On this week's People Analytics, Sean and Elliot cover Defining and building a "feedback driven culture" Why you should consider when building a user manual for your team members Ask yourself, “What can I do 10% better? Creating a structure that eliminates bias Resources:  Anti-racism must reads - How to Love Criticism with Adam Grant -  LifeLabs - Connecting with Elliot Connect with Elliot on Linkedin -
September 15, 2020
Building the HR function at your organization with AdmitHub’s Adrienne Barnard
Adrienne Barnard is the SVP of People Operations at AdmitHub - an AI powered Chatbot that through powerful nudges is on a mission to help learners take the next steps towards a more fulfilling life. Adrienne has been in HR/People Operations her entire career and has been able to build out People Operations and teams at her last two roles. She's passionate about the impact that a partnership approach to People Ops can have on the organization and its human resources.  Outside of work Adrienne lives in the 'burbs with her entrepreneurial husband (check out and her 9 and 5 year old kids who love basketball, disc golf, barbies and snacks. On this episode of the People Analytics podcast, Sean and Adrienne discuss: The HR trend of building the function out sooner The value generated for an organization that invests approximately in HR When to think about building our your HR function Building HR around the needs of your organization Hiring an HR professional with leadership qualities to adapt through change Making your next HR hire after implementing the function HR business partner vs HR generalist vs HR specialist Putting the right framework in place to avoid getting stuck and feeling overwhelmed How to build trust along the way of developing the HR function Resources:  Resources for Humans Slack Group from Lattice - LifeLabs - LifeLabs Community - Cy Wakeman Podcast - Attends webinars, read white papers, understand what other companies are doing Connecting with Adrienne:  Connect with Adrienne over Email - Adrienne@admithub Connect with Adrienne on LinkedIn -
September 8, 2020
Leveling Up the Employee Experience with Pega's Sarah Salbu-Young
Sarah is the Talent Experience Partner at Pega, a publicly-traded software company where she is responsible for the company's recognition program.   She's convinced that everyone can be a culture champion within their organization, it just often takes someone to be that spark for positive change. On this episode of People Analytics, Sean and Sarah discuss  Creating a healthy and productive environment for your team  The importance of driving culture at every level, and what it means to be a banana instead of an orange  The value of recognition in cultivating a positive employee experience  How to get started with programs to improve the employee experience  Considering individual employee journeys Resources: VentureFizz - LifeLabsLearning - SHIFT - Reward Gateway - Build It Book - Follow Leaders In The Space: Katie Burke - Chief People Officer at Hubspot - Christina Luconi - Chief People Officer at Rapid7 - Connecting with Sarah Connect with Sarah on LinkedIn - Connect with Sarah on Twitter - Connect with Sarah over Email -
September 1, 2020
Building an international culture with Digital Shadow’s Libby Fiumara
Libby manages global HR & Talent at Digital Shadows, a company specializing in Digital Risk Protection. She joined Digital Shadows in 2015 as their first People/HR hire and has built out their talent functions across London, the US, Singapore & Germany.  Here are some of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of People Analytics: Remaining connect with your team and staying aligned Celebrating the wins together and encouraging friendly competition Celebrate that which makes each of your teams unique Gaining clarity around what you can control as an HR professional Resources Digital Shadow’s Careers Page Digital Shadow’s Blog WorkLife Podcast with Adam Grant LifeLabs Learning The Pomodoro Technique Profit from the Positive by Margret Greenberg & Senia Maymin (Book) Connecting with Libby Connect with Libby on LinkedIn
August 19, 2020
Making critical impact through diversity and inclusion with Betterment’s Netta Jenkins
Netta is the founder of Holistic Inclusion Consulting that offers Global Diversity Consulting. Forbes listed her as one of the top 7 most impactful anti-racism educators in the world. She is also the co-founder of the Dipper tech platform; guiding professionals of color to a better workplace one review at a time. Her previous role was as the Vice President of Global Inclusion at IAC.  Here are only a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of the People Analytics podcast. Why power and impact are what really matters How to champion ‘bold allyship’ Eradicating microaggressions from the workplace Giving your diverse workforce a voice in strategic decision making Identifying opportunities to include underrepresented groups Resources Dipper Anti-Racism Book Recommendations A Short Reading List for Radicalizing Your Parents Connecting with Netta Connect with Netta on LinkedIn
August 11, 2020
The post pandemic compensation equation with Andii Lee
