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Personal Podcaster

Personal Podcaster

By Angela Chong
Personal Podcaster is the space where you can learn how to develop your career through podcasting! We will talk through topics like: *How to get started in podcasting *How podcasting will develop your personal brand (& your career) *How podcasting can help land you a job & a promotion *Career Development topics like emotional intelligence, empathy, confidence ...and a whole lot more! Welcome!
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S2-Ep3: Go Pitch Yourself w/ Angie Trueblood

Personal Podcaster

S2-E6: Staffing Growth Show w/ Diana Mitchell
Having a clear direction for your podcast is the MOST IMPORTANT aspect according to today's guest, Diana Mitchell!  Join Angela as they discuss: Starting out with a passion project podcast & the benefits  Not being afraid to book guests for your episodes LinkedIn and it's B2B greatness You can connect with Diana here on LinkedIn, on her website, and stay tuned for her new upcoming podcast: Staffing Growth.  
September 01, 2022
S2-Ep 5: Boss Locks w/ Walter Gainer II
Building a circle of support is key in building your podcast. Joining a community of podcasters is not just great for networking, it's great for support.  And support is needed now more than ever.  Join Angela as she interviews Walter Gainer II, founder of BossLocks Media and Boss Locks, the podcast!  They discuss: His WHY in starting his show Relationship Building How podcasting can be used as a gateway portfolio You can connect with Walter on LinkedIn, as linked above. And if you'd like to join his podcast community, text PODCAST to 914-353-4176 Please note that there were, unfortunately, recording software difficulties. 
August 17, 2022
S2-Ep4: The Marketer's Guide w/ Samuel Cheong
The benefits of podcasting takes many forms! From thought leadership, to learning from guests, to upping your network.  Join Angela as she chats with Samuel on his new journey in the podcasting sphere and what he has already gained! Topics include: how podcasting humanizes brands how podcasting is an intimate experience  and what a good podcasting host brings to the studio You can connect with Samuel on LinkedIn and by listening to The Marketer's Guide.  Other resources mentioned: Mason Cosby & The Marketing Ladder Joseph Lewin & The Strategic Marketer Ashley Faus, Director of Integrated Product Marketing at Atlassian
July 27, 2022
S2-Ep3: Go Pitch Yourself w/ Angie Trueblood
Pitching yourself to be a guest on someone else's podcast is a whole skill set. One that Angie has gotten down to a science!  Join Angela as she talks with Angie about: How being a guest can help you become a better podcast host Paying attention to what you enjoy about podcasting  How narrowing your niche can be helpful  Angie founded The Podwize Group and is the host of Go Pitch Yourself Find her on Linkedin here
July 13, 2022
S2-Ep2: The Strategic Marketer w/ Joseph Lewin
How do you fast forward your career with a podcast?  Angela chats with Joseph Lewin, the Director of Demand Generation at Proofpoint Marketing.  They discuss: How Joseph interviewed his current boss without previously knowing them Joseph's non-linear career path and how the podcast has helped him grow Tips & Tricks for interviewing guests Be sure to check out The Strategic Marketer and reach out to Joseph on LinkedIn! 
June 15, 2022
S2-Ep1: The Marketing Ladder w/ Mason Cosby
Welcome to Season 2 of Personal Podcaster! Exploring the Question: How HAS Podcasting developed your career? Join Angela as she interviews Mason Cosby, the Director of Growth at Mojo Media Labs!   They discuss:  How podcasting can put you on others radar How he started his podcast, The Marketing Ladder!  His mission to help others with their career Thank you for tuning in! 
June 01, 2022
Episode 16: Promotion + Relationship Building
You've recorded + edited your podcast episodes! Now what? Learn some basic promotional strategy as a means to continue your relationship with your guest. Also, be sure to follow through with your new found relationship! This concludes Season 1 of Personal Podcaster--thank you so much for taking this journey! Hopefully these podcasting principles can help you land a dream job AND expand your network!
May 30, 2022
Episode 15: Personal Branding w/ Dan Sanchez
Personal Branding is a buzz word on LinkedIn these days--so what is it exactly? How do you narrow down your niche? How do you get started?  Angela is joined by Dan Sanchez who is now the Director of Audience Growth at Sweet Fish Media! This episode was one of the first recorded and was waiting to be released in this episode order. Something else to keep in mind when you're in your own podcasting journey: how long should you keep recordings before posting them? Probably not as long as I've held onto this one :)  You can find Dan on LinkedIn at: Enjoy! 
May 24, 2022
Episode 14: Guest Booking & the Sales Mindset
Today, Angela talks about the strategies and mindsets to have when reaching out to potential guests for your show. These will most likely be future employers, so HOW do you approach them?  She shares a couple of suggestions for email wording, when to follow up, and most importantly, what to expect.  Happy Prospecting! 
May 23, 2022
Episode 13: Recording equipment, Hosting platforms, & Editing tools
