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Per the Contract

Per the Contract

By Anneliese Gartner
How do I build a brand? How can I leave my 9-5 ASAP? How do I navigate the online digital world from scratch? How do I grow my brand effectively?

Welcome to the Per The Contract podcast!

Hosted by Anneliese Gartner, this podcast focuses laid-back chats about building a brand, interviews with other successful entrepreneurs about their journeys, and the ups and downs that come along with running your own brand. As well as those “per the contract” moments that pop up in business all day, every day.

Have any specific questions you’d like to hear about, send a DM on IG @perthecontract 😏
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Client Red Flags
Happy New Year! Let’s start this year with a bang and learn about client red flags to avoid and how to avoid them. In this episode, Anneliese breaks down 9 major client red flags to help you realize which clients are worth it and which ones aren’t worth your time. 21 Lessons I’ve Learned in 2021 Business Profitability Honeybook
January 03, 2022
21 Lessons I’ve Learned in 2021
WOW! 2021 was a longggg year! In this episode, Anneliese breaks down 21 lessons that she’s learned this year, the gratefulness behind each lesson, and the intentions of how she wants to bring the lessons she’s learned into the New Year. This episode is not about New Year’s resolutions. It’s meant to inspire you to look at the lessons you’ve learned this year, make a list, maybe check them twice, and figure out how you can bring the lessons you’ve learned into the New Year.
December 27, 2021
3 Steps to Plan your Business for the New Year
Ready for the New Year? In this episode, Anneliese breaks down three steps to plan your business for the New Year. It first starts with auditing your current business, then dreaming of everything you want to accomplish, and finally creating a plan for you to make your dreams a reality. Of course, you can always follow this plan even if you’re listening after the New Year. Anneliese has used this same system to help plan her business, Apto Media, and her client businesses so that they all have a strategy in place to follow. Links are below that she mentioned in the episode: Brand Vs. Business Episode: Book 1:1 Strategy Call with Anneliese:
December 20, 2021
Collaboration 101
Want to collaborate with someone or a business but not sure how? Have you tried to collaborate with others only to have it not work out? In this week’s episode, Anneliese is spilling all the secrets of having a successful collaboration. She breaks down difficult questions to ask initially, how to create a plan to have a successful collaboration, and what to do if the collaboration just isn’t working out. Links mentioned: Episode #16: Brand vs. Business Updates are coming! Sign up for the Apto newsletter to be the first to know!
December 06, 2021
Building an Interior Design Studio with Erin Roberts
Erin Roberts Design is a Brooklyn-based interior design studio who believes in creating thoughtful, approachable spaces for modern minimalist living. With global inspiration from Japan to Australia, their earthy aesthetic and modern ethos applies to everything from cozy homes to hotel experiences, unique custom furniture, and slow living. In this week’s episode, we chat about how she got started, her design inspirations, and how she has built a successful bi-coastal interior design firm. Erin Roberts Links: Website: Instagram: Pinterest: Etsy Shop:
November 29, 2021
Business Tools & Platforms
This episode is all about the tools and platforms I recommend using to run your business. Anneliese goes through all these now right before the holiday week to help you save a couple of $$$ for your business. All the links to the tools & platforms are below. Tools & Platforms Mentioned in The Episode: Laptop Stand: MVMT Bluelight Glasses: Amazon Bluelight Glasses: PTC Episode - 6 Tools I Use To Run My Business Efficiently: HoneyBook: Flodesk: Newsletter Sign Up: Asana: EverHour: Calendly: Canva: Adobe Creative Cloud: Quickbooks: Loom: Grammerly: Anchor: Epidemic Sounds: Termageddon: SiteGround: Elementor:
November 22, 2021
Business Planning for the Holidays
Tis’ the season for business planning. Should you have a promotion plan for the holidays? Should you post content on the holidays? What are things to do to make sure your business is running while the holidays are happening? In this episode, Anneliese breaks down 6 things to do to plan your business to run during the holidays. Listen to this episode to learn how to plan your content, nurture your clients, and run your business successfully while you’re enjoying the holiday season. Links mentioned in the episode: Garlic Chicken Recipe: Siteground: BoxFox ($10 off your first order of $75+): HTTP://RWRD.IO/OLST644 Sign Up for the Apto Newsletter:
November 15, 2021
Brand vs. Business
What is a brand vs. a business? Are they the same? Are they different? In this episode, Anneliese breaks down the differences, similarities, and how you can create both to have your brand/business become more successful. She also mentions several examples, so you know exactly how to build the two in your own business.
