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Phage Therapy Today

Phage Therapy Today

By Steven Yang
The Phage Therapy Today is the pod dedicated to leaders in the phage therapy industry. We bring you insights into current advancements and challenges in this exciting sector from academia, financial, regulatory, manufacturing and entrepreneurial perspectives.
Each episode features accomplished guests serving various roles in developing our bacteriophage-evolved community. If you are a believer in the future shaped by phage therapy and want to share you exciting work with our community, email us at ''
Phage believers, hear me! Tonight, let us shake this cave.
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Investment Strategies in Phage Therapy with Dr. Richard Alm at CARB-X

Phage Therapy Today

Entrepreneurship in Phage Therapy and Fighting Cholera, Poverty, Social Injustice and so much more with Dr. Minmin Yen @PhagePro
Welcome back to Phage Therapy Today and in this episode, we have Dr. Minmin Yen from PhagePro joining us to discuss her and her team's recent progress on bringing preventive phage therapy product to fight Cholera, an acute, diarrheal illness that's often associated with poverty, poor infrastructure and social injustice. Listen to her journey of bringing her research to entrepreneur execution and how our phage therapy community has been involved. Find out more about PhagePro at: 
January 11, 2022
Investment Strategies in Phage Therapy with Dr. Richard Alm at CARB-X
Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Biopharmaceutical Accelerator(CARB-X) is one global nonprofit partnership that manages a large portfolio of early stage companies to do the job as described by its name. In this episode, we are happy to have its chief scientist Dr. Richard Alm to help us paint a broad picture of the antimicrobial landscape and discuss their investment strategies related to phage therapy. The global biotech is a $800B dollar market this year, with a >15% CAGR, what can we do to promote the scientific understanding of phage and phage therapy in this capital driven economy?  Find out more about CARB-X at their website:
December 21, 2021
Interacting with the FDA: A Dynamic Process, an interview with Dr. Austen Terwilliger @BMC TailorLabs
Dr. Austen Terwilliger is the director of operations at BMC TailorLabs, overseeing the cooperation between phage providers, physicians and regulatory agencies. In this conversation, we sit down and understand the dynamic nature in these processes and let's take a minute to think about how we can setup standards to better help patients.  Check out Dr. Terwilliger and BMC Tailorlab's latest work:
December 07, 2021
Product Development and Product Prospects with Adaptive Phage Therapeutics CEO Greg Merril
In business for just 5 years, Adaptive Phage Therapeutics has no doubt made tremendous progress and built itself as one of the most competitive leader in our industry. Learn about the founding story and the milestones achieved at APT from its CEO Greg Merril, and most importantly, the direction Greg envisions where we are going. Attached here is the company website:  
November 30, 2021
Phage Exploration and Phage Therapy @BCM TailorLabs with Dr. Sabrina Green: Phages, from Bench to Bedside
We may think the magic in phage therapy is in the treatment. That is true. But to make this magic happen, collaborative team efforts is necessary to  together prepare the stage and get ready for the show. Dr. Sabrina Green is currently the director of R&D at Baylor college of medicine Tailorlabs ''. On this episode, we sit down and truly understand the steps required to develop a phage product and supply it to the patients. Happy Listening!
November 23, 2021
Phage/Phage Therapy 101 with Dr. Irene Chen: All You Need to Know
Dr. Irene Chen is currently a faculty member at UCLA working on building the next generation phage therapy platform. If you are new to this field and want to catch up a bit, this is the right episode for you. On this episode, we'll talk about what phages are, what phage therapy is, what's the current state of art and much more. Besides the amazing science and technology phages are providing us, let's envision what really does phage therapy mean for our society. Yes, some of these stuff, you can learn about just from the other 10 podcast episodes on phage out there but it's simply better here. 
November 23, 2021
Trailer: Introducing Phage Therapy Today
Phage therapy today is the go to podcast to learn about current achievement and progress in phage therapy. We've gathered incredible guests joining us to share their works and ideas using phage therapy to fight this antimicrobial war. We do this together, and together we can do this.  
November 07, 2021