Andii is Talent Acquisition leader.  She has been the Sr Director of TA for multiple tech companies and also been through a few acquisitions.  On this episode of the People Analytics podcast, we’ll talk to Andii about how the compensation equation is likely to change for companies and candidates due to the changes presented by the Covid-19 pandemic.  Here’s a list of some of the topics we’ll discuss with Andii in this episode. How companies need to rethink their cost of living adjustment policies Companies need to figure out their remote work model yesterday Why being transparent with candidates is beneficial now more than ever What to do if you had to hit the brakes on hiring because of the pandemic Resources Read Andii’s articles published on LinkedIn Connecting with Andii Connect with Andii on LinkedIn Follow Andii on Twitter
August 3, 2020
Managing your team through a hyper growth phase with Privy’s Jen Paxton
Jen Paxton is the VP of People and Talent at Privy.  She has become an expert in managing hyper growth as she has helped several companies more than double in size including her current role at Privy.  Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of People Analytics. Keeping your strategic vision in focus through a hyper growth phase Sticking to your process, keeping an eye on the funnel and how to divide and conquer Managing expectations and asking for help the right way The hidden power of the career ladder and how it can be your best friend Resources Privy Website (they’re hiring!) Connecting with Jen Connect with Jen on LinkedIn Follow Privy on Twitter
July 28, 2020
Why company values matter with PAIRIN's Michael Simpson
Michael is the Founder and CEO of PAIRIN.  PAIRIN uses friendly science to personalize career exploration, professional development and hiring.  As the CEO of PAIRIN, Michael and his team have been voted one of the "50 Coolest New Businesses in America" by Business Insider and won the peer vote for the best investment in the Village Capital accelerator.  On this episode of the People Analytics podcast, here are some of the things that Michael and I will discuss. Understanding the type of culture you want to create at your organization What your employee’s families have to do with your company’s culture Why you need to ‘bottom up’ your company’s values Conducting a successful company values exercise for your organization Resources The PAIRIN Imperatives Guidebook The PAIRIN Resources Page Go Innovation Dare to Lead Connecting with Michael Email Michael at
July 21, 2020
Managing wellness for your workforce with Design Point’s Michelle Green
Michelle is the Head of Human Resources and Talent Acquisition at DesignPoint Solutions.  In this episode, we will talk about how DesignPoint identified their core value and successfully applied them to their hiring practices.  Listen as Michelle describes for us how DesignPoint has built an effective process to hire for culture fit.  We’ll discuss everything from uncovering your company DNA, hiring for culture fit, fun Fridays, wellness Wednesdays and much more. Resources Book - Traction by Gino Wickman Getting in Touch with Michelle Connect with Michelle on LinkedIn Email Michelle at Visit the DesignPoint website
May 29, 2020
Managing Your Team Through a Crisis with Agora’s Reggie Yativ
The global pandemic has disrupted the workforce in countless ways.  Reggie joins us to share tips on how to effectively continue managing your workforce through a crisis.  In this episode, we’ll discuss what to do about staying true to your long-term goals as demand for your product or service changes dramatically, how to keep your team on track, blocking out the noise to stay focused and much more. Resources The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Getting in Touch with Reggie Visit Agora on the web Connect with Reggie on LinkedIn Email Reggie at
May 7, 2020
Silver Linings from the Pandemic with Annissa Deshpande
Annissa is the Principal at loglab.  In this episode, we will look at the Covid-19 crisis from a different angle.  Listen as Annissa describes for us all of the various silver linings from this crisis.  We’ll discuss everything from increasing authenticity, the latest on balancing work and life, how the workforce and work environment will likely change for the better and much more. Resources Brene Brown’s Podcast - Unlocking Us - Ask Annissa! - loglab’s blog - Connecting with Annissa Anyone with a people need should reach out to Annissa Check loglab out on the web - Connect with Annissa on LinkedIn Follow Annissa on Twitter -
April 26, 2020
Managing an Effective HR Operation for a Fully Remote Workforce with Erin Linkins
Erin Linkins is the Director of Human Resources at Kanopi Studios.  Erin is an expert in effective HR operations for remote teams.  Her current team at Kanopi is 100% virtual.  Listen to the insights she provides on what you can do today to ensure your HR operation is managed effectively for a fully remote team.  We’ll discuss topics from arming your team with the proper tools, managing expectations for those transitioning from the office to virtual, making sure you’re not focusing on just work, monitoring the mental health of your team and more. Resources Join your local SHRM chapter - Dare to Lead by Berne Brown - Getting in touch with Erin Connect with Erin on LinkedIn - Email Erin your questions at
