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Phillies Talk Podcast with Rich Baxter

Phillies Talk Podcast with Rich Baxter

By Rich Baxter
An independent internet broadcast with news and opinions about the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team by Rich Baxter. Read the blog at -Thanks for listening. Join Matt Veasey of @PhilliesBell on Twitter and Rich of and, talking about Phillies baseball.
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It's Labor Day Weekend for Phillies Talk Podcast, we're baaacck!

Phillies Talk Podcast with Rich Baxter

It's Labor Day Weekend for Phillies Talk Podcast, we're baaacck!
We disappeared most of the summer... from the show anyway. You know the story, we're both busy lads in this great summer weather that we've had across the Philadelphia region for most of the summer. But, now we're back talking baseball. And just in time, cause the Phillies may be heading to the playoffs after an 11 year drought! Here's Rich Baxter and Matt Veasey talking Phillies baseball on Phillies Talk Podcast Check out the blog at and Matt over at Twitter @PhilliesBell and Instagram 
September 05, 2022
Phils go to Pittsburgh for 4
It's the Phillies Talk Podcast with Rich Baxter, back and better than ever! Talking about the Phils the way they went into the All-Star Break and then came out of it, looking a bit shaky. Are they back on track now? All of this and the Nick Castellanos comment on this show! Don't forget to subscribe to the show and hit like! Sponsor the show as a listener as well!  go to: 
July 28, 2022
All Star Balloting Starts, Father's Day celebrations begin, Baseball's two Joes get fired
It's this week's edition of the Baseball Talk Radio Show with the great Gary Mack and Rich Baxter talking about the week that was in baseball and the upcoming Father's Day celebrations cause we get some of the teams celebrating it this weekend at home, then the other half on the real day for Father's Day which is June 19 this year. All of this and much more! Subscribe to the show and sponsor us with your donation. 
June 09, 2022
Goodbye Joe Girardi - Phillies Talk Podcast
It's June 3rd and surprise! The Phillies fire Joe Girardi in the a.m. just prior to the start of the Angels / Phillies weekend series.  Back to back days for podcasts, I love it! Hope you enjoy it too, hit the subscribe button, and give a good review of the show so more people can find it. Goodbye Joe G, once you're a Phillie, your always a Phillie! Thanks for the memories. 
June 03, 2022
Bring on the Angels
It's June, and thank goodness for the Phils, who are glad to see the month of May gone. The first weekend of June sees the Los Angeles Angels come to Philly, (I am still calling them the Anaheim Angels) and of course Mike Trout who is the best player in baseball returns to the South Jersey hometown where he grew up!
June 02, 2022
Phillies Talk Podcast - Phils sputtering at home, Bullpen getting roughed up, Armed Forces Day and more!
It's another edition of the original Phillies Talk Podcast with Matt Veasey and Rich Baxter talking all things Phillies. It hasn't been so good at the friendly confines of Citizens Bank Park for the Phillies - they are just 10-13 at home going into today's game with the Dodgers. Can we avoid being swept? All of this and so much more on this show. Hit 'Like' and subscribe to the show won't you?
May 23, 2022
Phillies Talk Podcast - We take on the best of the NL West at home
It's 'hitting season' weather in the Philly area this weekend, and the LA Dodgers are in town to face the Phils for a weekend series Fri, Sat, and Sun. - can we continue to do well against them? Hit 'Like' and subscribe to the show! Phillies Talk is the longest-running independent show on the Philadelphia Phillies - 
May 19, 2022
Phils play Mets on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball, Buck Showalter, and Joe Girardi two veteran managers square off
It's the latest edition of the longest-running independent show talking about the Phillies, it's Phillies Talk Podcast with Rich Baxter - as usual I am joined by my co-host and Phillies knowledge maven, Matt Veasey. We're talking about the final game of a three-game series with the Mets for May 1st and what the Phils have to do well going forward.  All of this, and so much more on this edition of the podcast. Give us a 'Thumbs Up' or 'Like' if your listening or a review on iTunes, Google Play, or Spotify - subscribe to the show. 
May 01, 2022
Phils and Mets Preview April 27 2022
It's a Phillies Talk midweek special with the Phillies vs Mets preview where I am on Mr. Gary Mack's Mets Musings Podcast talking about the upcoming series between our favorite teams.  Prior to joining Gary, I am talking Phillies with what they have been going through in the past few days, maybe the offense has sorted some things out a little.  All this and a chat with Gary on his Mets Musings show, looking forward to talking with Matt on Sunday about the Phillies when they are up at Citi Field. 
April 28, 2022
Opening Day Weekend Phillies style
A lot of great talk about the Opening Day Weekend at Philadelphia with the Phillies 
April 10, 2022
Official Opening Day show with guest Joey Q - Phillies start off tomorrow!
Joe Q stops by the Phillies Talk Podcast studios for a little banter about Opening Day, the weather, and a very funny story about him meeting an idle of his from the Mets. You can't miss this edition of Phillies Talk Podcast! I'll be with my usual co-host Matt Veasey for the Phillies Opener tomorrow, and I can't wait. I haven't been to the ballpark for a long time, it seems like 2 seasons, which is a record for me, but I stayed away in the Covid-19 times, not that it's over now even, but I'll be there for Opening Day!  So hit that 'subscribe' button and join in on the podcast listening! You will like it... 
