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Switch your podcast to Anchor

Host as many episodes as you want, publish your show everywhere, and earn
money when people listen—without spending a cent.

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Switching to Anchor takes less than 5 minutes. Still have questions? Get in touch with us here.

Switching to Anchor saves time and money, giving you more resources to put into your podcast.

Earn more with free hosting and monetization.

Upload an unlimited number of episodes – no monthly fees, no trial period, no catch.

An image of icons with dollar signs, and an interface for ad insertion

Anchor Sponsorships (available in the US, expanding soon) makes it easy to feature audio ads on your podcast so that you earn money, no matter your audience size. Ads are optional, customizable, and read by you.

Of course, you can also keep all your own sponsorship deals; Anchor analytics are IAB Certified so you can confidently work with new and existing advertisers.

Focus on creating, we’ll take care of the rest.

Anchor is built to put creating at the forefront and automate the technical side of podcasting. If your podcast is not yet available on all listening platforms, Anchor will distribute it everywhere with a single click so you can reach a wider audience instantly.

An image of a media player with the logos to the platforms you can distribute your podcast to

Network support (currently in a closed beta) is available to certain users upon request, so you can quit toggling and manage all your podcasts under one account.

Our creator support team is here to help. Talk to real people (we’re podcasters ourselves) whenever you need us.

Stay in control, at no cost.

When you switch to Anchor, your podcast won’t experience any downtime or duplicate listings, and you’ll keep all of your subscribers in the process.

A graphic of a hand with a phone with Anchor on the screen

If you decide at any point that Anchor isn’t for you, switch back whenever without skipping a beat.

Keep 100% ownership of your content
(learn more about why Anchor is free)

Unparalleled analytics, powered by Spotify.

Having the right data means being able to strategically grow your audience and optimize your content. Anchor analytics collects stats from multiple platforms to show you how your podcast is performing over time, along with detailed episode dropoff charts and aggregated age and gender breakdowns for your Spotify listeners, all in one place.

An image of graphs and charts that represent realtime streaming data

This data is derived from actual streaming behavior (not just download counts), giving you second-by-second insight into how listeners are engaging with your episodes.

How switching works

From your listeners’ perspective, it’ll be like nothing happened

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1. Import to Anchor

It only takes a second to import your episodes; no manual uploading required.

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2. Redirect your old feed

This way, your listeners will be able to hear your new episodes. This won't impact your existing listing, reviews, or subscribers.

Step 3 icon

3. That's it!

Start making your future episodes with Anchor. Either upload your audio as-is or use our built-in tools to edit.

Anchor powers more podcasts than any other platform

Cover art for podcast Optimal Living Daily

Podcasting since 2015, we've seen our fair share of analytics, but Anchor has given us the clearest view into our audience demographics through their analytics dashboard, including gender and age, which we haven't seen anywhere else. Anchor's analytics has completely changed how we shape our new episodes--we can cater to our audience better than ever before.

Justin Malik from

Cover art for podcast Sorry Not Sorry

Switching to Anchor was so easy because the creator team did all the work for us. It was great to be in constant contact with a team of people committed to making sure the tech and distribution was handled so we could focus on what we do best – making a great podcast. If you're thinking of switching, you should!

Alyssa Milano from

Cover art for podcast The Colin and Samir Podcast

Our favorite feature to use is 100% the Anchor Voice Messages feature. Hearing from the people that listen makes it all worth it.

Colin and Samir from

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Check out these handy FAQs.

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About switching

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