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PhD Tips

PhD Tips

By Cliff Freeman
Ok, so you've been accepted into a PhD program... Now what?! Here, you will find quick tips and insights of what a Phd program is, what it isn't, and what you should pay attention to on your journey. Enjoy!
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#9 How to Read Long Theory Articles pt. 1/2

PhD Tips

#13 PhD Tips with Dr. Khadija Boyd
Welcome to Season 2 of PhD Tips! Today we are joined by Dr. Khadija Boyd, a retired military veteran, and currently full-time scholar! Dr. Boyd joins the podcast with 5 tips for doctoral students ready to start THRIVING in their doctoral studies.  Read some of Dr. Boyd's recently published articles: As always, visit for the latest updates! 
June 04, 2021
PhD Tips Season 2
Hi, my name is Cliff Freeman, and welcome to the second season of PhD Tips! Similar to last season, we will hear a variety of Ph.D. tips from real-life doctoral students who will eventually defend a dissertation at the end of their academic journey. In addition to current PhD students, we will invite individuals who are in the application phase, postdocs, and PhDs in the field to share some of their insights.  If you have been following the ride, thank you for tuning back in, and if you are new…welcome to PhD Tips.
May 26, 2021
#12 Phd Tips with Dr. Andrea Curry
If you are having a feeling of "I can't do this" on your journey to Ph.D., stop what you are doing and listen to this podcast featuring Dr. Andrea N. Curry. Dr. Curry shares key tips for current and future Ph.D. students. Please check out some of Dr. Curry's endeavors by clicking links in the Podcast description!  Doctor of Philosophy in Health Services: The Evaluation of the Relationship between Racial Health Disparities and the Patient-Provider Relationship Dissertation Editing Consultant - Website Adjunct Online Faculty - Department of Healthcare LeTourneau University Author of Mind To Heart Motivational Thoughts now available online via  Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Target, and Walmart Motivational Speaker/ Mentor Podcast Host - Mind To Heart Follow me on Social Media Facebook  Instagram   LinkedIn  Twitter  YouTube
December 13, 2020
#11 PhD Tips with Dr. Kimberly Douglass
In this episode of PhD Tips, Dr. Douglass shares invaluable tips about shifting self-defeating mindsets that show up on your Journey to PhD. Dr Douglass blesses us with advice and tips throughout the ENTIRE show! What a special treat! Make sure to connect with Dr. Douglass if you need any support! Tik Tok: @drkimberlydouglass Facebook: Kimberly Douglass  Instagram: @DrKimberlyDouglass Twitter: @scholarvalet
December 05, 2020
#10 Medical School Tips with Ophelia Okoh
Ophelia Okoh is a medical student at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. This episode is a more laid back episode as Ophelia and I are friends. She gives critical insights about the road to Dr in the medical field. In 7 years time, she will be on her way to being a successful physician in Family Medicine. Listen to Ophelia on her Podcast: Hear Her Speak Email her with any questions at: 
November 28, 2020
#9 How to Read Long Theory Articles pt. 1/2
In grad school and beyond, you will encounter lengthy theory papers. These papers will be like no other paper you have read before. How do you get through them? Thanks to Dr. Jonathan Rosa and Dr. Roy Perez we now have a blueprint. This is part 1 of 2 about how to read long theory articles. Link to the full list of tips
November 28, 2020
#8 PhD Tips with Rinice Sauls
Today on PhD Tips, Rinice Sauls shares her experience as a second-year Ph.D. student. Her experience is unique in the sense that she has already experienced a successful career in K-12 as a practitioner and has begun her PhD program to learn more and eventually be successful in research. Find Rinice on twitter: @rinice_sauls
October 06, 2020
#7 PhD Tips with Shaunesse Jacobs
Shaunesse Jacobs, originally from Shreveport, Louisiana, is currently in the third year of her PhD program at Boston University's School of Theology. Shaunesse is on track to becoming a household name. As a 3rd year Ph.D. student, what drives her to continue the PhD are the contributions she hopes her research questions will have, which aim to improve the public health crises of black maternal mortality.  Follow Shaunesse on Twitter @shaunesse_aj #WhenBlackWomenSpeakYouListen #PhDTips
August 31, 2020
#6 The Syllabus
Welcome back to PhD Tips! This tip is for all students learning in academic institutions that require professors to hand out a syllabus at the beginning of the course!  Today's Ph.D. Tip is from Cliff Freeman, a first-year Ph.D. student at Boston University studying Mathematics and Science Education. (At time of recording). Follow him on Twitter: @Cliffitt and Follow PhD Tips on Twitter: @PhDTipsPodcast
August 11, 2020
#5 PhD Tips with Lashae Williams
Today on Ph.D. Tips, we are joined by Lashae William, a 2nd-year doctoral candidate at Drexel University studying clinical psychology with an emphasis in pediatric neuropsychology. Lashae's Tips for future PhD students are empowering and inspirational for anyone, but especially for students of the culture who suffer from impostor syndrome. This Podcast is a major gem!  Follow Lashae on Twitter: @lashaenwilliams and her YouTube Channel: LifeWithLashae
July 29, 2020
#4 PhD Tips with Jay Withers
Today, we have Jay Withers on PhD Tips! We spoke about course loads, day to day life as a PhD student, and what it feels like to be a PhD student during the pandemic. Jay Withers, originally from Little Rock Arkansaw, is a 2nd-year black graduate student in a doctoral program for Clinical Psychology at the University of Memphis. Jay's immediate interest are in how alcohol misuse affects Black emerging adults (18-25 years of age) and college students differently than White emerging adults, and how Behavioral Economics can be used to decrease substance misuse. To keep in touch with Jay, follow him on Twitter @ajwithers_
July 08, 2020
#3 PhD Tips With Dr. Sharde M. Davis
Today on Ph.D. Tips, Dr. Sharde M. Davis shares her wisdom, insight, and Ph.D. Tips! The three major topics of discussion were Research Sabbaticals,  Mentorship, and PhD Tips that will help students succeed.   At the time of the recording, Dr. Davis is a tenure track assistant professor at the University of Connecticut (UCONN).  The tips presented today are best suited for students who are already in a Ph.D. program, on a path to dissertation writing, as well as people who maybe still in grad school speculating about "Next Steps".  You can find Dr. Sharde M. Davis on Twitter @DrShardeDavis or @BlackInTheIvory
June 24, 2020
#2 How to Start your Dissertation Now
In this episode, Cliff Freeman, Phd student at Boston University, studying Math and Science, will share a tip that is helping him write his dissertation in year 0! If consistent, this tip enables PhD students who are transitioning into dissertation writing an easy one… your dissertation will basically write itself!
May 06, 2020
#1 Organized Research
Today’s featured PhD Tip is getting your Research Organized! Cliff Freeman, a PhD student at Boston University, studying Math And Science, shares his experience using Zotero, an efficient way to keep track of all his research throughout his academic journey. Zotero is a open source and free to use software which can be downloaded from
May 06, 2020