April 07, 2022
5 Days until the Phillies open the 2022 season
We're talking baseball with the dawn of the '22 Phillies season just 5 more days away! It's Rich Baxter and Matt Veasey talking baseball Phillies style with who we think goes north with the team to start the season, a little fun with over/under on some stats with the Phillies. And we preview a little facts about Nick Castellanos on this show. 
April 03, 2022
Nick Castellanos first game with the Phillies - Phillies Talk Extra
Just a quick podcast today for Sunday, pregame to the Toronto Blue Jays Spring Training game at Dunedin, Florida. It's the Phillies debut of Nick Castellanos. Listen to this show, and subscribe to the podcast! 
March 27, 2022
Phillies baseball is back and St. Patricks Week Show
It's the St Paddy's' Week show for Phillies Talk Podcast with Rich and Matt as we talk 'Baseball is back!' - the Phils have reported down to Clearwater just yesterday. We're excited for the season to take shape. New Phillies Radio booth for the road, we talk about that. Joe Girardi, could this be his last year as Phillies manager? All of this and so much more on this edition of the show. 
March 15, 2022
Still no baseball settlement - we're ignoring the daily back and forth - St. Patricks Day almost here - come on Spring Training!
It's time for another edition of Phillies Talk Podcast with Rich Baxter and Matt Veasey.   We're getting a bit restless without their being a settlement yet in baseball, two years in suffering from various baseball issues concerning the pandemic and now this?  We need a deal now.  Team valuations, it's only on paper, but wow! How these numbers have been growing for team owners.  All of this and more!    Sponsor our show here: View the show on Youtube here:  - Like and subscribe! 
March 06, 2022
HOF and Phillies, Ending the Baseball Lockout, Kevin Frandsen leaves for the Nats and more!
I am joined by my podcast friend and co-host of the show, Matt Veasey for his first podcast of '22. We're talking about the lock-out of MLB and perhaps more importantly with the Twitter frenzy of the moment 'Did Tom Brady retire?' Hall of Fame vote, and where some Phillies stand on it.  Kevin Frandsen finds a full time job in TV commentary for the Nationals... All this and more on the show! Hit like and subscribe wherever you listen to the show, give us a review! A bit of chocolate if you give us a glowing review!  Wanna sponsor the show? Go to and hit the support button, if you do, you'll hear the podcast live as we record it! Just subscribe at the $4.99 or above level 
January 30, 2022
Offseason musings on the Phils, waiting for the signal that baseball will start on time
This is the 2nd edition of Phillies Talk Podcast for 2022 - the start of the 16th season of podcasting by Phillies Talk Podcast with Rich again telling the listeners how the show started back in the day. The Players Association will come back with a response to the MLB on Monday Jan. 24th, and hopefully it will be good news, a lot of news outlets are reporting it won't be a settlement but we'll have to wait and see. Brandon Duckworth's birthday on the 24th, the show talks about that and then we take a look at Jayson Werth and Pat Burrell, and how they both made out after their time on the WS winning team in 2008. The Phillies are retired numbers are talked about, I really think the Phillies have this right, don't retire everyone's number like the Yankees have for god's sake. All of this and so much more! 
January 23, 2022
First show of 2022 - still Locked Out!
It's still a state of baseball lockout, not what the fans of baseball need after enduring the 2020 shortened season by Covid-19 and then risking their own lives by attending a game or two or more in 2021 at the stadium and now the MLB owners decided to lockout the players and create a fiasco that better be straightened up soon.  Should baseball fans flex their collective muscles by not buying any tickets when this is going on? This will put some added leverage on the whole situation, I know I won't be buying tickets anytime too soon. Should the owners even be able to sell tickets when technically there aren't any players?  All of this and more on the first show of the year for the Phillies Talk Podcast with Rich Baxter for 2022.
January 15, 2022
Locked Out Baseball and start of the '21 Holiday season
We're back talking baseball, on this show! Matt Veasey joins me for a great talk about the Hot Stove season for the Phillies that led up to the Lock Out by MLB. We have plenty to talk about. Which teams made splashes leading up to the lockout, and a couple of new Phillies on the team to talk about as well. We're just getting started in this tremendous holiday season and hope to be back for another show before Christmas, so put up your feet, pour that hot cup of cocoa or tea and enjoy this edition of Phillies Talk Podcast!
December 03, 2021
Wheeler gets 2nd for Cy Young Award, Harper up tonight for MVP contestant
We have the results of the Cy Young Award winner for 2021, it isn't Zack Wheeler but he's a 'closer than ever' vote for the title. Bryce Harper is up for vote tonight, at 6 PM we will know who the NL MVP is... of course we'll talk about that in the next show. I also have to catch up with my co-host, Matt Veasey as well, which hopefully he'll be talking with us soon! Have fun, give a listen and subscribe!
November 18, 2021
Game 162 for the 2021 Phillies season
It's time for another episode of Phillies Talk Podcast, the last day of the regular season for the Phillies. Disappointed that things just didn't go the Phillies way to get into the playoffs, but again, did this team deserve to have a change to win the NL East?  All this and more on the show today with Rich going solo again! 
October 03, 2021
Phillies still have a chance at first place in NL East - last 6 games of season
It's the Phillies Talk Podcast with Rich Baxter, the longest running independent podcast that talks about the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team. A solo show this time around but there is plenty to talk about with the Phils still being a possible NL East Champ - just six games remaining and 3 of those games happen to be with the Braves, so if the Phillies can just keep winning, we may see them in the playoffs.  A bit of a rant develops on the podcast, so be forewarned, this team could have easily coasted into the playoffs with the correct moves by management that were never made.  All this and more on this edition of the podcast. Please be a sponsor of the show, for only the price than less of a cup of coffee, you can be a listening sponsor of the show! Vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate.  Take care,
September 27, 2021
Phils making a courageous run for the NL East Title, can they do it?