April 19, 2020
Getting Executive Approval for your HR Projects with Lee Smiley
Lee Smiley is the Human Resources Director at QSR Automations.  In this episode of the People Analytics podcast, Lee shares how thinking like a business owner in an HR role is a great way to get buy-in for your HR projects at the executive level.  Learn more about tying people and business outcomes together, how the next phase of people operations will be largely data driven, what you can do to understand the initiatives behind your business from an executive’s perspective and more. Resources SHRM - HR Dive - Morning Brew - People Analytics courses available on Coursera - Getting in contact with Lee Connect with Lee on LinkedIn - Email Lee at
April 13, 2020
HR Metrics that Matter with Anthony Onesto
The HR metrics world is growing fast.  Learn from Anthony Onesto who is the Chief People Officer at Suzy about how your HR team can become empowered to help the organization succeed by focusing on metrics that matter.  If you’re tracking lots of metrics that don’t directly impact your business and you want to fix it then this episode is for you.  Find out what you can start doing today to empower HR at your organization by learning from Anthony. Resources Books Weapons of Math Destruction by Cathy O’Neil - Everybody Lies - Tools Peakon (Employee Engagement) - Getting in touch with Anthony Connect with Anthony on LinkedIn - Following Anthony on Twitter -
April 6, 2020
Helping Companies Manage the Covid-19 Health Crisis with John Baldino
John Baldino is the President of Humareso, has previously won HR person of the year and has recently been nominated for HR consultant of the year.  In this episode of the People Analytics podcast, John provides us with perspective on what to do as HR professionals to help our organizations and people amidst the Covid-19 outbreak.  We’ll discuss implementation of work from home policies, using tools to remain productive, making it easier for your team to gain access to necessary resources and much more. Resources Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - U.S. Department of Labor (Covid-19) - Getting in Touch with John Connect with John on LinkedIn - Visit the Humareso Website - Follow John on Twitter -
March 29, 2020
Developing Your Own Recruiting Tools with Adrian Russo
Adrian Russo is the Head of Talent Acquisition at T-Rex Solutions.  Learn from Adrian as he has led the charge in encouraging his team to invest in technology to advance Talent Acquisition at T-Rex.  Adrian talks about everything from the importance of being metrics driven and what you can do to improve your Talent Acquisition efforts to investing in technology to advance the progress of your team.  Learn more about what you can do to advance your recruiting efforts for your own team. Resources Zero to One by Peter Thiel - The Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell - Getting in Touch with Adrian Connect with Adrian on LinkedIn - Email Adrian at
March 16, 2020
Measuring Your Recruiting Efforts Through Data with Emily Meekins
Emily Meekins is the People Operations Lead at Seer Interactive.  On this episode of the People Analytics podcast Emily takes us through People Operations at Seer.  She’ll share with us details around the cool projects she’s working on at the intersection of people and data.  Emily shares with us details around how she leveraged data to measure the lift required for recruiting efforts across different roles so that they could scale their recruiting operation to meet demand and set the company up to achieve success. Resources Udemy courses on PowerBI PowerBI Dashboard in a Day Getting in touch with Emily Connect with Emily on LinkedIn Email Emily at
March 3, 2020
The Power of the Candidate Experience with Beth Perkins
Beth Perkins is the Director of People and Culture at O3 World.  On this episode of the People Analytics podcast Beth shares with us all things hiring, data and HR at O3 World.  Learn about the valuable projects she’s working on to empower HR and O3 World.  Find out why the candidate experience is a critical factor in being a brand ambassador for your organization.  Listen as Beth shares valuable resources with us from the world of HR. Resources - Career path resource Join the People Geeks slack community Browse the People Geeks answers community Getting in touch with Beth Connect with Beth on LinkedIn Email Beth at
February 24, 2020
People Analytics Introduction
My name is Sean Boyce and I am the host of the People Analytics podcast.  On this show I interview experts that specialize in building amazing companies with great people.  These experts will be asked about all things data in HR so you can learn about the latest effective trends in the growing field of people analytics. This show is for anyone who has an interest in HR or TA and how these professionals help build their awesome companies with amazing people. If you have any questions for me or would like to inquire about being a guest on the show please email me at
February 5, 2020