What is needed to get started equipment wise for your podcast? What if you have no budget? What if these tools are intimidating?  Angela breaks down the basics and which ones she used to begin. A professed beginner in audio editing, making the jump from Audacity to Adobe Audition was not as scary as it may seem.  Podcast Hosting Platforms mentioned: Youtube Video explaining apple airbuds microphone 
May 23, 2022
Episode 12: Cover Art w/ Cristina Larsen
What does it take to create compelling podcast Cover Art? How about for the non-designer? How do you develop your eye? Hear my conversation with Cristina Larsen, one of Sweet Fish Media's amazing designers, as we dive into: the basics of design where to find inspiration  an overview of Personal Podcaster's cover art You can connect with Cristina at:
March 26, 2022
Episode 11: Getting Unstuck
What happens when you feel stuck in your side hustle endeavors?  A message to those who find themselves stuck in a rock and a hard place.  Plus a sneak peak of Season 2! Resources: Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink & Leif Babin 
March 13, 2022
Episode 10: Podcast Music w/ Cinnamon Denise
There is a LOT of thought, time and energy that goes into choosing great Podcast Music! Join Angela as she interviews Musician & Podcaster, Cinnamon Denise.  They dive into the logistics of podcast music, such as HOW to choose good music, where to find it, and where to use it within your show. But also the WHY of choosing good music and how it affects the audience experience.  Resources mentioned into today's episode: BMP & Emotions You can listen to Cinnamon at The Music Executive Connect with Cinnamon at or on LinkedIn, Instagram or Youtube!
November 18, 2021
Episode 9: Hosting: Pt 3: Vocalization
Concluding our 3 part mini series on hosting, join Angela as she goes through various exercises for breathing, annunciation, and intonation. 
November 06, 2021
Episode 8: Hosting: Pt 2: Pre-Interviews & Outlines
How to conduct a Podcasting PRE-Interview? What is it? What are good questions to ask?  Angela uncovers helpful tips and tricks for making the most of that 15-20 minute conversation! Here is a helpful line for your email: "I normally start with a 15 minute pre-interview, where we can meet for a few minutes and narrow down our episode topic." Here is a helpful "script," if you will, when starting off your pre-interview: "Thanks so much for being here! I appreciate you taking the time to talk with me. In order to respect your time, we will dive right into a few questions I have prepared, and then at the end we can walk through technical details and schedule a date for the recording." RESOURCES: POV Discovery Pre-Interview Video (Sweet Fish Media) Guest Outreach Video (Sweet Fish Media) 
September 14, 2021
Episode 7: Hosting: Pt 1: Soundbites & Stories w/ Tami Sue Webster
Angela is joined by Mrs. Tami Sue Webster--an experienced Broadcast Journalist who now mentors women.  They deep dive into the nuances of choosing questions, identifying soundbytes, and so much more. Enjoy! You can find Tami Sue at and on LinkedIn
August 05, 2021
Episode 6: Progress & Research w/ Rita Richa
Join Angela with her first guest, Miss Rita Richa, who shares her expertise on industry research, guest prospecting, and authentic content.  You can find Rita on LinkedIn and on Instagram @_ritaricha. 
July 30, 2021
Episode 5: Uplevel Your LinkedIn
It's time to take next your LinkedIn profile to the next level. It's also a great platform for episode and industry research for your personal podcast! Also, learn what scrolling through LinkedIn can for you? Connect with me on LinkedIn Here:
July 21, 2021
Episode 4: Episode Topics & Content Planning
You're ready to start a podcast and you have your podcast topic--now what?  On today's episode Angela breaks down a few helpful tools in order to create a list of topics that are EXACTLY what your audience wants to hear. And then how to organize it all.  Resources Mentioned: Google Alphabet Soup an example from Sweet Fish  Atomic Habits by James Clear 
July 08, 2021
Episode 3: Podcasting: Begin Simply and Simply Begin
When you are starting your own podcast: Begin Simply and Simply Begin.  In this episode, Angela shares her journey on finding her podcast topic and the questions that she was asked to help flesh out her ideas. She poses those same questions to you as a brainstorming tool, so that you can start narrowing down your podcast ideas TODAY.  People Mentioned:  Dan Sanchez--Director of Audience Growth at Sweet Fish (connect with him on LikendIn) Resources Mentioned: B2B Podcasting Course (found on Youtube, for free, by Sweet Fish) Sweet Fish Blog 
July 03, 2021
Episode 2: Find Your Why
What are the actual reasons of starting a podcast for a personal brand?  Angela shares her career journey and her why in order to help you figure out yours.  Resources mentioned: Start with Why by Simon Sinek Shout-Out to: In The Heights   You can reach out to Angela on LinkedIn.
June 18, 2021
Episode 1: Why Choose Podcasting?
Join Angela as she tees up a few reasons why you should start a personal podcast!  Resources mentioned: Content Based Networking by James Carbary 
June 10, 2021
Introducing: Personal Podcaster
Here’s what you can expect over the next few seasons from the Personal Podcaster.
May 21, 2021