Phils surprise us and the Braves have been losing is starting to add up to a chance for them to take the NL East with about 12 games remaining. Matt is joining us from his new 'Porch Deck' studio location that is really looking like a great time there. Rich is still manning the studio for more great Phillies Talk Podcast. Want to sponsor the show? Go to our anchor podcast site : - you can pick one of 3 payment plans on a monthly basis, .99 cents /  $4.99 a month  / $9.99 a month sponsorship levels. You get a mention on every show we do if you do the $9.99 sponsorship level, and it can be a business!
September 19, 2021
Do the Phillies deserve to be 'buyers' at the trade deadline? Ownership gives green light
It's the latest edition of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter with Matt Veasey. We're talking about the Phillies chances to either catch the Mets or somehow turn this team around to get 10 games or so over .500 - is this team just spinning wheels? Later on in the show, Rich and Matt talk about the trade scenario. Rich offers up a long shot of possibly trading Bryce Harper and get a boatload of good players for him, of course Matt explains that it is crazy to consider this, but with 3 years in, Rich says, he would part with Harp even though he likes him as a player.  Bryant and Kimbrel to the Phillies? What would we have to give in return? Let's see how Dombrowski works it.  Sponsor the show here:  Rate and review anywhere you listen to the show, give us 5 stars! Call the Phillies Talk Podcast with your comments: 609-365-0002 
July 25, 2021
Phillies Talk Podcast - At the All Star Break July 2021
It's a mega podcast with Rich and Matt talking all about the Phillies at the All-Star Break for '21 - we did the show as the Phils finished out a win in Boston, thus putting the team in 2nd place at .500 - we could not have been happier with the win. We talk about the All-Star Game, why did it move, and was it a mistake to move it.  In this long show, we take a look at the Phillies for the baseball draft tonight, and who they need. We reminisce about some old World Series memories that we have had, and tell some stories about that. All this and so much more on the At The All-Star Break Show for Phillies Talk Podcast Donate to the show: or our Patreon Page:
July 12, 2021
The Padres are in town - Special July 4th edition
Wow, can't believe we are already at July 4th, one of my favorite holidays and an important one for the baseball season. The Padres with their high-powered offense are in town, they got in at 4 am so they may be a little weary for Game 1 - but we have Zack Wheeler on the mound anyway, so all is good, isn't it?  Time for Mom, Baseball, and Apple Pie, it's July 4th! 
July 03, 2021
Phillies Talk Podcast - June 6 2021 - Covid shot, free ticket and more
Didn't get your shot? You can get free Phillies tickets.  How are the Phillies doing now? Vince Velasquez has been a Phillies player for a long time, the Phils have stayed with him, but should they? All of this and more!
June 06, 2021
Phillies Talk Podcast Memorial Day Weekend '21
What else can we say about this Phillies team as they have slipped to a few games under .500 now? Well, we can still say plenty.  Girardi gets backed into a corner by the media, pro sports gambling is mentioned by the press as to why Joe G needs to be more forthcoming with the press? That's what they said. Joe said, not so fast. Who's right? Aaron Nola and Zack Wheeler, we are happy to have them both, who's the Phillies ace at this point? The Phils come home to a 'full capacity' stadium, we wonder how many of the Phillies faithful will want to pay to see this team? All of this and so much more. Please hit 'Like' and Subscribe to the Youtube Channel for this show, we need 12 thousand subscribers by the end of the season. Sponsor the show just go to and hit the sponsor button, it couldn't get more easy. Find Rich at and Matt at 
May 30, 2021
It's May and the Phillies are in contention
We recorded via Zoom.. it crashed half way through, but we soldiered on just like the Phillies are. We cover a lot of topics on this show, the state of the team, how we feel about the TV broadcast this year, and some other interesting subjects!
May 09, 2021
Phillies get a good start to '21
It's time for another edition of the podcast. Matt Veasey from @PhilliesBell on Twitter and Rich Baxter from start off the '21 season with some great news. The Phils are doing pretty good.  The MLB moves the All-Star Game out of Atlanta - our thoughts. And so much more on this edition of the longest-running independent show on the internet about the Phillies.
April 12, 2021
Phils off to great start in '21
A quick podcast on Monday April 5, 2021 - the Phillies off to a great start. Phils to take on the Mets and Lindor, is Lindor a superstar?  All of this and how the MLB should avoid politics! Thanks for listening, hit the subscribe button!
April 05, 2021
Phillies start up Spring Training games for 2021
It's a dose of Spring for you now that the Phillies have taken the diamond and playing the first day of Spring Training for 2021. Rich Baxter and Matt Veasey talk about what the Phillies will be striving for in '21 and some other Phillies Talk Podcast notes on a soggy rainy day for the last day of February in 2021 in the Philadelphia area.   I've included some bonus pre-show banter on this show because I recorded the show on a new platform and there is some silence happening that was unknown to me when I was doing the show because of the software - so if you hear a quiet spot, we will be back talking and in the future, I'll be adjusting the software to always capture audio, enjoy!