November 01, 2021
Finding Happiness In Your Life and Business with Amy Powell, Founder of Attainable
Amy Powell is a happiness coach who believes that everyday happiness is attainable AF. Using her signature framework: The 6 Foundational Elements of Sustained Happiness, her mission is to help individuals cultivate happiness in their lives through her transformative coaching programs, intimate events, expansive experiences, and custom resources. Amy changes the way her clients and community approach the “pursuit of happiness” narrative by providing structure, tools, and accountability to attain your version of everyday happiness on your terms. In this episode, we dove into Amy’s journey to entrepreneurship, her framework behind finding happiness, and what you can do to become happier in your business and daily life. Episode Links:
October 25, 2021
Planning a Brand Shoot
A brand shoot helps you reach your target audience to sell your products and services. A lot goes into planning a brand shoot. It takes time, coordination, and there’s a lot to prepare beforehand to have a great brand shoot. But what are all the steps? In today’s episode, Anneliese breaks down the 9 steps it takes to plan a brand photoshoot. With over 5 years of shooting brands and helping coordinate photoshoots, Anneliese knows what it takes to prepare and have a great brand photoshoot. Links: Peerspace: Jenni-Lee Stylist:
October 18, 2021
Taking Maternity Leave as an Entrepreneur with Emily Merrell, Founder of Six Degrees Society
Emily Merrell is the Founder and Business Coach at Six Degrees Society, Co-Founder of the Ready Set Coach Program, and Podcast Host of The Sixth Degree Podcast. She has supported thousands of ambitious women to get what they want in their personal and professional lives. SDS members often achieve their first paying clients, land a new job and a mentor by utilizing Emily’s expert knowledge shared through signature connection events, sold-out masterminds, and 1:1 coaching. Emily’s expertise has been applauded and featured by Refinery29, Girlboss, Forbes, and Huffington Post. She is based in San Francisco, and in her spare time, you can find her adventuring to wine country, running with her husband, or planning her next taco night. As a new mom to be in today’s episode, we chat about her journey as an entrepreneur, how she’s navigating maternity leave, and a new course she’s launching to help entrepreneurs delegate with ease. Links mentioned in the episode: Website: SDS Instagram: Emily Instagram: SDS Digital Course:
October 11, 2021
Business Profitability
Business profit is so important in running a sustainable business. In this episode, Anneliese chats about determining profitability, making a profit in your business, and avoiding mistakes. She also talks about her biggest pet peeve entrepreneurs use to sell to customers and why it won’t work in the long run. Episode Links: Profit First: Honeybook: Website:
October 04, 2021
How Jese Gary went from Running an Event Planning Business to Life as a Digital Nomad
Jese Gary was a professional plus-size model turned entrepreneur that is now embarking on a digital nomad journey. She has over 15 years of experience in fashion modeling, television production, and event planning. Currently, Jese is a hospitality coach that teaches entrepreneurs in the food industry how to grow their businesses with systems, structure, marketing strategies. In today’s episode, she goes through her journey of pivoting her event-based business during the pandemic, how she’s looking to expand her business, and how she has become a digital nomad. Guest: Jese Gary Website: Instagram: YouTube: Per The Contract Podcast: Website: Instagram:
September 27, 2021
The 5 Best Decisions I Made That Grew My Business
In episode 10, Anneliese chats about the five best decisions she made that grew her business. These five decisions led her to book more clients, feel more aligned, and build a business that works best for her lifestyle. She also chats about life and business updates. Links below that she mentioned in the episode: Boss Up Blueprint: Brand Mini Shoots: 1:1 Strategy Call: HoneyBook: Per The Contract Podcast: Website: Instagram:
September 20, 2021
How To Shift Your Business To Align With You with Moria Hazan
Moria Hazan, CEO of Mor Media, shifted her business in the pandemic to one that aligns with her and who she wants to serve. Before the pandemic, she started Mor Media while still working in her corporate job. During the pandemic, she started feeling overwhelmed and burnt out, so she realized that she needed to shift the business to one that works for her and her lifestyle. In this episode, she talks about how she shifted her business, reached her ideal clients, and how the power of connection has helped grow her business. Guest: Moria Hazan Website: LinkedIn: Instagram: Per The Contract Podcast: Website: Instagram:
September 07, 2021
How It All Started
