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Make great audio,
right from your phone.

Anchor lets you record your voice, capture interviews, playย music, and take call-ins for free. No experience needed.

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Just search for โ€œAnchorโ€

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What is Anchor?

Your kind of radio

Compelling, bite-sized, shareable, entertaining, informative, fun, addictive audio that was designed just for you.

Listen anywhere

Anchor works on iOS, Android, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, in your car, and on the web.

Make your own

Broadcast your voice, clip sound bites, add full songs from Spotify and Apple Music, and take call-ins from your listeners. All from your phone.

Designed for not 100 years ago

Audio on Anchor is in a digestible Stories format, so you can listen anytime, whether you have a few minutes or hours. It also lets you interact with your favorite audio, so itโ€™s actually, ya know, fun.

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