March 01, 2021
Spring Training is back, and so is Phillies Talk Podcast with Rich and Matt
Spring has sprung... well in Florida maybe. We're still cold where we're doing the show from, but we're going to have competitive baseball really soon. The boys are back, JT, Bryce, Rhys, and Didi, and more! Will the Phils measure up with the bolstered bullpen? Fangraphs gives the Phils a 12.5 percent chance to make the playoffs, how do we feel about that? Tatis Jr. gets a big contract, what does that do for the other players? We talk about that and so much more on this show! This Phillies Talk Podcast is the longest-running, independent show that talks about the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team. Enjoy!
February 21, 2021
Phils Hot Stove Heats up, sort of, is there worries on Wheeler? December Phillies Talk
It's an action packed podcast on the Phillies leading into Hot Stove season, but some mixed signals surface, as rumors of Zach Wheeler suddenly becoming available, over 80 employees of the Phillies were laid off this past week, including 'Video Dan' - are the Phillies that bad off? What happen to the several billion paid for the TV contracts?  We talk about this and more on this show, the longest running independent podcast on the Phillies. 
December 07, 2020
Phillies offseason needs, GM and maybe President, WS wrap up and more!
It's the Phillies Talk Podcast back just in time (when the clocks got turned back last night) for Fall. The Phillies have some serious needs, why did this team flop so badly? Matt Veasey and Rich Baxter is talking baseball Phillies style. GM search underway, maybe we'll need a new President. All of this including a little WS wrapup, and some schedule talk for '21.
November 01, 2020
What do we expect from these '20 Phillies
We're about halfway into this '20 season, we saw some good, some bad, and it's certainly been all unbelievable . Despite the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Phils are getting this season completed, for that we owe them a great debt.  The Phils have now sung to a winning streak which is always better than losing... but Rich and Matt try to break down the good, the bad, and the ugly of this season so far. 
August 27, 2020
Phillies try to salvage bad 2020 season in August
It's a week left in the trade deadline... What do the Phillies do? They will not be adding anyone, I can tell you that. The team is snakebitten at every turn, is there still time to turn things around?  What has happened to two Phillies players that use to play very well? Scott "Jet Pax" Kingery and Rhys Hoskins struggle to show a decent season in the batting department. It's concerning, and maybe there is a reason for it?   
August 24, 2020
Phillies have Marlins Covid Mania
Phillies Talk Podcast with Rich Baxter and Matt Veasey is back! But the Phillies aren't playing because of the Marlins, and their bout with the Covid-19 crisis... The first series in Philly doesn't go too well for the Phillies, but we talk about how bad the Marlins are with the infections on their team. We talk about the JT Realmuto contract, will the Phillies seal a deal with him before he hits the free-agent market?  Interesting cardboard cutouts and fan noise please our ears while watching, what do you think? Rachael says Rich isn't selfish to want baseball this weekend featuring the Phillies, while Cory says, yes, Rich is the only one that thinks Phillies baseball should be played this weekend. Someone has to be right!
July 31, 2020
July 4th 2020 Weekend Phillies Talk Podcast
It's here, July 4th Weekend, normally festive time of year for the patriotic among us. Plenty to be patriotic about this year, love your country and of course we love our Phillies, that's why we do the podcast. There's a pandemic still among us, the players are really starting to take notice now as it is affecting their own ranks now that there is steady testing going on. Where will that lead the season? Will we make it to the playoffs? All this with Rich Baxter from (the home of Phillies Talk Podcast for many years) and Matt Veasey of - follow him on social media everywhere at @RingTheBell - talking Phillies baseball.
July 05, 2020
Interview with Todd Zolecki on his new book "Doc: The Life Of Roy Halladay" and MLB Talk
It's the Phillies Talk Podcast, we're back and happy to be the longest-running independent internet show on the Philadelphia Phillies. It's Rich Baxter and Matt Veasey talking with's Todd Zolecki on the possible restart of a Spring Training for 2020 leading into the shortened season, and Todd's new book, "Doc: The Life Of Roy Halladay" - which I recommend getting for a great summer read on Roy Halladay. We're also talking about our opinions on the 'what ifs' and 'when' of a start to a 2020 season, all of the negotiations involved and all things Phillies!
May 27, 2020
Jackie Robinson Day 2020 - Phillies Talk Podcast
We're talking about Jackie Robinson on April 15th on the Phillies Talk Podcast with Rich Baxter and Matt Veasey. When will baseball return? What will it look like? All of this and so much more on this week's edition of the show!
April 15, 2020
Shutdown Continues Phils Talk and more with SABR Award Winner Lou Schiff
It's the latest Phillies Talk Podcast with Rich Baxter, Matt Veasey, and we're still waiting for something to break up the COVID hold that is disrupting our lives, and baseball. This week we talk about some history of the game with Lou Schiff from Twitter, find him @baseballandthe2 or just use the hashtag #baseballandthelaw - we're talking the anniversary of Sunday baseball games being legal in Philly and a whole lot more!
April 09, 2020
Covid -19 Lockdown Phillies Talk Podcast
It's March 30th, around the world and around the USA, we are still on mandatory 'stay at home' orders so no baseball is going on, but Rich and Matt have carved some time out of our day to bring you an edition of Phillies Talk Podcast. Topics on this show: What's been happening around the baseball world with the Covid-19 crisis How have some players been keeping in shape during the lockdown period Can this season be extended out to Christmas? One agent says, "Yes" What has Joe Girardi been talking with the Phillies about? All of this and so much more on this March 30th 2020 edition of Phillies Talk Podcast
March 30, 2020
Happy St. Patrick’s Day show from Tampa/Clearwater
The show recorded on the road from the Yankee Stadium complex down in Tampa, wishing all of the listeners of the podcast a very happy St. Patrick’s Day.