In today’s episode, Anneliese talks about how her entrepreneurship journey all started. She talks about her corporate career, the catalyst decision that made her go full time, and how sometimes a decision someone else makes is the best decision for you. Links below are ones she mentions in the episode: Boss Up With Sahreen: The WOW Series: 1:1 60 Minute Strategy Call w/Anneliese:
August 24, 2021
How to Create a Business by Ignoring Others with Nicole Tremaglio
Nicole Tremaglio is known for her zest, joie de vivre, and dash of sprezzatura. After working in the fashion industry for 12 years, she took the leap of faith before the pandemic and helps brands become their most “extra” self. Her words to live by are from a Ben & Jerry's bumper sticker she once saw: "If it's not fun, why do it?" Today, Nicole helps personal and enterprise brands develop their brand story, find their “extra” self, and truly help stand out from their competitors. You can work with Nicole through three different packages; Partnerships, Intensives, and Sessions. In the episode, Nicole dives into how she learned to ignore what others told her to build a brand that worked for her and resembles her. She also talks about her first job, when she realized it was time to quit Corporate America, and how she listened to herself to create her brand.
August 17, 2021
6 Tools I Use To Run My Business Efficiently
In today’s episode, Anneliese dives into the tools that she uses every day to run her business Apto Media. Since starting Apto Media four years ago she has tried amazing tools and some that were definitely a waste of time. The 6 tools Anneliese mentions are HoneyBook, Asana, Flodesk, Google Drive, Canva, and Calendly. Links are below with special discounts for some of these tools. Enjoy! HoneyBook: Asana: Flodesk: Google Drive: Canva: Calendly:
August 10, 2021
3 Decisions To Make To Grow Your Business
Ever wonder what decisions you need to make in order to grow your business? Anneliese, in this week’s solo episode, explains 3 major decisions to make if you’re ready to grow your business. All the decisions you make impact how your business grows and in the process, you can create a business that you actually want to grow. Leave the burnout behind and focus on these key decisions to make an impact and grow.
August 03, 2021
Starting a Business During the Pandemic with Sahreen Quadir, Founder/CEO of Boss
Sahreen Quadir started her business, Boss Up With Sahreen, after being let go during the pandemic. Rather than finding another job and being unfulfilled, she took the risk of taking her side hustle full time. Sahreen talks about her perseverance of how she grew up in the Bronx, her passion for helping people become self-sufficient, and how she provides solutions for women to become successful. Sahreen is a trained Leadership & Business Coach and has researched & mastered how to be a Boss while maintaining a healthy well-being. Her top priority for her clients?  Helping them build confidence, obtain clarity, accomplish their goals, and apply their already thriving skill set to their business. Tune into this episode to learn more about Sahreen and how you can Boss Up your business.
July 27, 2021
How To Take Time Off From Your Business
In today’s episode, Anneliese talks you through her journey of how she was able to take time off away from her business for the first time in 3 years. Taking time off is essential as a business owner and to do that you need to give notice to your clients, be prepared ahead of time, and of course turn on that out of office! If you’ve been wanting to plan a vacation but are not sure how to as a business owner, then this episode is for you.
July 20, 2021
Building an Inclusive Business with Abigail Gibbons, Founder & CEO of The WOW Series
Abigail Gibbons is the founder and CEO of The WOW Series, a diverse speaker and interview series that works to advance professionals & entrepreneurs by giving them a platform to be heard on our podcast, YouTube channel, and virtual panel discussions. Abigail has guided many professional women in how to manage and start a side hustle while balancing a 9-5 and in return has helped prove to corporate companies understand the value of entrepreneurial employees. A connector at heart, she has created a global community of changemakers and facilitated activism and entrepreneurship among professionals around the world. She has worked with companies of the likes of Facebook, Merrill Lynch, SAP, and Northwestern Mutual to Six Degrees Society, US Two Tea, Kulfi Beauty, iFundWomen, Ask Tia, and more. I chatted with Abigail about why she started The WOW Series, how she’s built a company based on inclusivity, and we had a couple of LOL corporate moments in between. Abigail is offering Per The Contract listeners a free ticket to a WOW Series Event, just use the code wowguest at checkout.
July 13, 2021
17 Things To Do To Start A Business
The Per The Contract podcast is back! In today's episode, Anneliese goes over 17 things to do to start a business and ways to run it effectively. This episode is best for new businesses just getting started and seasoned businesses that may feel there's something missing to make their business grow. If you have any questions, Anneliese is open to answering them on Instagram @perthecontract
June 29, 2021