March 17, 2020
Nothing but crickets at the stadium
The MLB has pulled the plug on Spring Training, last Thursday abruptly ending the season upon the Covid-19 virus becoming more of an issue with the public safety and wellness of the players being cited. That's not the thing that Rich from the Phillies Talk Podcast wanted to hear as we was still a few days away from getting to the first Spring Training season that he's attended. What did he hear at the stadium? Nothing but crickets. Matt Veasey and I talk about the travels and tribulations of 'no baseball' once again. 
March 16, 2020
March 9th Phillies Talk - Spring Training continues - We're talking some Utley and more
A little bit about a lot of things on the show today. The podcast is now aligned with Matt's great new home on the web for Phillies commentary and information, - we're excited to talk about it, and Matt will have a link to the show right on his site now! Spring Training barrels on, we're talking about a couple Phils in the mix with that. My trip to Spring Training is coming up, and I am excited to see this, I hear it's going to be 90 degrees in Clearwater when I arrive there, so bring on the heat! All of this and Steve Granado with a cool Chase Utley video he produced, which you can link to right from here. 
March 09, 2020
Wheeler debuts, Who's Gonna Patrol Centerfield, Having fun with The Silver Fox with Amanda Smith's book
It's the March 1st edition of the Phillies Talk Podcast ! Welcome in for March with some stories from Spring Training, Wheeler, Mc Cutcheon, and who will be in center on Opening Day? All of this, plus the blog being included in the 12 most influential blogs for the Phillies, and a great interview with author, podcaster, and a really nice gal, Amanda Smith on her book based upon someone we may know as The Silver Fox, Chase Utley in a fictional book based on imagination and some old fashioned baseball fun, Le Renard Argente - The Silver Fox - I interview Amanda about the book. 
March 02, 2020
Phantastic Phanatic Phils Back On The Diamond
The Phillies are playing Spring Training baseball, we talk about that, as the first home game is going on in Clearwater, Florida. It was a win against the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Phillie Phanatic is in the middle of a tense negotiation turned litigation between the originators of the theme of the Phanatic and the Phillies organization, will we still have a Phanatic after all is said and done? Oh yeah, the Phanatic just had a nice makeover, he lost some weight and picked up some color. Join Rich Baxter and Matt Veasey from and on twitter @PhilliesBell as they talk Phillies, upcoming players on the field that we saw today and some '20 season talk.
February 24, 2020
Pitchers and Catchers report for 2020 Phillies
It's another edition of the 'original' Phillies Talk Podcast with Rich Baxter and Matt Veasey talking about that special time of the year, the return to the pitching mound by the Phillies pitchers and of course (we don't want to forget them) the catchers. We talk about the starting rotation and what we would like to see. Rich is amazed at how poorly Jake Arrieta's first two seasons of the $75M contract has been.  Matt Veasey's story on the plethora of pitchers that the Phils have invited to this Spring Training has got to bear some fruit. Find Matt's article right here. All in all we're both excited to see what the future holds for this ballclub. Joe Girardi at the helm, it's some new excitement around the clubhouse. Listen in and subscribe for much more.
February 13, 2020
Phillies Talk Live - Sad news of Kobe Bryant and others dying in a helicopter crash Jan 26 2020
The news reached the East coast about a helicopter crash north of LA, and Kobe Bryant, former NBA star, and Lower Merion High School stand out, dies in a tragedy along with his daughter and the Antobelli family as well (which wasn't known about at the time of this live stream broadcast on Youtube) - what a shame. RIP.
January 27, 2020
The Hall Calls and Phils add some Relief Hands - Jan 22 Phillies Talk
It's another Hall of Fame election and we talk about the winners, maybe some ex-Phillies players to get there in a year or two? The Phils go out and get some relief pitching, a few longshots, but we talk about this team being a bit gritty this year possibly, speaking of Gritty, the mascot we even talk about 'it' and so much more on this winter edition of the Phillies Talk Podcast with Rich Baxter and Matt Veasey.
January 23, 2020
Astros Scandal and Rolen HOF dream - Phillies Talk Podcast
It's a cozy time inside as the podcast area gets ready for a possible coating of snow in the tri-state area. We get down to some serious Phillies Talk on the show leading off with the Astros sign stealing scandal, Rich Baxter is joined by Matt Veasey, who breaks down the scandal on a timeline of what happened. Have there been many Phillies scandals? Rich uncovers one from the 1920 baseball season, that looks interesting. We break down the HOF entries which will be revealed who is the winner and or winners (if anyone of course) in the announcement coming up. Spring Training talk is starting as well, with some invitee names that we discuss, so come on in gather round, it's time for another edition of the Phillies Talk Podcast. 
January 18, 2020
First Show of 2020 - Phillies Talk Podcast
A welcome to 2020 with the first show of the Phillies Talk Podcast, a recording made on the new Dell headset added for the show in 2020 - the UC350 making the debut in this show. The show is looking for listeners to sponsor the blog and podcast at - The Phillies season starts in just 73 days with Opening Day in Miami and looking at the blog, a short story on Didi Gregorius appears on the blog, check it out. We talk New Years Resolutions, why not follow us on Twitter @fightinphillies - and subscribe to the posts at FightinPhillies Facebook Page. Also check out for blog posts on the Phils as well.  A couple big name players go to arbitration with the team in '20 - how will this work out?  Alright, talk to you a whole lot more in 2020! 
January 12, 2020
Phillies Hot Stove December 2019
The Phils add Didi, Joe G notes, and we signed Zack Wheeler. Is that the extent of the Phillies off season or will there be more? Rumors surrounding Bryant, and Donaldson but will the Phils be suitors for either of these players?
December 12, 2019
New for November - we get Joe Girardi
Phillies Talk Podcast with Rich Baxter and Matt Veasey rolls into the offseason with a new Phillies manager, we talk about Joe Girardi and offer opinions on the selection. Bryce Harper has put his first season in on the Phillies, we talk about that. Who do the Phillies need on the mound along with Nola, Arrieta, and ??? - we talk about that and of course the exciting World Series win by the Nationals on this show.
November 04, 2019
Wild Card dreams being dashed with losses now Sept 15 2019
The Phillies are wrapping up a series with the Red Sox, we recorded this on Sunday, Sept. 15 on a nice sunny day, unfortunately, it seems like the Phillies playoff chances have faded. We talk about that and all things Phillies, join Rich Baxter and Matt Veasey on the longest running independent talk show on the Phillies.
September 16, 2019
Labor Day Special Phillies Talk Podcast
It's another edition of Phillies Talk Podcast with Rich Baxter and Matt Veasey speaking about those Philadelphia Phillies. What's going on with this team, are they a playoff team or not? Hurricane Dorian is turning up the Florida coast, and it's unpredictable- almost like the way the Phillies play, we don't know what's going to happen. We chat about the upcoming schedule for September, and map out a road for victory, if the Phillies can stay on that road! 
September 03, 2019
Fixing the Phillies in August 2019
It's the latest edition of the Phillies Talk Podcast the longest running independent show talking about the Phillies! Fixing the Phils, the 2009 World Series alumni get together at CBP, Rhys Hoskins is he a superstar?, Phillies odds for the playoffs and more! All on this show with Rich Baxter and Matt Veasey talking baseball. 
August 12, 2019
Halladay to HOF - Phils in Detroit - What happens at the Trade Deadline?
It's an action packed show talking Phillies baseball on the longest running independent podcast talking Phillies baseball, Rich Baxter from is joined with Matt Veasey from Phillies Nation. We talk Halladay to the Hall, the Detroit series, and what happens at the trade deadline this year with the Phils. Listen in and subscribe!
July 24, 2019
July 4th and All Star Break Show - Phillies Talk Podcast
It's Rich Baxter and Matt Veasey getting together around the 4th of July and talking Phillies baseball. Odubel gets a 'Get Out Of Jail' Free card like the Monopoly game that Atlantic City is based on, relationships can be tough at times. The Phillies won in Atlanta in Game 1 of the series, Nola is on the way back to better things, and generally with the help of bamboo possibly, have benefited them with some recent wins. We'll talk All-Star break and JT Realmuto, and all things Phillies, Listen in! 
July 03, 2019
Father's Day 2019 show - Phillies Talk Podcast
It's Father's Day, the Phillies take a big loss on Dad's Day 2019 by a score of 15-1 - I'm talking Phillies baseball with Matt Veasey from - our memories of Father's Day and what we've seen with our own fathers as we wax poetic on the game we love. 
June 17, 2019
Jay Bruce bursts onto the Phillies - Pete Rose and his new book and more! June 5, 2019
This week, a ton of news, and changes for the Phillies in their trip out to the West Coast with a losing streak snapped after 5 games by none other than Phillies player, Jay Bruce who debuted with 2 HR (one a Grand Slam) - I'm joined with Matt Veasey from Phillies Nation and with some great talk about Pete Rose and his new book, the upcoming schedule of the Phils and more!  Hit subscribe on where ever you listen to the show! 
June 05, 2019
Cole vs Cole in Chicago - Phillies Talk Podcast May 22 2019
The Phillies  are in one of my favorite baseball towns, Chicago. Tough loss last night as Gabe Kapler, Phillies manager, rode the bullpen and Juan Nicasio for all he was worth, he failed and the Phillies lost. I am joined with Matt Veasey from and talking Phillies baseball on the longest running independent show on the Phillies, Phillies Talk Podcast.
May 22, 2019
Rare trip to Kansas City for Phils on Mom's Day
Matt Veasey from joins Rich Baxter, host of Phillies Talk Podcast and from on the show. We talk about the special weekend coming up, Mother's Day. Bryce is a Phillie, we recap our thoughts about him joining the team. How have the Phils done so far? Not too bad, all this and a special chat about David Montgomery, Phillies part-owner, who passed away recently. 
May 11, 2019
First Phillies Talk Podcast for 2019
It's the return of the longest running independent or otherwise podcast on Phillies baseball. It's Phillies Talk Podcast with Rich Baxter. This episode, I welcome listeners to the 2019 editions of the show, the new Phillies team, and getting a brand new Pete Rose book due out in June of 2019 called, Play Hungry The Making Of A Baseball Player.
May 08, 2019
First Week in the Books for 2018 - Phillies Talk Podcast
It's the first week of the season and Rich Baxter is joined by Matt Veasey from to talk about the team after it's first full week of games. Gabe Kapler gets raked over the coals for making some big faux pas in the first week, we think he'll clean up his act. Jake Arrieta has made his first start in a Phillies uniform, and the Phils go on a tear and score 20 runs in a game on Saturday night, April 7th. Listen in here, follow the show on iTunes and Stitcher Radio as well as
April 09, 2018
1 Day Until Opening Day -Phillies Talk Podcast
Rich Baxter and Matt Veasey sit down and talk about the Phillies with only 1 day until the start of the season in Atlanta. What will Gabe Kapler's plans do for the Phillies now that he is manager of the baseball team. It's a special look at how we think the Phillies will do for 2018. Sponsor the podcast as a listner, go to: give a small donation if you like listening to the show, it goes towards hosting the show and getting materials to do the show! Thanks very much.
March 28, 2018
Phillies Talk Podcast - 10 Days to 2018 and Starting Pitching
It's only 10 days until the Phillies open the 2018 season, we're waiting for yet another snow storm on the first day of Spring no less. Rich Baxter and Matt Veasey talk the Phillies starting rotation and more on this edition of the longest running, independent show on the internet about the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team.
March 20, 2018
20 Days Until Opening Day
We're only 20 days away from Opening Day as we do this podcast. The Phils are in the lower to bottom in the Grapefruit League, but is the early season worth paying attention to? Santana moves into first base, but is it going to be at the expense of Hoskins and his great start to his career in Philly? We talk about the infield on this edition of the show - who's new and ready to make an impact on this team.
March 09, 2018
Live at Depace Museum - Phillies Talk Podcast
One more day till the season opens, I am joined by Matthew Veasey with commentary on the start of the season! Rich is at the Depace Museum in Collingswood, NJ - the largest independent collection of individual Phillies sports memorabilia and Philly sports in general for that matter!
February 28, 2018
Special Eagles Superbowl edition - Phillies Talk Podcast
This podcast was recorded a week before the SuperBowl.. Rich Baxter is joined by sports blogger and retired Philadelphia policeman, Matt Veasey on this show, along with Mike McCabe, originally from Philly, known as 'The Mayor Of The Boardwalk' in Atlantic City as he retired from there in 2016. Tune in for a fun hour plus of entertainment!
February 12, 2018
2017 Playoffs Edition- Phillies Talk Podcast
It's another exciting edition of Phillies Talk Podcast - this show host, Rich Baxter, is joined by Phillies blogger Matt Veasey, as we talk all things Phillies. The Phils upgraded Pete Mackanin to the Front office, but he lost his manager's job, was it the right move? Talk on free agents, will the Phillies make some moves this season, that would be nice. Hear all about the latest Phils news and views on the show'!
October 04, 2017
Pete Rose alumni scandal - Phillies Talk Podcast
I am joined by attorney and fellow podcaster Ed Kasputis and I talk about Pete Rose and the controversy. What will happen next in this amazing saga that never seems to end.
August 04, 2017
Talking Pete Rose with special guest Ed Kasputis from Ohio
Pete Rose is suing longtime detractor, John Dowd for defamation of character. In this case, Dowd turned the tables on Rose and introduced a witness who claims she was with the Hit King as a minor, although Rose says she was of legal age which in Ohio is 16. All of this occured the week before the Phillies were supposed to be honoring Pete Rose in a Wall of Fame ceremony at Citizens Bank Park on August 12th 2017. That was cancelled by both parties, Rose and the Phillies, as well as a Pete Rose Bobblehead night that was supposed to be held on August 11th 2017. That has been cancelled as well.
August 04, 2017
Phillies Talk Podcast - Phils at the All Star Break 2017 talking with Matt
Talking with Matt Veasey on the Phillies at the All-Star Break 2017! Join the longest running indepedent show on the Phillies, just go to the Patreon page to sponsor the show!
July 12, 2017
6 Weeks to Spring Training 2016
The Phillies have upgraded their team for the 2016 season so says a Sports Illustrated article, we'll talk about this and more! Listen to the longest running independent internet broadcast on the Phillies, now celebrating 10 years talking Phillies baseball! It's Phillies Talk Podcast with Rich Baxter and Jim Mulry.
January 10, 2016
Christmas Dreams 2015
It's the Christmas season once again on the Phillies Talk Podcast, the longest running independent show that talks about the Phillies. We talk Christmas gifts, what makes a good Phils gift? 2016 is a mystery, but we're trying to unravel it before Spring Training to figure out what kind of team the Phils will have. Join on on this edition of the Phillies Talk Podcast.
December 15, 2015
Winter Meetings 2015
It's the Winter Meetings show of Phillies Talk Podcast, with Rich and Jim back talking all things Phillies. Blockbuster contracts for pitchers are on our minds, we'll tell you about that and more on this show.
December 06, 2015
Klentak Talk and 2015 World Series 4 games on
It's our look at Matt Klentak, the new hired Phillies GM and our talk about the 2015 World Series now 4 games old, between the Royals and the Mets. Phillies Talk is an independent baseball podcast that talks about the Phillies baseball team and the game.
November 01, 2015
Look Back at our 2015 MLB Predictions
One of my favorite shows we do every year is our prediction show, this year was no different. We look back at the April 2015 show where we told you what we thought the finish would be for our top predictions including the Phillies.
October 26, 2015
Championship Baseball 2015 Podcast
It's a first for the show, we're in the same studio for the first time in over 8 years doing the podcast, it's Phillies Talk Podcast with Rich and Jim talking baseball.
October 19, 2015
Phillies Wrap Up and Playoffs 2015 Talk
The Phils season is in the books, not much more to say about a 99 loss season. We turn to the Playoffs and our picks and analysis for what we think might happen with this year's great match ups.
October 06, 2015
Mackanin is named Manager, should we be happy
Join Rich and Jim as we talk all about Phillies baseball, one of the longest running independent shows about the Phillies
September 22, 2015
September Fun at CBP
We've turned the corner on this season, we're stressing only the positives as we continue to enjoy September Phillies baseball. Looking forward to Spring 2016.
September 14, 2015
Phillies Talk - Labor Day 2015 Special
It's time for another edition of Phillies Talk Podcast with Rich and Jim, talking Phillies baseball.
September 02, 2015
It's Like 2007 Again
The Phillies and the Mets are rivals again, here in 2015. An epic game last night makes history for the most HR's in a game ever. The Phils are 1-9 against the Mets this year but you wouldn't know it last night. We're talking about the series and Mr. Chase Utley who really left Philly with a touch of class. All this and more on this edition of Phillies Talk Podcast.
August 25, 2015
The Dog Days of Summer 2015 and the Phils
We're back talking about the Phillies. It's the longest running independent show that covers the Phillies. It's Rich and Jim talking on the Phillies Talk Podcast, serving up another show.
August 16, 2015
Cole Hamels no-hitter vs Cubs
Phillies Talk Podcast is back with Rich and Jim talking about the latest in Phillies news. Cole Hamels fires a no-hitter on July 25, 2015 vs the Cubs. Is it the last Phillies game for Cole?
July 26, 2015
Richie Allen Talk with Mitch Nathanson
It's the All-Star Break 2015 - the Phillies have turned in the worst season ever so far so we're going to switch gears and talk some Phillies history, here's our talk with Mitch Nathanson, author, about his upcoming book in March 2016 about Richie 'Dick' Allen called "God Almight Hisself: The Life and Legacy of Dick Allen".
July 13, 2015
Jimmy Rollins Our Nemesis
It's the first game that Jimmy Rollins played against his old team, the Phillies. He single handily goes out there and beats the Phils, do you believe it? Now, he's Jimmy Rollins, our Nemesis. Join Rich and Jim as we recap and try to make sense of this horrible Phillies season, oh yeah, we need your support, go to and click the Patron link to donate to the show!
July 07, 2015
Sandberg Resigns from Phillies
It's a sad day in Phillies history, only the second manager to resign from the team in over 50 years. Ryne Sandberg resigned from the Phillies before Friday night's game 6/26/2015 against the Washington Nationals. What is going to happen next on this team?
June 28, 2015
A Losing streak that Dates Back to 1883
For the current Phillies team the losing continues. For some unknown reason this club can not get it together. We're talking all about the epic road loss which set a record, and more on this episode of Phillies Talk Podcast with your hosts Rich and Jim... the Phillies Talk guys.
June 17, 2015
Phillies Talk Podcast - Draft us!
We're talking about the Phillies Draft 2015 - it can't help this current team though. We're trying to search out the positives even though the Phils have sunk to the bottom of the league, I still can't understand how with these players, except they just can't score runs.
June 10, 2015
Swept Away in NY
The Phillies are swept in NY, we're crying the blues about this Phillies team and the woes that they have. No more excuses for this team, they need a change from the GM on down, they really do. Listen in to this edition of Phillies Talk Podcast as we try to solve what is wrong with the team.
May 27, 2015
Winning returns to Philly
It's always better to win baseball games, and the Phils are on a three-gamer and we couldn't be more happy. Join Rich and Jim as they talk Phillies baseball during the past couple weeks, the highlights and commentary about the future all on this show.
May 16, 2015
Needing wins in Miami
We talk about the recent 4 game losing streak that the Phillies have been on with being on the road. What else can be done with this team as far as improving it, we see no other option now than to fire the coaching staff including Ryne Sandberg, and Ruben Amaro. Tune into this edition of Phillies Talk Podcast.
May 02, 2015
Fundamentals Can Be Fun
It's the fundamentals is what Ryne keeps stressing, but the Phillies aren't able to do this, so we continue to see bad baseball. Only 17,059 at the ballpark today, the smallest crowd ever at CBP, how long can this agony go on for Phillies fans?
April 23, 2015
Phils Open Up 2015 Nicely
April 12, 2015
April Fools Phillies 2015
Had to prank my co-host today, and of course he didn't suspect a thing. We talk about Opening Day with the Phillies. New metal detectors at the ballpark. Our Predictions Show for the teams that we expect to do well, this is always one of our favorite shows to do.
April 01, 2015
Rough Spring for the Phils so far
The Phils have been piling up the injuries in Spring Training, we talk about that. We're joined by Corey Smith on the show, fellow Phillies fan, and podcaster on his own show about Philly Sports called Get Blitzed! We talk all about baseball, Phillies style.
March 18, 2015
Phillies Talk Podcast - Spring Training starts for 2015
It's time to talk baseball again on the Phillies Talk Podcast with Rich and Jim. 2015 Spring Training has started and we'll talk about all the events that have happened so far.
February 21, 2015
Phillies Talk Podcast - Snow to Spring just ahead
It's time for another edition of Phillies Talk Podcast, on this show we're talking about the start of Spring Training though there is blizzard like conditions in the Philly area. The Boston Red Sox still want Cole Hamels even though Spring Training starts up in a couple days. All of this and more!
February 15, 2015
Phillies Talk Podcast - Inching towards Spring
A foot high snow storm is on the way for the greater Philadelphia area but that isn't stopping the Phillies Talk Podcast as we're talking more about the days until Spring Training.
January 25, 2015
Phillies Talk Podcast - 5 weeks till Pitchers and Catchers
It's only 5 more weeks until pitchers and catchers report in Clearwater, Florida for the start of the 2015 Spring Training season. Join us on this show where we talk about that, the Spring Training schedule and more on this edition of Phillies Talk Podcast, the independent show about the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team.
January 11, 2015